God of Fishing - Chapter 357

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Chapter 357: Fiery Tree

Chapter 357 Fiery Tree

Yang Ruoyun fell on her knees before the Big Red Trunk and paid her tribute . Then she said slowly, “It’s because the ocean you see, might not be the ocean you’re in . ”

Han Fei was puzzled . “Please say something I can understand . ”

Yang Ruoyun, however, bowed at the Big Red Trunk again and said, “Here, the surface of the ocean is not connected to the underwater . ”

“Not connected?”

Han Fei was shocked . How could they not be connected? Wasn’t this place the underwater area of the Seaborne Prairie? How could it not be connected to the surface?

Yang Ruoyun glanced at Han Fei and asked, “Why didn’t you come in from the middle?”

Han Fei was stunned . “Because I was worried that someone might be after me!”

Yang Ruoyun said casually, “To be more exact, since the moment we passed the wall of seaweed, the surface is no longer connected to the underwater area . Nobody knows where you will reach if you swim up, but if you come down from the sky, you will end up at the wall of seaweed . That’s an unanswered enigma . ”

Han Fei was dumbfounded . He felt that his brain was crashing! It seemed perplexing even in this world that was full of wonders!

Yang Ruoyun did not explain further . She rose after bowing three times and took out a bell and a wristband .

Cling… Cling…

When Yang Ruoyun rang the bell, a drawing flew out of her into the red leaves on the tree .

His face slightly changing, Han Fei grabbed Yang Ruoyun’s neck and asked, “What are you doing?”

In the meantime, Han Fei spoke telepathically, Mr . Hexagon Starfish, come back and let’s go!

However, Yang Ruoyun simply shook her head and said casually, “It’s too late . Starting from the moment we entered the forest of the Big Red Trunk, there’s no way for you to get out . ”

Han Fei lay the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger on Yang Ruoyun’s neck, causing a minor cut . “Make yourself clear . ”

Ignoring the dagger on her neck, Yang Ruoyun continued ringing the bell with her hands crossed .

Yang Ruoyun said, “You can kill me, but you’d better let me finish . The Millennium Snappers will be out in a minute, and those hiding outside will come in too . Everything that’s going to happen here will be kept here . Maybe you can get out a day later . I’m not lying to you . You may be strong enough to survive this…”

Han Fei stared at Yang Ruoyun and asked, “What about you?”

He had always found this woman queer, especially when she made those weird moves . He had absolutely no idea what she was up to .

Yang Ruoyun slowly put her hands down and stopped shaking the bell . Then, she took out half a book .

She said slowly, “Actually, I had prepared this book on the dragon boat . Back then, I planned to invite you to kill those two people with me and attract you to enter the Seaborne Prairie with me with this book . But I had to abort the plan because of the accident that happened to you . I didn’t expect to meet you again in the Seaborne Prairie . That may be fate… Here’s the other half of the book . We’re done here . ”

Han Fei had a lot of complicated feelings . Yang Ruoyun was definitely a freak, not because she had strange personalities, but because… Han Fei thought that she might be a lunatic .


At this point, the branches of the super Big Red Trunk began to shake, and the infinite sword-shaped red leaves were falling, raising flames one after another in the seawater .

The red leaves were not directed to him, or anyone else . They were just falling . “La, la, la…”


Voices that sounded from the soul echoed in the seawater, pure, indistinct and unworldly…

Han Fei’s face changed greatly . He knew what the Millennium Snappers were capable of, and if they were all to attack him crazily, he might not be able to survive it without hiding in Forge the Universe…

“Mr . Hexagon Starfish, I’ll give you ten seconds to come back, or I will squeeze the stone . ”

On the third second, Han Fei saw a palm-sized little starfish emerging from the soil below his feet .

The Hexagon Starfish’s voice rang in his head, That’s fine! They’ll be done soon . I’ve listened to them many times… Can you not threaten me with my essence blood every time?

