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God of Fishing - Chapter 373

Published at 18th of October 2020 09:17:42 PM

Chapter 373: You’ve Been Tricked Again

Chapter 373 You’ve Been Tricked Again

The Hexagon Starfish couldn’t be more shocked when the Divine Seaweed Octopus simply disappeared .

Where is the octopus? Do you have a space that can store living creatures too?

Han Fei glanced at it and said, “It’s already dead . I threw it in the Sea Swallowing Seashell . ”

No! It’s not dead!

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

Recalling the dozens of Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers, Han Fei declared, “It’s dead when I say it’s dead . ”

The Hexagon Starfish trembled in fear because of Han Fei . It couldn’t be more terrified of Han Fei, feeling that this human being was a monster who would retaliate against whoever threatened him when he had a chance . Also, the man was threatening to destroy its essence blood . That was too mean!

After taking care of the octopus, Han Fei found that the Dry Leaf Worms stopped following him . He grinned and thought, You idiot, you shouldn’t play tricks with me, should you?

Outside of the wall of seaweed, the carrier and the passenger swapped their roles . Fearing that it might be caught, the Hexagon Starfish turned into the size of a hand and lay on Han Fei’s shoulder .

Han Fei, on the other hand, swam fast . Nothing in this place was worth exploring anymore . There might be more secrets in the corners of the Seaborne Prairie, but Han Fei did not care about them anymore . He had run into several groups of adventurers in this place that was supposed to be secluded .


Very soon, Han Fei saw three people on his way, including a woman with a saber longer than herself, as well as an armorist and a hunter .

The woman raised her saber and stopped him . “Stop . ”

Han Fei spoke telepathically, Are you robbers?

Han Fei’s senses were restricted to three hundred meters, which couldn’t prevent him from running into other people .

Those strangers were already the third group that he encountered . Of the two previous groups, one was dead, and the other escaped .

The woman said coldly, “Have you escaped from inside?”

Han Fei slightly nodded . “Yes!”

“What happened inside?”

Han Fei grinned and said, “Why don’t you take a look at it for yourself?” “Boy, you will answer what you’re asked, or we can easily kill you . An intermediate Dangling Fisher is no problem for us . ” The armorist next to the woman spoke before the woman said anything . This armorist was brawny and bearded and looked quite ferocious .

Han Fei peeped at him casually and asked, “You should be more informed here than the people inside, right?”

Staring at Han Fei coldly, the woman asked a long time later, “I’m told that the Big Red Trunk in the center disappeared . Is that true?”

Han Fei shrugged . “Why do you all think that I should know about the Big Red Trunk? I don’t . However, I do know that worms are on a rampage inside the wall of seaweed . ”

The three strangers were all shocked . “The worms are on a rampage?”

The hunter immediately said, “That’s impossible . It’s been years since they caused a problem . Why would then…”

Han Fei said lazily, “Therefore, you should check it out on your own instead of pestering me . I’ll be leaving if that’s all . ”

However, the woman stopped him when Han Fei was about to move . “Since you just came out, I believe what you say . I won’t ask what happened inside again . However, Han Fei, don’t you think it’s too cocky of you to be here again?”

This time, it was Han Fei who was shocked . “Why do you know my name?”

The three strangers fused their spiritual beasts instantly . The hunter disappeared, and weapons were spurting out of the box .

Han Fei extended his hand and summoned a huge seal, before he pressed above on his right . Immediately, the seawater was surging . Before the hunter could dodge, a Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger had been stabbed into his heart .

On the other hand, the woman and the armorist, who hadn’t done anything yet, were greatly shocked to see that .

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The armorist immediately recalled his weapons and asked in shock, “How is he so strong? Isn’t he only an intermediate Dangling Fisher on the list?”

The woman put her weapons back too . Han Fei was much stronger than anticipated . Of the three of them, she was the only advanced Dangling Fisher, and the other two were both intermediate Dangling Fishers . Now that one of them had been killed instantly, how could they fight on?

Han Fei shouted, “Hey? Don’t you think it’s too late for you to run now?”

