God of Fishing - Chapter 362

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Chapter 362: Don’t Eat the Fruit

Chapter 362 Don’t Eat the Fruit

Eating was the eternal truth in this world . To eat with the mouth was to eat; to inhale spiritual energy with the body was to eat; to swallow spiritual fruit and energy was also to eat .

At the moment, Han Fei seemed to have understood the true meaning of the fish world, which was just one word: eat! With this precise cognition, Han Fei’s purpose became clear .

If you want to go out on your own, you must first survive . If you wanted to survive, you couldn’t hide away . Only by constantly strengthening yourself could you survive in this fish world .

Han Fei took the nine little brothers and quickly swam away from the bottom of the sea . At this moment, he had no spiritual perception ability and was unable to detect the creatures hidden on the seabed . The upper middle of the sea was the liveliest place in the sea, where hundreds of kinds of fish lived and preyed .

“Brothers, go!”

Although Han Fei didn’t know what kind of fish he was, this fish seemed to be strong in speed, bite force, and hunting ability .

After evading a small group of Spiked-Armor Fish and being chased around by a Treasure Hunting Fish, he finally found a bunch of Crescent-Moon Fish . There were a lot of them and Han Fei was just about to rush up when arc-like knives swooshed at him one after another, causing him to turn tail and run immediately .

Han Fei almost cried . He only had nine little brothers that obviously were no match for the other party .

Fortunately, after a fierce fight and losing a little brother, Han Fei finally encountered a group of Pearl Fish . “Brothers, let’s eat them!”

Han Fei tried his best to attack at full speed and finally had a bite of delicious fish .

Yes, the feeling of fish eating fish was like people eating braised pork . As long as it was a large piece of meat, it felt wonderful . Han Fei and his eight little brothers, like a group of bandits, chased and ate the Pearl Fish for a long time until they encountered another group of fish of the same species coming to prey on them .

Han Fei was dumbfounded . Can I eat fish of the same species? He had just frantically swallowed dozens of Pearl Fish and his size had grown several times larger . No matter in terms of speed, strength, or bite force, he felt many times stronger .

Now, here came a group of fish of the same species . Although the size of the leading fish was a little smaller than his, when Han Fei saw its eyes, it was scared .

Yes, while Han Fei was looking at that fish, the fish was also looking at him . There was no doubt that the other party was absolutely the same as him, possessed by a human .

Certainly, they shouldn’t practice cannibalism, but at this moment, Han Fei had a desire to eat that fish, which was an impulse from his heart .

The other person’s thoughts were probably the same as his own .

But the problem was that Han Fei only had 8 little brothers left, but the other party had as many as 17! Although the fish on the opposite side was a bit smaller, there were more of them!

Han Fei wanted to suppress his desire to eat the fish, but when he went to turn around, there was a desire in his mind that made him stay put .

The desire told him, you can win . The fish on the opposite side is small . You can win .

Perhaps being seized by the desire, Han Fei and the other party rushed towards each other at the same time . And the little brothers behind them also started to fight . There were dozens of red lines in the sea, quickly twisting and biting . For a moment, red shadows were everywhere in the waters . Han Fei didn’t underestimate his combat power . It was perfectly justified for big fish to eat small fish .

The other party didn’t seem to expect that the fish school led by Han Fei was so powerful . With just a few rounds, his little brothers were reduced by half, while only two died on Han Fei’s side .

The other party was scared and wanted to escape . But Han Fei didn’t let him escape, chasing him closely and biting at him .


When Han Fei bit on the opponent’s tail, the scales of victory had already tilted towards him . If the fish had no tail, how could he swim?

In the panicked struggle of the other party, Han Fei bit him through in a couple of bites . However, different from eating fish before, when Han Fei killed the opponent, a mysterious kind of energy was absorbed from the opponent’s body into his own body . Suddenly, Han Fei felt that he was 50% stronger .

When Han Fei turned around, he found that the little brothers on both sides had stopped biting . The opponent’s little brother had 4 left and his side still had 5 left . At that moment, the nine fishes all followed behind Han Fei .

When Han Fei saw this scene, he suddenly took a tumble . Could it be that all the people around the Big Red Trunk have become fish? Then, they were thrown into this sea area, fighting each other? And they could grow by plundering the power of other fish?

If so, he still had dozens of opponents!

Not only human opponents, but also the original marine creatures in this sea area .

But these were not critical . The key question was, how did all the people turn into fish? And they also led a group of little brothers . Were they just to escort them?

If so, then this was actually a game… A game for the purpose of fighting? But what was the actual purpose of the game?

In this world, nothing happened without reason . At the end of the game, only the strongest would survive, who would only become stronger after the fight! If you didn’t want to die, you had to fight . At this time, Han Fei could slightly understand why people died in the middle of the Sea Grassland, where the Big Red Trunk was located… In fact, the place where people really died was not there, but in the fishing ground where he was now .

Now Han Fei only had one question left: what if he became one of the last fish surviving?

With this question, Han Fei didn’t dare to stay for a moment longer as he took his newly-acquired little brothers to continue looking for fish .

