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God of Fishing - Chapter 367

Published at 18th of October 2020 09:17:50 PM

Chapter 367: The Taste of a Counterattack

Chapter 367 The Taste of a Counterattack

Five hours later, Nine Tails was exhausted . The roots of the tree were too big, but he finally loosened the soil 100 meters under the tree .

As ordered by Yang Ruoyun, the Millennium Snappers controlled the spiritual plants to pull apart the endless roots underground and then pull them up .

Yang Ruoyun looked at Han Fei . “Keep sawing . ” Han Fei secretly transmitted his voice to Nine Tails, Nine Tails, strike . Stop sawing . Roll on the ground…

Nine Tails was stunned, but rolling on the ground sounded quite interesting, so he immediately did it .

Han Fei shrugged . “Hey, don’t abuse my spiritual beast . How about letting my Mantis Shrimp take a rest?”

Yang Ruoyun threw the Hexagon Starfish that she held in her hand to him . “Let this starfish do it . ”

A smile appeared at the corner of Han Fei’s mouth . Yang Ruoyun didn’t know him any more than he knew her . If he were Yang Ruoyun, he would definitely not have given Master Hexagon to him .

Hexagon Starfish was almost asleep . Since Han Fei and Yang Ruoyun reached an agreement, he had stopped worrying . When he saw that the tree core was full of spiritual stones, his six big eyes rolled quickly . However, he didn’t think he had the ability to snatch the spiritual stones from these two, so he just kept quiet .

Hexagon Starfish said telepathically, I am a starfish! I can’t cut the tree…

Yang Ruoyun replied, “You are full of spiritual energy and you can control it with spiritual energy . ” Being stared at by Yang Ruoyun, Hexagon Starfish immediately shut up and began to saw the wood with Han Fei .

Three hours later .

Han Fei’s hands were sore with fatigue . This damn tree was too hard . It took him three hours to saw it down with the spiritual-level soft saw .

Of course, the harvest was very gratifying . The core of the tree was inlaid with hundreds of spiritual stones from top to bottom .

Han Fei felt that his heart was pounding hard as he thought, Wow, I’m rich! I have become rich now! He found no less than 8 extra-quality spiritual stones, 10 high-grade ones, nearly 100 mid-quality ones, and a few hundred low-quality ones . The root of the tree alone contained no less than 25 million points of spiritual energy .


Han Fei was about to go forward to dig out the spiritual stone when Yang Ruoyun suddenly shouted, “Don’t move . ”

Han Fei’s eyes turned cold . “Why, do you want to back out?”

Yang Ruoyun sneered . “Do you think I am you? Although I am a demon now, I’ll keep my word . ”

Han Fei snorted secretly . Keep your word? You’re such a good actress…

Yang Ruoyun stepped on the waves and landed on the tree roots in three or two steps, staring at the corner of the tree roots .

Han Fei’s eyes narrowed slightly . Closer, get closer!

Han Fei followed Yang Ruoyun’s gaze and found that at the bottom of the tree core, there was a scarlet book wrapped in spiritual stones .

“A book?”

Han Fei blinked . Are you f*cking kidding me? A book grows in the tree roots? Was it left by some strong man?

When Yang Ruoyun saw this book, she couldn’t help but float over .

Suddenly, a cunny gleam flickered across Han Fei’s eyes . “Master Hexagon, move . ”

In the blink of an eye, six purple lights suddenly appeared and the six gate formation was activated instantly to seal Yang Ruoyun inside .

Above the big formation, the Spirit Forbidden Net fell from the sky .

Yang Ruoyun’s face changed drastically . She didn’t expect Han Fei to even dare attack her . Her reaction was very quick and she immediately crushed a flash stone, but to her shock, she bumped into the edge of the six-door formation and could not get out .

“Attach . ”

The nine-star chain immediately darted out, locking Yang Ruoyun’s hands, feet, neck and waist .

Han Fei put a Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger to Yang Ruoyun’s neck through the Spirit Forbidden Net . “Hey, let these Millennium Snappers behave themselves . Otherwise, I don’t mind killing you . ”

Han Fei was just threatening her . If Yang Ruoyun hadn’t become a sea demon and couldn’t control these Millennium Snappers, he might dare to do so .

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However, the Millennium Snappers around had rioted and began to sing again, seeming ready to attack him .

Han Fei suddenly pressed the tip of the dagger into Yang Ruoyun’s neck and blood flowed out .

Han Fei grinned . “Surprised? If you don’t make them stop, I will kill you now . Maybe I will be in serious trouble, but you will definitely die . ”

Yang Ruoyun glared at Han Fei, but in the end, she still sang a command .

Immediately, the Millennium Snappers that had surrounded them stopped, which Han Fei was relieved to see . He was afraid that this woman would go crazy and die with him .

Otherwise, facing so many Millennium Snappers, he really didn’t know if he could survive .

Yang Ruoyun’s eyes were cold . “You have been luring me into this trap, right? If you didn’t have this Spirit Forbidden Net, what would you have done?”

