God of Fishing - Chapter 372

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Chapter 372: Exploit the Seaweed

Chapter 372 Exploit the Seaweed

Han Fei did not see any information when he spotted the ball . He immediately knew that something was wrong . Or rather, something was indeed living inside the ball, but the ball itself couldn’t be a living creature .

Not giving the ball of seaweed any chance to beg for mercy, Han Fei cut through a hundred pieces with the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers .

Then, Han Fei was dumbfounded, and so was the Hexagon Starfish .

Han Fei’s lips trembled . “So… You’re actually an octopus?”

A string of data appeared in his eyes .

Divine Seaweed Octopus

This is an extremely uncommon creature in the Deep-Sea Jungle that mutated after accidentally having certain fruits . It can freely control unconscious spiritual plants and share its life with seaweed . It cannot be killed in places strewn with seaweed . It’s very weak and cowardly and will generally not show up . The Divine Seaweed Ball that it contains can possibly give the eater the ability to control seaweed .


Exotic (mutated)

15,626 points

It can significantly increase spiritual power and soul resistance .

Divine Seaweed Ball

Han Fei was rather lost for words after reading the information . So, this guy was actually just bragging that it could offer ten pieces of Dry Leaf Worm Grass when it was so weak?

At this point, the Divine Seaweed Octopus was dumbfounded too, and it constricted into a ball .

In fact, it was far bigger than the seaweed ball that enshrouded it . However, octopus were creatures that liked to squeeze into narrow places .

Han Fei had once picked up a big bottle with a 9-liter capacity during his fishing, and the top of the bottle was only five centimeters in diameter . He found that an octopus more than thirty centimeters long was hiding inside .

Such was exactly the case for this one . Han Fei estimated that it was as huge as Mr . Hexagon Starfish, but it had shrunk into a ball no more than ten meters in diameter .

“Don’t kill me! I’ll get the worm leaves for you!”

The big octopus brought that up to Han Fei at this point .

Han Fei grinned widely . “The worm leaves? I do not want them at all right now . I’m more interested in you . ”

Han Fei simply stepped forward, punching and kicking the octopus .

“This is for the Soul Lock you imposed on


“This is for your trickery!” “This is for your threat!” “This is for blocking my way!” “This is for your bragging and pretentiousness!”

“This is… Well, for your ugliness . You’re too hideous!”

While the Hexagon Starfish watched it in shock, Han Fei kicked almost ten minutes .

Finally, Han Fei turned his neck back . “I’m much more comfortable now . It truly feels great to hit a sandbag . ”

The Divine Seaweed Octopus dared not complain when Han Fei vented his fury . After all, Han Fei did not use any spiritual energy, so the octopus simply let him beat it .

At this point, the Divine Seaweed Octopus asked weakly, “Can you let me go?”

Han Fei scoffed, “Mr . Hexagon Starfish, open the Six Gate Array . ”

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Han Fei asked, “What are you waiting for? Open it and throw this thing into it . ”

The Divine Seaweed Octopus was shocked, and the Hexagon Starfish said quickly, No! My Six Gate Array can’t keep it trapped for long! Han Fei chuckled . “There’s still the Spirit Forbidding Net . It can’t possibly escape that . ” Hearing that, the Hexagon Starfish was relieved and opened its Six Gate Array .

Then, Han Fei simply hauled and hurled the Divine Seaweed Octopus into the Six Gate Array . Then, he stuck the Spirit Forbidding Net above the Six Gate Array . If this goddamn green octopus struggled, it would be immediately stopped by the net .

As for Han Fei, he sat on the top of the Divine Seaweed Octopus’s head with two Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers in his hand and another thirty floating around himself .

Han Fei said, “Give me ten Dry Leaf Worm Grasses first, and I’ll consider if I will let you go or not . ”

The Divine Seaweed Octopus was dumbfounded . Even if it had three hearts and six brains, so what? They couldn’t help when it was under absolute control!

The Divine Seaweed Octopus complained, “I can’t use my abilities inside this barrier…” Puchi…

Before it finished, Han Fei had stabbed his dagger into its head . “Think carefully before you talk . What did you just say? You can’t?” “Okay…”

The Divine Seaweed Octopus was almost crying from this man’s ruthlessness .

Han Fei quickly drew the dagger out and nodded in satisfaction . “Okay, what are you waiting for? Get the Dry Leaf Worm Grasses for me!”

