God of Fishing - Chapter 388

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Chapter 388

Chapter 388 Third on the Wanted List

When Han Fei left the Specter, many people happened to be coming to the ship and he met five or six people head-on .

However, because Han Fei was wearing a black robe and a mask, they did not notice him .

When nobody was around, Han Fei quickly took off his clothes and mask and then jumped directly into the sea .

Although, in theory, he overthrew many people with force, there were so many strong masters on the ghost ship . He didn’t want to be recognized so quickly . Even if he could beat them, he had no time to fight them . Now he had something more important to do than fight .

At dawn .

Thousands of kilometers away . A red fishing boat galloped on the sea, which was as fast as a red beam of light on the sea .

Someone saw this fishing boat, but no one paid attention to it . Most people thought it was a Ghost Speed Divine Boat . A few people knew that this was not a Ghost Speed Divine Boat because its speed seemed a bit faster than the former . Because of the ship, no one dared to mess around with Han Fei .

Ten thousand kilometers away .

Han Fei sat on the fishing boat with several jade slips in front of him .

However, at this moment, Han Fei wasn’t looking at the jade slips but sat cross-legged, surrounded by spiritual energy and guarded by Nine Tails .

After a moment .

Han Fei

36 (Intermediate Dangling Fisher)

128,526 (5,001)

Level-Five, High-Quality Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish (level 30)

Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers, Water Dividing Seal, Blood Drinking Knife

Void Breaking Technique, Volume Four of Void Fishing (Demon-Level, Divine-Quality)

As the saying went, sharpening the knife wouldn’t delay the work of cutting firewood Upgrading the spiritual heritage was extremely important . After his spiritual heritage was upgraded to level-five high-quality, it couldn’t be upgraded any longer, but it was a level higher than before .

For some reason, he felt that his body seemed to be getting lighter . Although it was not obvious, he felt that something had changed in him .

However, the effect of spiritual heritage was not that obvious and could only be reflected slightly during cultivation .

Han Fei had no time to pay attention to the growth of his spiritual heritage . Now he had collected five creatures in the Demon Purification Pot whose strength was quite strong . If he fused them, he might get a creature no weaker than Nine Tails or Little Gold, possibly even stronger . Han Fei certainly wouldn’t let go of this opportunity .

In the Demon Purification Pot .

An exotic Iron Wall Shrimp .

A mysterious Mutant Devil Fish

An exotic Millennium Snapper .

An exotic mutant Snake-Tentacled Shark-Faced Octopus .

And the fifth was the timid Divine Seaweed Octopus .

Han Fei silently said, “Fuse . ”

After a few seconds, the Demon Purification Pot had no response, and Han Fei said again, “Fuse . ”

“F*ck… Is the pot broken?”


Han Fei waited for a long while but the Demon Purification Pot had no response and he suddenly noticed that in the gray mist, the Millennium Snapper was shattering and gradually faded away . “???”

Han Fei frowned . The Millennium Snapper is gone? Why?

Suddenly, Han Fei shook his head . The Millennium Snapper was actually a human! Could it be that the Demon Purification Pot found out? So he still lacked an ocean creature?

“OK, I’ll just find another one! The fishery is so big and is full of different creatures . I’ve got enough time . ”

He grabbed a jade slip .

The first person he thought of was Xia Xiaochan, who seemed the most dangerous . Xia Xiaochan’s ranking on the Wanted List was even higher than him, and she had a short temper . Even Han Fei couldn’t handle her when she was pissed off…

And when she got crazy, she was a real timebomb! Her combat power index soared geometrically, which was not something ordinary people could handle .

Han Fei looked at the jade slip, sometimes shocked, sometimes surprised, sometimes angry, and sometimes relieved .

The records on the jade slip were detailed, saying that Xia Xiaochan fought for treasure with others in the death cave . A total of 34 people entered the cave, but only Xia Xiaochan and one other person came out . However, when the other person came out, he went crazy . And when Xia Xiaochan came out, she summoned and fused with her Giant Arowana and fought like crazy . After killing 28 enemies, she was severely wounded but managed to flee .

Han Fei frowned when he saw that she was severely injured . He knew that after Xia Xiaochan went crazy, she would be weak for a period of time, during which her strength would be reduced a lot and she could be vulnerable .

Fortunately, she escaped . But people were very curious about her Giant Arowana . Unlike in the town, people in the level-three fishery were more knowledgeable . Some people said that they had read about a Giant Arowana in ancient books . It was a very powerful ocean creature from the Unknown Place, which was not something ordinary people could own . Based on this, the ghost ship speculated that Xia Xiaochan had an unknown exotic bloodline .

In addition to the spiritual heritage, the jade slip also introduced Xia Xiaochan’s background, spiritual beasts, contractual spiritual beasts, and other information about her .

And the last piece of information surprised Han Fei the most . Xia Xiaochan was forced to enter the Undersea City, suspected of having obtained a divine weapon .

Yes, the news that Han Fei got before was that Xia Xiaochan had appeared near the Undersea City .

However, the information given by the Specter was that Xia Xiaochan was forced to hide in the Undersea City, which was why Han Fei was anxious .

After reading the information about Xia Xiaochan, Han Fei frowned . Then, he quickly turned his eyes to the jade slip about Zhang Xuanyu .

It read:

Male, 15 years old, a junior Dangling Fisher

Bloodthirsty Shark

Gold Water Silkworm

Thug Academy in the Blue Sea Town, the Thousand Star City

When Zhang Xuanyu first came to the level-three fishery, he went into the Flowstone Pit by mistake and was subdued by the strong to do mining in the Flowstone Pit . Later, because he led the oppressed Dangling Fishers to rise up in revolt, he was almost killed .

