God of Fishing - Chapter 394

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Chapter 394

Chapter 394 Entering the Undersea City

Holding the rod, Han Fei swaggered back to his boat, making many people want to beat him up .

After Han Fei returned to the boat, another boat suddenly descended from the sky, and a Spirit Gathering Array was established on the sea . A proud spirit gatherer landed in the Spirit Gathering Array .

“I would like to join your team . ” Zhao Wu and the rest of them were briefly stunned . Then, they were all excited . “Welcome, bro . What should we call you? With you here, our team will be top-tier . ”

Han Fei glanced at the stranger, rendered speechless by Zhao Wu’s reaction . He was merely a peak-level Dangling Fisher that he could kill easily .

The other people all left seeing that a peak-level Dangling Fisher had joined .

Han Fei nodded casually . “Fine by me!”

The spirit gatherer said casually, “I am Wu Liang, a peak-level Dangling Fisher and a spirit gatherer . My spiritual beast is Skyward Razor Clams, and my contractual spiritual beast is the Blue Spirit Shrimp .

Han Fei was briefly stunned, as the man’s spiritual beast seemed rather powerful . But what really drew his attention was the Blue Spirit Shrimp, which was not from the level-three fishery .

“The Blue Spirit Shrimp?”

With a casual smile, Wu Liang looked at Han Fei . “I bought it . ”

Han Fei’s lips cramped . “I met a Blue Mystic Six Spirit Shrimp before . It was very powerful . ”

Wu Liang raised his eyebrow . “Oh? It’s a mutation? Where is it from?”

Han Fei shrugged . “I don’t know!”

Wang Qingyue interrupted them . “Well, our team is full now . I think we’re strong enough for the competition . ”

Wu Liang glanced at them and said casually, “You’re hurt? I can heal you first . ”

As he talked, Wu Liang cast the healing technique on them one by one .

Seeing how comfortable Zhao Wu and his teammates were, Han Fei couldn’t be more scornful . It’s just a common healing technique and not nearly as good as the Divine Healing Technique .


After they left to treat their wounds, Han Fei asked Wu Liang curiously, “Hey, you are a peak-level Dangling Fisher . Why have you come to this team?”

Wu Liang looked at Han Fei with a smile . “You are a soul warrior who focuses on body strength . Why did you choose this team?”

Han Fei replied, “Because I couldn’t have come here on my own . ”

Han Fei was saying that it wouldn’t be easy to reach within ten thousand kilometers from the Undersea City for individuals .

Wu Liang asked, “You’re here to hunt demons too?”

Han Fei scoffed . “Why would I? I’m here to hunt Xia Xiaochan . ”

Wu Liang remarked with a faint smile, “Xia Xiaochan? People believe that she’s weaker than Han Fei, but do you really think you can hunt down a genius who explored the Undersea City on her own and killed 28 people in one battle?”

Han Fei said unconcernedly, “That’s why I joined a team instead of hunting her on my own!”

After being stunned, Wu Liang nodded, convinced that this Li Hanyi must be a very proud man and an intermediate Dangling Fisher who was brave enough to seek battles in the Undersea City . That was why he chose this team .

Pointing at the sea, Wu Liang said, “The latest news is that someone saw Xia Xiaochan inside . Are you sure you want to go with them? Do you want another team?”

Han Fei looked back at him and shrugged . “No . You really think I would fight hard? I’m just here to pick the loot . ”

Wu Liang: “…”

He was rendered speechless, feeling that he had chosen a wrong team .

Suddenly, Han Fei asked, “Is everybody on the Wanted List hunted by so many people?”

Wu Liang curled his lips and said, “More or less . What those people carry is much more valuable than their bounty . ”

Han Fei secretly cursed . So, people were hunting them for their possessions, not for their bounty . Staring at Wu Liang, Han Fei asked, “How many teams have entered?” Wu Liang shook his head with a smile . “One . ”

“Just one?”

Han Fei didn’t know much about the Undersea City earlier, but after Zhao Wu’s explanation on the way, he learned it much better . He wondered how one team could find anyone in such a huge place .

Wu Liang said casually, “It’s a team of a hundred people . ” Han Fei: “…”

He said gloomily, “Could you make yourself clear when you talk? A team of a hundred? How is that possible?”

