God of Fishing - Chapter 359

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Chapter 359: Come Again If You Think You’re Good

Chapter 359 Come Again If You Think You’re Good

The moment he saw the arrow, Han Fei knew that he wasn’t safe anymore . The barrier seemed gone now .

The arrow left a hole in the barrier when it penetrated through the fire . Sensing the danger, Han Fei launched the Water Dividing Seal immediately .


Han Fei was pushed back by the arrow . His arm was slightly uncomfortable . He sensed that he seemed to be much stronger and sturdier than before .

Theoretically speaking, he was even better than the so-called peak-level Dangling Fishers in terms of defense .

Earlier, Old Jiang had said that all that mattered in a fight was who had bigger and harder fists . Han Fei believed that it shouldn’t be a problem for him to bash a high-level Dangling Fisher with his fists now .

However, he still hadn’t made the breakthrough on the Indestructible Body yet .

Get out .

Receiving the Hexagon Starfish’s message, Han Fei was slightly shocked . Going out right now? Wouldn’t he be killed?

Han Fei asked, Mr . Hexagon Starfish, what’s going on out there?

The Hexagon Starfish replied, Two more groups of people are here .


Han Fei put on some clothes and craned his head from the leaves . In the next moment, an arrow was fired at him again .

But when the arrow was a hundred meters away from Han Fei, a woman had chopped it into pieces with her sword .

Then, a young man around eighteen appeared with two black crystal axes . He smiled and asked, “Sun Mu, is he the man the Sun Family is looking for?”

Han Fei asked, Mr . Hexagon Starfish, where are you? And who are they?

Han Fei looked aside, only to see a starfish that was smaller than a hand on a leaf right next to his head . It said, They’re new here . They seem to be in conflict with your pursuers .

Han Fei was lost for words . Mr . Hexagon Starfish, when did you come here?

The Hexagon Starfish climbed on Han Fei’s shoulder and said, I was scared that they would beat me! So I came in too .

Han Fei: “…”

The young man holding axes smiled at Han Fei and said, “You’re Han Fei? I’m told that you’ve got the Sea Token, right?”

The woman who used a sword turned around and smiled at Han Fei too . “We would’ve still been ignorant of the matter if the Sun Family hadn’t searched for you so vehemently . ”

Han Fei asked timidly, “Who are you?”

The woman blinked her eyes and said, “I’m from the Thousand Star City, of course! i’ll sleep with you if you give the Sea Token to me . How does that sound?”

Han Fei immediately trembled . Wasn’t it too blunt? He didn’t know that the Sea Token had such a usage .

The young man with axes said, “Mo Feiyan, you can’t find another man who is better than this bumpkin?”

Mo Feiyan giggled and said, “Yang Deyu, he is much better than you . He killed multiple peak-level Dangling Fishers of the Sun Family on his own . He’s definitely a genius!”

Sun Mu approached them step to step and glanced at them coldly, “Mo Feiyan, Yang Deyu, are you determined to challenge the Sun Family?” “Haha!”

Yang Deyu laughed and pointed the black crystal axes at Sun Mu . “Have we ever not challenged the Sun Family? The Sea Token is for whoever is lucky enough to have it . You want to claim it for yourself? Have you asked for the permission of my axes?”

Mo Feiyan said with a smile too, “Sun Mu, you’re overestimating yourself . I’m told that the Sun Family has failed two hunts . It’s our turn now . ”

Then, the girl turned back at Han Fei and chuckled . “My offer still stands! I don’t think I’m an ugly woman, am I? You’re in for a treat . ”

Han Fei felt goosebumps all over his body . This woman was really pretty, but he couldn’t stand her way of talking . Different from Xia Xiaochan, who often tried to play cute but always remained a violent girl, this woman was really an alluring minx .

Han Fei extended his hand and said, “Hey, gorgeous, you want the Sea Token? Fine! Help me take down that Sun… Sun Mu, right? You’ll have the Sea Token if you kill Sun Mu for me . ” Mo Feiyan grinned and said, “I’ll help you kill him if you give it to me first . As it happens, nobody will trouble you anymore after you give it to me . What do you think of that?”

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Seeing that his trick didn’t work out, Han Fei chuckled and said, “That won’t do . Why don’t you come here and take it yourself?”


