God of Fishing - Chapter 386

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Chapter 386

Chapter 386 I’m Poor!

The intelligence rooms were clearly more private than the exchanges were, which was understandable, because intelligence was based on secrets .

Han Fei and the faceless person sat down . Then, Han Fei heard a female voice .

“What intelligence do you need?”

Han Fei was about to ask for information on Xia Xiaochan and his other friends, but then he thought that he’d better confirm if the intelligence here was reliable first…

So, Han Fei asked, “I would like to know intelligence on Han Fei . ”

Evincing no surprise, the person opened a small window behind her and spoke to someone on the other side of the window . After ten seconds, she learned something and said to Han Fei, “Although Han Fei showed up nearby recently, the price for intelligence on him has been increased from half a million mid-quality pearls to five million . Do you still want it?”

“Five million?”

Han Fei’s lips curled . How did he become so expensive? Wasn’t he only worth half a million mid-quality pearls on the wanted list?

Dum! Dum! Dum!

When Han Fei wondered if he should ask, the window behind the faceless woman was knocked .

After a minute, the faceless woman said to Han Fei weirdly, “Mr . Han Fei, you’re very lucky . My superior said that it’s interesting that you’re asking about yourself . So, the intelligence on yourself will be free . ”


Han Fei rose quickly . “Do you know who I


The faceless woman smiled casually . “Don’t panic . Do you still want to know?”

Han Fei was shocked . Had he been recognized? Since the very beginning? What if anyone took advantage of that?

He grew vigilant and was of a mind to leave the Specter as quickly as possible . But with everything coming to this point, he could only sit down . After all, if they were malicious, they would’ve killed him before he went shopping in the exchanges .

The faceless woman narrated calmly .

“Han Fei: Male, 15, an intermediate Dangling Fisher . ”

“Spiritual Beast: Unusual Spirit Swallowing Fish . ”

“Contractual spiritual beast: An exotic Mantis Shrimp (presumably a legendary one), a legendary unknown creature . ” “From: Thug Academy, in Blue Sea Town, under the administration of the Thug Academy . ”

“Anecdote 1: He first revealed himself by killing three experts of his level in one go at the black market on the dragon boat . As a beginner Dangling Fisher, he survived four peak-level Dangling Fishers and killed two others . ”

“Anecdote 2: After Anecdote 1, it is found that Han Fei was hunted by the Sun Family from the Thousand Star City because he acquired the Sea Token . ”

“Anecdote 3: Han Fei was hunted and surrounded and had to enter the Seaborne Prairie… He’s presumed to be related to the disappearance of the Big Red Trunk, and an agitator of the chaos in the Seaborne Prairie…”

“Anecdote 4: Days ago, he killed more than a hundred Dangling Fishers twenty thousand kilometers from the Seaborne Prairie… Someone called him Demon Han . ”

Looking at Han Fei, the faceless woman said, “After comprehensive evaluation, your ranking on the wanted list will be updated soon . It’s estimated that you’ll be among the top five . ”

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On his opposite side, the faceless woman elaborated on Han Fei’s intelligence, including both his life stories and the Specter’s suspicions and speculations on him .

Han Fei was so shocked that he felt that his back was cold . “Gulp!”

Seeing that Han Fei’s eyes were almost popping out, the faceless woman said calmly, “Don’t worry . There are rules on the Specter . As long as you’re here, whatever you did and acquired in the past is none of our business, and we will not do anything to you . ”

Han Fei’s heart was racing . After a long time, he finally struggled to say, “Anybody can pay five million mid-quality pearls for my intelligence?”

The faceless woman nodded . “Naturally, as long as they have the money . But you are so valuable mostly because of the Sea Token you carry . Excluding the Sea Token, your intelligence would probably only be worth a million mid-quality pearls . ”

Han Fei couldn’t help but smile bitterly . One token was worth four of him?

He was quite startled by the intelligence on the Specter . Since they weren’t doing anything after knowing that he had the Sea Token, it meant that the master of this ship simply didn’t care about it .

By the same logic, if they couldn’t be tempted even by the Sea Token, it would mean that the Specter was indeed the safest place in the level-three fishery just like they said . Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “How much is the intelligence on the Sea Token?”

He thought that, if the Specter was so awesome, did they know anything about the Sea Token too?

