God of Fishing - Chapter 368

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Chapter 368: Who On Earth Cheated Who?

Chapter 368 Who On Earth Cheated Who?

Han Fei was at a stalemate with Yang Ruoyun for quite a while .

In fact, he was communicating with the Hexagon Starfish at the same time .

Han Fei asked secretly, Master Hexagon, can this woman be killed? What will happen to the seal if she is killed?

Hexagon Starfish replied, I don’t know! The seal of this forest is very strange . Its eye seems to be this big tree . It’s supposed to disappear since its eye has been destroyed…

Han Fei was impatient . So, can I kill her or not?

The starfish said with hesitation, Well, maybe not…

Han Fei asked impatiently again, What does that mean? Yes or no? Just give me a definite answer!

To be honest, Han Fei thought Yang Ruoyun was very dangerous . Although he knew that he might never meet her again after this, what if he did? This woman had become a sea demon that seemed very powerful . God knew if anything unexpected would happen because of her in the future!

Hexagon Starfish said in voice transmission, I feel that her life seems to be related to the bad fishes outside . She may be seriously injured, but you may really not be able to kill her .

OK, got it .

Han Fei couldn’t help sighing secretly . This was really Yang Ruoyun’s territory . Although she had been caught by the Spirit Forbidden Net, he might still not be able to kill her .

If he couldn’t kill her, he would be in serious trouble .

It was not that he was afraid of these Millennium Snappers, but that he needed enough time to digest this Big Red Trunk . Forge the Universe was too small to contain such a big tree currently .

In the end, Han Fei and Yang Ruoyun reached an agreement .

Yang Ruoyun would keep 100 Millennium Snappers to escort her, and when there were about 1,000 Millennium Snappers left, he would have to remove the Spirit Forbidden Net but he could keep the Spirit Forbidden Cord .

Han Fei cared about these details very much . The slightest careless action would cause him to lose the whole game .

Han Fei was confident that as long as the Spirit Forbidden Cord could hold Yang Ruoyun for half a minute, he could still take down Yang Ruoyun .

About half an hour later .

Thousands of Millennium Snappers swam into the one-way teleportation formation . When there were only a thousand Millennium Snappers left, Han Fei took Yang Ruoyun and swam close to the teleportation formation .

At this time, Han Fei withdrew the Spirit Forbidden Net but the Spirit Forbidden Cord still bound her . Besides, a Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger was put against her neck .

When there were only 100 Millennium Snappers left, Han Fei threw her into the teleportation formation together with the Spirit Forbidden Cord .

At the moment when Han Fei threw Yang Ruoyun away, the remaining hundred Millennium Snappers rushed to catch up .

Han Fei secretly heaved a sigh of relief . No change occurred . It was a good result . When the last Millennium Snapper disappeared, the vortex had gradually disappeared and the place was about to return to peace .

Just when Han Fei was about to return, a voice suddenly came out from the teleportation formation . “Han Fei, one last word of warning, you’d better leave as soon as possible . The seal will last for at most six hours . Once the Big Red Trunk is dead, tens of thousands of lives will devour this place . ”

At the moment when these words rang, Han Fei turned back and the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bow appeared in his hand . In an instant, he drew the bow to its full extent, the cracks on Han Fei’s arm appeared again and blood gushed out .


This was the sixth arrow of the War Soul Art, a violent blow containing 6,400 points of spiritual energy . Two arrow shadows shot into the teleportation formation that was about to close . “Six hours is enough for me!”

Han Fei rushed down quickly to the roots of the Big Red Trunk . With a big wave of his hand, the spiritual stones trembled and were taken into Forge the Universe .

“Expand, expand, expand…”

With Forge the Universe not expanding fast, six hours seemed to be barely enough .

As Forge the Universe was expanding, Han Fei reached out to grab the red book inlaid in the trunk .

However, as soon as Han Fei picked up the book, there was a sudden burst of dazzling red light, shining like an aurora .

One ferocious face after another drifted past his eyes, screaming, crying, and fighting… Countless phantoms gathered in the air and a surge of evil Qi rose from the seabed . Han Fei hurriedly threw this thing into Forge the Universe as well, but he was still contaminated by the evil Qi and couldn’t help but feel murderous intentions .


Han Fei suddenly vomited a mouthful of blood and he was horrified .

Han Fei spread his hands, only to find that his hands were already dripping with blood as if they had been burned by flames .

“F*ck… What the hell was that?”

