God of Fishing - Chapter 391

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Chapter 391

Chapter 391 Lurk

After hearing Jiang Tong’s words, Han Fei’s first reaction was that Xia Xiaochan appeared here and attracted the attention of many people, so a large number of peak-level Dangling Fishers appeared nearby .

However, Han Fei wondered why none of these peak-level Dangling Fishers had found her? But even he might not be able to find her so easily .

In that case, Han Fei felt that he wasn’t in a hurry to find Xia Xiaochan . He’d better digest and absorb the spiritual fruit he had taken first . It wouldn’t be too late for him to make a move when he discovered anything wrong in this sea area!

With this in mind, Han Fei smiled at Jiang Tong who was staring at him vigilantly . “OK, you can go now! Since you don’t want this ship, I won’t make it difficult for you . ”

Jiang Tong did not tell Han Fei his name in the end . He didn’t trust Han Fei, so he certainly wouldn’t tell him his name .

Seeing Jiang Tong quickly control the fishing boat to leave, Han Fei did not stop him .

In his ear .

Hexagon Starfish said, There seems to be something good on this person . I can feel it!

Han Fei widened his eyes . “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? He has already left . What’s the f*cking point for you to tell me this now?”

Hexagon Starfish’s eyes kept rolling . It’s a bit dangerous, so I didn’t tell you .

Han Fei narrowed his eyes . A bit dangerous? Something that made Hexagon Starfish feel a bit dangerous must be truly dangerous . It seemed that he made the right choice not to forcibly keep this person .

Although this robbery was imperfect, he had got what he wanted .

Not only because he obtained a fishing boat, but more importantly, he got the information from Jiang Tong that there were many peak-level Dangling Fishers here .

One day later .

Under a certain rock on the seafloor, a person climbed out, looking vigorous .

If Li Hanyi were here, he would have questioned who the hell was pretending to be him…

At first, Han Fei wanted to disguise himself as Jiang Tong, but that guy was a peak-level Dangling Fisher . If he got caught, he might be in trouble, so he chose to masquerade as Li Hanyi .

Because Han Fei didn’t know many people, he randomly picked Li Hanyi to be his cover .

He swam out of the sea and threw a spiritual fruit in his mouth .

Then he glanced at the vast ocean and grinned . “Well, except that I’m a little shorter than him, I should look exactly like him now . ”

With that, he took the rusty stick out of Forge the Universe .

It was not that he didn’t want to remove the rust and bumps on the stick . In fact, he tried many times, but every time it was to no avail .

He even tried dripping blood on the stick, but the stick gave him no response at all . Therefore, he could only carry this heavy stick on his shoulders .

It was because he made a breakthrough in the cultivation of the Indestructible Body that he could carry this stick so easily . If it were someone else, this stick would easily crush him .

“Hey, you just refuse to play along, don’t you? Fine, from now on, I will call you Embroidery Needle . Hey, Embroidery Needle…”

“Are you still not playing along?” “Embroidery Needle, Embroidery Needle . ” “If you cooperate, I will call you the Best Stick in the World . ” After trying for some time more, seeing that the damn stick still gave no response at all, Han Fei snorted angrily . “Embroidery Needle!”

Han Fei sailed forward in the fishing boat . This time, he was no longer evasive .

After rushing for half a day, Han Fei encountered a fishing boat .

“Stop . ”

On the fishing boat stood an armorist, staring at Han Fei’s fishing boat .

The man asked in a loud voice, “Brother, where are you from?”

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Carrying Embroidery Needle on his shoulders, Han Fei suddenly turned sideways and swept away to the left .

A figure was retreating sharply, and Han Fei’s feet were already entangled by vines . He jumped up and picked with the Embroidery Needle, and the huge force pulled a thin figure out of the water .

Seeing that the attack failed, the three people on the ground immediately gathered and looked at Han Fei in surprise .

The female manipulator looked puzzled . “You are not an ordinary soul warrior . ”

Han Fei scoffed . “Do you think I am easy to bully because I’m alone?”

On the ground, the armorist hurriedly said, “Brother, don’t get us wrong . We just wanted to test your strength . ”

Han Fei sneered . “Get you wrong? Can you explain to me why you want to test my strength?”

The armorist said with a smile, “Brother, don’t you know that the people in the Undersea City are hunting demons?”

Han Fei was surprised . Hunting demons? Who are the demons?

Of course, ostensibly, Han Fei said, holding his head high, “Sure, otherwise, why would I take the risk to come here?