Han Fei was ready to attack, when the two strangers both swooshed and disappeared .

Han Fei: “…”

“Goddamn Flash Stones . Why are there such things?”

Han Fei was quite lost for words . Everybody who escaped from him had gotten away with Flash Stones . It was impossible for him to track them down at all .

As Han Fei remembered, Flash Stones weren’t cheap at all . Someone offered four thousand mid-quality pearls for the Flash Stones he found earlier .

But why did everybody he run into have a Flash Stone? Or was it actually the only Flash Stone they had to save their life?

Looting the hunter’s Sea Swallowing Seashell, Han Fei searched it and only found a pair of daggers that were low-quality spiritual weapons . There was not even a spiritual fruit . He threw them into Forge the Universe .

Han Fei frowned . How did those guys know him?

He didn’t dawdle anymore . There seemed to be more people in the Seaborne Prairie now . He had run into three groups on his way . Considering the odds, the whole Seaborne Prairie might be surrounded .

The trip out of the Seaborne Prairie was not too dangerous . Different from when he came, certain novel sea creatures showed up and slightly slowed him down, but it was not a big deal .

On his way, Han Fei met another two groups of ambushers, but he only killed one of them . The rest squeezed their Flash Stones and ran away .

The Hexagon Starfish said, I think more and more human beings are gathering here! Han Fei said, “That’s correct . Still more are coming . ”

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When they were out of the Seaborne Prairie, Han Fei immediately surfaced and took out the Wind God Boat .

When the red-and-white Wind God Boat appeared on the surface of the ocean, it looked even more awesome than the most splendid yacht . Particularly, the two protrusions at the rear of the boat were like the brake lights of a car .


Hardly had Han Fei laid his hands on the Wind God Boat when it swooshed dozens of kilometers in the blink of an eye .

“Shoot . It’s so fast…”

It was like when a plane was accelerating and taking off . Han Fei felt that he had to take deep breaths in order to not be suffocated .

The Hexagon Starfish remarked, That’s so strange . This thing is even faster than me .

Han Fei said in disdain, “What do you think? This is the fastest boat in this fishery although it can’t dive into the sea . ”

The Hexagon Starfish asked, Then are we going to search for treasures with this boat?

“Of course . Didn’t Yang Ruoyun give us a map? It can’t hurt to check it out . That place is only ten thousand kilometers from here . We should be there in four hours . ”

The Hexagon Starfish asked, Didn’t you say that it’s fake?

Han Fei said, “I did, but what if that woman gave me an authentic map?”

Because Han Fei was very confident about the Wind God Boat, he sailed in the craziest and most high-profile way .

Shua… Shua… Shua…

The waves raised by the Wind God Boat when it passed were more than fifty meters high and spread out to almost a thousand meters away .

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Ten thousand kilometers would’ve taken twelve hours if Han Fei were on an advanced boat . As for regular boats, they could see nothing but a flashing red shadow .

Therefore, the boats all exclaimed now and then .

“It’s a racing boat! Son of a bi*ch, which rich kid from the Thousand Star City is traveling?”

“God! I can’t believe I just saw a racing boat!”

“Huh? Red racing boats are quite rare . ”

“Huh? Why have I never heard of a red racing boat?”

Furthermore, many boats started following the racing boat, but something big would always happen where racing boats appeared .

Recently, the Seaborne Prairie was the busiest place . Too many people were here for treasures now that the Big Red Trunk was gone .

Of course, Han Fei couldn’t hear their explanations because he was enjoying the sailing . He wondered how many girls would die to experience a ride on this boat .

But not everybody could take this boat . A boat that could ride three thousand kilometers an hour shouldn’t have been made at all, and few people were sturdy enough to endure that speed .

After more than six hours, Han Fei finally found a barrier covered in sea anemone in a trench .

Observing the sea anemone for a long time, Han Fei asked, “Mr . Hexagon Starfish, do you think anyone has explored this treasure trove?”

You’ll find out after you go in!

After much deliberation, Han Fei finally stepped in .

A moment later…

The Hexagon Starfish rolled its big eyes and remarked, You’ve indeed been tricked again .