God of Fishing - Chapter 378

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Chapter 378: That Man Is Broken

Chapter 378 That Man Is Broken

The dark clouds rolling in the sky were like a huge upside-down city . There was no telling how thick or high the clouds were .

All the boats nearby landed from the sky . Everybody recalled their boats and dove into the sea . After all, it was not fun to be struck by lightning

Ten thousand kilometers away, on the top level of two dragon boats, two Hanging Fishers were stunned to see the storm and the raging tides .

“Huh? Why is the weather changing all of a sudden?”

“Could it be related to the Seaborne Prairie?”

On Han Fei’s side, the wind was stronger and stronger, raising tides hundreds of meters high, which weren’t fatal for Dangling Fishers, but it made it hard for them to control their boats .

Even if they dove into the sea, they dare not approach Han Fei at all, because the dozens of boats around Han Fei were empty!

They were not idiots . Where were the people on those boats? Dead, of course .

The cataclysmal scene made all the people who came late stay a hundred kilometers away, not daring to get any closer .


In the meantime, Han Fei had been disfigured under the lightning strikes . He was even more certain that Void Fishing was the most forbidden art . Restoring the art alone had triggered such a devastating reaction from nature, and this was only the fourth level . What would happen later on?

The weather anomaly might be just an irregular storm on the sea in the eyes of the ordinary people, but it had deeper meanings for some people .

In the Thousand Star City, some exerts extended their fingers and counted, as if they were calculating something .

In the sea, Han Fei had almost been entirely tied up by spiritual energy into a ball of light . The violent energy was attacking his body from within . His veins were supposed to be expanding gradually, but many of them were torn brutally by the electricity, resulting in massive hemorrhages . Han Fei felt that he had run out of blood to vomit . His clothes had been ruined, his hair all burnt up . Even his flesh was collapsing .

Thankfully, the Indestructible Body proved useful at this point . As the aggressive lightning struck him, inexhaustible vitality surged out of his flesh and bones, trying to rebuild his body again and again .

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The hundred-meter-high tides were rising and exploding next to Han Fei nonstop every time a lightning bolt hit him .

Han Fei understood that well . He was in the sea, not on the land . Anybody who had seen high-voltage electricity being discharged in the water would know that explosions would be normal . Sometimes, one electric current could cause dozens of explosions .

Inside Forge the Universe, spiritual stones were being crumbled one after another .

But even under such vehement bombardment, Han Fei still felt that the obstacles on the Indestructible Body weren’t broken .

Damn it . Do I really have to crush all my veins and accommodate the art with my body in order to grasp it? Han Fei was very suspicious . Ren Tianfei achieved the Indestructible Body because his veins were all ruined, but his conditions were different . Why should he destroy them if he could keep them? But at this point, Han Fei did feel the restrictions of his veins on the cultivation of the Indestructible Body . There was a barrier that he simply couldn’t pass .


Damn it . Let’s try it . My vitality is so high . Everything will work out as long as I’m not killed .

Han Fei was not cross-legged anymore, but rolling on the sea because of the lightning strikes . At this point, he held back his pain of being shredded and swallowed another two Dry Leaf Worm Grasses in his mouth .

The simple movement tore a large piece of flesh off Han Fei’s arm . Bones were exposed from his elbow .


Han Fei was refreshed by the magnificent vitality and energy after he ate the Dry Leaf Worm Grasses . But of course, it was even an even greater blast of energy that followed it .



The lightning struck again and again where Han Fei was, raising tides numerous times .

Outside, hundreds of kilometers away, the latecomers were too shocked to say anything after seeing that .

Someone asked in shock, “Didn’t they say that Han Fei was here? Why is this happening?”