Out of Han Fei’s expectation, Mo Feiyan, Sun Mu and Yang Deyu did not attack . They all just looked at Han Fei with a smile .

Immediately, Han Fei felt that it was not good .

“Attach . ”

“Nine-Star Chain…”

Han Fei thought he was buying time for himself . Little did he know that his enemies were doing the same . Behind him was a weird web .

Han Fei recognized the web to be made of the same rope with which Sun Ye caught Luo Xiaobai back in the Fiery Mountain earlier . He still had one of those ropes in Forge the Universe! He did not expect to meet it again today .

Earlier, his enemy had secretly deployed people to attack him from his back, hoping to hunt him down .

The Nine-Star Chains were stabbed down into the soil and pulled, giving Han Fei a boost . But he was faced with Sun Mu, Mo Feiyan and Yang Deyu immediately . “Damn it . Let’s die together!”

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

Three Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers were darted towards them .

“Explode now…” Greatly shocked, all the three of them stepped back .

They activated their own techniques . A shield of ice appeared before Sun Mu, Mo Feiyan vanished into mist, and Yang Deyu protected his chest with his axes as well as the shell of a spiritual turtle .

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Han Fei ferociously charged at Mo Feiyan . He was blown up by his own Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger . The pieces of the dagger pierced into his body, resulting in blood on his arms and his abdomen .

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Han Fei pushed the shrapnel out of his body with spiritual energy and cast the Divine Healing Technique on himself .

Sun Mu yelled coldly, “Let’s see how many spiritual weapons you have to detonate . ”

Silently, Han Fei swam up .

Mo Feiyan reappeared palely . Looking at Han Fei who was ascending quickly, she frowned and said, “What an intimidating man . He didn’t even hesitate to blow himself up . However… Is he going to the Millennium Snappers?”

Yang Deyu spat on the ground and said, “Thank god that everything that happened here will be forgotten, or it would be too humiliating that this man escaped our joint hunt . ”

Han Fei felt that his heart was bleeding . He had lost three spiritual weapons in the blink of an eye . He was determined to get back at them someday, or he would be too sorry for himself .

Don’t swim up anymore . The fruits are coming . Those fish can be brutal .

The Hexagon Starfish emerged from Han Fei’s shoulder and reminded him .

Han Fei had swum up by five hundred meters and was only several hundred meters away from the Millennium Snappers . But how could he stop when five peak-level Dangling Fishers were hunting him down?

“Humph . Mr . Hexagon Starfish, hold on!”


When he was several hundred meters away from the Millennium Snappers, Han Fei opened his hand and took out the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bow .


An arrow of thousands of points of spiritual energy was shot at the Millennium Snappers, causing a huge explosion .

Behind them, all the five people who were chasing Han Fei were shocked by Han Fei’s craziness . They had been trying to corner Han Fei with the fish and did not expect the man to attack the fish voluntarily .


The singing of the Millennium Snappers was interrupted, which seemed to have infuriated them .

“Hyah… Hyah…”

Under the watch of hundreds of the fish, the red sword leaves were launched overwhelmingly at the intruders .

His eyelids cramping, Han Fei immediately turned back and ran the opposite way . The five people who had chased Han Fei turned back even faster . They had started fleeing since the moment Han Fei attacked the Millennium Snappers .

But the wood of the Big Red Trunk was only so spacious . Where could they possibly run to?

Han Fei launched another arrow at those Millennium Snappers .

In the meantime, Han Fei announced, “Come on! Try again! Aren’t you good? Come and kill me now!”

Sun Mu’s face changed . Han Fei was crazy enough to start a war voluntarily . At this point, he was almost completely buried by sword leaves . Opening his wings, Han Fei charged at one of the Dangling Fishers of the Sun Family with the overwhelming red leaves .

The man’s head was dizzy . Why had Han Fei chosen him as a target of all the people here?

All the other people who had come to the Big Red Trunk were lost for words, wondering why Han Fei and Sun Mu’s team were fighting so hard when treasures hadn’t been revealed yet .

Han Fei was faster than common peak-level Dangling Fishers when he opened his wings . He was about to grab one of them, when the man suddenly disappeared .


Han Fei was speechless . It seemed not easy to kill a peak-level Dangling Fisher! They could just crush a flash stone and escape .

But Han Fei didn’t give up . He turned around and chased another person .