God of Fishing - Chapter 370

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Chapter 370: Yang Wheel

Chapter 370 Wind God Boat, Yin-Yang Wheel

Han Fei was speechless . I have spent nearly 20 million points of spiritual energy and am ready to complete the Fish Avatar Technique so as to switch between the form of a fish and a human at any time…

But you f*cking tell me that I can’t deduce it any further?! Then didn’t I spend the nearly 20 million points of spiritual energy in vain?

Han Fei’s face was all dark, but he began to calm down and study the newly deduced Fish Avatar Technique .

Two days later .

Han Fei finally read all the contents of the book .

The technique was profound indeed .

Han Fei felt that this technique was still not perfect because it still couldn’t turn people into a certain kind of fish, but rather into a brand new species .

It was totally incomparable with the seventy-two metamorphoses of Monkey King, let alone turning people into creatures such as a crab or octopus . Besides, once a human was transformed into a fish, the result was irreversible, which meant that he would become a fish forever .

Han Fei certainly would not practice such a technique . From the very beginning, he just wanted to make it easier for him to hunt for treasures and explore the sea! However, the initial investment had completely exceeded his expectations .

In addition to the practicing method, the book also told him that there was a peerless genius who instigated countless people to practice the”Fish Avatar Technique and even founded a sect called “Deism” .

Many ordinary fishers and fishing masters were greatly encouraged by the religion, thinking that humans were the real masters of the ocean and calling on everyone to return to the ocean, which was their homeland .

After that, the Fish Avatar Technique caused great turbulence . It was said that countless strong masters began to make moves to punish the sea demons . But among the sea demons, a small number of strong people absconded .

Since then, all the cities had issued an order that anyone mentioning the Fish Avatar Technique should be killed and if anyone dared to practice the Fish Avatar Technique, their whole family would be killed . Over time, this story seemed to be forgotten and no one mentioned it again .

Learning such an astonishing secret from the fragments of a mortal-level Fish Avatar Technique, Han Fei could only keep it in his heart . Only now did he know why Old Bai warned him that the Fish Avatar Technique was taboo .

But Han Fei’s heart was unsettled . There must be follow-up development, but he only roughly learned what happened at the early stage! Was it teasing him?!

However, he had no choice but to throw the book aside .

Han Fei was not in a hurry to go out . Although he couldn’t learn the long-awaited Fish Avatar Technique, he could refine the fishing boat .

Originally, Han Fei thought that he would just go to the Sea Grassland to dig up an ordinary Big Red Trunk as the old man on the dragon boat taught him . And then, he would go get some auxiliary objects such as Fish Crystals .

But now, he had got this Big Red Trunk that was comparable to a spiritual weapon . What else did he need to find? Besides, he had collected a lot of Sea Swallowing Seashells, in which there were all kinds of weapons . Even the worst ones were high-quality magic weapons . There were also dozens of low-quality spiritual weapons and a pile of various minerals .

Although these things couldn’t be the main components of the fishing boat, they were more than enough to serve as surface decorations, such as windbreaks, lower decks, hanging stone buckle covers, and some color matching, convex streamlines of the hull, and power unloading devices .

Han Fei licked his lips and said to the small calabash in his hand, “Although I have much spiritual energy now, there is still a long way to go . Eat less! A boat won’t need much spiritual energy, right?”

When the Demon Purification Pot sucked in a large 50-meter-long section of the Big Red Trunk, Han Fei gasped . Wow!


Han Fei was overjoyed . He was afraid that something as big as a fishing boat could not be refined in the pot and had to be carved by hand… But the Demon Purification Pot gave him a surprise . It seemed that as long as there was enough spiritual energy, it could refine anything .

Then, Han Fei threw a large number of weapons, stones, and four Floating Stones into the pot .

He closed his eyes and paddled his hands in the air .

“Hey! The cabin is designed to be semi-open and streamlined… Fish Hold… Let’s add a small fish hold! Fence, no, no fence . Use a one-piece design…”

In his mind, Han Fei simulated a cool small yacht . Unlike normal yachts, however, the fishing boat refined by Han Fei was made for speed, so it adopted a streamlined design . The ship presented a smooth curve and even the sun deck on the front side was removed . There was only a fish hold behind the cabin and the cover of the fish hold was designed as the aft deck .

