God of Fishing - Chapter 387

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Chapter 387

Chapter 387 A Fish Skin

The secret passage of the Specter was like a sewer system: dark, narrow, and badly-conditioned . There was no telling where it led to .

The faceless woman said, “Just go down the passage . Every door that has the engraving of a madman is an exit . However, please try to contain the saber vibe in you . It’s too intense . ”

Han Fei was briefly stunned . Another person had pointed out the saber aura in him . But why couldn’t he feel anything?

He did not consider it a big deal . Even if he did, he would not know how to hide it at all either .

What Han Fei could do was try to make himself as peaceful as an ordinary person .

Son .

He did not completely trust the faceless woman either . Who knew what was inside the passage? So, he specifically spoke to Hexagon Starfish telepathically, Mr . Hexagon Starfish, are there barriers here? Can I get out with a Flash Stone?

The Hexagon Starfish, who had been pretending to be a weakling, replied, I don’t smell any barriers! If we run into any, I can break them .

Hearing what the Hexagon Starfish said, Han Fei nodded and went into the narrow and long passage .

After about five kilometers, Han Fei finally saw the first door that had the engraving of a madman .

But the hideousness of the engraving rendered him speechless . The so-called madman was actually a bearded, half-naked, brawny man with ferocious eyes . He was holding giant axes in his hands, as if he were ready to cut any visitor apart .

“This is so ugly . ”

Han Fei did not choose the first exit . According to the faceless woman, there seemed to be a lot of doors with madman engravings . He decided to be more random about it .

In the meantime, Han Fei spoke to the Hexagon Starfish, Mr . Hexagon Starfish, give me a Six Gate Array .

The Hexagon Starfish replied, It’s safe here .

Han Fei said, But it might not be safe after we get out . I spent too much money today . Someone may be tailing me .

Something wriggled on his shoulder, and an invisible array was cast on Han Fei .

Han Fei couldn’t help but remark, Mr . Hexagon Starfish, your array is so much better than mine . How long have you studied it?

The Hexagon Starfish said, I never studied it; I’m naturally capable of it!

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei was too angry to talk . Was this the benefit of heritages? He had read the Spirit Gathering Scripture for a year, but he hadn’t quite figured out arrays yet . The Hexagon Starfish, on the other hand, was capable of it without any learning . He didn’t know what to say .

About half an hour later, when Han Fei reached the ninth door with the madman engraving, he finally walked out .

There was not an aisle behind the door . He found himself at a corner in a cabin after he exited the passage . Nobody was around .

Han Fei secretly took a breath of relief . He looked back and mumbled at the door, “It’s really ugly . ”

After several hundred meters, Han Fei said to the Hexagon Starfish, “Mr . Hexagon Starfish, let me tell you, forget about the shiny garbage . Take me to more treasure troves when you’re free . If we work together, we can explore any place in the level-three fishery, can’t we?”

Hexagon Starfish are all cowards . Is there any point in saying that to it?

While Han Fei was trying to fool the Hexagon Starfish, someone chuckled hoarsely and casually from a corner .

Instantly, Han Fei was having goosebumps . Had he been approached?

Subconsciously, Han Fei took out the Blood Drinking Knife in a defensive posture . The guy was so close to him without alarming him, which indicated that the guy was very strong

Han Fei looked at the source of the sound and did find a faceless man in a corner .

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To Han Fei’s surprise, the corner was not the one where he came out just now . It was not dark . He should’ve seen it even without his mental senses . However, he had neglected the corner just now .

Han Fei asked warily, “Who are you?”

In a low voice, the man chuckled and said, “I’m a faceless man!”

Frowning, Han Fei said, “I’m sorry, but I’m in a rush . I don’t have time for chitchat . ”

But the man simply laughed and said, “What are you rushing for? Are you worried that I’ll eat you? You have the smell of the Big Red Trunk! Well, I haven’t smelled it since a long time ago . ”

Paused, Han Fei couldn’t have looked more awful . “What do you want?”


Seats were nonexistent on the Specter, and it was damp everywhere . However, none of the guests cared . They had formed the habit of sitting on the ground .

