God of Fishing - Chapter 382

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Chapter 382: Spectral Horn

Chapter 382 Spectral Horn

Five thousand kilometers away, Han Fei was lying on the deck of the Wind God Boat . He cast the Divine Healing Technique on himself and threw pills into his mouth as if they were candies .

He got those healing pills from the Sea Swallowing Seashells of Sun Mu’s team . They were quite effective, but looked too fancy for him .

In the meantime, some boats passed by not far away, but none stopped .

They didn’t know that Han Fei was here, but they were still intimated by the Wind God Boat, which was too splendid to be in the possession of an ordinary person . They speculated that a big shot must be taking a rest here .

After another three hours, the cracks on Han Fei were finally gone, and his bones were reconnected .

At this moment, Han Fei had finally reached the peak of his combat ability .

“An upper limit of 5,001 points of spiritual energy . So to speak, my limits have been improved again! It seems that I have to stay an intermediate Dangling Fisher a while longer…”

“My spiritual heritage is level-five, low-quality now . Do I count as a Heavenly Talent now?”

Han Fei realized that he probably didn’t . Tang Ge had level-seven spiritual heritage at first before he was taken to the Thousand Star City, and he should be much stronger now! However, since many people in the level-three fishery were from the Thousand Star City, Han Fei wondered if Tang Ge would come .

He wondered whether he should keep upgrading his spiritual heritage or he should stabilize his conditions after he recovered .

While Han Fei was leisurely enjoying the sea breeze, the enormous sun was setting on the horizon, and the sea was reddened by the afterglow . It was rather a magnificent scene .


Finishing the last healing pill, Han Fei was going to sit up and check if the third contractual spiritual beast had been created in the Demon Purification Pot, when creepy laughter suddenly echoed all around him .

“Hoo… Hoo… Hoo…”

“Hoo… Hoo… Hoo…”

Han Fei rose quickly and looked around . He sensed that the laughter was not too far away .

“Evil laughter? Evil Shield? The Specter?”

Taking a deep breath, Han Fei sailed the Wind God Boat to the source of the laughter, ready to sell his excessive Sea Swallowing Seashells . He had gathered 86 Sea Swallowing Seashells altogether . All the valuable items in them had been taken out by him . Of course, most of the items in them were worthless for him .

But it might not be worthless for other people . For example, Han Fei was only interested in spiritual weapons, and he considered all the other weapons as burdens, which could not hurt anyone even if they were detonated in the level-three fishery .

Besides, the Sea Swallowing Seashells were worth a fortune by themselves . Considering the price of the level-three fishery, they might not be expensive, but they couldn’t be cheap .

The Wind God Boat rushed on . After a thousand kilometers, Han Fei saw the most gigantic black ship .

It was of a similar size to a dragon boat . Looking up to it, Han Fei felt that his Wind God Boat was just an ant, beautiful but insignificant .

However, the black ship wasn’t really black . It was simply ragged . Very ragged .

Han Fei saw all kinds of shells, conchs, barnacles, seaweeds, and stones on the surface of the ship . He even saw squids and crabs falling from the boat into the sea .

He also saw dents and holes everywhere on the ship . Some of them had been tinkered with, but some were simply left unattended, as if they had completely given up on the ship .

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But simply to the dragon boat, the Specter was protected by various arrays . However, after Han Fei studied them carefully, he found that, while the dragon boat was full of spiritual absorption arrays, what was carved on the Specter seemed to be killing arrays .

Han Fei was lost for words . How can the Specter possibly sail on the sea with so many holes? And it can dive into the sea as a submarine?

Also, with so many killing arrays installed, what kind of great war was this ship prepared for?

When Han Fei took off on the Wind God Boat, he had a better view of the Specter . Different from the dragon boat, he found no people on the deck of this ship at all .

The wooden floor in many places were broken . Black clothes were everywhere, either abandoned on the ground or hanging on the wall on the ship .

Many white masks were hanging on the wall too, revealing nothing but two holes at the eye parts, which meant that it was impossible to have food on the Specter, because it would be impossible to open one’s mouth .

Another difference from the dragon boat was that there were no windows on this ship but only doors . A door every couple of thousand meters led to the interior parts of the ship .

The Specter was not as high as the dragon boat either . There were only three floors above the deck, topped by certain flags that looked like sails .

Since this ship usually did not travel on the sea, those flags couldn’t be sails, so they must be devices to make use of water currents under the sea .

“Shoot… A standard Specter for pirates!”

Han Fei was rather shocked, wondering if the people inside all wore pirate hats, or were one-eyed monsters with hook hands and octopus legs .

After all, the captain of the ghost ships all had unconventional tastes!

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Han Fei didn’t wait much longer, because he saw black spots on the horizon, who seemed to be other people ready to board on the Specter .

When he approached the Specter, Han Fei recalled his boat and jumped on the deck . But he slipped and almost fell over, even though he was a Dangling Fisher .

He looked down, only to see all kinds of conchs on the floor . He even saw crabs crawling not far away and an octopus waving its tentacles .

“What the heck is this?”

Han Fei picked up a black robe, only to be surprised . The robe was made of certain mystic sand and was rather heavy . As he waved the robe, the water in the robe was shaken off, and he put it on after it was completely dry .

He also took a mask from the wall and put it on his face . Then, he wanted to complain about the design . Why didn’t you leave a hole for my mouth in the mask? Even a small hole would’ve been better than nothing!

After Han Fei was all set, he kicked away a fish that was hopping near his feet and walked to the ragged door that seemed to be nothing more than a few planks .

However, standing at the door, Han Fei was stunned to find that, though the door seemed ragged on the outside, it seemed to have a hidden layer down below, and there was no gap on it .

He intended to open the door, but he found no doorknobs . How should he get it?

He tried pushing it, but the door was not moved at all when he used all his strength . Instead, the planks creaked so hard as if they were falling apart . “Hmm, hmm, hmmm… Hello?”


When Han Fei knocked, the door was opened from inside, and Han Fei was greeted by another faceless man .

Han Fei stepped in, and a low male voice came from under the faceless man’s mask, “How long are you going to stay?” Han Fei thought for a moment . He probably wouldn’t stay for long . He only had to sell his stuff and see if he needed anything before he left… So, he replied, “One day . ”

“A thousand mid-quality pearls, or anything of the same worth . ”

Han Fei tossed a thousand mid-quality pearls to a circle behind the man, who then gave him a glimmering badge with a number, 18198 on it . There was no telling if it was the total number of the passengers on the ship or what it meant .

The faceless man said in a low voice, “If you don’t want to go, you can extend your stay by paying at any door an hour before you’re supposed to go, or you will be banished . ”

Han Fei slightly nodded . “Are there any tour guides here?” The faceless man didn’t talk but simply opened another door behind him, as if he were saying, go take a look for yourself!

The Specter was very quiet compared to the noisy dragon boat . Though Han Fei heard people talking, they were mostly regular conversations and didn’t involve deals .

Han Fei was lost for words after he entered the door . Not many people were here . They were sitting or standing in small groups every dozens of meters, selling items or talking to each other .

Han Fei didn’t see any stores here . The center of this ship seemed hollow . He could even hear the waves, as if the middle part of the ship was directly connected to the sea .

Though there were another three floors over his head, water was dripping on his head now and then .

In short, the Specter was moist, dark, and creepy .

The moment Han Fei entered, everybody within a hundred meters glanced at him . The person closest to Han Fei, who was only five meters away, was looking at him while leaning against the wall of the cabin .

“Hey! Is this your first time here?”

Han Fei turned his head towards him . “How did you know?”