The whole fishing boat was shaped like an awl . Its appearance resembles a supercar . Because Han Fei also added the unloading streamline in the bow part, it resembled two car headlights .

“Yes . ”

Following Han Fei’s thoughts, a large amount of spiritual energy swarmed from the pile of spiritual stones and poured into the Demon Purification Pot . “Hey, hey! Absorb less spiritual energy, less! Please!”

Han Fei felt his heart was aching when he saw that the demon refining pot started to absorb spiritual energy from the pile of spiritual stones, so he immediately moved all the extra-quality, high-quality, and mid-quality spiritual stones hundreds of meters away, leaving only the low-quality ones .

However, there was not much spiritual energy in the low-quality spiritual stones! Each one only contained no more than 10,000 points of spiritual energy . Crack… Crack… Crack…

Han Fei’s eyes widened . Almost every minute, five or six low-quality spiritual stones crumbled into powder .

Every time the cracking sound was heard, Han Fei’s eyelids trembled . This rhythm lasted for a full hour before the crumbling speed of the low-quality spiritual stones slowed down . Even so, two or three pieces would crumble every minute .

Han Fei almost burst into tears . “Oh, oh, that’s alright! This is the 900th piece! That is more than 9 million points of spiritual energy!”

However, the low-quality spiritual stones were still shattering . The refining didn’t stop until the 1,086th piece was broken and Han Fei’s heart almost bled .


Suddenly, an 18-meter-long red and white fishing boat appeared in his vision . Just a glance made Han Fei’s mouth water .

Everyone loved a yacht! Besides, this yacht was designed by himself . Every arc seemed to be full of splendor; every line was his masterpiece .

A string of data appeared in his eyes:


It is made of Aeon Big Red Trunk, Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bone, Floating Stone, Red Blood Silver, and Silver Stone… It is extremely fast and can travel 60,000 miles a day . The hull can hold the damage of mid-quality spiritual weapons . Due to limited materials, its speed can be increased after sealing a spirit into it .

Mid-Quality Spiritual Weapon


Due to limited forging materials, it can only be cast into a mid-quality spiritual weapon .

Han Fei was a bit disappointed . “What? A spiritual weapon-level fishing boat that cost me more than 10 million points of spiritual energy could only travel 60,000 miles a day?”


Han Fei patted on the fishing boat and drew a long face . Is it because the design method is wrong? Even Ghost Speed Divine Boats can travel 50,000 miles a day! But my fishing ship is made of extra-quality materials!

The more Han Fei thought about it, the angrier he got . He immediately refined a small carving knife and was about to draw formations on the boat .

According to the records in the “Spirit Gathering Scripture”, the speed formations were divided into as many as 12 kinds such as the Water Travel Formation, Wind Travel Formation, Wind Chasing Formation, and Tidal Formation . Their purpose was to use the power of nature to increase the speed of something and they were not difficult to set up .

But even if they were not difficult to draw, it was still very troublesome to interlock different formations and cover the entire hull .

Han Fei picked up the carving knife and walked around the boat several times, unable to find a way to start .

If he was about to draw a spirit gathering formation, he didn’t even need to think about it . However, speed formations were different . One formation might cause changes in wind speed and airflow, so when the two formations were superimposed, the airflow might change . Once it changed, it might have the opposite effect and reduce the speed of the ship itself .

“Well, be it so! I’ll draw some speed formations on it later . ”

Han Fei patted the fishing boat hard . “Wind God Boat, I will definitely make you a real Wind God Boat . By then, you will be the fastest fishing boat in the level-three fishery . ”

Giving up carving formations on the boat, Han Fei jumped out of Forge the Universe with a swish .

When he came to Hexagon Starfish again, Hexagon Starfish was covered with thousands of starfish . Among them, there were even a few exotic starfish .

The moment they saw Han Fei coming, a large number of starfish began to flee away .

Hexagon Starfish widened its eyes and quickly put away all the shiny gold and silver gems around him .

Han Fei sighed . “Master Hexagon, why do you think I would want this junk?”

