God of Fishing - Chapter 377

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Chapter 377: Apocalyptic Lightning

Chapter 377 Apocalyptic Lightning

The Dry Leaf Worm Grass contained a massive amount of energy .

Han Fei did not know what “massive” was, but he had seen how much seaweed the Dry Leaf Worms consumed to create a piece of Dry Leaf Worm Grass .

At this moment, after the Dry Leaf Worm Grass entered his body and the torrent of energy burst out, Han Fei’s body was instantly bloated .

However, he simply took out another Dry Leaf Worm Grass and swallowed it again .

The Hexagon Starfish was shocked . Are you crazy? You’re going to explode if you eat on!

Han Fei grinned . “Now that we’re playing this, we’d better play big . Hide yourself!” Then, Han Fei took out a third Dry Leaf Worm Grass and swallowed it .

After the intake, Han Fei’s skin cracked as if he were a porcelain doll . It was not just his skin that was falling apart, but also his flesh and his bones .


Han Fei had always felt that, although his Indestructible Body was tough, something was missing and it was not as good as the venerable-level techniques .

Because of the missing something, Han Fei did not have the advantage in sturdiness as he had been as a fishing master and a great fishing master . Back then, Old Jiang said that he became fat because of the enormous energy contained in the Candle Dragon Blood .

Han Fei was in so much pain when he absorbed the energy of the Candle Dragon Blood that he was roasted by the energy for three days . Since then, he had cultivated now and then, but he had never completely broken the obstacle until this day .

After no more than one minute, Han Fei’s body was already covered in blood .

Many fish had been attracted to him because of the blood .

However, Little Black, Little Gold, and the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp protected him and tore the fish into shreds .

The fish in the level-three fishery were very clever . After the failed attempts, they immediately fled .

Soon, Han Fei’s skin had been burnt up . His blood was vaporizing and drying, but under the support of his spiritual energy, new flesh and skin were growing rapidly .

After the brutalization, Han Fei’s body had turned into a source of spiritual energy, which was circulating on the surface and exploding within .

Two hours passed .

Han Fei’s body that had been bloated by the energy began to constrict quickly .

Three hours passed .


A boat arrived with three people on it . They were all shocked and delighted to see Han Fei’s look . Killing someone while they were in danger and looting their treasures was not unusual in the level-three fishery .

Han Fei couldn’t move in the middle of the breakthrough . It was the best opportunity for them to attack .

Someone asked, “Is that Han Fei?”

“That’s exactly him . This boy is trying to get himself killed by brazenly making a breakthrough on the surface of the sea! Kill him!”

However, when they were still a hundred meters from Han Fei, nine chains fluttered and tied one of them up .

In the meantime, a gold and red shadow soared from the water, and Little Gold’s wings chopped one of them into halves .

The person who was bound by the nine chains was suddenly bitten in the neck, with blood spurting out .

The last soul warrior, frightened, activated his Flash Stone and escaped instantly .

Four hours passed .

The seventh group of intruders had been defeated . Five escaped, leaving several empty boats behind . Han Fei, on the other hand, was sitting cross-legged in the middle of the boats, badly mangled . However, though his body was disfigured, he was still holding a piece of grass and swallowing it .

After four hours of struggles, Han Fei still felt that something was missing . This was his best opportunity . If he couldn’t break the invisible obstacles of the Indestructible Body, he could barely keep his body as sturdy as before .

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The fourth Dry Leaf Worm Grass couldn’t fatten Han Fei anymore after being taken . However, the bones that were protruding from Han Fei’s hands seemed to be glimmering . At the bottom of the sea, the Hexagon Starfish minimized its body size and packed its tentacles . Rolling its eyes, it felt that Han Fei was crazy and would make himself explode .

It didn’t know how much power the Dry Leaf Worm Grass contained, but judging from Han Fei’s appearance, it knew that the power couldn’t be little .

Another two groups of intruders arrived in the fifth hour . A boat seemed to be flying close in the sky too .

