God of Fishing - Chapter 358

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Chapter 358: Training

Chapter 358 Training

“Hyah… Lah, lah, lah…”

The melody was slow, pure, and touching . More and more Millennium Snappers were gathered in the flames without moving at all .


Suddenly, an explosion burst out from the tree, and the flames blossomed like fireworks, filling the whole ocean with starry fire .

Yang Ruoyun almost burst into tears when she looked at the infinite flames . Her devoutness stunned Han Fei .

Those flames were falling overwhelming . There was no place to hide at all .

“Han Fei!”

Han Fei sensed danger and lunged forward . In the next moment, a longsword cut where he had been standing .

Before Han Fei’s eyes were seven people, led by a young man who couldn’t have been more than twenty . He was a peak-level Dangling Fisher .

Looking at the people behind him, Han Fei felt like cursing . He wondered how many people those jerks had sent, and why the super landmine that he planted did not kill them .

The young man was holding his sword with one hand . On the freezing sword, a green serpent was meandering .

“I am Sun Mu . You’re qualified to learn my name . After I kill you, I will bury you under the Big Red Trunk . It’s a nice graveyard . ”

Sun Mu spoke with a smile and looked above . “Look at this beautiful place . You’re going to appreciate the view forever . ”

Grabbing two Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers, Han Fei stared at Sun Mu coldly . “Thank you for your kindness, but I think that the view here is more suitable for you . I’ll bury you here after you die . How does that sound?”

That being said, Han Fei looked very awful . The number of enemies before him was beyond his estimation . Were they not wounded all at the wall of seaweed? Did they all make it here?

Han Fei spoke to the Hexagon Starfish telepathically, Mr . Hexagon Starfish, do you have more arrays? Set up a few and help me block them!

The Hexagon Starfish naturally realized that it was no good . It wanted to flee, but Han Fei definitely wouldn’t allow it .

The Hexagon Starfish replied telepathically, How can arrays be set up so fast? Why don’t you hang in there a while longer? The fruits will be out in a minute .

Lost for words, Han Fei cursed, You’re still thinking about the fruits at such a moment when you’re about to be killed?

Han Fei ran quickly . He couldn’t care less if Little Gold would be exposed . Besides, Yang Ruoyun mentioned that everybody would lose their memories of the day, which further reassured him .

Han Fei dashed out and unfolded his wings, going straight at the leaves of the Big Red Trunk .

It was the safest approach that Han Fei could think of . At this point, the leaves and the Millennium Snappers did not seem aggressive . So, he might as well take shelter among the leaves .

Everybody was stunned to see Han Fei’s move . Was he an idiot? Why was he running to the tree?

Sun Mu paused and spoke to one of his subordinates, “You will go . ”

The man was gloomy . I’m going there alone? Though the Big Red Trunk seems peaceful, who knows if dangers are lurking among the lush leaves?

But he sighed, knowing that he could not refuse an order, and so he swooshed into the leaves .

After he dashed into the red leaves, Han Fei sensed overwhelming heat coming at his face . His spiritual energy protective cover was burnt up immediately and again three seconds later .

But Han Fei ignored it and kept ascending until he was a hundred meters high . Then, he stopped at a random branch, and he had been covered with red leaves . Those red leaves were burning hot and enshrouded Han Fei in fire . Han Fei’s blood was freezing under the burning sensation . He felt that it was even more scorching than the fish fire .

His skin was cracking . His clothes had been burnt up . His hair could not resist the fire either, and he had turned bald again .

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But as Han Fei expected, the Millennium Snappers and the Big Red Trunk simply ignored him as he sat there .

The man who entered the leaves after Han Fei was even more miserable than Han Fei . His spiritual energy protective cover, his clothes and his hair were burnt up after only several seconds . He would’ve died if he hadn’t grabbed a cold stone .

Even so, the stone was dimming at a visible speed .

The man looked around after he came in, only to see nothing but redness . He couldn’t locate Han Fei at all .

“No, I have to go out . I’ll just say that I lost him . ”

The man hurried to retreat, but an invisible wall blocked his way when he was about to get out .

“No! Let me out!”