Han Fei was sweating all over . At that moment, he felt like he was going crazy and couldn’t help but want to kill .

Han Fei looked around, looking for Hexagon Starfish . But he found that this guy had drifted a hundred meters away and his six big eyes were staring at him .

Han Fei sighed . “Master Hexagon, you’re too much! Do you want to abandon me? You know what, I’m going to crush your essence blood!”

Hexagon Starfish: “…”

I was afraid you would slap me to death . You looked scary just now .

Han Fei sneered . “We are allies . How can I slap you?”

That sea monster is also your friend…

Han Fei scoffed . “Okay, tell me what kind of divine weapon the book is . ”

Hexagon Starfish thought for a moment . I don’t know! It feels very powerful but you can’t control it .

Han Fei snorted and thought to himself, Hmmm, I’ll be able to control it sooner or later .

Han Fei remembered the Mirror of Icy Salt in Forge the Universe . It was also a divine weapon . Although it was only a low-quality divine weapon, it almost possessed an invincible power and could be said to be one of his trump cards .

And this book seemed to be a complete divine weapon . He hadn’t had a chance to open it before he was almost bewitched by it . If he guessed right, it was way more powerful than the Mirror of Icy Salt!

Han Fei’s pupils constricted . This book seemed more dangerous than he thought . Just holding it hurt him . It seemed that it might not be easy for him to use it .

Of course, Han Fei had also obtained a large number of spiritual stones, which made his face light up with a cheeky smile .

“Haha, I tried so hard to saw down the tree and dig out the spiritual stones . How can I just let you take them away so easily?”

Suddenly, Han Fei stopped laughing and asked Nine Tails to terminate its attachment .

He shouted hurriedly, “Nine Tails, hurry up, saw the tree . ”

With only six hours left, Han Fei was racing against time and dared not stop for a moment .

Two hours later, the Big Red Trunk was sawn down by another 500 meters or so by Han Fei and he collected nearly 30 spiritual stones from it . Among them, there were 3 high-quality spiritual stones, 6 mid-quality stones, and 19 low-quality stones with only 1 . 7 million points of spiritual energy .

Han Fei was taken back . “F*ck, the higher up we look, the fewer spiritual stones there are?”

Han Fei looked at this section of the trunk, then looked at Forge the Universe, and found that the space had only a 150 meter radius, and he was a little anxious .

Han Fei panicked . The expansion of Forge the Universe took time . Different from a Sea Swallowing Seashell, the area of a Sea Swallowing Seashell was counted by volume, while Forge the Universe was by its radius .

For example, a radius of 150 meters was the area within a radius of 150 meters with a certain point as the center .

In terms of volume, Forge the Universe was much bigger than a Sea Swallowing Seashell . But it was far from enough for containing this Big Red Trunk . Even though he could control the spatial layout of Forge the Universe at will, it was still not enough .

Hexagon Starfish didn’t saw the tree as fast as Nine Tails, so he had already been kicked aside by Han Fei .

At this moment, Han Fei shouted, “Master Hexagon, can you check out how high this tree is?”

Hexagon Starfish muttered, I can help you collect the tree! The space in my doors is larger .

Han Fei sneered . You help me collect the tree? Together with the spiritual stones? Do you think I’m stupid?

Han Fei snorted . “No, thanks . ”

Hexagon Starfish’s big eyes kept rolling and he ran out in a hurry . After a while, he came back and said meaningfully, The tree is nearly 1,500 meters high . Even my doors can’t contain it, not to mention your Sea Swallowing Seashells . Are you sure you don’t need my help?


Han Fei breathed a sigh of relief . He was afraid that this Big Red Trunk was several thousand meters high or something . Then Forge the Universe really couldn’t contain it and six hours would definitely not be enough .

However, if it was only 1500 meters high, it wouldn’t be a problem .


Suddenly, Han Fei felt a slight tremor on the ground .

Han Fei’s face changed slightly . “Master Hexagon, go outside and set up a sealing formation, yes, the one you set up in the land of starfish . No matter what, help me hold on for two more hours . ”

Hexagon Starfish replied, That will be very tiring . Besides, the sealing formation can’t block endless creatures .

Han Fei shouted angrily, “That’s why… I need you to help me!”

With that, Han Fei threw out a high-quality spiritual stone and said, “If you hold it out, I will give you another high-quality spiritual stone . If you fail, I will crush your essence blood right in front of your eyes!”