The armorist said, “Yes, that’s right! Whether we catch Xia Xiaochan or Han Fei, we’ll make a fortune . We are just surprised why you, an intermediate Dangling Fisher, came here . Aren’t you afraid of being hacked to death?”

Han Fei rolled his eyes . “Why should I be afraid? Although I seem to be only an intermediate Dangling Fisher, I have great strength, strong combat skills, and I am a soul warrior . But you guys are only advanced Dangling Fishers, why are you so confident as to hunt Xia Xiaochan and Han Fei?”

The cool-looking hunter snorted and asked, “At least we are advanced Dangling Fishers . Whether you have the strength of an advanced Dangling Fisher or not, it seems that you shouldn’t be here?”

Han Fei sneered . “I just came to try my luck . The battle of the strong has nothing to do with me, an intermediate Dangling Fisher . I don’t think any strong master will have so much time to attack me . Why can’t I be here?”

The three people on the opposite side were speechless . This f*cking made sense! Whether Han Fei or Xia Xiaochan, would they really care about an intermediate Dangling Fisher?

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The answer was definitely not . Even they thought they could easily rob Han Fei . Who could have expected that his reaction was so quick and his strength was not weak at all?

The armorist smiled . “Brother, to tell you the truth, we were led here by two peak-level Dangling Fishers . It is a pity that the three of us were abandoned on the way . You look quite strong . Why don’t you join us?”

Han Fei almost laughed .

Abandoned by others, they still have the mood to hang around here? Are these guys stupid?

Han Fei refused . “I’m not going to join you . Four people are much more conspicuous than me alone! Do you think I am stupid?”

The female manipulator squinted at Han Fei . “At least we’re stronger than you . No matter how strong you are, you are only an intermediate Dangling Fisher . Do you know how many people have the same thoughts as you? Why do you think you can win against others? No matter how strong you are, how many can you beat alone?”

“Do you mean I’ll be able to beat others if I join you?”

The female manipulator shrugged . “At least there is a better chance of survival . As long as we find a spirit gatherer, we have all the five professions . ”

Han Fei thought to himself, Maybe I can join them and get in the Undersea City?

Han Fei looked hesitant . “Where to find a spirit gatherer? Which spirit gatherer dares to come alone?”

The armorist laughed out loud . “Then snatch one . Our strength is equivalent to four advanced Dangling Fishers . Can’t we snatch a spirit gatherer?”

Han Fei secretly laughed . If it weren’t for the fact that I don’t want to reveal my real identity, you’d already be dead .

Han Fei said hesitantly, “Okay, but I won’t do anything if we meet Han Fei . I’m here to find Xia Xiaochan . ”

“Haha! OK, ok . In fact, we are all here to find Xia Xiaochan . Who would really dare to hunt down Demon Han? We don’t want to die!”

The armorist graciously invited him to join them and Han Fei put away his fishing boat . He didn’t fear they would trick him . If they dared to do so, he would just kill them .

To Han Fei’s surprise, these people didn’t do anything to him . When Han Fei approached them, he faintly felt that they seemed to have been injured . It seemed that they had just experienced a big battle not long ago .

Han Fei didn’t point it out but said with a smile, “How are we going to find Xia Xiaochan?”

The manipulator said, “No rush . We don’t have a spirit gatherer yet, so our spiritual energy is not enough to support the battle . It’s better to wait . ”

Beside Han Fei, the hunter asked, “Brother, what should I call you?”

Han Fei looked at him with a faint smile . “What about you . What should I call you?”

“Armorist, Zhao Wu, spiritual beast, Cold Flame Turtle, contractual spiritual beast, Purple Soldier Crab . ”

“Hunter, Zhou Kai, spiritual beast, Red-Brow Shrimp, contractual spiritual beasts, Butterfly Star Worm and Gold Water Silkworm . ”

“Manipulator, Wang Qingyue, spiritual beast, Sea Green Vine, contractual spiritual beast, Red Fox Fish . ”

After introducing themselves, all three looked at Han Fei a bit coercively .

Han Fei knew what they told him was not completely true but he didn’t care because he was not going to tell the truth either .

“Soul warrior, Li Hanyi, spiritual beast, Hexagon Starfish, and I don’t have a contractual spiritual beast . ”

If Li Hanyi were here, he would take out a tortoise shield and smash Han Fei to death . Why do you f*cking pretend to be me? Why?!

The other three people looked surprised .

“Hexagon Starfish? How come I’ve never heard of that?”

“You don’t have a contractual spiritual beast?”

Han Fei said lightly, “My contractual spiritual beasts all died in battle and I haven’t caught another suitable one yet . ”