God of Fishing - Chapter 383

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Chapter 383: Exchange

Chapter 383 Exchange

The man’s tone was relaxed . Han Fei could even sense the smile behind his mask . He said, “The first thing you did after you came in was observe, and you seemed quite surprised and puzzled . So, why have you come to the Specter?”

Han Fei smiled . “Selling, shopping, just like everybody else . ”

The man looked around . “They’re all selling stuff . I wonder, what are you selling? Anything good?”

After a brief hesitation, Han Fei replied, “Sea Swallowing Seashells, and miscellaneous items . ”

“Well! Selling Sea Swallowing Seashells at the Specter, you must’ve killed a lot of people! This is indeed a convenient place to sell them . Do you have any legit goods other than them? Like high-quality spiritual weapons?”

Han Fei’s lips cramped . High-quality spiritual weapons? How many people in the level-three fishery had high-quality spiritual weapons?

The man said with a smile, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t . In fact, barter is more popular here . Mid-quality pearls are useless, and carrying them can be very tricky . Do you want me to show you around?”

Han Fei asked, “What’s the price for your service?”

“The price for my service?”

The man laughed in disdain . “You think this is the dragon boat? I’m doing this just to make friends with you . ”

Unmoved, Han Fei said calmly, “You must be kidding . Everybody here is wearing a mask, and you’re making friends?”

The man slightly shook his head . “Fine! Let’s be honest . Do you have high-quality spiritual weapons, ultimate materials, or battle techniques above the demon level? I’ll take them . Of course, you’re free to sell them to the Specter, but their prices will be slashed by half, while the deals between us will only be charged a 20% commission fee . ”

Han Fei was rather surprised . Could a random person that he met after entering a random door be so rich?

High-quality spiritual weapons were definitely luxuries . One excellent magic-level weapon was already worth fifty thousand mid-quality pearls . What would a high-quality spiritual weapon cost?

Han Fei asked, “There are so many people on this ship . If they make deals in private, do they have to pay the commission?”

The man shrugged, “You can try not paying Maybe you can fool them, but you’ll be dead for sure if you’re caught . You don’t know who the spies on this ship are . Of course, you don’t need to worry about that . We can split the commission charge if you have good stuff . ”

Tilting his head, Han Fei asked the man, “What do you have for me?”

The man narrowed his eyes and said, “Demon-level techniques, cultivation arts… I have everything you want . ”

Han Fei simply turned around and walked away . He mumbled, “What a psycho . ”

Stunned, the man caught up to him and said, “Hey! Don’t go yet! Are they not enough?”

Han Fei complained, “I hate the snobbish braggers most . If you had these things, you would’ve sold them a long time ago . If you had everything, why would you peddle in this sh*thole?”

The faceless man paused and stopped chasing him . Deep in thought, he murmured, “Did I try too hard? Forget it . I’ll wait for the next one…”

Gloomily, Han Fei strode in the huge and dark ship, and people proposed deals with him now and then .

For example, a faceless man, sitting on the ground at the center of the cabin, asked hoarsely, “Young man, do you want anything?”

Han Fei asked back, “How do you know that I’m a young man?”

The man smiled casually, “From your gait, your speed, and your hands . ”

Han Fei stopped and shrugged . He asked, “What do you have?”

The man replied casually, “What do you want?”

Han Fei thought for a moment and said, “I don’t know . What can you offer?”

The man presented a green fruit and said, “This is a Venomous Tulip from the Seaborne Prairie . It can keep you safe from all poisons . ”

Han Fei’s lips cramped . This man was remarkable! He knew the Venomous Tulip, but he didn’t know that it existed in the Seaborne Prairie .

According to the Encyclopedia of Spiritual Plants, the Venomous Tulip was an antidote fruit that grew up among thousands of venomous vines . Although it had no special effects, it was a top spiritual fruit in terms of antidote . He would be immune from all poisons in the level-three fishery after he took it .

Han Fei found it hard to believe . How could a random person that he ran into boast anything so precious?

He asked, “How much is it?” .

