God of Fishing - Chapter 356

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Chapter 356: The Forest of Big Red Trunk

Chapter 356 The Forest of Big Red Trunk

What Yang Ruoyun said filled Han Fei with suspicion . The dangerous places in the level-three fishery that he knew were already a lot .

But still, people kept exploring those places . Were they idiots?

The Hexagon Starfish remarked gloomily, There’s nothing over there except the annoying trees and fish! The tree you mentioned has delicious fruits, but nothing else about it is remarkable .

Yang Ruoyun asked in shock, “You’ve been there?”

Han Fei was quite surprised too . “Mr . Hexagon Starfish, I didn’t know that you visited it before . ”

The Hexagon Starfish hummed and said, I once dug stones in there, until those fish carried me out of the place .

Looking at its enormous size, Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “How big must the fish have been to carry you out?”

I was digging stones under the trees . Of course I had to shrink my body size .

Han Fei: “…”

Dumbfounded, Yang Ruoyun spoke to Han Fei telepathically, Isn’t this your contractual spiritual beast?

The Hexagon Starfish replied, Of course not . I am a free starfish .

Han Fei glanced at Yang Ruoyun and said, “Let me tell you the truth . The creatures with more eyes have greater spiritual power, which means that they can overhear telepathic communications . ”

Yang Ruoyun pursed her lips, but she wasn’t too bothered . She simply looked at the Hexagon Starfish and asked, “Senior, have you taken fruits from the tree?”

The Hexagon Starfish rolled his big eyes, and Han Fei was lost for words . He wondered how this starfish grew eyes everywhere . Its six eyes were aimed at different directions and could almost spin all over its body…

The Hexagon Starfish said, It’s partly my fault . I was digging the stones when I found the glittering fruits on the tree . So I had one of them . Then, they drove me out . Han Fei looked at Yang Ruoyun and asked, “Why? Is there something wrong with the fruits?”

Han Fei remembered that the ghost he met last time warned him again and again not to have the fruits .

Not just the fruits, he wasn’t supposed to eat the fish either . But he found it quite odd, because the data of the Millennium Snapper suggested that it was edible and could permanently increase recovery abilities by multiple times after it was eaten .

Multiple times!

Han Fei was still tempted when he thought about it . If he hadn’t collected the Millennium Snapper with his Demon Purification Pot, he might’ve eaten it already .

Also, the seaweed monster demanded fruits too . Were they asking for the same thing? But wasn’t the Hexagon Starfish fine after having the fruit?

Han Fei asked, “Mr . Hexagon Starfish, was there anything unusual after you ate the fruit?”


The Hexagon Starfish replied, I don’t think So… Well, I made a breakthrough after that .

Han Fei: “…”

Yang Ruoyun seemed to be deep in thought, but Han Fei didn’t care what was on her mind, because his eyes had been filled with vague redness . “We’re here! We’re here! The Big Red Trunk forest!”

Han Fei rose from the back of the Hexagon Starfish excitedly .

Yang Ruoyun rose too . She looked at the Big Red Trunk and then at Han Fei . “If you know the Big Red Trunk, you should know that their leaves release scorching energy . ”

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Han Fei said in disdain, “Do you think I’m scared of a few insignificant leaves after traveling so far in the Seaborne Prairie?”

Yang Ruoyun didn’t say anything . In her eyes, Han Fei was mysterious too . After all, not everybody was qualified to be hunted by so many experts, and not everybody could be a friend with a starfish that could talk without contracting the creature first… The Hexagon Starfish said, You can do whatever you want now . I’m going to dig some stones for myself .

Han Fei said with a smile, “But don’t be too far away, Mr . Hexagon Starfish! I’m going to squeeze it if you’re beyond a thousand meters . ”

The Hexagon Starfish closed its six eyes, too angry to say anything .

Before the forest of the Big Red Trunk, Han Fei vaguely heard singing from the depths of the wood . Yang Ruoyun said gravely, “Millennium Snapper…”

The Hexagon Starfish shrank into the size of a palm, before it dug into the soil and crept into the forest of the Big Red Trunk .

Han Fei said, “Mr . Hexagon Starfish, take it slow in case you’re carried out again!”

