God of Fishing - Chapter 366

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Chapter 366: Share the Booty

Chapter 366 Share the Booty

Under the Big Red Trunk .

Han Fei and Nine Tails were sawing the tree back and forth . Nine Tails didn’t know what he was doing but he felt that he was awesome and could do anything .

Han Fei was thinking quickly while pulling the soft saw in his hand . If he really sawed down the Big Red Trunk, what would happen? If the seal disappeared, Yang Ruoyun would lead the countless Millennium Snappers and would be able to sweep the whole level-three fishery .

Regardless of whether the Millennium Snappers had combat power, as exotic creatures, they had the ability to overturn the level-three fishery .

Of course, this was none of his business . The question was that if he helped her, could he really get any benefit?

Han Fei couldn’t help asking, “You said to do three things for you . What are the other two?”

Yang Ruoyun glanced at Han Fei lightly . “Do you know why people who come here will lose the memory of this place?”

Han Fei thought for a while and replied, “To keep the secret from the outside world that this Big Red Trunk can turn people into fish?”

Yang Ruoyun nodded . “Yes, but can you understand that memory is a kind of power of time . It really exists, just like spiritual power, but it’s more mysterious than the latter . ”


Han Fei’s eyelids twitched . “Memory is a kind of power?” “I don’t know much about it . However, there is a magical thing bred in this Big Red Trunk, which is formed with this power . I want that thing . ”

Han Fei’s eyes flashed . So that was Yang Ruoyun’s purpose? Great, at least her ultimate goal was not to become a fish .

Han Fei asked, “Where is that ‘thing’?”

Yang Ruoyun thought for a moment and said, “It should be under the roots…”

Han Fei smiled . “So, I’ll have to dig out the roots of the tree and then cut them open?”

Yang Ruoyun nodded .

Han Fei secretly smiled in his heart . Then he threw away the soft saw in his hand . “Do you know how deep the roots of such a big tree are? You may not believe it, they could be at least hundreds of meters deep . ”

Yang Ruoyun nodded again and then pointed to Nine Tails . “He can dig holes . ”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei was a bit discouraged and picked up the soft saw again . “But even if Nine Tails can make holes, wouldn’t the seal outside be automatically removed?”

Yang Ruoyun smiled faintly . “I sealed the tree with an ancient secret method, so if I don’t cancel it, even if the Big Red Trunk is cut down, the seal outside will not disappear . ”

Han Fei remembered that when he and Yang Ruoyun had just come here, Yang Ruoyun had thrown out a scroll full of runes . But could she really seal such a big tree? Han Fei doubted it .

But no matter what, Han Fei was a bit scared . This woman was really calculative . She had planned everything before coming here .

Han Fei continued to saw the tree, asking, “What about the third thing?”

Yang Ruoyun pointed to the Big Red Trunk . “I want a section of the tree core . Take it out and give it to me . ”

Han Fei was surprised . “So easy?”

Yang Ruoyun nodded . “Yes . After you do the three things for me, we are even . Though the next time I see you, I won’t go easy on you . ”

Half an hour later, when the soft saw came out from the other side of the tree, Han Fei sighed in relief . “Done . ”

“La, la…”

Suddenly, the Millennium Snappers around them began to sing again, seeming to cheer . Then, Han Fei saw a large number of Millennium Snappers swimming upward . After a while, this huge Big Red Trunk began to shake .

Standing under the tree, Han Fei watched blankly while this huge tree slowly leaned to one side and then crashed down, making an earth-shattering bang and setting off billowing waves, the red leaves were drifting all over .

However, Han Fei froze in his spot . What attracted his eyes was not the tree but its core . To his surprise, that tree core was actually inlaid with countless spiritual stones .

“Wow… F*ck… I’m rich!” Not only Han Fei, but Yang Ruoyun was also stunned . She knew that there was a treasure hidden in this tree, but she didn’t know that there were so many spiritual stones hidden in it .

No, to be precise, Yang Ruoyun did not know about the spiritual stones . However, the huge amount of spiritual energy contained in these stones really shocked her .

Yang Ruoyun looked at Han Fei . “Do you know what these stones are?”

Han Fei swallowed and tried to calm down . Instead of answering her, he asked, “When will these three guys wake up?” .

Yang Ruoyun frowned slightly . “In about two hours . ”

Han Fei quickly said, “Can you make them faint for a day or throw them out?”

Yang Ruoyun nodded . Yes, she couldn’t let the three of them see the tree core .

As Yang Ruoyun gave a singing command, a group of Millennium Snappers was about to step forward .

“Wait a moment . ”

Yang Ruoyun: “???”

Han Fei hurriedly ran to the three people . “You have become a sea demon . Are human things still useful to you?”

