God of Fishing - Chapter 354

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Chapter 354: Killing the Enemy With Fake Arrays

Chapter 354 Killing the Enemy With Fake Arrays

The Hexagon Starfish might seem stupid, but it wasn’t really an idiot . Since it had been forced to stay here, it was possible that those strangers could catch it later . After all, those people were too strong for it .

The Hexagon Starfish proposed, Why don’t I fabricate a pivot for you?

Han Fei’s hand paused while he was setting up the array, and the half-drawn Stealth Array simply collapsed .

Han Fei couldn’t help but look at the Hexagon Starfish in shock . It was really a sound plan! He shouted in delight, Hurry up, Mr . Hexagon Starfish, let’s get it done and flee…

The Hexagon Starfish snorted . Can I flee on my own?

Han Fei rolled his eyes . What are you thinking? You’re still hoping to run on your own at a moment like this?

Han Fei said with a smile, Mr . Hexagon Starfish, I’m here for treasures . Don’t you like glittering stuff the best? Why don’t we work together as allies to search for treasures? You’ll have all the glittering items, and I’ll have those which don’t glitter . How does that sound?

The Hexagon Starfish was still rolling its eyes, and Han Fei said, Stop hesitating . If anyone else were here, they could’ve signed a contract with you with your essence blood, alright? How about this… I’m going to stay in the level-three fishery for a year . We’ll work as allies during this year, and I’ll return your essence blood to you a year later . Do you like that?



Another electric arc burst out a hundred kilometers away, and the barriers were exploding like pieces of paper .

Having no time to think, Han Fei grabbed the Hexagon Starfish’s tentacles and said, Set up the array now, or we will both die! Eight peak-level Dangling Fishers will be too strong for us even if we have a mutated creature to help us .

The Hexagon Starfish was panicked too, as the intruders were indeed too fast . The barriers on the land of starfish would be further weakened after another few electric shocks, and it wouldn’t be able to resist their attack .

The six tentacles of the Hexagon Starfish emitted purple brilliance, which left circuits one after another on the ground like lasers .


Han Fei found it odd . This array was carved in a different way from what the Spirit Gathering Scripture described, but it wasn’t any simpler .

Immediately, he guessed that the Hexagon Starfish had found an array book that was as good as the “Spirit Gathering Scripture” during its treasure hunting .

A moment later, a fake pivot took shape, covering the Spirit Gathering Array that Han Fei set up earlier, but spiritual energy was still being concentrated here .

Han Fei gritted his teeth and stabbed a Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger into the soil at the pivot . Mr . Hexagon Starfish, let’s drop some spiritual energy here and blow them up later .

The Hexagon Starfish patted water with its tentacles and said, I don’t have any spiritual energy . I’ve used it up during my advancement .

Han Fei grabbed the white stone and said, I’ve contributed a spiritual weapon and a conductor and dropped 50,000 points of spiritual energy . You have to at least invest a 100,000, don’t you? You can get plenty of spiritual energy later .

As he spoke, Han Fei did toss out 50,000 points of spiritual energy, which stunned the Hexagon Starfish . It never knew that Han Fei could be so generous . It rolled its big eyes for a long time and finally spewed out 100,000 points of spiritual energy . Like Han Fei said, its essence blood was still under his control, and those people behind were obviously his enemy . If they weren’t blown up, it would be impossible for the starfish to beat them…

On the other hand, after the Hexagon Starfish threw the spiritual energy out, it asked in surprise, How can a human being store so much spiritual energy?

Han Fei replied without even blushing, There are spiritual springs in my Sea Swallowing Seashells!

The Hexagon Starfish considered a moment and felt that that made sense .

When the third electric arc glittered, both Han Fei and the Hexagon Starfish were shocked, as the guys from the Sun Family were moving towards this place, which was now a hot spot of spiritual energy .

Han Fei jumped to the Hexagon Starfish’s back and said, Mr . Hexagon Starfish, let’s


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…Can you come down?

Han Fei shook his head . This is your home . You’re more familiar with the terrain . Also, I’m not very heavy .

The Hexagon Starfish: “…”

Han Fei didn’t really care how traumatized the Hexagon Starfish was… After all, it would be too much a waste if he did not put such a super laborer to good use .

After another moment, another electric arc struck, and the guys from the Sun Family had finally arrived at the fake pivot .

