God of Fishing - Chapter 379

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Chapter 379: Full Outbreak

Chapter 379 Full Outbreak

The black crust on Han Fei’s body was cracking like crispy instant noodles . While everybody was holding their breath, half of Han Fei’s face and chest had been revealed .

Han Fei opened his eyes and looked around, only to see hundreds of boats surrounding him .

He lowered his head but was shocked . He immediately put on some clothes and shook off the black crust on his body .

Even so, Han Fei was still surprised at his skin, which he found was full of tiny bloody cracks .


He cast another Divine Healing Technique on himself, realizing that something might be wrong with himself . Different from last time when he reached his peak state after the lightning strike, he used six Dry Leaf Worm Grasses this time, whose wild energy and vitality had disturbed his internal system and ruptured his flesh and bones .

Now, though he had weathered through it, he had more injuries to recover than his skin . He sensed that he had a dozen broken muscles . Some of his muscles had been ripped apart too .

Naturally, Han Fei’s wounds were being healed quickly, but given the circumstances…

Far away, someone finally exclaimed, “It’s really Han Fei! He was not killed!”

Han Fei: “…”

Someone was appalled . “Who is he exactly? How could he have survived the lightning?”

Someone asked, “People, should we do it? This man may have big secrets, which may be great opportunities for us if we kill him . ”

Han Fei was lost for words . Since when had he become an opportunity bringer?

Shua… Shua… Shua…

Almost forty Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers flew out of his body and hovered around him .

He spoke slowly, “Hey! I didn’t expect so many people!”

When the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers swarmed out, many people gasped . They all had spiritual weapons, but none of them had forty spiritual weapons that they could control with their spiritual power .

Someone said solemnly, “It remains a mystery how he survived the lightning, but look, he is still an intermediate Dangling Fisher . He didn’t make a breakthrough . ”

Someone reminded, “He’s not just a soul warrior but also a spirit gatherer . He’s heavily wounded and is treating himself . We can’t give him time to heal, or it will be barely possible for us to kill him later . ”

More people took out their weapons . Some people summoned their spiritual beasts and their contractual spiritual beasts too .

Han Fei grinned, “You want to kill me? Come here!”

Han Fei’s original plan was to intimidate the intruders with the power of lightning . However, the intruders had all been killed . As a result, nobody had witnessed how he resisted the lightning . He didn’t achieve his purpose of deterrence at all .

Surrounded by a hundred boats and hundreds of experts, he would’ve fled if it were before, but at this moment, he was not entirely incapable of fighting back though he was still wounded .

Furthermore, Han Fei even had an understanding . He felt that he was different now . At least, though there were a couple of peak-level Dangling Fishers among the enemies, they couldn’t give him any pressure now .


Earlier on the dragon boat, one peak-level Dangling Fisher had already made him feel that his life was under threat .

However, after the invisible obstacles of the Indestructible Body were broken, he felt as invincible as back when he was in the level-one and level-two fisheries again .

As Han Fei shouted arrogantly, the people around him had different reactions .

Someone decided to retreat . They believed that everybody on the wanted list was a freak, and that this man must have other moves since he publicly provoked so many people . Someone was full of disdain, not believing that Han Fei could resist so many people by himself however talented he was .

Someone didn’t want to retreat, but they didn’t want to attack either . They simply stayed and watched, hoping to take advantage of the battle .

“Han Fei, you’re hopeless . Even if you have Flash Stones, you can’t possibly escape from this area now that you’ve been exposed . ” “That’s right . Han Fei, give me one of your spiritual weapons, and I can let you go . ”

“Haha? One spiritual weapon for each person? I don’t think he has enough! Give me your Sea Swallowing Seashells, and I’ll stay back . ”

Everybody laughed and talked, mocking and making offers .

Han Fei glanced at them casually and said, “You want my weapons? Come and get them!”

As he spoke, Han Fei cast the Divine Healing Technique on himself again .

In the crowd, the peak-level Dangling Fishers couldn’t wait anymore .

They spoke to each other telepathically, We can’t give him time to heal . This boy is very weird . We should attack right now .

Someone was hesitant . There are so many people here . Wouldn’t others take advantage of us if we attack?

Hehe! If we lead the attack, do you think those people will sit idly by?

While they were still discussing, a couple of people suddenly charged on another side .

As it turned out, a soul warrior attacked first by shooting out dozens of arrows .

In the water, dozens of red weird vines grew out of nowhere and grabbed Han Fei’s feet .

Far away, someone was throwing out spears of spiritual energy . Three soul warriors were also attacking at the same time .

Out of the peak-level Dangling Fishers’ expectation, the advanced Dangling Fishers attacked first . After they attacked, some people capable of remote attacks took action too .

The armorists were unleashing Torrents of Knives and Swords, and the soul warriors were shooting with archery techniques . Their attacks were all splendid on the sea . Clang! Clang! Clang!

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The intense volley of arrows and the overwhelming weapons hit Han Fei but only resulted in metallic noises, as if they had hit hard iron instead of a human being .

Someone was dumbfounded . “How’s that possible?”

“That’s impossible . His… His body…”


However, before the next wave of arrows hit Han Fei, he had suddenly stomped and jumped away . Grabbing a spinning Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger, he roared, “Fuse!”

“Hum… Hum…”

Han Fei stood in the sky proudly, with gold and red wings unfurled on his back five meters long . Nine chains were shivering as if they were connected to Han Fei’s clothes .

Han Fei dodged most of the attacks . Only the arrows of spiritual energy that could automatically track the target caught up with Han Fei after a turn .

However, even though those arrows hit Han Fei, they caused nothing but clinking sounds and did not hurt him at all after they exploded .


Many people’s eyes widened with disbelief .

Someone exclaimed with a shivering voice, “How is it possible? He can fly? How is it possible?”


Other people were dumbfounded to see Han Fei standing in midair too . They had never heard anyone who could fly as a Dangling Fisher in the level-three fishery…

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“It’s a contractual spiritual beast . A legendary contractual spiritual beast . ”

Someone was greatly horrified . How lucky must the man have been to acquire a legendary creature as a contractual spiritual beast?

Someone was suspicious . “Not good . Is he from a certain big family in the Thousand Star City?”

Someone simply denied it . “That’s impossible . There are too many noble families in the Thousand Star City . How many of their descendants have a legendary contractual spiritual beast?”

But someone guessed, “It’s not definite . We’ve seen too few of them . Han Fei must have a special identity . ”

Someone simply retreated . They didn’t care about killing Han Fei anymore . They were more concerned about Han Fei’s background .

They would feel regretful if anyone behind Han Fei showed up and killed them after they just killed Han Fei .

“Shut up! This is the level-three fishery! Even if he’s from a big family, so what? Whatever happens happens . That’s the rule of the level-three fishery . How can you retreat when you’ve already attacked him? How can you achieve anything great without determination?”

The soul warrior who attacked first criticized them . He didn’t have a choice . Even if Han Fei was a big shot, he would have to keep his companions here, so that he wouldn’t have to take all the blame later .

Han Fei was lost for words . How on earth did I become a descendant from a big family?

He thought in disdain, Fine, this misunderstanding is not bad . At least, some of them will be scared off .

Han Fei quickly made a turn in the sky and chose a random direction, charging at a boat that had three men on it .

“If you want my treasures, come on! Cowards, check this out…”