The man snorted and said, “One high-quality spiritual sword, a hundred kilograms of spiritual spring energy, and five hundred thousand mid-quality pearls . ”

Han Fei stepped back, lost for words . “Do I look so rich to you?” .

But the man replied casually, “The saber aura is magnificent in you . Your weapon must be better than high-quality spiritual swords . A man like you usually isn’t short of money . ”

Han Fei sneered . “The Venomous Tulip is great, but it’s too expensive . Sorry, but you can wait for your next customer!”

Han Fei rejected the deal because he didn’t want to be ripped off . However, the man’s proposition reminded Han Fei of something else .

2 was

Back on the dragon boat, he had bought most spiritual fruits for spiritual energy . There was only one antidotal spiritual fruit, and it wasn’t effective . He did not expect that a special antidote spiritual fruit would be so costly .

Han Fei kept walking . Ignoring other people’s requests for a deal, he came to a place where people gathered .

He saw hundreds of faceless people gathered here . He believed that the dealers here must be more reliable than those outside .

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However, when Han Fei approached, he found that it was actually an exchange facility .

Yes, it was exactly a spacious exchange facility, except that its sign was unremarkable and could easily be ignored .

The noises had grown louder before Han Fei entered the exchange .

Someone shouted, “Mid-quality pearls for anything! Ten percent cheaper than the exchange!” Someone roared, “I’m bulk purchasing low-quality spiritual weapons . ”

Someone was also holding a high-quality spiritual sword . “I’m exchanging this for only a high-quality demon-level art . ”

Han Fei was puzzled . Why were they all peddling outside of the exchange? He asked a random person, “The exchange is right before your eyes . Why do you not make deals there?” “Go away . ”

Han Fei only got a yell for a response . The man did not seem to answer Han Fei’s question at all .

Frowning, Han Fei squeezed through the crowd and entered the exchange .

He was surprised to find that there there were tables and chairs inside the exchange, as though it were a restaurant or a pub, except that no food was supplied here .

Many people were seated and seemed to be negotiating . On one of the walls, infinite signs were hanging . Every sign contained a lot of information .

For example:

Mid-quality spiritual whip, with a price of 500,000 mid-quality pearls .

Blood Vine Fruit, to be exchanged for a demon-level low-quality technique .

Crystal Mystic Stone, to be exchanged for a mid-quality spiritual sword .

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High-quality spirit-level saber, to be exchanged for a demon-level high-quality armor technique…

Han Fei was shocked . This exchange was like an agency . All the treasures had been listed and were free to choose .

The wall was a hundred meters wide and twenty meters tall, with infinite items of information written on it .

But Han Fei calculated it and found that it wasn’t enough, which meant that there were more such exchanges on this ship .

Not far away, there were several counters, and almost thirty faceless men were standing behind the counters, receiving the guests who made deals .

There was another counter which was visited by groups of two, and they were mostly submitting mid-quality pearls .

Therefore, Han Fei realized that they must be paying taxes at the counter after they made a deal in private .

He slightly shook his head . Not that he didn’t want to make personal deals with other people, but he had too many Sea Swallowing Seashells that contained an assortment of items . It would be tricky to sell them one by one .

The Specter, on the other hand, wouldn’t ask or care about anything, even though their offer was lower . Seeing that even the high-quality spiritual weapons were available on the market, Han Fei didn’t think that the master of the ship would covet his Sea Swallowing Seashells .

Thinking about that, Han Fei walked to a counter . “I would like to sell something . Do you buy them?”

The trader behind the counter nodded and said, “We will buy anything, for half its original price . ” Han Fei said, “I need someone to sort and count my goods . ”

The faceless man who received Han Fei made a gesture, inviting him to a table inside the exchange .

Han Fei was surprised . “Right here?”

But the faceless man replied, “Right here . It will be fine . ”

Frowning, Han Fei followed him . When he sat down in the chair, an invisible barrier rose around him, blocking all the sounds from the outside world .

The faceless man on his opposite side said, “The barrier is soundproof . You’re free to talk now . What is it that you want to sell?”