God of Fishing - Chapter 380

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Chapter 380: One Against A Hundred

Chapter 380 One Against A Hundred

When Han Fei swooped at them, all three people on the boat were lost for words . We’re here just to watch the show! Why do you choose us of all people?

Immediately, one of them activated the boat, ready to flee, but the nine-star chain had been launched .

“We can’t escape . Let’s beat him back . ”

At this moment, Han Fei had already stepped on the head of this boat . Frightened, the three people fused with their contractual spiritual beasts, which formed shadows behind them . But Han Fei’s Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers had cut them before they could fight back .


One of the intermediate Dangling Fisher lost his spiritual energy protective cover before he released the weapon box . In the next second, his eyes were bloodshot, and his neck was cut apart .


Another intermediate Dangling Fisher, who was a soul warrior, raised his spear, while two pincers behind him clutched Han Fei at the same time .

However, after Han Fei slashed, he crumbled and the man was cut into halves instantly .

The last person had already jumped off the boat, ready to jump into the sea, because he was the furthest . But he was caught by the nine-star chain and cut into halves too .

Han Fei did not feel guilty at all for killing them . Whether they were kind, amiable or ferocious back on the floating island, they had been prepared for everything after they came to this place .

Good guys and bad things were the same here . But no men of justice would be here . Everybody was drawn here to kill Han Fei…

At that moment, Han Fei flew so fast that he left gold and red shadows behind him . Most of the intermediate Dangling Fishers couldn’t deal with his speed at all .

If they were caught up by Han Fei, they would be wiped out within two seconds . None of them dared to linger anymore .

“Run! Let’s run!”

“Han Fei is definitely as strong as a peak-level Dangling Fisher!”

“Retreat before it’s too late! This boy is too brutal!”

“Ferocious! This is a ferocious man! Let’s run!”

Almost instantly, dozens of boats were fleeing . Every intermediate Dangling Fisher was so frightened that they wished they had wings and could fly away too . Han Fei was simply too horrifying . None of the intermediate Dangling Fishers could possibly resist him . They would rather not stay anymore . Han Fei went on a killing spree and scared off all the intermediate Dangling Fishers, leaving the advanced Dangling Fishers, who did not know what to do . Actually, they all vaguely thought that they wouldn’t be killed as easily, because Han Fei had only been attacking the intermediate Dangling Fishers ruthlessly .

However, just in case, many advanced Dangling Fishers shouted at each other, “Let’s work together to kill him! Don’t reserve anything!”

Under someone’s intentional provocation, dozens of advanced Dangling Fishers attacked in their peak state .

For a moment, the shadows of all kinds of sea creatures were emerging in the sky . Some were even appearing for real .



Clank, Clank, Clank…

Han Fei was holding weapons in both hands, even though the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers had been eclipsed by the Torrents of Knives and Swords . The spiritual weapons clinked when they hit Han Fei .

Those who did not participate were rather involved . What they thought to be a hunting game had turned out to be a street fight… The attackers all had bloodshot eyes as they pressed on, but they saw bodies falling all the time .

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Immediately, someone shouted, “Are you idiots? You want to kill him in the sky? Can you fly? Let’s go to the sea!”

However, only some of them chose to retreat, and most of them were simply fighting Han Fei on their boats vehemently .

They weren’t idiots . They had seen that Han Fei’s skin was cracking, as if his body would fall apart at any point .

Many of them believed that Han Fei, who was heavily wounded in the first place and had undergone consecutive battles, couldn’t hold on anymore . None of them were willing to give up the chance .

But some of them were scared as the battle went on .

They found fewer and fewer people around Han Fei, and Han Fei was still fighting even though his body was cracking and bleeding .

He was not scared at all when he was hit by all the weapons…

However, it was already too late for them to react .

Han Fei had already been drenched in blood, which he didn’t know was from himself or other people . He would’ve fled if it were before, but this time, the more he fought, the crazier he became, as if there was a fire burning in his heart .

“Come on! Don’t you want my treasures and my spiritual weapons? Come and get me!”

Slowly descending from the sky, Han Fei stood on the sea and grinned at the advanced Dangling Fishers who were shocked . “Even though I’m heavily wounded, you are not enough to take me down!”

“Don’t believe him! His body has already cracked! He must be fighting by draining his vitality! That can’t last long!” Another peak-level Dangling Fisher appeared before everybody and speculated Han Fei’s current status .

The other two peak-level Dangling Fishers were in two different positions . They surrounded Han Fei in a triangle .

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One of them said, “Have you noticed the spiritual energy he has consumed? He may seem aggressive, but he can’t last long…”

Eventually, the last peak-level Dangling Fisher said, “Listen up, you will attack at the same time to kill Han Fei on our signal . You can share his spiritual weapons and artifacts, and we will only have his head and his battle techniques . ”

It might have escaped other people’s attention, but they noticed how weird Han Fei’s Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers were . They had been defending him and hovering in a skillful way . Their auras were weird and sharp too . It was definitely a great battle technique!

Han Fei turned his neck, but then, quite a few cracks appeared on his neck too .

“Damn it…’

Han Fei was lost for words . The wound was a result of the remaining violent energy in his body . He might seem awesome for now, but he was in fact really badly hurt .

At this moment, a voice rang in his head saying, Why don’t we run? The voice was from the Hexagon Starfish, who might have seen Han Fei’s current look from whichever corner it was hiding in .

Han Fei didn’t respond but stared at the three peak-level Dangling Fishers warily, knowing that they couldn’t be scared of him . Every peak-level Dangling Fisher had great life-saving methods and spiritual weapons . He had to kill them in one go .

These three were an armorist, a manipulator, and a soul warrior respectively .

With two ranged fighters and a melee one, they had a lot of combinations for their attack .

However, when Han Fei sensed the unusual water current, he put on a subtle smile .


All of a sudden, a Water Dungeon Array appeared out of nowhere, and the dense seaweeds began to climb on Han Fei .

They were not ordinary seaweed . Not only could they absorb spiritual energy, but they were also sharp and poisonous .

The moment Han Fei was trapped by the water dungeon, the armorist took action . His dozens of weapons were combined into a broadsword in the sky, before it pierced at Han Fei with auras from all directions .

As for the soul warrior, he roared with his longsword . Han Fei saw that waves of spiritual energy were glittering on the longsword . Then, nine tentacles emerged and tried to tie Han Fei up .

The moment they took action, the dozens of advanced Dangling Fishers joined the attack . Once again, a storm of blades and all kinds of contractual spiritual beasts were coming at him .


After a second, Han Fei’s eyes suddenly turned cold . He unleashed his spiritual energy and moved away, breaking the Water Dungeon Array .

The manipulator, who was a peak-level Dangling Fisher, was shocked . He instantly grew abundant amounts of seaweed in the water .

But while he was doing that, he noticed, to his surprise, that Han Fei peeped at him casually .

He was so frightened under the look that he almost gave up the attack .

But it was too late . Three chains were extended from the bottom of the sea and shackled him, and the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers in Han Fei’s hand had turned into a kitchen knife .

The soul warrior was rather shocked . How can anyone fight with a kitchen knife?