The two groups of people spoke to each other, “Let’s work together, or none of us can deal with the weird creatures in the water . ”

In the sky, the boat that was coming close rapidly shouted, “Could you wait for us for a moment?”

But the moment he shouted, the seven people on the two boats closer to Han Fei took action .

They attacked from seven different directions . But in the blink of an eye, one of them was hauled into the bottom of the sea, another was hit by Little Gold with broken internal organs, and a third person was bitten and killed by Little Black .

But three of them made it to Han Fei . Instantly, spiritual beasts and spiritual weapons were activated as they tried to kill Han Fei .

But more than thirty Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers emerged around Han Fei and blocked those stocks . Then, the thirty spiritual weapons split up and attacked the three intruders .

After they failed to kill Han Fei in their first attack, the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp, Little Gold, and Little Black came right at them .

They were all killed before the boat in the sky landed . Scared, the people on the boat stopped and did not press further .

Another two boats that were coming from other directions saw the scene too .

Han Fei had sensed them . He knew it was the consequence of setting the enemies free . There was no mercy in the level-three fishery . If he didn’t kill them, he would be killed .

The only reason why Han Fei let them go was for them to spread out the news . Even if they did not volunteer to do it, they would catch the attention of the people on the dragon boats with their heavy wounds .

The result was all the same . More and more people would learn that Han Fei was here .

Six hours later, seven boats had been scattered around Han Fei, but none of them attacked him .

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The seven boats weren’t far away from each other . They were talking telepathically .

Someone proposed, Should we attack together?

Someone frowned . Something is wrong with this guy . Look at the twenty empty boats here . How many people must he have killed?

Someone roared, Can we be intimidated by him when he’s all by himself?

Someone suggested, Why don’t we wait another half an hour?

Everybody fell silent . Whoever attacked first would be in danger, because Han Fei had fully revealed his trump cards . The Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp and Little Gold were definitely appalling Nobody wanted to be killed first . They preferred to wait for more sacrificial fishers, so that Han Fei would be killed in a war of attrition .

“Deduce . ”

Knowing that there was no stopping them, Han Fei began to deduce the True Spirit Fishing Art .


Clouds were gathering in the sky, and thunder was rumbling .

After only a minute, waves were rising, and a waterspout was taking shape far away .

A huge storm started .

Exactly at this moment, another two boats appeared in the sky .

Many people were panicked . It was impossible to divide the loot with more participants! They would have to fight amongst themselves, and more people would die .

“Damn it . Why is the weather changing so capriciously? Let’s do it! He’s alone! How many spiritual beasts can he possibly have? It’s a gamble anyway . Let’s try our luck . ”

Nobody associated the weather change with Han Fei, because nobody was powerful enough to influence nature . They simply thought that it was because of the accident in the Seaborne Prairie .

They were too weak to explore the Seaborne Prairie in the first place, so they did not really consider the weather a big deal .

“Kill him!”

There was no telling who cried first, but for a moment, thirty people were charging at Han Fei simultaneously .

However, when they were a hundred meters from Han Fei, dozens of lightning bolts fell from the sky .


After a flash in the sky, half of the thirty people were struck by the lightning and blackened like coal .

The survivors had been smashed into the water too, with electric arcs dancing crazily around them .

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

Most of them squeezed their Flash Stones and disappeared . Those who didn’t have Flash Stones were appalled, wondering why the lightning would suddenly strike them .

Far away, the two approaching boats turned around and fled . What did they see just now? Dozens of lightning bolts struck suddenly and evaporated dozens of people .


Another lightning bolt struck Han Fei, making Han Fei vomit blood .

Muscles were bulging all over his body, and his veins were surfacing from his flesh .

Because nobody was around, Han Fei became the direct target of the lightning, but since he was sitting on the surface of the sea, the lightning raised a tide almost a hundred meters high when it hit him .

“Run! Run! Run!”

The arriving boats all stopped dozens of kilometers away .

Those who were close simply fled as quickly as possible, knowing that the lightning was indiscriminate in its attacks!