Han Fei’s critical weakness had been pointed out . He had plenty of the Big Red Trunk left, but he had sold the spiritual stones without revealing the Big Red Trunk . Yet, this guy pointed it out casually . How could Han Fei not be shocked?

After a pause, Han Fei sat down on the faceless man’s opposite side . “What now?”

The faceless man smirked . “You want to kill me? Don’t worry . I’m not interested in the Big Red Trunk, not as much as in you . You’re even sturdier than a peak-level Dangling Fisher . How did you manage it?”

Han Fei snorted . “By luck . ”

The man laughed . “Thousands of people are looking for luck, but none of them are as sturdy as you… Fine . I’m too lazy to interrogate you . You said something was ugly just now . What’s ugly?” .

Naturally, Han Fei couldn’t speak the truth . So he simply said, “I was talking about the mask . ”

But the man shrugged and said, “You were saying that the madman engraving is ugly, weren’t you?”

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Han Fei was stunned again . “You came from the secret passage too?”

The man grimaced . “Of course… And I agree with you . You may find it hard to believe, but I tried to modify that engraving by creating a better replacement . I sold it to the Specter, but they didn’t take it . ”

Han Fei was lost for words . Are you a psycho? Who do you think you are? Do you expect them to just take everything you sell?

However, Han Fei’s face did not betray himself . He said casually, “Then why don’t you keep creating? Maybe you can meet the requirements of the Specter someday . ”

The man said, “Why don’t you draw me one? I can try selling it for you . ”

Han Fei said coldly, “Do I look like I have nothing better to do?”

The man was rather choked . “I don’t know about you, but I have nothing to do! I’m too lazy to go to the sea . I’m nothing better than a salty fish now . ”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei said, “Why don’t you keep being a salty fish, while I take my leave first?”

The man scoffed . “Draw it, my friend… I’ve calculated it, boy . You have disaster coming to you . ”

As he spoke, the man took out a brush and a fish skin .

Speechlessly, Han Fei stared at the man, wondering what kind of freak he had possibly run into .

However, freakish as the man was, Han Fei didn’t think that he was an ordinary person . Actually, he found that few guests on the Specter were ordinary . They were mostly great experts .

Perhaps, the great experts thought differently from ordinary people . It’s like the geniuses always did things that other people couldn’t understand .

Accepting the brush, Han Fei doodled, and after no more than a hundred seconds, a one-eyed skull with a red ribbon above and two pirate swords below appeared on the fish skin .

Yes, Han Fei had copied the standard symbol of pirates . But it didn’t matter . Since it was just a painting, he didn’t consider it a big deal .

The faceless man exclaimed and said, “Interesting! Boy, you’re suitable for ghost boats . ”

Han Fei smiled in disdain . “I don’t have time for ghost boats…”

The man chuckled . “Forget it . You’re too paranoid . Let me see… You have trouble with women . ”


Han Fei almost slashed his knife at the faceless man’s head . I thought you were someone awesome, but you’re telling me that I have trouble with women?

Lost for words, Han Fei rose . “I’ve just calculated something about you too . ” “Oh?”

Tilting his head, Han Fei said, “According to my calculation, you are a salty fish without dreams . You have trouble with salty fish . ”

The faceless man shook his head . “… Naughty . ”

When Han Fei turned around, something was suddenly thrown to him . Han Fei subconsciously picked it up, only to find that it was a scroll of fish skin .

The faceless man laughed and said, “If you’re in trouble someday, open this scroll, and it may save your life . ”

Han Fei thought to himself, Is he a psycho?

He was about to throw the scroll away, but it seemed inappropriate to drop it in front of the man . So, he put the scroll into Forge the Universe and said, “Thank you . I hope you can keep enjoying your salty fish life . ”

He turned around and did not want to stay . Though surprised at the man’s strength, he was also scared of the man’s unpredictability . Who could tell what was on the man’s mind?

Han Fei did not stay on the Specter much longer . Though there might still be plenty of opportunities, he was absolutely penniless at this point, without even a single mid-quality pearl .

Behind Han Fei, the faceless man secretly smiled and closed the fish skin on the ground . Then he mumbled, “What a monster!”