The faceless woman spoke to the person behind the window for a moment . Then she turned around to Han Fei . “Intelligence on the Sea Token is worth twenty million mid-quality pearls . Would you like it?” “Pu…”

Han Fei nearly fell over . I shopped in twelve exchanges and bought more than four thousand spiritual fruits with twenty million mid-quality pearls, and you’re selling one piece of intelligence for the same price?

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He immediately shook his head quickly . He would be crazy to pay twenty million for an answer that he would inevitably find out later anyway .

He quickly asked about something else, “What about Xia Xiaochan? The 32rd place on the wanted list?”

The faceless woman communicated a while longer, before she turned to Han Fei . “The intelligence on Xia Xiaochan is worth a million mid-quality pearls . ”

“Deal . Wait, can you help me look for intelligence on Zhang Xuanyu, Le Renkuang, and Luo Xiaobai?”

This was not the time to save money . Since the level-three fishery was too dangerous, Han Fei thought that he should try to gather his team . After they were gathered, they could go anywhere they wanted .

However, a moment later, the faceless woman returned with only two jade slips . “We only have intelligence on Xia Xiaochan and Zhang Xuanyu . The other two have nothing special, so there’s no intelligence on them . ”

“How much is the intelligence on Zhang Xuanyu?”

The faceless woman said casually, “Only 200,000 . ”

Han Fei was lost for words . Zhang Xuanyu was incompetent! He was only worth 200,000 after such a long time? But he was still better than Le Renkuang and Luo Xiaobai, who were unknown . Han Fei wondered where they could be .

Seeing that it would only cost 1,200,000 mid-quality pearls, Han Fei made the payment quickly, but he was bankrupt after that . He had spent up all the mid-quality pearls he looted and earned .

He wondered if old Bai would kick the bucket in fury after he told the man that he spent more than twenty million in only a couple of hours!

Han Fei was about to go, when he thought of something else and asked, “How much is the intelligence on Sun Mu, Mo Feiyan, and Yang Deyu? I only want their intelligence in the level-three fishery . Nothing else . ”

The faceless woman nodded and quickly communicated through the window . Then she reported, “If you only want their intelligence in the level-three fishery, it will be cheap, because they haven’t been hiding . It’s only a million . ”

Han Fei realized that it was indeed not a high price . Three of them combined were not even one fifth of his price . They were just garbage .

Han Fei asked, “I would like it . By the way, what’s your price for spiritual stones on the Specter? I’ve run out of mid-quality pearls . ”

The faceless woman was stunned . “Did you say spiritual stones?”

Han Fei confirmed, “Yes, spiritual stones . ” The faceless woman sat back . “Outside, one low-quality spiritual stone can be exchanged for ten thousand mid-quality pearls . Their prices vary according to their quality . But here on the Specter, one low-quality spiritual stone can only be exchanged for about five thousand mid-quality pearls, depending on the quality of your goods…” Han Fei frowned . Why were the low-quality spiritual stones so valuable when they each only contained slightly more than ten thousand points of spiritual energy? He couldn’t help but ask, “Can you tell me more about the spiritual stones?”

Few people in the level-three fishery knew spiritual stones . He only knew the spiritual stones from the Demon Purification Pot, not from any book . He usually considered the spiritual stones as a source of spiritual energy and nothing else, but now that he learned the exchange rate of the stones, he felt that there was something more to them .

The faceless woman talked to the window again and said to Han Fei, “The information on the spiritual stones is only worth half a million mid-quality pearls . You can take your time and read it through . ”

Han Fei couldn’t have looked more awful . The Specter was really good, but it was really costly . They even charged money for popularization of knowledge . That was too greedy .

Eventually, after paying 280 low-quality spiritual stones, Han Fei acquired the information on Sun Mu’s team and on the spiritual stones .

When he made the payment, Han Fei moped for his poorness .

But the faceless woman said casually, “Intelligence seems expensive, but it’s actually much more valuable than its price for the right person . ”

Han Fei snorted, giving a silent agreement . The good thing was that he had got everything he wanted . If he had taken out spiritual stones on the dragon boat, he probably couldn’t have gotten away .

The faceless woman said, “Please follow me . You’ve spent more than thirty million mid-quality pearls on the Specter today . In case anyone wants to try something, please exit via the secret passage . ”