A murderous gleam flickered in Han Fei’s eyes when he read this . Almost killed? No! If Zhang Xuanyu was killed, Han Fei could be sure that the four of them would definitely destroy the place called Flowstone Pit .

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Fortunately, it recorded that Zhang Xuanyu was rescued by someone and then he blew up the Flowstone Pit and led 37 people to resist the oppression . In the end, he robbed the strong masters in the Flowstone Pit and fled .

According to records, 26 of the people led by Zhang Xuanyu died, and he and the remaining 11 escaped and disappeared . It was said the last time he showed up, he was around 80,000 kilometers near the Abyssal Chasm .

Han Fei felt his heart miss a beat .

Zhang Xuanyu had been out of luck . Even his direction of escape was the Abyssal Chasm that he had been looking for . Han Fei thought he should go to the Abyssal Chasm as soon as possible . Zhang Xuanyu alone probably couldn’t survive a horrible place like the Abyssal Chasm…

What made Han Fei helpless was that Zhang Xuanyu was too far away from him . The real distance between the Abyssal Chasm and where he was now was almost 200,000 kilometers .

This meant that it would take him four days to the place where Zhang Xuanyu disappeared even if he steered the Wind God Boat forward without a wink of sleep . According to the information, Zhang Xuanyu was supposed to be being hunted, so it was impossible for him to stay in place for four days .

For this reason, Han Fei immediately flipped through the “Minutes of Exploring the Abyssal Chasm” that Yang Ruoyun gave him . After a while, Han Fei sighed . It wasn’t that Yang Ruoyun lied to him . This time, she really didn’t lie to him . It was just that the records in this book were too complicated and even contained the hundreds of years of exploration history of the Abyssal Chasm .

According to the records, the dangerous places around the Abyssal Chasm had covered 50,000 kilometers . There were no less than 10 open secret realms and no less than 50 hidden secret realms .

The point was that the Abyssal Chasm was said to be extremely dangerous . Even if he went there, it was a question whether he could find Zhang Xuanyu, let alone helped him .

Han Fei sighed . Yuyu! It’s not that I don’t want to help you, but that the place you chose is too dangerous! Even I dare not go there . Why did you run there?

After reading the information of the two, Han Fei did not immediately digest the gains from the ghost ship but ran directly in the direction of the Undersea City .

In theory, Zhang Xuanyu was more dangerous and his ability to escape would not be as great as Xia Xiaochan . However, Han Fei remembered that when Zhang Xuanyu was still a fishing master, he had drifted from other towns to the Blue Sea Town .

Although Zhang Xuanyu didn’t seem to be strong, the fact that he could enter the Thug Academy had proven his strength . To put it bluntly, Zhang Xuanyu was a genius, so far the only guy who had grown to this day based on the combat skills he created by himself .

On the way .

Han Fei read the intelligence on the Sun Mu trio .

He had already doubted that Mo Feiyan and Yang Deyu were not Sun Mu’s helpers . It was just that they seemed to have reached some sort of agreement beforehand .

He just read the information about Sun Mu . As for the other two people, Han Fei had a feeling that their purpose was not him .

After reading the jade slip about Sun Mu, Han Fei was speechless .

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The information rated Sun Mu highly . The records only mentioned that Sun Mu came to the level-three fishery for cultivation and had a dispute with Han Fei . Therefore, the Sun Family had been hunting Han Fei .

The information cleverly avoided mentioning the real reason that the Sun Family chased Han Fei, and did not mention any information about the Sea Token .

The information mentioned that the Sun Family was a large family of the Thousand Star City and was deeply rooted in the level-three fishery, and there were Sun Family people almost on every dragon boat . Han Fei thought that most of the people living on the top floors of dragon boats were probably from big families . Therefore, there were definitely not just people from the Sun Family, but also many people from other large families .

The information described how the Sun Family chased Han Fei and emphasized that the Sun Family had lost nearly 20 peak-level Dangling Fishers because of this hunting action .

Even Han Fei was surprised at this number . When did I kill so many people? I remember there only being seven or eight people who were really killed by me . Did they lay the blame on me for those guys who became fish?

When Han Fei continued to read, his face became even darker . Sun Mu actually announced a few days ago that Han Fei had obtained many divine weapons, treasure, spiritual fruits, and dozens of heaven-level combat skills in the Sea Grassland…


Han Fei was speechless . This was sheer fabrication! Did this guy try to make people believe that he was a mobile treasure house?

However, he immediately frowned . If this was the case, then there would be no ordinary people who might hunt him down . Then, if anyone still dared to chase him down, these people were definitely the strongest .

In the previous battle, he slaughtered so many strong masters and killed two peak-level Dangling Fishers on the spot . Han Fei could predict that those who would chase him in the future would all be peak-level Dangling Fishers .

“B*stard, next time I meet you, you’ll be dead meat . ”

The records also mentioned that Sun Mu had arranged for his men to go to the Undersea City . Han Fei’s face turned darker . This little b*stard was too sinister . If he already knew about Xia Xiaochan, then he probably also knew about Zhang Xuanyu’s relationship with him .

Han Fei could guess his plan, which was to catch them and then use them to threaten him to hand over the Sea Token .


Han Fei accelerated the Wind God Boat to its fastest speed . He didn’t have enough time now . For others, there was no difference today .

However, for him and his companions, this difficulty level had been greatly improved . The information did not mention that Xia Xiaochan’s strength had improved . That was to say, she was still a junior Dangling Fisher .

In this case, unless Xia Xiaochan went crazy, she had almost no chance to confront peak-level Dangling Fishers .

Han Fei steered the Wind God Boat forward at full gallop .

On dragon boats, someone had spent a lot of money to adjust the Wanted List . Among them, the change that had received the most attention was that Han Fei now ranked third on the list!