Hexagon Starfish was speechless and his six big eyes kept rolling . He immediately took the high-quality spiritual stone and left .

Han Fei squinted and was a bit scared .

Why did Yang Ruoyun tell him that there were only six hours left? She must know that he would take away the tree, so she told him that .

But in fact, this woman was not trustworthy at all . She said six hours, but was that true?

Perhaps there actually weren’t six hours left . Maybe, only three hours left?

Han Fei estimated that he still needed at least two hours to stuff the Big Red Trunk into Forge the Universe, so he asked Master Hexagon to set up a sealing formation .

Five hours later .

Han Fei sawed off another section of the tree, which was 500 meters long .

In the shocked gaze of Hexagon Starfish, these two huge pieces of wood disappeared…


Hexagon Starfish absolutely didn’t believe that they were stuffed into Sea Swallowing Seashells . It was a space even larger than the space inside his doors but how could Han Fei have such a large space?

At this moment, Han Fei looked solemn . He had heard the cracking sound of the seal outside several times, which might break soon . He wondered if the sealing formation of Master Hexagon could block the creatures outside for some time .

Han Fei overestimated the arithmetic ability of Master Hexagon . The last piece of the damn tree was nearly 700 meters long . In other words, this Big Red Trunk was nearly 1,700 meters high, which was not 1,500 meters as said by Master Hexagon .

“Damn it, I must find a math teacher for Master Hexagon in the future . ”

The expansion speed of Forge the Universe was not satisfactory . So far, it had only expanded by a radius of fewer than 250 meters . Considering the luxuriant branches and leaves of the Big Red Trunk, it could still contain a piece of trunk 500 meters long at most .

Han Fei looked at the remaining section of the trunk, which was nearly 700 meters long, and said nervously, “Master Hexagon, can your sealing formation hold out?”

Hexagon Starfish swam closer . A large number of creatures have swarmed over! It’s a bit difficult! After all, you gave me too little spiritual energy .

Han Fei glared at Hexagon Starfish . I’ve given you so much spiritual energy! You greedy starfish!

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The six big eyes of Hexagon Starfish rolled and his tentacles were twitching . How he wanted to slap Han Fei to death! He thought to himself, Do you remember how much spiritual energy I gave to you when I first met you? And now you only gave me so little spiritual energy and still demanded me to set up a sealing formation!

Hexagon Starfish simply said, It takes spiritual energy to set up a sealing formation . You know that! I’ve already spent 200,000 points of the spiritual energy of my own on the formation .

Han Fei was so angry that he almost laughed . Are you f*cking kidding me? You shameless starfish! Do you think I’m stupid?

Han Fei vaguely remembered that when he blackmailed this starfish at that time, he only took 50,000 points, or at most 100,000 points .

But now when this starfish blackmailed him, this damn fish threatened to strike if he didn’t give him an extra-quality spiritual stone!

However, Han Fei had no choice now . He had no one else to turn to for help! He reluctantly threw an extra-quality spiritual stone to the starfish . “Hold out… Remember to leave a way for us to escape in case we’re surrounded by the creatures rushing in . ”

Han Fei grunted . “Don’t play tricks on me . If so, I will crush your essence blood, and then I can still escape with flash stones . ”

Hexagon Starfish was growing tired of the threats… Human, when can you return my essence blood to me?

Han Fei hummed . “When I leave the level-three fishery, I will return your essence blood to you . Therefore, our time working together will be quite a while still! At least one year perhaps . ”

Hexagon Starfish took the extra-quality spiritual stone . Keep your promise . Han Fei nodded . “I mean what I say! Hurry

up . ”

After Hexagon Starfish left, Han Fei smiled . It seems that compared to Yang Ruoyun, Master Hexagon is way much easier to trick!

If it were Yang Ruoyun, how could he solve her with an extra-quality spiritual stone?! She would even pack him up and take away…

One hour later .

Hexagon Starfish bumped Han Fei’s shoulder and urged, Have you finished yet? Hurry up! They’re coming

Han Fei scolded, “Don’t rush me, OK? Just hold it for a while . Just a little while longer . ”

So far, Forge the Universe had expanded to a radius of nearly 330 meters, with a diameter of 660 meters .



Han Fei had heard hundreds of similar explosions . Each explosion represented a broken seal .

Hexagon Starfish said quickly, If we don’t leave now, we won’t be able to leave!