Hexagon Starfish was surprised . Have you finished cultivating? Han Fei nodded . “Yes… Okay, don’t absorb spiritual energy anymore . The spiritual energy in your body is almost overflowing! Let’s go . It’s time to leave . ”

The level-three fishery was too big! He had spent two months in the Sea Grassland alone!

Han Fei still didn’t know what happened to Xia Xiaochan and the others…

At this moment, Han Fei’s strength had returned to its peak and he urgently needed to find an uninhabited sea to deduce the True Spirit Fishing Technique .

However, Hexagon Starfish’s eyes rolled . Can you wait for me for a few days? Han Fei asked, “How come? You haven’t absorbed enough spiritual energy yet? Leave some for other starfish . Besides, the news that the Big Red Trunk is gone will be spread sooner or later . There will be many people here soon . If you stay here for two more days, I bet you will be caught and become someone’s contractual spiritual beast!”

Hexagon Starfish’s eyes rolled . I’m going to make a breakthrough, just a few days away .

Han Fei was shocked . “You are going to have a breakthrough again? You only reached level 40 in more than 300 years, but how many times have you had a breakthrough in the past two years?”

That’s not the same . The spiritual energy in the village is too little and I also ate the red fruit . Unfortunately, I can only eat one . Unlike your spiritual beasts, they can eat several .


Being reminded by Hexagon Starfish, Han Fei finally remembered Little Black and Little White .

During this period of time, he concentrated on studying the Fish Avatar Technique and forgot about summoning Little Black and Little White .

Immediately, with a thought from Han Fei, two rays of lights appeared between his eyebrows, one black and one white .


Unlike before, this time, Little Black and Little White drew two black and white rays in the water and made a half arc in the water before they landed beside Han Fei .


Han Fei gave a cry of surprise . He found that Little Black and Little White had changed .

Not only in their bodies, but also in temperament .

First of all, the two little guys were now more crystal clear, and there were two more barbels growing near their mouths, which were as long as their bodies .

In addition to the barbels, Little White’s body was exuding a faint halo of holiness all the time as if being covered with a light milky white brilliance . It looked breathtakingly beautiful .

Different from Little White, Little Black looked even fiercer, especially his eyes . Before, Little Black was black, but the whites of his eyes were still white and his eyeballs were round .

But now the whites of Little Black’s eyes turned blood red and his eyeballs became slivered like cat’s eyes… No, to be precise, they looked like wolf eyes . Although Han Fei was his master, he was scared when he saw Little Black’s eyes .

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However, Han Fei heaved a sigh of relief when the two little guys ran to him and played with him intimately just like before .

“Oh! I was really scared for a minute!”

Han Fei looked at the data of Little Black and Little White and his pupils constricted again .

Spiritual Beast

Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish

They’re the descendants of the mysterious primitive Yin-Yang Sky-Swallowing Fish . The black and white fish accompany each other . The white fish is docile, whereas the black one is cruel . They are symbiotic . As long as one lives, the other won’t die .



100,000 points Omnivorous . They can swallow everything

Supreme Yin-Yang Wheel (5,000 points of spiritual energy is consumed every second)

The black fish is invisible . Except for the owner, only people with born Yin-Yang Divine Eyes can see it . When the two fish are combined, their combat power soars and is comparable to that of a divine weapon .


Han Fei swallowed .

“100,000 points of spiritual energy stored?” “Supreme Yin-Yang Wheel?” “Combined?”

“Comparable to a divine weapon?” These words stunned Han Fei and he gaped . “Wow… Now they’ve got a combined combat skill?”

Since Master Hexagon said he wanted to stay for a few days, they would just stay here for a few days! He needed to study carefully the changes of Little Black and Little White .

However, Han Fei immediately looked at Hexagon Starfish and said, “Master Hexagon, may I ask you a question? Did you have any changes in your abilities after breaking through level 30?”

Hexagon Starfish said, rolling his eyes . No, nothing has changed! “Think it over . ”

Hexagon Starfish pondered for a moment . It seems that before level 30, my spiritual consciousness was not high . I was still young at that time .

Han Fei asked with a dark face, “And?”

Hexagon Starfish’s eyes rolled again . Oh! I seemed to have got a kind of inheritance from nowhere, and after that, I learned to set up formations .


