God of Fishing - Chapter 389

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Chapter 389

Chapter 389 Unlucky Jiang Tong

The Sea Grassland was actually not close to the Undersea City and the distance was about 150,000 kilometers . Even if the Wind God Boat kept sailing without stopping, it would take more than 2 days to reach the latter .

In the past two days, Han Fei consumed hundreds of thousands of points of spiritual energy and never stopped for a moment .

During the period, he read the information about spiritual stones . It turned out that spiritual stones were actually not uncommon . The reason that it was not popularized in the level-three fishery was that they were not supposed to be used in the level-three fishery .

Spiritual stones could be said to be a kind of currency or energy . Mid-quality pearls with strong purchasing power could barely be used in dragon boats, but on the ghost ship, they were the most basic unit of currency .

According to the information, spiritual stones could serve as a high-level currency even on dragon boats .

Only then did Han Fei know why this information was valuable . It was not because the introduction of spiritual stones was valuable, but this material introduced the currencies used in the Unknown place .

In the Unknowable Place, people usually used high-quality and extra-quality pearls, and extra-quality pearls were almost equivalent to low-quality spiritual stones . This was why the exchange rate of low-quality spiritual stones and mid-quality pearls was so high .

From the prices, you could measure a place .

It could be guessed from the information of spiritual stones that the difficulty level of the Unknown place was probably much higher than that of the level-three fishery . Otherwise, how could a rare thing like spiritual stones become a currency there?

Since it was a currency, no matter how valuable it was, in a sense, it was a common commodity for everyone . It was just that each person owned different amounts of them due to their difference in ability .

Han Fei couldn’t imagine how dangerous the Unknown place was if even spiritual stones had become a common commodity there . After all, benefits were always linked to risks .

However, Han Fei didn’t intend to waste his spiritual stones anymore . He might as well rob a few more people . Anyway, judging from the current situation, even if he didn’t want to rob anyone, people would come to rob him .

After a day and a half, Han Fei stopped the ship .

It wasn’t because The Wind God Boat consumed too much spiritual energy, but he was thinking that after he arrived in the Undersea City, he would face the chase from strong fishers again . Therefore, before that, he needed to deduce the Camouflage Art first .

Camouflage Art (Mystic-Level Mid-Quality) A camouflage technique created based on the camouflage abilities of marine life . In a static state, it can fool most people’s vision .

Too low-leveled, no effect in the face of spiritual perception

Psychedelic Art


When Han Fei saw the spiritual energy to be consumed in this deduction, he smiled . He hadn’t encountered this kind of low-level technique that only needed 5 digits of spiritual energy to deduce for a long time . “Deduce . ”

It only took about ten minutes and a new technique was deduced .

Psychedelic Art (Spirit-Level Mid-Quality)

According to the psychedelic ability of marine creatures, disguise yourself and exude psychedelic characteristics to the outside world .

It is almost ineffective to spirit gatherers .

Illusion Art



Han Fei froze for a moment . Almost ineffective on spirit gatherers?

The next moment, he took a tumble . All spirit gatherers had practiced Pupil Spell, so they could see through the spiritual energy between heaven and earth, and it was not difficult for them to see through this psychedelic characteristic . After all, this was not an illusion .

He performed another deduction and this Psychedelic Art became Ecstasy Art, a spirit-level divine-quality technique .

But the disadvantage was still that the impact on spirit gatherers was not great, so Han Fei continued to deduct it twice . In the end, Han Fei deduced the mystic-level mid-quality Camouflage Art into a demon-level divine-quality Thousand Faces Technique . Although Han Fei could continue to deduce it, it was no longer necessary .

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Thousand Faces Technique (Demon-Level Divine-Quality)

The technique was created by combining the characteristics of thousands of oceanic psychedelic creatures . It can change various parts of the body by controlling the way the spiritual energy flows in the body .

Unable to control bone changes .


0/1 million

Han Fei didn’t want to continue the deduction . Although he had enough spiritual energy to continue to deduce the Thousand Faces Technique, once a demon-level technique becomes a heaven-level one, its difficulty becomes completely different . These were two completely different realms .

Han Fei was afraid that once it was deduced, he would have to spend a lot of time practicing it, so the current one was the best choice .

Jiang Tong was a peak-level Dangling Fisher and was used to being a loner .

At this moment, he was cursing, “Damn it, what happened in the Undersea City? How come so many people suddenly appeared?”