Han Fei snorted and said, “It’s fine for you, but not necessarily so for me . We have to stick together from now on . Is there anyplace safe? Take me there . ”

Han Fei did not consider himself smart, but he was definitely not stupid . He knew that Yang Ruoyun couldn’t be up to anything good and speculated that she did not plan to go out alive… But he was here for treasures and did not intend to get himself killed in a weird accident yet .

The Hexagon Starfish said, There’s no need to hide . Nobody will notice you .

Yang Ruoyun said, “That’s right . I didn’t lie to you . If so many peak-level Dangling Fishers failed to kill you, they might not be able to do so this time . Your pursuers might get killed first . ”

Han Fei: “???”

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

Suddenly, Han Fei raised his head, only to see Millennium Snappers crawling out of the red leaves of the Big Red Trunk as they began to sing .

More Millennium Snappers were joining them . They surrounded the thick trunk in a circle, which was a rather weird behavior .

Han Fei looked at Yang Ruoyun and asked, “What are they doing?”

Yang Ruoyun said without any hesitation, “They’re communicating with the Big Red Trunk . It’s like some sort of ritual . I never saw it before either . ”


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Suddenly, Han Fei turned his head and saw a stranger a thousand meters away . The stranger glanced at Han Fei and Yang Ruoyun and swam to another direction, paying no attention to them at all .

Then, after only a short moment, Han Fei noticed a couple more strangers .

However, none of them talked to Han Fei . They did not seem to know each other either . They simply each found a corner and started to wait in silence .

Hundreds of kilometers away from the wood of the Big Red Trunk, Sun Mu and his team were swimming quickly .

“Young Master Mu, the Millennium Snappers have started chanting . Are we really going


Looking at the crimson water far away, Sun Mu frowned and asked, “Is this wood of Big Red Trunk as wicked as it’s said to be?”

A subordinate that was closely behind him replied solemnly, “Yes, Young Master . Everybody who enters the wood will either lose their memories or die there . Some people do return with information on the wood, but they only remembered part of what happened . ”

Sun Mu asked, “Has the Sun Family ever investigated it?”

“Yes . ”

Sun Mu nodded and said, “How many lived and how many died?”

The subordinate smiled and said, “Over the past hundreds of years, the Sun Family has sent almost a thousand people to this place . In the past year, twelve people made it here . Five of them died, one went crazy, and six were safe . Among the safe guys, six became Hanging Fishers soon after the journey . ” Sun Mu glanced at him and asked, “You’re very proud of that?”

His subordinate’s face immediately changed . “I dare not be, but the casualty rate is very low . If they were intermediate or advanced Dangling Fishers, only ten to twenty percent of them would’ve survived . ”

Sun Mu snorted and said, “It’s only because our family sent peak-level Dangling Fishers, who had more advantages . But that’s enough information . Let’s go in . Remember, no treasures, just the Sea Token . ”

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“Yes, sir!”

More than a thousand Millennium Snappers had been gathered on the Big Red Trunk, and thousands more must’ve been among the red leaves where Han Fei could not see .

Their disorganized singing soon became uniform . Like a group of angels singing in paradise, their melody was breathtaking .

Han Fei was greatly shocked, not by the music but by the number of Millennium Snappers .

Weren’t they rare creatures? Was it normal that thousands of them were gathered here? If he were to throw all of them into the Demon Purification Pot, what would he create? Han Fei did not even dare to think about it .

The Hexagon Starfish, however, said, Wait a moment . The petals will be thrown .

Han Fei: “???”


Han Fei suddenly saw that a leaf was on fire . He was slightly surprised . Could the leaves on the tree be set ablaze too?

But next, the red leaves were ignited one after another, so fast that they seemed to be awash with oil and would be set on fire with a tiny spark .

It was much more magnificent than fireworks . When billions of red leaves on the outer layer of the enormous tree were on fire at the same time, the whole Big Red Trunk turned into a gigantic tree of flames in no more than ten seconds .