Han Fei didn’t know how long it had been because fish didn’t have the concept of time . He only knew that he had eaten a lot of fish, and his body was almost dark red now .

During this period, he met other human-fish three times, which he all killed . And the number of his little brothers had grown to the current 18 .

Of course, after several rounds of battle, his first batch of little brothers had long since died . The subsequent batches of little brothers, without sufficient fighting experience, were not strong . Now, the most powerful one only had half his speed and strength . Just when Han Fei was about to continue searching for fish, there was a smell in the sea that almost made him crazy . It was not a bloody smell, but a special smell that was even more attractive than spiritual energy .

Immediately, Han Fei gave up looking for fish but went after the attractive smell . “Things aren’t quite right…”

Han Fei shook his head from time to time and found that the stronger he became, the more blurred his consciousness was . At this moment, being stimulated by this smell, he almost lost his mind completely . “No, I can’t eat anymore . There must be a problem with the fish . ”

Han Fei turned sideways and looked at his group of little brothers behind him that were almost all red-eyed, showing their teeth and biting at the seawater . Their gaze was locked on him .

At that moment, Han Fei was horrified . Are these guys going to eat me? With this in mind, Han Fei shuddered . Now all this school of fish could see was food . And he couldn’t control them anymore .


Han Fei twisted his body in an instant and turned around as fast as he could . His little brothers behind wanted to follow him, but Han Fei was too fast . He went around in a circle and bit directly at his little brothers . When Han Fei killed a little brother, the others went crazy, all biting at him .

“I’m your fucking boss . Behave yourselves . ”

However, no fish listened to him . Each one showed their teeth, fierce and hostile .

“Shit… Are you sure you want to fight me? Are you faster than me? Are you bigger than me? Do you have sharper teeth than me?”

The waters were soon covered with fine pieces of fish, and Han Fei had already killed 13 of his little brothers .

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At this time, Han Fei was about to lose control of himself, feeling that he was going to lose his mind . When he looked out, he saw the blue and crystal ocean world had turned into a bright red one .

“No, I can’t lose my mind . I can’t, no…”

Suddenly, Han Fei’s body twitched abruptly and he showed his teeth, rushed forward, and bit the remaining little brothers crazily . In a short while, all 18 little brothers were killed by Han Fei .

And his body was already red-purple and part of it was dark purple . Han Fei lost his mind in the end .

In fact, Han Fei was not the only fish having this experience . In places that Han Fei could not see, there were dozens of fish like him and two of them were even bigger than him .

At this moment, the little red fishes that had scattered around all gathered up towards one spot .

Coincidentally, Han Fei encountered a fish about his size, with five or six little brothers behind him .

The two sides were still far away, but they immediately rushed towards each other as soon as they saw each other .

Han Fei felt like he was in a dream . In his dream, he was eating hot pot, one mouthful after another .

After eating a lobster, he got a Bull Conch . After finishing the Bull Conch, he began to eat a Plate Ray .

Beside him, Le Renkuang exclaimed, “Feifei! When did you become such a glutton? For the first time, I lost to you in eating . ”

Han Fei pulled aside Le Renkuang . “Get out of the way . I’m hungry . I’m so hungry . ”

Zhang Xuanyu sat opposite Han Fei . “Feifei! Do you want to become fat again? Then Xia Xiaochan won’t give you any chance when seeing you . ”

Han Fei scoffed . “Who cares? I’m hungry, so I have to eat . ”

Luo Xiaobai said lightly, “Don’t eat so much . ”

“It’s OK . Relax . ”

Han Fei continued to devour the food and soon the Plate Ray was finished by him . Then he threw a big crab into the hot pot . As if feeling something was missing, Han Fei looked around . “Hey! Where’s my garlic? Where’s my pepper? Where did you take my seasonings?”

When Han Fei was looking for the seasoning, suddenly a dagger was stabbed in his stomach and a big cut was made .

Han Fei looked up . It was Xia Xiaochan . She grinned at Han Fei but he immediately found that something was wrong . “F*ck… Xia Xiaochan, are you crazy again?” However, Xia Xiaochan did not move but only stared at Han Fei .

Then Han Fei felt that he was dazzled . Xia Xiaochan in front of her suddenly turned into a big red fish .

Han Fei shivered and suddenly woke up . What was he doing? He remembered he was leading a group of fish and eating fish… But there was a big red fish in front of him that was about the same size as him and full of bite marks on its body .

As for him, Han Fei felt that his stomach hurt and it seemed that his intestines were about to fall out .


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Han Fei suddenly accelerated, bumping his head against the big fish, knocking it out . Then, he turned into a red shadow, biting through the fish’s belly .

After taking several bites in a row, Han Fei felt surging energy in his body, which was almost inexhaustible .

“That’s not right . I can’t eat anymore . I can’t…”

Han Fei suppressed the urge to swallow and spit out the large pieces of fish in his mouth with difficulty, trying to stop his body from swimming

He struggled hard for a long time before he could bear the urge to continue swallowing . Although when other fish passed by, he had an impulse to rush up and tear them apart, his reason told him over and over again that he could not eat, he could not eat… After a long time, Han Fei swam to an eerie stretch of water in a muddle-headed manner, where it was dark all around and there seemed to be a burning fireball in the distance .