He waved his hand with a smile, summoning thirty Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers, which immediately cooled the water nearby .

Han Fei shrugged and said, “I said that I’m not scared of it . Let’s see whether the tree leaves are hotter, or my daggers are colder . ”

Yang Ruoyun almost rolled her eyes at the thirty spiritual weapons . That was really extravagant!

She took a pill out of her Sea Swallowing Seashell, and Han Fei noticed that it was a chilling pill too . It seemed that Yang Ruoyun had made a lot of preparations for this place .

Just like that, they went into the wood one after the other . The moment they stepped in, the soil on the ground began to shiver, and the sword-shaped leaves were even redder, unleashing overwhelming heat .

The red leaves began to fall above their head, making the water red and glamorous .

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Han Fei had experienced it before, so he simply pressed on fearlessly .

He was as casual as before even though the red leaves were sweeping like swords, because they weren’t as crazy as last time without the control of the Millennium Snapper . Even so, Han Fei’s spiritual energy protective cover had been broken twice .

Yang Ruoyun was even more weird . There was no telling what pill she had taken, but the red leaves all avoided her when they approached her .

But Han Fei could tell that Yang Ruoyun was not in her best state . While the pill protected her from the red leaves, the side effects were enormous too . At this point, she was pale and unsteady, leaving a trail of ice behind her .

Han Fei looked at Yang Ruoyun weirdly . “You’re too weak to bear the pill . How much longer do you think you can endure?”

Yang Ruoyun’s lips were quivering as she stared up ahead, as if she were talking to the wood .

She said, “It doesn’t matter how much longer you can endure if you don’t aim to be a strong cultivator . ” Han Fei: “???”

He didn’t really understand what the woman was saying, but since the moment she stepped into the forest of the Big Red Trunk, she did not seem to care about her life anymore .

He snorted, “When are you giving me the other half of the “Records on the Exploration of the Abyssal Chasm”?”

Yang Ruoyun replied expressionlessly, “When we reach the real Big Red Trunk…”

Han Fei grinned . “The Big Red Trunk is just a tree . It’s those Millennium Snappers that are the real threat here . ”

While walking, Yang Ruoyun asked, “Do you know how many people are around here?”

Han Fei asked in surprise, “Huh? There are other people here?”

Yang Ruoyun sneered, “As I told you before, many treasure hunters have been coming here though the trip is dangerous . They’re still waiting . ”

Seeing that the spiritual energy protective cover was about to be broken, Han Fei replenished it and asked, “For what?”

Yang Ruoyun sped up, and Han Fei followed her closely in case she played any tricks . Yang Ruoyun said, “For singing… Infinite Millennium Snappers will sing an unparalleled tone at the Big Red Trunk at the center, and every visitor here will be given an opportunity . ”

Han Fei frowned . “Nonsense . You said yourself that the visitors here were all dead…”

Yang Ruoyun said, “That was an incomplete statement . People only know the victims who are dead, but a lot of visitors walk out of here alive, except that they lost their memories of the day, as if they were never here . ”

Han Fei’s eyes constricted . “They lost their memories? Wait, how did you know that?”

Yang Ruoyun glanced at Han Fei and said, “There are always exceptions . ” Yang Ruoyun did not continue but walked faster and faster, and Han Fei frowned hard . He had a bad feeling . Certain big secrets seemed to be buried in this place!

What happened next proved Han Fei’s speculation . When he moved faster, there were more red leaves, but they weren’t any more powerful even though they were almost boiling the water . He didn’t see any fish or crabs on his way, but only the flowers and the Big Red Trunks .

After half an hour, Han Fei finally saw the biggest Big Red Trunk . Before Han Fei approached it, he had seen its branches and leaves that stretched five hundred meters away . They were as dazzling as the afterglow . When the water surged, the sword leaves fell and turned into burning flames, disappearing into nothingness before they hit the ground .

Yang Ruoyun said casually, “This is called Falling Flame . It’s the original look of the Big Red Trunk . ”

Han Fei raised his head, only to be shocked . “How tall is this tree exactly?”

Yang Ruoyun suddenly fell on her knees and crossed her hands before her chest . “Do you know why it is impossible to dive down from the sky, or go up in the water, as you press further into the Seaborne Prairie?”