“Young Master, we’ve found the pivot . ”

Two subordinates quickly stepped forward and smashed the obstacles .

The obstacles were roaring, triggering all kinds of ripples .

Sun Mu frowned and asked those around him, “Why is the spiritual energy so dense in here?”

Someone thought carefully and replied, “Young Master, the Seaborne Prairie is a dangerous place . The barriers that have been blocking our way cannot function without the support of spiritual energy…” Sun Mu nodded . But he frowned and asked again, “But Han Fei is just a beginner Dangling Fisher . How did he pass this place without being stopped by the barriers?”

Everybody was shocked . They were wondering the same thing, but they knew that Han Fei must have a lot of tricks, considering that he had killed almost ten peak-level Dangling Fishers .

Crack! When the fake array was broken, Sun Mu felt needles stinging his back . He bellowed, “Back off!”

As he spoke, he cast his hook as fast as lightning and pulled back one of the two subordinates who were breaking the array .


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The explosion echoed throughout the bottom of the ocean within hundreds of kilometers, raising enormous waves .

Sun Mu had only retreated several hundred meters when the overwhelming waves came at him . They were so powerful that one of the two guys who broke the array was torn into shreds .

“Protect Young Master!” “Go away!”

Instantly, Sun Mu took off a jade pendant and crumbled it, and a dragon shadow showed up before him .

The dragon roared for more than a hundred seconds, blocking the horrifying blast .

Of course, Sun Mu was still vomiting blood despite the protection .

“Young Master . ” The peak-level Dangling Fishers gathered before Sun Mu and blocked the aftermath of the explosion for him .

“Cough…” Coughing out the blood, Sun Mu wiped the stains on his lips and even smiled . “Everybody who has obtained the Sea Token is extraordinary, and it seems that Han Fei is not an exception . Interesting! I’m going to find out what else he has . ”

Though one of his subordinates had died, Sun Mu simply turned a blind eye to it because the victim was too stupid . At this point, all he could think of was to beat Han Fei .

At this point, Han Fei was sensing the waves in the water on the back of the Hexagon Starfish . He asked, Mr . Hexagon Starfish, how many people do you think we blew up? With so much spiritual energy and even one of my spiritual weapons, I’m sure we’ve blown up a handful of them, right?

The Hexagon Starfish’s big eyes were still rolling . It sensed for a moment and said, I can’t perceive anything . The barriers there have been too greatly ruined . But I think a couple of guys have been killed…

Proud of his smart move, Han Fei said in delight, Okay, Mr . Hexagon Starfish, let’s go deeper! Let me tell you, cultivating spiritual energy is useless . You need to search for opportunities and treasures . As a sea creature, you should know it better than I do .

The Hexagon Starfish replied, Human beings cultivate too fast, and it’s bad for your foundation . It’s also why the sea creatures are usually stronger than human beings of the same level…

Han Fei asked in surprise, Seriously? I never feel that sea creatures of the same level as me are stronger than me!

The Hexagon Starfish tiled its head, unwilling to talk to Han Fei anymore .

Suddenly, the Hexagon Starfish sensed something and said, Human, one of your compatriots is hiding there .

Huh? My compatriot? Where?

Han Fei blinked out and looked around, only to see nobody around . He immediately triggered his senses .

He saw human-shaped ripples, as well as a familiar face, in the water .

Seeing her, Han Fei burst into fury . “It’s you? Thief, you’ve set me up multiple times . I will not hear another word from you . ”

It was none other than Yang Ruoyun who was hiding down below .

Yang Ruoyun was quite shocked that Han Fei passed the wall of seaweed too . She had used almost fifty Flash Stones to teleport herself through the wall, and she had only given Han Fei two of them .

At this point, Han Fei was holding the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bow and had gathered his spiritual energy into an arrow . He was not going to talk to the woman again in case he was trapped another time .

Han Fei had realized that he wasn’t very smart although he had picked up many treasures, as could be seen from the setbacks that he suffered from Yang Ruoyun .

When Han Fei was about to shoot the arrow, a fish skin map appeared in Yang Ruoyun’s hand .

Han Fei’s determination came to a sudden halt . He was still glaring at Yang Ruoyun, but he did not shoot his arrow .

Yang Ruoyun tossed it casually, and the fish skin map drifted to Han Fei .