For some reason, Han Fei couldn’t control himself as he swam towards the fireball .

After seeing the fireball clearly, Han Fei was suddenly invigorated . “The Big Red Trunk?”

This Big Red Trunk was no more than ten meters tall, which was many times smaller than the one he saw before . However, he was sure that this was just the one he saw before . It was covered with red fruits .

And around the Big Red Trunk, there were dozens of fishes like him . At this moment, they were all staring at the fruits .

Among them, a few fishes emitted red light and a burst of energy surrounded them .

Han Fei saw a fish swim forward and ate a piece of fruit, and then red light appeared on its body .

That was a kind of power that made fish obsessed, more so than spiritual energy . Spiritual energy could only be used in cultivation, but this fruit simply occupied Han Fei’s whole mind .

“Eat it . You will become stronger or the strongest if you eat it . ”

Han Fei’s eyes were a little missing and puzzled . He tried to eat the fruit several times but stopped .

Some other fish swallowed the fruit without hesitation and then he seemed to become extremely powerful .

But there were some fish that didn’t move, some were as hesitant as Han Fei, some were struggling intensely, and some were simply shutting their mouths .

In the confusion, some words suddenly popped into Han Fei’s mind, “Don’t eat the fruit…”

With this in mind, Han Fei immediately backed away . It’s horrible . This fruit is so horrible . He was almost lost in the temptation .

After Han Fei withdrew dozens of meters away, he counted it carefully . There were 26 fishes present and 14 of them were glowing red .

“No, now it’s 15 and another fish just swallowed the fruit . ”

“Don’t eat the fish!”

Some words appeared in Han Fei’s mind again . He twisted his neck . This fruit must not be eaten, but he had almost eaten it just now!

The remaining 11 fish did not eat the fruit . Two of them, like Han Fei, moved back several meters, and the remaining ones were struggling .

But at this time, an unexpected scene happened: those fruits broke away from the branches of the Big Red Trunk and were put to the mouths of the fish that hadn’t eaten it by the red leaves .

A fruit was floating beside Han Fei’s mouth .

“F*ck… How I want to eat it! I’m so hungry… F*ck… I can’t eat it . ”

Han Fei pursed his mouth . Although his fish body was trying to open the mouth, he suppressed the urge forcibly . “F*ck off!”

Han Fei suddenly turned around, slapping the fruit away with his tail . But for the other fishes that were struggling, two of them couldn’t resist the temptation and eventually swallowed the fruit into their stomachs .

After the two fish swallowed the fruit, the attractiveness of the red fruit suddenly diminished . Han Fei felt that the pressure on his body was much less .

The remaining 8 fishes backed quickly, seeming to finally get rid of the damn fruit . However, as soon as the nine of them backed away, they found the fish on the opposite side suddenly all looked at them . “Damn . ”

Shit! I resisted the temptation of the fruit but these guys on the opposite side did not .

The 9 fishes looked at each other almost simultaneously and gathered together in an instant . After all, there were 17 fish on the other side and they seemed to have already lost their minds .

But the 9 fishes were still sober and certainly wouldn’t fight them to the death .

Two fishes beside him suddenly attacked one fish among them and threw it over with their tails .

The group of red-eyed fish that had eaten the red fruit all rushed up . Almost in the blink of an eye, that fish only had a puddle of blood left .

Han Fei was speechless . These people were too ruthless . They just treated others like they were disposable .

Han Fei and the other 7 fish fled quickly . Afraid of being tricked by the other fish, Han Fei swam away from them deliberately . He didn’t want to get close to either side .

Some other fish seemed to have the same idea as Han Fei, so the 8 fish quickly dispersed .

When the bloody mist cleared over, there were only 14 of the 17 fishes left . Just in such a short while, they actually ate 3 more fish . Han Fei didn’t know if there was a fish chasing after him . He just ran as fast as he could . This fruit must not be eaten for sure .

Not only the red fruit, but fish also couldn’t be eaten . In that secret realm, the phantom seemed to tell him not to eat the fruit and mentioned fish . Although it didn’t say it clearly, he felt that it was warning him not to eat fish either .

Han Fei was helpless . But I had no choice . If I didn’t eat the fish, I would soon be eaten by them . But once I ate a fish, I became addicted and couldn’t stop .

Han Fei felt that he was being manipulated by the Big Red Trunk . This tree was so bad, turning people into fish, and no one knew if these people could change back into humans again…

Just when Han Fei was pondering, he suddenly blacked out . When he woke up again, he felt as if he just had a dream .

He opened his eyes and saw red light all over the sky . At this moment, he was lying on the ground, his body was still a bit numb and stiff, but he could barely move .

Han Fei sat up with difficulty and looked around, only to see that the Sun Mu and the other two had just woken up . At this moment, they were covering their chests with their hands, looking panicked .

In other places, dozens of people awakened from a frozen state, falling to the ground or clutching their heads .

Han Fei wondered, Is this over? Everything was just a dream, an illusion? No one is dead?