Han Fei was shocked . “Didn’t you learn setting up formations from a certain formation book you got from a treasure hunt?”

Hexagon Starfish mumbled . Of course not! Who would look for that kind of thing? Books aren’t shiny . The knowledge about formations just popped up in my head out of the blue!

Han Fei was surprised . A strange inheritance?

When Hexagon Starfish reached level 30, he got a strange inheritance . And at the moment, Little Black and Little White seemed to have encountered the same situation who seemed to have inherited some kind of inheritance too .

“Supreme Yin-Yang Wheel? No, I should let them have a try . ”

With that, Han Fei said to Hexagon Starfish, “Master Hexagon, You can stay here to make a breakthrough, but be quick . Don’t delay too much! There are still a lot of treasures waiting for us to dig up . ”

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Then he took Little Black and Little White away .

Hundreds of miles away .

Han Fei stroked Little Black’s head . “Little Black! Have you gotten any new abilities? Show them to me . ” Little Black looked at Han Fei blankly and suddenly opened his mouth .


Han Fei took a few steps back and almost had a heart attack .

He saw that the teeth in Little Black’s mouth became exceptionally sharp like a row of steel teeth . Besides, in his mouth, there seemed to be a small rotating black hole .

Han Fei swallowed . “Open your mouth again…”

This time, when Little Black opened his mouth Han Fei was still a bit horrified . The teeth were sharp and there was a faint red light on the teeth as if bloodstains were flowing between the teeth . Han Fei hurriedly said, “Close it . Close it… Can you get bigger?”

Little Black’s body began to grow gradually and didn’t stop until his body became 8 meters long .

Han Fei secretly breathed a sigh of relief . Only 8 meters . That’s acceptable . If he suddenly became a hundred meters long, he would be quite the big monster…

Han Fei turned to look at Little White . “Girl, do you have any new abilities?”

Little White seemed to get what Han Fei meant . She opened her mouth, and then Han Fei felt the spiritual energy around him begin to gather .

“Huh! The spirit gathering speed is so fast . ”

“F*ck, it’s almost as fast as a small spirit gathering formation I set up!” “No, it’s faster than a small spirit gathering formation, and it’s actually as fast as the superimposition of three small spirit gathering formations . ”

At this time, Han Fei suddenly realized that Little Black and Little White were Spirit Swallowing Fish! Wasn’t spirit swallowing the most fundamental ability of Spirit Swallowing Fish?

Okay! Now that this ability was finally fully manifested, they were just like a mobile spiritual energy pool! Just imagine, when he ran out of spiritual energy in combat, Little Black and Little White would be able to supply him with endless spiritual energy!

Of course, the spiritual energy they supplied might not be able to make up for his consumption, but he saw hope, a hope that was entirely possible .

Han Fei grinned . Sure enough, Little Black and Little White were the best . After all, neither Nine Tails nor Little Gold had demonstrated such outstanding abilities as Little Black and Little White yet .

Of course, Nine Tails and Little Gold were not bad . Nine Tails was an all-rounded creature, able to attack, defend, and dig holes . As for Little Gold, when he grew to full form, he could condense the power of heavenly thunder . Unfortunately, he could not do it yet .

Han Fei took out a section of the Big Red Trunk that was tens of meters away from Forge the Universe and said, “Little Black, Little White, use Supreme Yin-Yang Wheel to attack this tree . ”

With a thought from Han Fei, Little Black and Little White suddenly turned into two rays of lights one black and one white . When the two rays of lights met, a rotating Tai Chi Yin-Yang diagram appeared .

Perhaps because the rotating speed was too fast, Han Fei could only see the black and white light flashing alternately . In the next moment, the Tai Chi Yin-Yang Wheel fell on the Big Red Trunk .


Han Fei was dazed by the scene .

Compared with the soft saw he made, Little Black and Little White were like a f*cking chainsaw!

Although 5,000 points of spiritual energy was consumed every second, the speed was almost a hundred times faster than the soft saw . “Stop! Stop… Okay, alright…”

Han Fei hurriedly asked Little Black and Little White to stop . It was just an experiment and they didn’t need to actually saw the tree .

However, when he looked at Little Black and Little White, something suddenly occurred to him .

Maybe it’s time to go to the seaweed city wall .