At this point, Wang Qingyue spoke from Han Fei’s back . “It’s meant to increase their odds of survival . There are ten-person teams and hundred-person teams, who can explore a wider range with a higher chance of survival . ”

Han Fei was stunned . He had never run into such teams before . Hundred-person teams did not exist in the Seaborne Prairie, where even a thousand-person team wouldn’t have worked . When the worm nests burst out, a team of any size would be annihilated if they failed to squeeze Flash Stones and escape in time .

Han Fei asked, “Then what are we waiting for?”

Glancing at Han Fei, Wu Liang asked, “You don’t seem to know the level-three fishery well, do you?”

Han Fei replied casually, “I’m new here . I’ve been exploring treasure troves on my own, and this is my first visit to a famous place . ”


Everybody looked at Han Fei in confusion, not fully convinced . As a soul warrior, it was not a problem for Han Fei to explore treasure troves individually, but if he was bold to do so, he must be talented and capable . How could he have missed out on the Undersea City? Wu Liang said, “The odds of survival for a hundred-person team are only theoretically higher . In fact, a hundred people are insignificant in this place, and cases are not rare where half of them die . The rest of those people are simply waiting . ” Han Fei asked in disdain, “For what? For the people inside to come out?”

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Wu Liang said in surprise, “Isn’t it the best to take advantage of them?” Han Fei looked around . “With so many people out there?”

Wang Qingyue remarked, “It’s true that there are inevitable perils both inside and outside . ”

At this point, Zhao Wu took a deep breath . “Someone will run out of patience and go in . ”

Han Fei said, “I’m running out of patience myself . ”

Everyone: “…”

While Han Fei’s team was talking, another boat rose into the sky not far away . “Is anyone joining the second hundred-person team? Eight squads have joined us already! Don’t hesitate if you want to come too! Other people may find the treasures earlier than you do . ”

“Hey! Count us in!”

“Bulls*it! It’s only been half a day since the first team went in . Nobody is back yet . We’ll wait until tomorrow . ”

“We’re not going . We’ll wait another day . ”

“Count us in! We don’t want to wait together with those cowards . ”

The man in the sky said with a smile, “Be quick about it . We’ve already got ten squads . What could the first team have found in half a day? Chances are that they’ve already left through other gates . The Undersea City is dangerous, but not life-threatening . If you want to come, come; if you don’t, stop bi*ching about it…”

Han Fei raised his hands and shouted, “We’re in!”

Zhou Kai immediately said, “Li Hanyi, what are you doing? This is only the second team . We’ll only be exploring the way for other people . ”

Han Fei tilted his head in confusion . “Is this how you usually hunt treasures? How can you get any treasure if you don’t go first? I’ve explored dozens of treasure troves, and I never backed off . If you’re not going, I’ll find another team . ” Zhao Wu frowned . “Why don’t we wait a while longer?” Wang Qingyue said, “No, I think we can go in . If anything happens, we can always withdraw from the group and retreat first . ” The man in the sky shouted, “Hey, Li Hanyi, are you coming or not?”

Han Fei raised his head . “Yes . ”

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Wu Liang frowned but did not object . He had enough flash stones to keep himself safe, so he decided to follow them .

Gritting his teeth, Zhao Wu said, “Fine, let’s do this . The rewards will be copious if we don’t die . Let’s go . ”

Soon, Han Fei and his teammates rose to the sky too .

Many more boats ascended and soon there were twenty of them . This temporarily jumbled team was flying in the sky, and several peak-level Dangling Fishers roared, “Don’t run about in the Undersea City . Be united and don’t fight each other . Whoever fights internally will be killed first . ”

“Operation Demon Hunting now begins…”

Many people shouted excitedly as if they were going to war .

Someone laughed . “Hey, cowards, I’m going to take a tour first . After I catch Xia Xiaochan, I’ll give her a good treat . ”

Han Fei secretly glanced at the man and decided to kill him after he got into the Undersea City . Do you think I don’t exist? You probably don’t know how good I am until I tear your tongue off…

Zhao Wu spoke to everyone telepathically, Let’s just follow them . Don’t lead the charge .

All of a sudden, Han Fei clenched his fists and shouted, “Demon hunting! Demon hunting! Demon hunting…”

“Demon hunting…”

Many people echoed with him .

Han Fei shouted again, “Let’s go inside and kill each and every one of them!”

“Each and every one of them…”

“Brothers, let’s go!” Everyone: “???”

The peak-level Dangling Fishers were lost for words . We’re giving a nice speech . Which idiot is disrupting us?

One of the peak-level Dangling Fishers said gloomily, “Shut up . Shouting doesn’t help . Let’s go . ”