The man was greatly shocked, not expecting a barrier on the tree .

“Help me! Young Master!” Outside, Sun Mu’s team were slightly shocked . They had noticed the barrier too, which stopped the subordinate from leaving the red leaves .

Han Fei, on the other hand, was rather stunned . He did not expect the barrier either .

Sun Mu said to the people around him, “Attack together . ”

The six of them attacked at the same time, launching an enormous wave, but the barrier was undamaged .

Sun Mu looked awful . It was the Sea Token that he was after, but if Han Fei was imprisoned in the tree, wouldn’t the Sea Token be left there forever? While everybody was grim, Yang Ruoyun said casually not far away, “It’s useless! When the Millennium Snappers are chanting, this Big Red Trunk will be an invulnerable array of fire that is not to be broken . ”

One of the guys from the Sun family suddenly strangled Yang Ruoyun and said, “Speak . How can we get Han Fei out?”

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Yang Ruoyun smiled and said, “The array will be gone when the chanting is over . ”

Sun Mu looked at Yang Ruoyun intimidatingly . “How long will that take?”

Yang Ruoyun replied casually, “About an hour . ”

Everybody was shocked to hear the length . An hour in the fire? Their man was crying for help after only one minute in it . Any person who stayed an hour inside would be incinerated, wouldn’t they?

The guy from the Sun Family who cried for help was weaker and weaker . Knowing that his fellows had fruitlessly tried to save him, he returned and searched for Han Fei again, determined to accomplish his mission .

At this moment, Han Fei was resisting the fire the best he could . The Indestructible Body was absorbing his spiritual energy quickly .

More importantly, Han Fei found that he could not even sense half a meter away .

“Damn it . I could’ve swindled Mr . Hexagon Starfish out of some spiritual energy if I had seen this coming . What I have might not be enough!”

Han Fei was rather anxious . He had only no more than 1,000,000 points of spiritual energy in total . Earlier, he had spent 50,000 of them on the arrays, and he only had about 900,000 left . He must use them judiciously .

A moment later, Han Fei felt that he was dizzy . Even his skin had been burnt through many times .

About three hundred seconds later, Han Fei heard a scream not far away from him .

“Huh? Someone else is here?”

Han Fei grinned . He wished that all the guys from the Sun Family had come in, in which case they could barely survive without the Indestructible Body or millions of points of spiritual energy .

He was bold enough to break in because of his sturdy body . He did not expect that someone else would come in with him .


Soon, Han Fei could not laugh anymore, as his new skin had been ripped again .

Anybody who saw it would’ve been so shocked that their eyes would have popped out . At this moment, Han Fei looked like a porcelain doll that was full of cracks, and he seemed to be falling apart after a slight poke .

Half an hour later, Han Fei became grim . The fire was more powerful than he thought, and the cultivation with the Indestructible Body had been fast . The short while he spent here equaled half a day in the fish fire . He had spent almost 300,000 points of spiritual energy on fixing his body .

But Han Fei did not stop his training . He seemed to have sensed the bottleneck of his body .

For all the time, his Indestructible Body had been stuck by an invisible obstacle . As a result, though his body was sturdy, it was not as unbelievable as Ren Tianfei’s .

This time, Han Fei vividly sensed that the obstacle was the restrictions in his own body .

After the polishing with fish fire in the Fiery Mountain, because of the disunity of his level, his strength and the enemy in his body, he was not as sturdy as he appeared . After the training and digestion in the following year, he improved his sturdiness to a hew height, and he would reach higher peaks today .

An hour later, Han Fei’s skin, flesh and bone showed crystal colors .

Han Fei was hesitating . He had consumed almost 600,000 points of spiritual energy, but he was still not there yet! He sensed that he was only one step away from a whole new level of sturdiness .

At this point, Han Fei sensed that his body temperature was declining, and the furious flames outside were weakened into small ones .

“Huh? You’re gone? Please give me some more! I’m about to make a breakthrough!”

Han Fei almost vomited blood . He sensed that he was about to surpass the limits of his body, but the feeling was gone because of the declination of the fire . It was really annoying .

Exactly at this point, an arrow was shot right towards Han Fei’s face .