God of Fishing - Chapter 375

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Chapter 375: The Boat From the Bottom of the Sea

Chapter 375 The Boat From the Bottom of the Sea

Browsing through the book, Han Fei completely lost his good mood .

Xia Xiaochan had attacks, which were very serious . Han Fei couldn’t imagine what Xia Xiaochan would do after she had an attack . This was the level-three fishery, not the Thug Academy . Han Fei wouldn’t really hurt her back when they were at home, but nobody would show mercy on her here .

Han Fei couldn’t help but ask the strangers, “Is this book up-to-date? How frequently is it updated?”

Gritting his teeth, the soul warrior said, “Usually, every seven days . The information has to be accurate in case they flee . Someone on the dragon boat must want them dead . ”

Intrigued, Han Fei asked, “When was this book released . ”

“The day before yesterday . ”

“The day before yesterday?”

Han Fei was greatly shocked . If it was released the day before yesterday, didn’t it mean that Xia Xiaochan could be in the Undersea City now? With Han Fei’s understanding of Xia Xiaochan, she would never miss a famous place like the Undersea City even if her head was still clear .

However, the Undersea City was 150 thousand kilometers away from him, which would take two days and a half even if he sailed at full speed .

Han Fei frowned . It might not be for the best if he went there in haste . Xia Xiaochan was better at escaping than he was . Since he had to improve himself, and he had his own pursuers, he might lead more enemies to Xia Xiaochan if he looked for her now . By then, her hunters would likely be peak-level Dangling Fishers instead of regular ones .

Han Fei kept turning the pages and didn’t find his name until page 59 .

The 59th place on the wanted list .

Name: Han Fei

Gender: Male Professions: Spirit warrior, spirit gatherer Spiritual beast: Spirit Swallowing Fish

Contractual spiritual beasts: Mantis Shrimp (Unknown creature, good with nine chains), Unknown (very fast, with two wings; suspected to be a legendary creature)

Specialties: Million Knife Art, unknown seal technique

Bounty: Five hundred thousand mid-quality pearls Other rewards: Three hundred kilograms of spiritual spring energy, one high-quality demon-level art, one high-quality spiritual weapon, and three hundred spiritual fruits Remark: Dangerous, cunning, and good with arrays . He once ruthlessly hunted more than twenty Dangling Fishers in the Seaborne Prairie .

Note: This man is extremely shrewd . Kill him whenever you see him . He’s likely to be associated with the great change in the Seaborne Prairie .


Han Fei bashed the chair so hard that the four people under the Spirit Forbidding Net were rather shocked .

His face suddenly turned extremely awful . “What’s that about? Why am I the 59th place? Are they blind? I hunted them? I was hunted by them!”

He hunted more than twenty Dangling Fishers ruthlessly?

It was a blatant slander! It did not mention that those he killed were all peak-level Dangling Fishers, and it described him as a hunter instead of someone being hunted . Whoever wrote that was truly malicious!

Han Fei glanced at them coldly and asked, “Who wrote this book?” The spirit gatherer replied quickly, “We don’t know! It’s available on the dragon boat . All you have to do is buy it . ”

Han Fei didn’t remember running into such a book . It was probably because he had been busy gambling and refining during the days on the dragon boat . That was why he didn’t find the book sooner .

Han Fei read on patiently and didn’t find Le Renkuang, Luo Xiaobai, or Zhang Xuanyu after he finished all the hundred pages .

He was greatly relieved . Whoever was in this book would be hunted by everybody in the level-three fishery . It was great that his friends weren’t on it .

What Han Fei didn’t know was that Zhang Xuanyu was also holding the most recent wanted list in a certain place too .

When he saw Xia Xiaochan and Han Fei’s names, he cursed, “Those two jerks are making a scene again . No, I can’t be bested by them…”

Han Fei collected the book . Since he had no access to the latest version of the book on the dragon boat, he’d better keep this one safe .

Squinting at them, Han Fei said, “Tell me more . What’s the biggest news recently?”

