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God of Fishing - Chapter 395

Published at 18th of October 2020 06:00:06 PM

Chapter 395: 395

Chapter 395 You’ll Throw It When I Tell You To

Gloomily, Zhao Wu and the rest of them spoke to Han Fei telepathically, Brother Li, can you be quiet? Those peak-level Dangling Fishers haven’t said anything yet . Why are you cheering?

Han Fei said solemnly, “Because it feels great! Look how determined they are . It seems to me that they’re just feeding their lives to the enemy . ”

Everyone: “…”

Wu Liang said, “You’d better lay low and not charge recklessly . Though your body is sturdy, I might not be able to heal you quickly if you’re too heavily wounded . ”

Han Fei scoffed . “Don’t worry . I know what I’m doing . ”

Wu Liang was lost for words . Do you really? Your blood is already boiling when we haven’t even passed the first barrier in the Undersea City yet . How will you react after we pass the second?

At this point, all of them recalled the boats and dove into the sea .

Twenty perfect combinations, a hundred people altogether, all threw themselves into the sea .

Of all of them, Han Fei was the lowest level as an intermediate Dangling Fisher .

In the Undersea City, one thousand and eight hundred meters into the sea, everything was enshrouded by a dark daze that looked like the fluids of a squid .

It went without saying that it was some sort of barrier . Han Fei realized, to his surprise, that every dangerous place had bizarre barriers, like the wall of seaweed in the Seaborne Prairie and the strange space here .

Outside of the Undersea City was a large number of abandoned roads and platforms and indistinguishable sculptures . Everything had collapsed, but even so, Han Fei could only imagine how splendid the city must’ve been with the statue almost a hundred meters tall!

He wasn’t particularly impressed by the city wall though it was three hundred meters tall . After witnessing the dragon boat, he found a wall of such a height to be nothing more than child’s play .

Following the group for a while, Han Fei landed at the dark entrance of the Undersea City .

There was no telling how long the wall had been abandoned, but it was mostly ruined and riddled with holes and sword marks .

The entrance was even more horrifying . Cold currents, mixed with sludge, were flowing out of it .

Zhao Wu spoke telepathically, Entering the city is like going to a battlefield . Let’s be careful with those weird cold currents .

Wu Liang said, “I can cast defensive arrays on you, but I don’t think they’ll be very effective . ”

Han Fei asked in surprise, “You know arrays?”

Wu Liang slightly shook his head . “I’ve learned some basic arrays, but they can’t resist great dangers . Have any of you been there before?”

Zhao Wu said, “I’m the only one who has explored it earlier . The other three are all new . ”

Wu Liang slightly nodded . “Well, the outer city is safer . It’s been explored many times . Xia Xiaochan couldn’t stay in the external city for long . All we need to do is to be careful after we enter the inner city . ”

As he talked, Wu Liang began to draw defensive arrays with spiritual energy on his fingertips .

Han Fei was immediately shocked . He had never seen anyone drawing a simple array in such a way . Couldn’t it have been created by random stepping? Did he have to create it with his hand?

Even so, Han Fei saw that Zhao Wu and the rest of them were looking at Wu Liang enviously, as if they hoped that they could be capable of the same skill .

Han Fei immediately felt that he had overestimated this peak-level Dangling Fishers . It seemed that level did not matter in areas that one wasn’t familiar with . Though Han Fei was not an expert, he could’ve created a regular defensive array by his foot, and he was much more skilled than Wu Liang

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was .

Other than Han Fei’s squad, the other people were making preparations too . Some were covering themselves with armor, some were fusing with their contractual spiritual beasts, and some were taking pills… What surprised Han Fei most was a person who was eating fish meat .

Wang Qingyue said, “Don’t underestimate that fish meat . Every sea creature has its features . This fish meat can definitely increase your resistance against the cold currents . ”

Han Fei’s eyes slightly constricted . “Does it need to be cooked?”

