God of Fishing - Chapter 381

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Chapter 381: Demon Han

Chapter 381 Demon Han

The soul warrior, one of the three peak-level Dangling Fishers, was still in shock . He saw nothing but a flash of a knife, but then, everything in his eyes was replaced by blood .

He was confused . He should’ve hit Han Fei first because his sword was longer!

He was not wrong . Han Fei had been hit by his sword . The man’s fully-blown attack with a mid-quality spiritual weapon was indeed good and irresistible even though Han Fei had broken the obstacles in the Indestructible Body .

But that being said, the sword did not pierce through Han Fei, but only stabbed into Han Fei’s shoulder blade . It was not really hurtful .

Han Fei’s Drawing Art, on the other hand, was not a joke . He had sufficient spiritual energy to fill into the weapon . Even though the man was a peak-level Dangling Fisher, he could not resist the ultimate skill of an ultimate spiritual weapon!

In the next moment, an arc-shaped blade aura swept out centering at Han Fei .

After only an instant, the eight advanced Dangling Fishers who charged at him stopped, with blood popping up around them the next second .

The moment they saw the attack, dozens of people simply vanished, including the armorist in midair, who had abandoned his weapons that he didn’t recollect yet as he simply fled away .

None of them saw where the saber aura came from . They only saw the dazzling light sweeping the sea so devastatingly that they had no courage to fight on .

How could they possibly fight? One of the peak-level Dangling Fishers and eight advanced Dangling Fishers perished after one attack . This hunting game was already too much…

The manipulator who was shackled by Han Fei had squeezed his Flash Stone, but then he felt his neck was painful as part of his flesh was bitten off .

Though his Flash Stone was squeezed, he hit an invisible wall in the next moment .

After only two seconds, everybody around had escaped, and Han Fei walked to the manipulator unhurriedly .

“Spare me…”


Han Fei stabbed him numbly .

Looking at the dead manipulator, whose eyes were still wide with fear, Han Fei said casually, “As an adult, you should bear the consequences of your choices . ”

The Hexagon Starfish emerged from the bottom of the sea, with nothing but fear in its eyes . Having witnessed everything that just happened, it now regarded this person as a demon instead of a weak young man .

Han Fei turned his neck, but his skin cracked again .

“Damn it . I need to heal myself… Let’s go, Mr . Hexagon Starfish . ”

A moment later, Han Fei gathered all the Sea Swallowing Seashells he could find and rushed away on the Hexagon Starfish through the sea .

On the dragon boat, the news of Han Fei’s appearance had been known by everyone, though there was no telling who spoke first .

So, armies of hunters who aimed at Han Fei, mostly advanced Dangling Fishers, were setting off from the dragon boat .

At this moment, the mercenary hall on the dragon boat was crowded and tumultuous .

“We’re establishing a team to explore the Seaborne Prairie for treasures . We only want advanced Dangling Fishers . ”

“We need an advanced armorist to explore the Seaborne Prairie!” “We’re short a hunter and a manipulator . Both of them must be advanced Dangling Fishers . ”

“Join us! We’re all hunters, and we’re chasing Han Fei, the 59th place on the wanted list . He appeared a few hours ago and can’t be far away . We still have a chance…”

Similar advertisements were echoing all over the place . Some were hiring, and some were applying . Nobody considered the risk at all . Whoever had come to this place had been through all kinds of perils . They were no strangers to risks, and they were willing to take risks to grow stronger .


Right then, somebody suddenly bumped into the door and squeezed through the crowd . “Not good! Not good! Something huge happened!”

“Who’s yelling? What’s happened to make you so panicked?” .

“Who the hell are you? You’re interrupting my announcement . I forgot where I was a moment ago . ”

“Damn it . What’s wrong with you? Would we even be here if there was nothing important?”

In the blink of an eye, the young man was surrounded and lambasted by everyone .

The young man smiled bitterly and said, “Don’t be hasty . Listen to me . About Han Fei…”

“Would you please spill it already? What about Han Fei? Haven’t they all left to hunt him?”

The young man caught his breath and said, “Dead . They’re all dead… Few of the hunters made it back alive . ”

“Huh? What did you say? All dead?”

“Hey! Don’t be an alarmist! I’m trying to establish teams here!” “How did they all die? Make yourself clear . ”

The young man said in fright, “Wrong intelligence . The wanted list can’t be more wrong . It’s true that Han Fei is an intermediate Dangling Fisher, but he shouldn’t be the 59th place . He should’ve been among the top three . Just now, lightning fell from the sky as if it were doomsday… Nobody could resist one attack from him, not even the peak-level Dangling Fishers . ”


The mercenary hall fell quiet, and all the noises were gone .