The manipulator said, “Right now, the biggest news is that the Big Red Trunk in the Seaborne Prairie is gone . ”

“Bulls*it . Are the incidents in the Thousand Smoke Valley and the Cave of Death not important?”

The manipulator shook her head . “Not as important as what happened in the Seaborne Prairie . The Big Red Trunk is at the mysterious center of the Seaborne Prairie . Nobody knows the secrets of that place . Also, word is that sea demons are emerging inside the Seaborne Prairie, making the place even more turbulent . So, two dragon boats are there . ”

Han Fei’s eyes constricted . “Two dragon boats are here?”

He was quite surprised . No wonder he met so many more people . As it happened, two dragon boats had arrived . It seemed that he had to go somewhere else .

Han Fei asked again, “How much does this book cost?”


They were all stunned . Are you going to pay us?

The soul warrior said, “A hundred mid-quality pearls . ”

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Han Fei’s face darkened . So cheap? Didn’t it mean that anybody could afford it? How many people knew of himself and Xia Xiaochan now?

After a long time of consideration, Han Fei asked in confusion, “Why are so many people coming to the Seaborne Prairie when it’s a mess?”

The armorist said, “Because they’re looking for opportunities . In fact, most of them are here not for the Seaborne Prairie, but to kill each other and take their treasures . ”

Han Fei scoffed . “Kill and rob? Who’s going to kill whom? Do they not cherish their life at


The armorist shook his head . “Every time a great event happens, the nearest dragon boat will always come and explore it . The robbers I mentioned are mostly not from the dragon boat . ”

Han Fei sneered . “Not from the dragon boat? Then are they from the sea?”

To Han Fei’s surprise, the armorist nodded and spoke frankly, “Since so many people have come on the dragon boat, the real ghost boat of the level-three fishery might come too . ”

“No… Wait . ”

Han Fei thought it through and said, “The ghost boat can accommodate few people . Are they capable of hunting the mass of people from the dragon boats?” .

The armorist shook his head . “Not just the regular ghost boats, but the real ghost boat . It’s unique in the level-three fishery . ”

Han Fei grew interested . “Go on . ”

But the armorist looked at Han Fei and asked, “Can you let them go first? I’ll tell you everything if you let them go . ”

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Han Fei snorted . “Are you negotiating with me? Is your situation not clear to you?”

The armorist gnashed his teeth, “We’re no match for you at all . You can kill us anytime you want . However, it’s meaningless to kill us . You don’t seem interested in our Sea Swallowing Seashells! So, what you want must be information, and I’m the most informed person here . ”

Narrowing his eyes, Han Fei considered for a moment and pointed at the spirit gatherer and the soul warrior . “You two, go now . ” However, the spirit gatherer clutched the armorist’s arm, unwilling to go . The armorist shouted angrily, “Go now!”

The soul warrior stared at his companion and grabbed the spirit gatherer . Then, they got out of the hole that Han Fei opened and jumped into the water .

Han Fei set them free because one of them was weak and the other was heavily wounded . They couldn’t cause any problem . Like the armorist said, he was not interested in their lives or their Sea Swallowing Seashells, but he was interested in intelligence .

Han Fei said with a smile, “Can you talk now?”

At this point, the armorist looked at the manipulator by his side .

Han Fei said coldly, “Don’t press too far . I’ll consider letting her go if you speak clearly and comprehensively . But if I find out that you’re lying, I’ll kill her immediately . ”

This was not the time to respect ladies . Whoever dared to go on an adventure was ready to die for it .

In Yang Ruoyun’s words, the elites of the level-three fishery were selected exactly by killing each other .

The armorist sighed and said, “Everybody knows that there are dragon boats and ghost boats in the level-three fishery . In fact, the ghost boat is a fit term . In the level-three fishery, there is a boat that travels at the bottom of the sea…”

Han Fei interrupted him, “No, wait a moment, a boat that travels at the bottom of the sea?”

The armorist nodded . “Yes . ”

Han Fei was rather stunned . Damn it . Is it a submarine?