Its tentacles dangling, the Divine Seaweed Octopus said, “But there are no worm pits here!”

Before Han Fei had the chance to respond, the Hexagon Starfish had said, That’s easy . I know where the worm pits are… Human being, can you get me two Dry Leaf Worm Leaves too?

Han Fei grinned and waved his hand . “No problem!”

The Divine Seaweed Octopus was almost of a mind to kill the Hexagon Starfish . Why are you meddling in this?

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The dangers in this area were gone when the big octopus’s wall of seaweed disappeared . Nothing weird happened while the Hexagon Starfish looked for the worm pits with Han Fei .

Though the seaweed was still harassing them, it was just their instinct and they weren’t threatening at all .

At this point, the seaweed was crawling to the worm pits crazily . Seeing the seaweed wither and crumble to smithereens, Han Fei felt lucky that he didn’t fight those worms, or he might’ve been killed .

Han Fei couldn’t be delighted when he acquired the first Dry Leaf Worm Grass . Good stuff! If he had ten Dry Leaf Worm Grasses, he was confident to push his Indestructible Body to a new level . This one Dry Leaf Worm Grass had consumed all the seaweed within thousands of meters . Of course, the seaweed in other places soon filled the vacancy .

“One . ”

“Two . ”

“Five . ”

When the Divine Seaweed Octopus attacked the eighth worm pit, the worms were on a rampage .

It was not a rampage in one worm pit but an earthquake in hundreds of worm pits . A tremendous number of Dry Leaf Worms were swarming out like locusts .

The Divine Seaweed Octopus said, “Not good . The worm king is coming out!” Han Fei simply took the Spirit Forbidding Net off and tied up the Divine Seaweed Octopus, before he jumped to the Hexagon Starfish . “Let’s run! Why is there a worm king here?” While fleeing as quickly as a shooting star, the Hexagon Starfish replied, I don’t know!

Han Fei stabbed into the big octopus’s head . “Speak . Why are the worms going on a rampage?” The Divine Seaweed Octopus replied quickly, “I don’t know! Maybe because we killed too many worms?”


Han Fei slapped the octopus consecutively . “You don’t know? Keep lying! You’ve dominated this place for years, but you don’t know the worm king? You idiot!”

When the swarms of Dry Leaf Worms swarmed out, Han Fei found that the vines within the reach of his eyes were withering instantly .

If Han Fei had reacted one moment more slowly, he might not have been able to escape . What Han Fei didn’t know was that the rampages did not just happen here but in every place within thousands of kilometers .

Someone learned the news about the Seaborne Prairie and was crossing the wall of seaweed, but they were swallowed by the rampant worms that ate up their bones . There was another who hadn’t entered it yet . Seeing the onslaught of worms, they were so frightened that they fled back immediately . At this point, Han Fei stabbed dozens of Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers into the Divine Seaweed Octopus . “Are you taking me for a fool? You did that on purpose, didn’t you?”

Startled and frightened by the unexpected torture, the octopus cried, “I didn’t! I really don’t know! Worm onslaughts happen once in a while, but it has nothing to do with me!”

“Worm onslaughts? What’s that exactly?”

The big octopus trembled . “It means that worms from all pits in the area are on a rampage . ”


Han Fei immediately felt that his heart was cold . All the worm pits were bursting? That meant no chance of survival for him!

He watched the Hexagon Starfish swim towards green places, but all the seaweed within five meters from the bottom had been corroded . He had no idea how many worm pits were down there .

The Hexagon Starfish was not slow, but it could not get rid of the worms because the worms were coming from more than one pit . Also, weirdly enough, those worms were tailing him .

Looking at the Divine Seaweed Octopus that had shrunk again, Han Fei was puzzled . Is this thing really behind the incident?

Secretly releasing his senses, Han Fei finally sensed something wrong . He simply stabbed the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers into the big octopus and churned .

As it turned out, the Divine Seaweed Octopus had been secreting a sticky fluid on the way . The fluid was only one drop although the octopus was dozens of meters long .

If Han Fei hadn’t been tricked by Yang Ruoyun too many times, he wouldn’t have suspected it at all . But according to his observation, the worms would go on a rampage every time the fluid dropped . Coldly, Han Fei said, “Surrender, or die . Make your choice . ”

“I surrender… Don’t kill me . I can be your contractual spiritual beast . Stop churning . ” Han Fei slightly raised his lips . “If you’re surrendering, your mind should give up resistance . ”