Wu Liang said with a smile, “Generally no, but I’ve met meat that must be cooked . When we explored a treasure trove earlier, the armorist on our team made food with a dozen ingredients . It increased almost ten percent of our combat abilities . ”

Han Fei: “…”

He mumbled, “Is being a cook really a class, like Old Jiang said? No, I’ve been too focused on food before, and I never paid attention to the simple qualities of the food . But that was because the ingredients were inferior . What if I find advanced ingredients?”

Before Han Fei could think more about it, the peak-level Dangling Fishers in the lead already announced that they should go in .

Different from some treasures that were locked by certain barriers, the Undersea City had wide open gates that everybody was free to enter and exit anytime .

Then why did many people fail to make it out? Because they didn’t have a chance to .

At this point, the whole group entered the dark entrance in a line .

Han Fei’s squad was in the middle to end section . When Han Fei stepped into the gate against the cold currents, he felt that he fell into an ice cave . It was much colder than the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers . As his capabilities improved, the coldness of the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers couldn’t affect Han Fei anymore, but here, the moment he stepped in, he sensed that strong water currents were coming at his face in freezing coldness .


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After no more than ten seconds, the defensive arrays on Han Fei’s squad were almost broken .

His face changing greatly, Zhou Kai asked, “This is just the outer city?”

Wang Qingyue said, “Prepare your spiritual energy protective covers . ”

Zhao Wu said with a smile, “Yes, this is the outer city . These cold currents look dreadful and will weaken us by about ten percent, but they’re not too much to resist . ”

Wu Liang spoke telepathically, That’s right . Though it’s possible to resist the water currents, we’ll have to consume more spiritual energy . That’s why every team here needs a spirit gatherer, or they wouldn’t be able to endure for long .


Han Fei snorted . “So there’s nothing here except the cold currents?”

Wu Liang shook his head . “Of course not . These cold currents aren’t fatal, and even the beginner Dangling Fishers can deal with it . You’ll see the real dangers in a minute . ”

The group swam forward against the cold currents . After about thirty seconds, the defensive arrays on Han Fei’s squad were broken, and everybody trembled and started freezing .

Han Fei even saw that, probably due to poor quality, the pants on someone before him were frozen and shattered while he was moving

Han Fei hurried to activate his spiritual energy protective cover . His clothes weren’t good either, and he didn’t want to become naked . That would be embarrassing .

Thankfully, someone saw that and threw clothes to the naked man, stopping him from moving in nudity .

The peak-level Dangling Fishers in the lead spoke telepathically, Remember, everybody, don’t move or touch anything after we pass in the cold currents .

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Someone asked, “Are we going to explore the outer city?”

The peak-level Dangling Fishers immediately replied . “No, we’re going straight into the inner city . ”

Han Fei asked, “Why are we not exploring the outer city? Isn’t the inner city more dangerous than the outer city?”

Zhao Wu said solemnly, “Every place in the outer city that can be explored has been explored . Those places are haunted by undead creatures . To pass the outer city, we have to pass them . It’s unnecessary to fight undead creatures because they can’t be killed . ”

Wu Liang shook his head . “No . Actually, many places in the outer city haven’t been explored yet, but not many people are interested in them . We’re not absolutely certain that Xia Xiaochan is in the inner city . She might be in one of the places in the outer city . ” Han Fei was quite shocked to hear that . Haunted? Undead creatures? What was that about?

Expressionlessly, Han Fei followed the group . On his way, he saw a weird square that seemed to be a battlefield .

Broken armor and weapons that were erect in the mud were everywhere . Even more dreadfully, human-shaped shadows emerged in the water now and then . Though they were not vivid, Han Fei was certain that they were in the shape of human beings .

It seemed that a great war happened here .

After about twenty kilometers, Han Fei’s group began to cross the ancient battlefield .

However, everybody had circumvented the weapons and the armor .

Han Fei asked, “Mr . Hexagon Starfish, can you secretly throw out a Spirit Explosion Array?”

The Hexagon Starfish said, No! It’s dangerous here!

Han Fei said, “Cut the crap! You’ll throw it when I tell you to . Just throw it ahead and make it noisy . ”