Jiang Tong had not landed on a dragon boat for two months . Before that, he discovered a secret realm, from which he made a fortune, gaining a heaven-level combat skill and a high-quality spiritual stick without a spirit sealed in it .

He was overjoyed . However, he just came out of the secret realm and ran into three peak-level Dangling Fishers and two advanced Dangling Fishers head-on .

This almost scared him out of his pants! As a result, he was chased away . If it weren’t for the fact that he was used to being a loner and his spiritual beast, Golden Water Snake, was extremely fast, he might have been dead now .

But who could have expected that he would encounter three waves of people along the way? Except for the first wave of people, there were peak-level Dangling Fishers in the other waves!

Jiang Tong gritted his teeth . It seems that I can no longer stay in the Undersea City . I should change places quickly! Go to Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, Yes…

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However, Jiang Tong had just taken out his fishing boat, only to see a red light on the sea swish over .

“Ghost Speed Divine Boat? F*ck…”

Jiang Tong was so scared that he put away the fishing boat, dove into the water, and swam desperately to the bottom of the sea .

He almost burst into tears . In the level-three fishery, there were only a few people who could afford Ghost Speed Divine Boat! This kind of person was f*cking rushing towards him! If he didn’t run away, he would be dead meat!

Although he was a peak-level Dangling Fisher, he was simply no match for this kind of person who was either from a powerful family or extremely talented .

Jiang Tong hurriedly fused with his spiritual beast and ran as quickly as he could .

He was very regretful! He hadn’t been to a dragon boat for long and had used up all his Flash Stones . This time, he definitely wouldn’t begrudge money anymore and buy as many Flash Stones as he could .


Han Fei was surprised . He had intended to catch someone and ask for information, but this guy’s reaction was fast and he jumped into the sea in the blink of an eye .

“A peak-level Dangling Fisher?”

Han Fei saw that after that person fused with his spiritual beast, he abruptly accelerated, causing seawater to rise tens of meters high . So even if he was not a peak-level Dangling Fisher, he must be at least an advanced Dangling Fisher .


The Wind God Boat was put away .

“Attach . ”

As Little Gold attached to Han Fei, he had wings on his back and dove into the water . Following the water marks, he quickly pursued that person .

At this moment, Han Fei’s strength was not that of an ordinary intermediate Dangling Fisher at all . Whether in physique, strength, or speed, he had undergone thorough changes after he made a breakthrough in the Indestructible Body Art .

In the water, a golden-red phantom was as fast as lightning, chasing the cyan light ahead . As a peak-level Dangling Fisher, the guy’s speed was terrifyingly fast! At this moment, Han Fei could be sure that the man in front was definitely one of the strongest peak-level Dangling Fishers because his speed was at least 30% faster than the average peak-level Dangling Fisher . If it weren’t for Little Gold, he wouldn’t have been able to catch up with this guy .

After about thirty minutes, Han Fei finally caught up with that man and was only a kilometer away from him .

Jiang Tong almost cried . F*ck! What did I do wrong?! I am just a lone treasure hunter . I just happened to pass by! Why did you do this to me?! Seeing that Han Fei was only 500 meters away, Jiang Tong suddenly gritted his teeth and threw two mid-quality spiritual weapons at Han Fei .

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Han Fei was speechless . I haven’t done anything to you yet . Why did you explode your own weapons? And exploded two at the same time?


A glint of a blade cut the water in half, and the turbulent seawater and powerful impact energy of the explosion of two mid-quality spiritual weapons were cut in half by Han Fei’s slash .

Jiang Tong was dumbfounded . What? I exploded two of my mid-quality spiritual weapons and didn’t even slow you down for a second?!

Then he saw a boy landing 100 meters away, holding a kitchen knife in his hand .

They looked at each other, blinking .

Jiang Tong was shocked . “Are you only an intermediate Dangling Fisher? How is that possible?”

Han Fei chuckled . “Hey! Why did you run when you saw me?” . Jiang Tong’s face changed and his mind was racing . Who is this person? He, only an intermediate Dangling Fisher, owns a Ghost Speed Divine Boat, is even faster than me, and blocked the impact energy of the explosion of two mid-quality spiritual weapons with a single slash?!

Jiang Tong didn’t know the real strength of Han Fei, but he was sure that he should never take Han Fei as an ordinary intermediate Dangling Fisher . Otherwise, he would be killed!

Jiang Tong said timidly, “May I ask who you are? Why are you chasing me?”