God of Fishing - Chapter 361

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Chapter 361: Transformed into a Fish Again

Chapter 361 Transformed into a Fish Again

He heard the bubbling sound of water, and his body seemed to be moistened by seawater . His nose, his mouth and his stomach were cool and comfortable . Han Fei woke up from oblivion and struggled to open his eyes .

Immediately, Han Fei trembled .

He couldn’t be more familiar with what he saw . From his weird perspective, everything seemed to have been enlarged .

He raised his head and saw the looming seaweed, as well as the round barnacles that were floating above him like gigantic millstones .

He looked down, only to find himself in a warped ocean . Every stone, every lone plant, and every fish that swam by seemed to have been twisted . They were extremely hideous .

“Have I come to the Soul Ocean again?”

Then, Han Fei felt that it was not right . Behind him, there were a dozen fish that were identical to himself .

They were a fish whose name Han Fei couldn’t tell . The probing ability of the Demon Purification Pot seemed to be nullified . Since it was not his first time, Han Fei quickly turned aside, hoping to catch a general view of the fish behind him .

But as he turned aside, the fish behind him did exactly the same thing . He managed to see that they were red fish with long tails and fins . When waved, their tails were soft and enjoyable, like a curtain that blocked the wind in summer .

When a black fish came close, Han Fei swam subconsciously and took a turn . The fish behind him all followed him .

“This is not the Soul Ocean?”

Han Fei was immediately stunned . During the moment just now, he sensed that the black fish was trying to prey on him hostilely .

“An Anti-Heaven Blade?”

Han Fei was greatly shocked when he saw the whole body of the black fish .

The Anti-Heaven Blade turned back and charged at Han Fei and the tiny fish that he led again . “You’re coming again?”

Han Fei immediately sped up, leaving an elegant trail of red shadows behind him in the water . But one of the fish behind him was slower and was bitten by the Anti-Heaven Blade .

In Han Fei’s eyes, the huge Anti-Heaven Blade was like a behemoth . It tore the red fish’s tail off more than easily .

A fish without a tail was dead for sure . In the next second, it was bitten by the Anti-Heaven Blade again and devoured quickly .


Han Fei subconsciously swallowed . But he had no drool at all . He drank a mouthful of seawater, which then flowed out of his gills .

He was dumbfounded . “If this is not the Soul Ocean, where am I?”

He should’ve been attached to Little Black or Little White if he were in the Soul Ocean . If he were really attached to Little Black, he could’ve killed anything that came to him, and a minor Anti-Heaven Blade would not be a big deal at all .

But now, Han Fei opened his mouth . He sensed teeth, but what could he possibly eat?

By comparing himself with the Anti-Heaven Blade, Han Fei regretfully found that he couldn’t be more than half a meter long . He was approximately Little Black’s size, but he was far less capable than Little Black .

“Little Black, Little White . ”

Han Fei tried to summon Little Black and Little White, but nothing happened .

He tried the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp and Little Gold again . Still, no response .

“No? Damn it . Forge the Universe…”

To his disappointment, Han Fei found that he could not feel anything . He could not even separate his mind from his body .

“How on earth did I turn into this useless thing? Am I going to wait to be eaten by other fish?”

Han Fei felt terrible . In the last second, he only felt fatigued, but after he closed his eyes and opened them again, he had turned into a fish . To whom should he complain about that?

At this point, Han Fei saw another few Anti-Heaven Blades far away . He was lost for words . Considering how tiny he was, he could be gobbled by them easily .


Han Fei accelerated and waved his tail . His lackeys behind him also sped up, trying to keep up with Han Fei .

Those Anti-Heaven Blades seemed stunned . Why were the insignificant fish that they could catch easily most of the time suddenly want to race them?

But Han Fei’s move seemed to have triggered the competitiveness of the Anti-Heaven Blades, which sprinted at him .

So, a bunch of tiny fish were swimming crazily ahead, and the Anti-Heaven Blades were chasing them crazily from behind .

The Anti-Heaven Blades almost shattered the shoal many times, but thankfully, Han Fei got away as the boss, or his shoal would’ve been exterminated .

But even so, Han Fei had lost two followers .

Han Fei looked around . He only had a dozen followers in the first place, and their number was plummeting .

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When an Anti-Heaven Blade came close, Han Fei even saw that the edge of the fish almost cut himself into two parts . So, he tried his best to dodge it .

The moment he hurled himself out, Han Fei found that his tail left a red silky trail in the water, and when he passed by the Anti-Heaven Blade, he had the strong urge to bite the Anti-Heaven Blade .

“No, I have to do something . ”

Han Fei knew that the bigger fish would usually attack the middle part of a shoal of smaller fish, because the fish were densest and most vulnerable at the middle . But if all his lackeys were eaten up, he would probably be eaten too even though he was the leader .

There was no telling whether it was because Han Fei was thinking like a fish, or he was under influence, but he burst into fury when he lost another lackey .

Seeing that an Anti-Heaven Blade was charging at him, Han Fei quickly took a turn and bit the Anti-Heaven Blade .

After the bite, a huge mouthful of flesh was ripped off . The moment Han Fei counterattacked, he sensed that the lackeys behind him went on a rampage and bit the Anti-Heaven Blade too .

Almost in the blink of an eye, the Anti-Heaven Blade lost a dozen pieces of flesh, and its blood almost dyed the water red .

Han Fei was shocked . “Shoot . Are my teeth so sharp? It’s more than easy for me to tear off a piece of meat . ”

Han Fei realized that every fish had their features . Although he was small, he seemed to have sharp teeth and quick reaction time .

Immediately, Han Fei grew excited and spewed out a bubble . “Brothers, let’s attack!”

The tiny fish surrounded the Anti-Heaven Blade crazily and bit the fish to pieces in only two seconds .

The stink of blood provoked the Anti-Heaven Blades behind them . In the chaos, Han Fei dodged and bit everything he met .

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After a minute, Han Fei only had nine lackeys left, but the four Anti-Heaven Blades had been taken down, with nothing but the bones left .

Han Fei hurried to flee with his lackeys, knowing that the stink of blood would attract more fish, and that he would be killed if he stayed here any longer .

But when Han Fei began to swim away quickly, he found that his teeth were itchy, and he felt like biting something .

Not just the teeth, Han Fei even felt that his swimming speed was twice as high as earlier .

“Huh? I can improve myself by eating other fish?”

Han Fei immediately grew excited . That was similar to the Soul Ocean . Earlier, he had eaten a lot of things in the Soul Ocean as Little Black, and his capabilities had skyrocketed .

At this point, he realized that he was in need of tremendous food in order to grow and avoid being hunted although he was not in the Soul Ocean .

He didn’t really understand why he turned into a fish, but he speculated that it must have something to do with the red haze .

Something had always been greatly wrong with Yang Ruoyun . Han Fei sensed that she had a great secret .

It was also why he teamed up with Yang Ruoyun when he saw her in the Seaborne Prairie . Great secrets were always enticing .

At this moment, he felt that the great secret was right before his eyes .

Also, he wondered if other people had turned into fish too .

He didn’t know if his guess was correct, but since Yang Ruoyun mentioned that half of the explorers returned alive, it meant that he was definitely not doomed in his current status .

Since he was not doomed, he must live on and find a way to go back .