Han Fei smiled . “Based on what I know about you, you will definitely give me the belongings of Sun Mu and the other two because you won’t let them influence your plan . So I had no worries about getting the Spirit Forbidden Net . Even if I couldn’t get the net, I still have Spirit Forbidden Cord!”

Yang Ruoyun scoffed . “Shouldn’t your attention be put on the three of them? Why


Han Fei sneered . “In my opinion, you are much more dangerous than them . If it weren’t for the follow-up development that exceeded my expectations and some changes, you would have been the first one I wanted to catch . ”

Han Fei glanced at the book in the tree and said, “Seriously, the fact that you have become a sea demon really shocked me . I once doubted whether becoming a fish was your ultimate goal . Well! It turns out that there is a book hidden in this tree . ”

Yang Ruoyun seems to have some ability to resist the Spirit Forbidden Net, so she could still speak at this moment . She looked at Han Fei angrily . “I never deceived you, and I planned to let you go . Why did you do this to me?”

Han Fei laughed . “You’ve never deceived me? You gave me a false map and said that it was a secret realm . Did you forget that?”

Seeing Yang Ruoyun was about to speak, Han Fei immediately interrupted, “Cut the crap . I know that map is false . I knew it at the time . Even if it is true, it is definitely a garbage secret realm . ”

Han Fei sneered . If that secret realm were true, why wasn’t it marked on Old Bai’s map? It must either be because the secret realm was too rubbish or the map was false .

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Especially the person who gave him the fish-skin map was Yang Ruoyun, so when he got the map, he was already sure it was false .

Yang Ruoyun said, “You dare not kill me . ”

Han Fei tilted his head . “Oh? Why?”

Yang Ruoyun seemed to have recovered her calm state . At this moment, she looked at Han Fei with a relaxed face . “Because once I die, these Millennium Snappers will go crazy . I am their queen . ”

Han Fei sneered, “Guess if I can escape from them or not!”

Yang Ruoyun raised three fingers calmly . “Firstly, the seal of the Big Red Trunk; secondly, the price you’ll have to pay for my death; thirdly, guess if you can kill me or not . Here, my vitality is not what you can imagine . You don’t know anything about this place, which is why I’m confident . ”

Han Fei looked at Yang Ruoyun quietly and it took a long while before he grinned . “Haha! Look at how nervous you are . I’m just making a joke with you… Give me a reason to let you go . ”

Yang Ruoyun glanced back at the book embedded in the tree . “Give me the book and I will go . ”

Han Fei smirked . “Where will you go? What if you return?”


Yang Ruoyun shouted at the Millennium Snappers that actually circled up and then began to sing .

Under Han Fei’s gaze, the upper waters were gradually pulled apart by a black vortex .

Yang Ruoyun said to Han Fei, “I was well prepared before I came . Once I leave here, you don’t have to worry that I will come back . ”

Hexagon Starfish shouted in surprise, “Is this a one-way teleportation formation?”

Yang Ruoyun took a deep look at the Hexagon Starfish . She lost because of this damn starfish! His six-door formation was very powerful and disrupted all her plans .

Yang Ruoyun nodded . “Yes, this is a one-way portal . It can only be used once . ”

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Han Fei pondered . He didn’t know much about this woman and couldn’t predict the consequences of killing her . This time, he dared not take the bet .

Han Fei curled his lips . “Master Hexagon, are you sure she can’t return?”

“It should be so! In my memory, this formation is only one-way . ” Han Fei said angrily, “What do you mean by ‘it should be? Are you sure or not?”

Hexagon Starfish’s big eyes kept rolling . “As far as I know, she can’t come back . ”

Han Fei was relieved to hear that and bound up Yang Ruoyun with the Spirit Forbidden Cord too . Although it might not be able to trap her, he just needed to control her for a while .

Yang Ruoyun suddenly said, “Give me the book and the tree core . ”

Han Fei laughed . “Why, do you still want the book now? Nice try . ”

Yang Ruoyun urged him, “It’s useless to you . It belongs to sea demons . ”

Han Fei didn’t believe her at all . “Any treasure is useful to me, right, Master Hexagon?”

Hexagon Starfish’s big eyes rolled and he pondered for a while . “That seems to be a divine weapon!”


Han Fei was stunned . Is that book a divine weapon? Why isn’t its data showing? But Han Fei was overjoyed . “Master Hexagon, good job! I like an ally like you and I will find you a girlfriend . ”

Hexagon Starfish: “…”

Han Fei stared at Yang Ruoyun and didn’t back down . “Hey! I’m not going to give you the book or the tree core . You can get out of here . If you want to grab these things from me, just try it . Let’s see who will hold on longer!”

Yang Ruoyun’s eyes were unfathomable . “Fine, send me into the teleportation formation . ”

Han Fei sneered . “You think too much . Let these Millennium Snappers leave first . ”

Yang Ruoyun shot back, “Keep 500 of them and then throw me in . ”

“100, my bottom line . ” Yang Ruoyun thought for a moment . “How do I know you won’t kill me?” Han Fei shrugged . “I can kill you now if you want . ” Yang Ruoyun scoffed . “OK, keep 100 . ”