Someone replied, “Who knows? We didn’t see Han Fei, but whoever hunted him earlier must be dead by now . ”

Someone remarked, “Nobody needs to hunt him anymore . Han Fei can’t possibly resist one of the lightning strikes as an intermediate Dangling Fisher . His name will soon disappear from the wanted list . ”

Someone sighed . “What a shame . It would be great if we could find Han Fei’s body . We can exchange it for rewards . ”

Someone was lost for words . “Why else do you think everybody is here? They’re all waiting to look for his body when the storm is over . ”

Someone shook his head . “If it were you, would your body have been intact under such lightning strikes?”

“I don’t know . Maybe his body sank into the sea a long time ago . ”

Many people had the same thought . They were swimming at the bottom of the sea, confident that the lightning couldn’t press thousands of meters deep however powerful it was .

There were many people who thought that way . As a result, someone swam to the place right below the lightning strikes .

Regretfully, they were attacked the moment they showed up, and they saw nothing but a few chains before their death .

One hour passed .

The lightning strikes were less frequent, and the raging tides weakened, but nobody dared to draw closer .

Two hours passed .

The lightning had stopped . Though the tides were surging and the storm was still going on, it was no longer dangerous .

Someone exclaimed, “Why is the thunderstorm ending so quickly?”

“It doesn’t feel right! I feel that it’s not a natural phenomenon, but a sign that unusual treasures are emerging . ”

Many people got suspicious . It didn’t make sense! The lightning was bombarding the area a while ago . How could it have died down so quickly?

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Two and a half hours later, when everybody was certain that the lightning stopped, some of them finally sailed their boats closer .

Then, exclamations burst out from the boat .

“Someone’s there! Someone is alive at the place where the lightning struck!”

“Seriously? You must be kidding me!”

“Damn it . I’m going to cut you into pieces if you’re bragging!” “How could anybody have survived that? It must be the broken pieces of a certain boat!”

While talking to each other, everybody drew closer on their boats, only to be completely shocked .

In the middle of the imposing tides, a blackened person was trying to sit cross-legged on the surface of the sea .

Yes, it was right . He was trying to sit cross-legged . Next to him was a mass of broken pieces of boats that had been shattered by the lightning . A lot of sea creatures that had been electrocuted were floating on the sea too .

“Who’s that?”

The same question popped up in their heart, but the man had been so blackened and deformed that they couldn’t distinguish who it was .

Someone guessed, “Could it be Han Fei? None of the guys on the wanted list are ordinary . ” Someone scoffed . “That’s bulls*it . The lightning could’ve killed any of us . Han Fei? However good he is, he’s just an intermediate Dangling Fisher . ”

Someone snorted . “Don’t forget that the chaos at the center of the Seaborne Prairie might be related to him too . It could’ve killed a peak-level Dangling Fisher too, but Han Fei survived it, didn’t he?”

Someone was suspicious . “Do you think that someone has made a breakthrough and become a Hanging Fisher here?”

Everybody suddenly fell quiet, as it was a viable possibility . However, someone still responded, not too confidently, “You think a Hanging Fisher could have resisted that lightning show just now? I don’t think so…”

While everybody hesitated and watched, Han Fei opened his eyes . Crack!

Black crust cracked on Han Fei’s skin . He was very weak, but he felt like laughing .

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He was weak because he had been struck by lightning .

He wanted to laugh because he weathered through it . The six Dry Leaf Worm Grasses, the power of lightning, and the tremendous spiritual energy helped him break the obstacles of the Indestructible Body .

Yes, he made it while his veins were intact . At this moment, the first limit of the Indestructible Body had been broken . He could feel the horrifying power in his body even though he was still weak .

In his eyes, data popped up .

Han Fei

36 (Mid-level Dangling Fisher) 128,526 (5,001) Level-Five, Low-Quality

Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish (level 30)

Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers, Water Dividing Seal, Blood Drinking Knife

Void Breaking Technique, Volume Four of Void Fishing (Demon-Level, Divine-Quality)

Han Fei was about to grin, but his lips were so painful that he felt his cheeks were being torn apart .



He cast the Divine Healing Technique on himself .


“Look! Broken! That man is broken!”