God of Fishing - Chapter 376

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Chapter 376: Evil Shield

Chapter 376 Evil Shield

Han Fei was shocked that a boat here could travel at the bottom of the sea . His teachers didn’t mention that before he came!

The armor looked at Han Fei and said, “That’s the dark world in the level-three fishery . People call that boat Evil Shield, because nobody asks who you are or what you do on that boat . Of course, that’s just a theory from the dragon boat . Outside, we call it the Specter, because nobody knows where it will be… But it always emerges when something big happens . ”

Han Fei was not very convinced . He had been told that the dragon boat was the safest place in the level-three fishery, but he was hunted right after he got aboard .

Han Fei scoffed . “According to your story, wouldn’t the Specter be the safest place in the level-three fishery?”

However, both the armorist and the manipulator nodded . Han Fei chuckled . “Do you think I’m an idiot? Why would it hide at the bottom of the sea if it’s so safe?”

The armorist shook his head . “Because people from that boat are from different backgrounds . They don’t know each other, and they never interfere with one another . I’ve never heard any murders from the boat . But that’s just on the boat . Many people are tailed and killed right after they leave the boat . ”

Han Fei was lost for words . “Is it any different from being killed on the boat?”

“Of course it is . ”

The armorist said, “You’ll be safe as long as you prepare a few Flash Stones . ”

Han Fei had a headache . He wondered where Flash Stones were from… They could be lifesavers for the experts who were already strong enough by themselves .

Han Fei asked, “Do you know where Flash Stones are dug out from?” “Huh?”

The armorist was stunned, but the manipulator said straightly, “Flash Stones can be found in many places, such as the Thousand Smoke Valley or the undersea mines . But the mines are usually occupied by experts and protected by dragon boats . The Flash Stones can also be obtained from Treasure Hunting Fish, but the odds are very low . The dragon boats have practically monopolized Flash Stones and will sell some only once in a while . ”

Han Fei considered for a moment and decided to just buy the Flash Stones instead of digging them . He was rich anyway .

Then, he asked, “Therefore, the Specter is already here?”

The armorist shook his head . “I don’t know, but I don’t see any reason why the Specter wouldn’t come after two dragon boats have arrived . However, it won’t show up until the war in the Seaborne Prairie is over . By then, the people who are really familiar with the level-three fishery would go to the Specter instead of the dragon boats . ”


The armorist said, “When too many people are dead, their Sea Swallowing Seashells and treasures will be looted and sold . However, if you sell them to the stores on the dragon boats, you will likely be tracked down, unless you go to the ghost market . But the ghost market on the dragon boats can be dangerous too . If you sell good stuff there… You may get killed later before you realize what is going on . ”

Han Fei was silent for a moment . He had sold magic weapons on the dragon boat, which caused all the subsequent incidents .

He asked in confusion, “How did you learn all that?”

The armorist said frankly, “As an armorist, I have a high demand on weapons . It’s not a surprise that you don’t know this information when you’re not an armorist, but no armorists who have spent a year in the level-three fishery would sell in the ghost market on dragon boats . They’re very prudent even when they’re buying . ”

“Damn it…”

Han Fei spat . There really were a lot of tricks that he didn’t know .

His face turned cold, and he asked, “What’s the requirement to board the Specter?”

The armorist replied, “There’s no requirement at all . You can board from any place . Nobody will charge you any fee . After you board it, you will find black robes and masks everywhere . You can hide yourself under the disguise . ”

Han Fei asked in surprise, “I can go there anytime?”

The armorist shook his head . “No . You have to enter the cabin within moments of putting on the robe and the mask, or you will trigger the defense mechanism of the Specter, and anybody will be free to kill you and claim your Sea Swallowing Seashell . ”

His lips cramping, Han Fei said, “Go on . ”

The armorist continued innocently, “There are many rooms in the cabin, and you have to pay in order to enter them . A thousand mid-quality pearls can let you spend a day inside . There are no resting chambers on the boat . Every place is for trading . There’s nothing you can’t exchange on the Specter, but you have to submit 20% of the price of the goods to the Specter after the deal, or you might be exiled or killed on the spot . ”

Han Fei stared at the armorist in his eyes as he talked . Seeing that he was not dodging him at all, Han Fei slightly nodded . “How do you know when the Specter arrives?”

Han Fei was tempted . If what the armorist said was true, the Specter would be a good place for him to sell his Sea Swallowing Seashells for spiritual fruits . He would definitely earn a lot .

“The Spectral Horn! When the Specter arrives, wicked laughter will burst out within thousands of kilometers . We call it the Spectral Horn . ”

Han Fei was lost for words . “Is the Specter not scared of running into other dragon boats?”

“Of course not . ”

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Thirty years earlier, the Specter and the dragon boats had a great war . At that time, the Specter fought five dragon boats on its own and even knocked down one of the dragon boats .

The armorist seemed fascinated when he told the story . “In that war, many men in black robes fought the dragon boats voluntarily, until the seawater was red and bodies were floating . An expert even fought five Dangling Fishers by himself and killed four . Since then, no dragon boats dared to attack the Specter anymore, and Evil Shield became well-known in the level-three fishery . ”

Han Fei gasped hard . One boat against five boats? One person against five experts of his level?

Suddenly, Han Fei squinted and asked, “No, wait . Isn’t the level-three fishery supervised by a Hidden Fisher?”

The armorist chuckled without giving an answer . “The level-three fishery was supervised by a Hidden Fisher after the war . He launched a war on the Specter again, but the owner of the Specter killed him in a head-on clash . ”


Han Fei was stunned . That was rather unbelievable! A Hidden Fisher was deployed, but later slain on spot? Whoever was behind the Specter seemed too powerful!

Han Fei asked in suspicion, “Nobody did anything later?”

The armorist shook his head . “That I don’t know . But since then, nobody has waged war on the Specter anymore . Since the Specter is never aggressive either, the dragon boats simply leave it alone, even when they meet . ”

Han Fei was shocked . This boat seemed to be a legend and the real hero in the level-three fishery .

He canceled the Spirit Forbidding Net and pointed at the manipulator . “Give me your Sea Swallowing Seashells, and you can go . ” Both of them were stunned . Were they really going to be released? Was Han Fei really trying to elicit the basic information on the level-three fishery from them?

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Han Fei scoffed . “It’s too boring to kill you . Go now!”

The manipulator tossed a Sea Swallowing Seashell quickly, which was nothing compared to her life .

Watching them leave, Han Fei put on a smile . “Go tell everybody that I’m here . ”

Han Fei had intentionally set them free .

Firstly, since this place was messy enough as it was, he planned to make it messier . His remark on the wanted list was too simple, and people might think that he was weak . He would rather change their impression .

Secondly, he had been hunted since his name was put on the wanted list . He already had enough of it . So, he would simply horrify everybody with his action this time .

For that, Han Fei sailed the Wind God Boat five thousand kilometers away in a high profile . Then, instead of running, he recalled the Wind God Boat and sat cross-legged on the sea .

Han Fei said, “Mr . Hexagon Fish, you’d better hide at the bottom of the sea for now and help me escape when it’s necessary . ”

The Hexagon Starfish asked, Huh? You want me to save you?

Han Fei said, “You’ll understand what I mean later . ”

He simply took out a Dry Leaf Worm Grass, bit it in half, and swallowed the pieces . “Indestructible Body, deduce now!”