A bearded man asked, “Are you responsible for what you said?”

The young man said angrily, “I saw it with my own eyes . Han Fei fought a hundred enemies on his own . He was a demon . The sea was red with blood . He’s Demon Han . ”

A luscious woman stood out and asked, “He fought a hundred? That’s impossible . He’s just an intermediate Dangling Fisher . How could he have possibly fought a hundred enemies?”

The young man said regretfully, “What do you know? Han Fei boasts a legendary contractual spiritual beast that can give him gold and red wings and make him fly! You really think that someone on the wanted list who caused mayhem in the Seaborne Prairie is a simple intermediate Dangling Fisher?”


“A legendary contractual spiritual beast?”

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“Wings? Isn’t that the special feature of Hidden Fishers?”

“He can fly?” “Shoot . Disband! Disband! We’re going to abort this mission . The dragon boat has to give us an explanation . Do you want to get us killed?”

Immediately, many teams who were planning to hunt Han Fei were disbanded .

The staff at the mercenary hall were stunned too . What did they know? They simply listed the mission as they were instructed . They didn’t know that the mission would be so hard .

In the battlefield where Han Fei had just fought, a dozen people were standing by .

If Han Fei had stayed here, he would’ve recognized their leaders to be Sun Mu, Yang Deyu, and Mo Feiyan .

At this moment, Yang Deyu scratched his head and said, “Damn it . What did the boy possibly get from the Big Red Trunk? He’s so remarkable!”

Mo Feiyan’s eyes were glowing . She had never been interested in the Sea Token and only wanted to have fun, but back in the Big Red Trunk, her everything was taken away by Han Fei except her clothes . For her, it was not just about the Sea Token anymore . She swore to catch Han Fei alive to torture him again, again, and again!

Sun Mu couldn’t have looked gloomier .

The operation to hunt Han Fei was truly a huge loss! They could’ve caught the battle just now, but Yang Deyu stupidly insisted that Han Fei was still hiding back in the Sea Prairie .

They tried to pass the wall of seaweed for days, until the scourge of worms burst out . They lost a few men, and they failed to pass the wall…

After they came out, they learned that Han Fei had already emerged outside… So, they came as fast as they could, but the battle was already over by the time they arrived .

Almost sixty boats, or whatever left of them, were floating on the sea, whipped by the tides . Some of them could barely be recognized now .

The bottom of the sea was even gorier . The bodies of many people had nothing but bones left because of the carnivorous fish . It was horrible!

“Young master, this man must’ve found a great treasure, or he couldn’t have grown so strong so fast!”

Yang Deyu asked, “Sun Mu, are we chasing him or not? What if we can’t beat him after we catch him?”

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Sun Mu glanced at him coldly . “Are you sure you can’t beat him? Then you’d better give up already!”

His lips cramping, Yang Deyu said, “I’m chasing him because I want to . It’s not your business!” Mo Feiyan licked her lips and said, “It’s getting interesting . I’m more and more fond of him now . Tsk, tsk…”

Yang Deyu shivered . “Hey, those you like are mostly dead now, aren’t they?”

Mo Feiyan glanced at him and asked, “Do you want me to like you too?”

Yang Deyu: “…”

Sun Mu spoke to his men, “Go back to the dragon boat and tell everybody that Han Fei found extraordinary spiritual fruits and dozens of heaven-level battle techniques from the Seaborne Prairie…” “Huh?”

Sun Mu said casually, “Just tell them that . ”

Yang Deyu muttered, “What a wicked man . ”

Mo Feiyan heaved a sigh . “It’s a shame that we lost the memory of that day, or we would at least know what happened back there in the end, and why we were the only three who got out . ”

Sun Mu snorted, “We were out alive probably because he was too scared of our seniors’ retaliations to kill us . ”

After that, Sun Mu turned around and said, “I won’t chase him anymore . ”

Yang Deyu was stunned . “Really? You don’t want the Sea Token anymore?”

Sun Mu shook his head . “The man just obtained treasures and killed so many people He must be in his best state . I don’t think he can be killed easily . We would only lose more of our men . ”

Mo Feiyan smiled . “Then let’s wait for him at the Sea Entrance Stairs! I don’t believe that he would miss the Sea Entrance Stairs since he has visited the Seaborne Prairie…”