Yang Ruoyun asked, “You want their Sea Swallowing Seashells?”

Yang Ruoyun felt that she knew Han Fei too well . This guy would even skin a flea for its hide . Otherwise, he would not have taken such a big risk to come here .

Yang Ruoyun did not stop him but just nodded . “You can take what you want . Most of your things are useless to me . ”

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As soon as Han Fei heard this, he beamed with a smile and immediately searched them .

Soon, three Sea Swallowing Seashells were collected by Han Fei . Besides the shells themselves, he found Yang Deyu’s dark crystal axes, Sun Mu’s sword, Mo Feiyan’s long sword, a necklace, earrings, bracelets, a ring and a jade pendant…

“Haha! I got it!”

Han Fei smiled . He certainly wanted their Sea Swallowing Seashells, but what he wanted most was the Spirit Forbidden Net .

Staying with Yang Ruoyun, the Spirit Forbidden Cord couldn’t give Han Fei a sense of security . But the Spirit Forbidden Net could make him feel much safer .

If Yang Ruoyun refused him to search the three people just now, he would immediately give up the deal with her and hide in Forge the Universe .

Han Fei continued to rummage and took almost everything from the three .

Although Yang Ruoyun had become a sea demon and had few human feelings left, she was still stunned . How can this bastard be so shameless? He almost stripped these people naked!

Han Fei took a look at the Sea Swallowing Seashells . Wow, there was a lot of good stuff in them . There were no less than 20 spiritual fruits in total, nearly 2 square meters of spiritual spring energy, and countless pills and flash stones, etc .

“Haha, you guys wanna catch me? If it were in the level-two fishery, I would have killed the three of you!”

Han Fei was very satisfied and glanced at Yang Ruoyun . “Now you can throw them out . ”

Then a group of Millennium Snappers controlled the red leaves to wrap the three people and they swam outward .

Yang Ruoyun frowned . “Now can you tell me what these are?”

Han Fei smiled . “How do we divide these things?”

“Answer my question first . ”

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Han Fei said, “This is called a spiritual stone, which can be regarded as the crystallization of spiritual energy . Let me see… Let me take a look… See these small and broken stones? They are low-quality spiritual stones . The spiritual energy contained in a low-quality spiritual stone is usually less than 10,000 points… These that are darker in color and more shiny are mid-quality spiritual stones, which contain a little more spiritual energy . As for the high-quality spiritual stone, they contain nearly ten times more spiritual energy than low-quality spiritual stones… And this is the most precious extra-quality spirit stone . I have never seen it before, so I don’t know much about it…”

Of course, Han Fei couldn’t tell Yang Ruoyun the true information of the spirit stone . The low-quality spiritual stone here had more than 10,000 points of spiritual energy, and the amount of spiritual energy contained in the mid-quality spiritual stone was not just a little bit higher than that of a low-quality one, but 10 times higher .

But Han Fei told half the truth because Yang Ruoyun was a little far away from him and seemed to have been wary of him .

Yang Ruoyun’s eyes widened . Are there such things in the world? She had never heard of it before .

More importantly, just in what she saw, there was 1 extra-quality spiritual stone, 3 high-quality stones, 10 mid-quality stones, and 32 low-quality stones .

Yang Ruoyun took a breath and said immediately, “The extra-quality and high-quality spiritual stones are mine, so are the mid-quality ones . ”

Han Fei was taken back and his face immediately turned black . “Hey, hey, that’s too much! They are all yours? Then what about me?”

Yang Ruoyun glanced at Han Fei . “It’s not up to you . ”

Han Fei smiled coldly . “Oh, really? Fine . Without me, can you cut this tree down? We can split them half and half, but you can’t take them all . ”

Yang Ruoyun glanced at Han Fei coldly . “Do you think you can survive my attack?”

Han Fei sneered and pointed to the tree . “Look, this tree is more than a kilometer high . I just sawed a cut randomly and there are so many spiritual stones . If you want, you can take them all, or even take away the entire tree!”

Yang Ruoyun was silent for a while . She was very strong now and could use the power of the Millennium Snappers . However, her destructive power was limited . No matter how strong she was, it was impossible for her to crack such a thick trunk at will .

Yang Ruoyun thought for a while . “I’ll take 70%, you 30% . ”

Han Fei scoffed . “No way! Fifty-fifty . I’m the one who will dig up these spiritual stones . I deserve half of them!”

Yang Ruoyun pondered for a while and finally nodded . “Okay, let’s take them fifty-fifty . But you’ll have to dig out the things in the tree for me first . ”

Han Fei immediately kicked Nine Tails . “Come on, dig! Dig out the roots of the tree . ”