Just a minute longer…”

After a while, with a loud bang, Han Fei lay on the trunk . Five minutes later, the tree trunk was finally stuffed into Forge the Universe .

Now Han Fei finally took away the entire Big Red Trunk

Although Hexagon Starfish was curious about where Han Fei’s weird space came from, it was obviously not the time to discuss this .

Come on! There is only the last layer!

Han Fei jumped on the Hexagon Starfish . “Run, run . ”

Hexagon Starfish whizzed past like lightning and appeared hundreds of meters away in the blink of an eye .

But when Han Fei and Hexagon Starfish ran halfway through, the seal broke apart .

Han Fei saw giant snakes tens of meters in length, huge crabs tens of meters long, and big fishes with fangs and barbs all over their bodies, as well as piles of Mess Swallowing Worms, Marching Sea Leeches, Dead Leaf Starfish, Butterfly Star Worms, Green Red Snakes, and Anti-Heaven Blades . All of which were densely-packed and completely beyond numbers .

Han Fei swallowed . God only knows where these creatures came from!

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Along the way, the ordinary Big Red Trunks that Han Fei saw had already been eaten bald by these creatures . Pieces of Big Red Trunks were cut down and no red leaf could be seen on the ground .

Yesterday, when Han Fei came in, there were red leaves drifting all over…

But at this moment, it was barren and not even a blade of grass grew .

Han Fei shouted, “Master Hexagon, accelerate, accelerate!”


Han Fei felt the Hexagon Starfish under his hips spin quickly and his speed suddenly soared . “Hey, hey… Don’t throw me off!” Hexagon Starfish pleaded, Throw some spiritual energy out! Otherwise, they will soon catch up with us .

W me

Han Fei reluctantly pulled out some low-quality spiritual stones from Forge the Universe .

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Almost every 100 meters, Han Fei would throw a piece out . While throwing the stones away, Han Fei asked, “Why did these creatures suddenly appear here? Is it because the Big Red Trunk is gone?”

Hexagon Starfish answered, I don’t know! But that place is special . Even if the big tree is gone, there seem to be other unknown secrets . You didn’t go to the top… Han Fei was surprised, “What’s on the top?”

Since the top didn’t lead to the sea surface, what was there?

After thinking about it for a long while, Han Fei felt that it was a waste of time . Now he was too weak to ascertain these things, so why bother?

Suddenly, Han Fei laughed .

Yang Ruoyun would never have thought that he could take away such a big tree . After all, he was only an intermediate Dangling Fisher .

After a moment .

Han Fei looked back, only to see that the Big Red Trunk forest had been flooded with endless creatures . If he was strong enough to stay there and let those creatures kill each other, he would get a huge amount of spiritual energy .

But he couldn’t . If he dared to stay there for more than five minutes, he would have been overwhelmed by the endless creatures until no bones were left .

The land of starfish .

The starfishes here were all gone . Han Fei thought they probably also ran to the Big Red Trunk forest . It seemed that there were still secrets there but they had nothing to do with him now .

Han Fei jumped off the back of Hexagon Starfish . “I’m going to stay alone for cultivation . How about you?”

Hexagon Starfish’s big eyes looked at Han Fei . Well, I feel I’ve consumed a lot of spiritual energy . Can you…

Han Fei stared at him . “No way . Don’t even think about it . I can set up a spirit gathering formation for you and you can suck up spiritual energy yourself . ”

Hexagon Starfish was speechless and thought to himself, Who is the stingiest? It is said that I, Hexagon Starfish, am greedy for treasures, but this b*stard is even greedier than me! He has just got such a huge Big Red Trunk and countless spiritual stones . Why can’t he spare some for me? I helped him a lot just now, didn’t I?!

After setting up the spirit gathering formation, Han Fei ran a hundred miles away and entered Forge the Universe .

He was actually going in to prying the spiritual stones down . Before he left, he still remembered to warn Hexagon Starfish not to escape .

In fact, Han Fei didn’t care whether Hexagon Starfish would run or not . Anyway, he now had countless spiritual stones and there were too many things for him to do .

Those things that he wanted to do but couldn’t, due to his lack of spiritual stones, could all be done now .

His spiritual heritage was damaged but he didn’t have enough spiritual energy to repair it, but now he had enough spiritual energy .

The fourth layer of True Spirit Fishing Art that had not been deduced so far could be deduced now .

Han Fei thought to himself, It’s a true saying that one who survives a great disaster is destined for good fortune .