God of Fishing - Chapter 397

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Chapter 397: 397

Chapter 397 The 17th Place On The Wanted List

Han Fei didn’t really care . He was even gloating a little bit . He had thought that the hundred-person team would be awesome, but they turned out to be just a bunch of unorganized mobsters…

What interested Han Fei more was the person who released the poison . Also, the purple poison seemed even more dreadful than the venom of the Green Arrow Frog and the Dry Leaf Worm . Even the advanced Dangling Fishers didn’t last twenty seconds . Frowning at Wu Liang, Han Fei asked, “How far away are we from the inner city?”

Wu Liang was about to talk, when Zhou Kai suddenly appeared from stealth mode . “We can’t go back . Someone intentionally ruined the ancient battlefield behind us . It’s been haunted . ”

Strangling multiple undead creatures with the Sea Green Vines, Wang Qingyue said to everyone, “We can’t stay here! We must press on!”

Zhao Wu cursed, “Which son of bi*ch did this? I’ll definitely beat him to death when I find him!”

Grabbing his rod, Han Fei ran forth . “Stop fighting! Let’s run!” Han Fei noticed that the peak-level Dangling Fishers were gathering and seemed to be abandoning this place . Many more people had noticed it too . Briefly stunned, they all quickly abandoned their battle and ran to the center .

The peak-level Dangling Fishers spoke telepathically from the front, Gather in the inner gate . We’ll find out who the traitor is .

Hearing that, Han Fei began to run at full speed, stomping on everything on his way including the remains . As a result, many undead creatures were rising behind him . Zhao Wu roared, “Li Hanyi, what are you doing?”

Han Fei said to all of them, “Don’t be an idiot! The undead creatures are not a big problem . You’ll only waste your time if you try to dodge them . ”

Han Fei had thought it through . As they said, the enemy of an enemy was a friend . Whoever released the poison just now was his ally in eliminating this hundred-person team .

Many people heard what Han Fei said and realized that it was true . Though the undead creatures were many, they took shape slowly and weren’t fatal . What was fatal was the freezing currents and the one who released the poison .

Therefore, everybody charged forward without dodging anything in their way .

In the crowd, someone glanced at Han Fei and put on a weird smile, wishing that there could be more rookies like him in the team .

When most of the people ignored the undead currents, there were more and more freezing currents in the water . They emerged every minute earlier but every second at this moment .


“Stop! Stop now!”

“Are you stupid! Don’t ruin the environment . ”

“Don’t touch the decayed! They will influence the frequency of the freezing currents!”

“Who said that the undead creatures were not a problem? Get out!”

Han Fei secretly snorted . Get out? Do you really think I’m an idiot?

Han Fei almost wished that the mayhem could be doubled, but Zhou Kai suddenly left the squad and said to Han Fei coldly, “Li Hanyi, are you intentionally stirring trouble?”

Everybody nearby was stunned, and they all looked at Han Fei unfriendly .

Han Fei replied innocently, “What’s wrong with you? I’ve been the most hardworking one so far, and you accuse me of being the troublemaker?”

Wang Qingyue spoke in the crowd, “Li Hanyi, you don’t need to do anything anymore, and stop touching the rotten weapons . The rest of you should not touch them either . There must be a great enemy within the team . ”

A peak-level Dangling Fisher roared from the front, “That’s right! Usually, there are no more than ten casualties when a hundred-person team enters the inner gate, but almost thirty have died this time . From now on, anyone with weird behavior will be killed instantly . ”

Han Fei recalled his Needle and opened his hands . “Okay, I’ll stop attacking!”

Han Fei asked telepathically, Mr . Hexagon Starfish, do you know which guy released the poison?

The Hexagon Starfish gave a negative answer, I’m just a starfish . I don’t recognize any poison .

After a brief moment of peace, the purple poisonous mist spread out again a few minutes later .

This time, it happened right next to Han Fei .

Han Fei immediately stepped on the ground and flew to a side . In the meantime, he grabbed Zhao Wu and Wu Liang and threw them away .



They crashed into a ragged building . The area where they had been earlier was already occupied by the purple mist .

Behind them, the advanced Dangling Fishers failed to dodge it in time . Some were consumed by the purple mist, and some were partly contaminated .

Zhao Wu trembled in fear . “Dear mother of god! Bro, thank you for saving my life . ”

Wu Liang said with an awful expression, “What a vicious approach! It reminds me of someone…”

He suddenly rose and said to everyone, “Everybody, may I have your attention? Yang Huan, the 17th place on the wanted list, may be among us . ”

“What?” “It’s Yang Huan?” “The poison player?” “Yang Huan the Poison Master?” “F*ck him! Let’s find him out and kill him!” Han Fei was intrigued . He remembered a thing or two about Yang Huan .

Yang Huan had a high ranking on the wanted list . He was the only peak-level Dangling Fisher on the wanted list who played with poisons . Han Fei paid special attention to him .

The 17th place of the wanted list .

Name: Yang Huan

Gender: Male

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Professions: soul warrior, hunter

Spiritual beast: Poison Kiss (presumably a legendary creature)

Contractual spiritual beasts: Five Venom Gold Scorpion (exotic, good at stealth), Mutated Dry Leaf Worm (exotic)

Specialties: This man boasts strange disguise skills . He’s good at critical strikes and poison explosions . Bounty: Four million mid-quality pearls

Other rewards: Four hundred kilograms of spiritual spring energy, a demon-level high-quality art, a high-quality spiritual weapon, and four hundred spiritual fruits

Remark: This man is very dangerous . He once performed a Poison Explosion on the dragon boat, resulting in the deaths of a hundred people and the injuries of a thousand more . His poisoning is weird and unpredictable . Be cautious .

Note: This man is brutal and temperamental . He’s suspected to be a lunatic .

Recalling the information he read about Yang Huan, Han Fei couldn’t help but swallow . It was the first poison-playing expert that he had run into . He only bought a disguise skill on the Specter because he saw that this man was good at it . Little did he anticipate that he would run into the man in person here .

Han Fei asked, “Hey, are you sure? This guy ranks even higher than Xia Xiaochan on the list!”

Zhao Wu was stunned too . “Seriously? It’s really him? Is there still time for us to escape? We can break into the haunted place if we have to!”

“Retreat! Retreat! Let’s get out of the Undersea City and call for reinforcements . ”


Instantly, a dozen people ran backwards, not planning to hunt demons anymore . This Yang Huan might only be the 17th place on the wanted list, but many people would rather face the top ten experts than him, because his poison could kill them unexpectedly .


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Crack! Crack! Crack!

A hundred streaks of light suddenly burst out from the crowd . The colorful light, mixed in the water currents, spreading to all directions .



Someone, unable to hold back the pain, detonated himself, making the water boil and surge .

An armorist lost his mind and unleashed all the weapons in his weapon box, attacking anyone blindly .

Some manipulators went crazy too, and swept their green vines all over the place .


The peak-level Dangling Fishers in the front were dazed too . They were strong, but only relatively . If those on the wanted list were so easy to kill, they wouldn’t have fooled so many people into coming with themselves on the mission .

At this moment, among the dozen peak-level Dangling Fishers, a man’s skin began to fester . Then, as if his body was unplugged, hundreds of narrow golden brooks of water squirted out .

Even the peak-level Dangling Fishers couldn’t stop the brooks from drawing close . The two guys closest to the man were sprinkled by them . They took different reactions . One of them tried to block the golden brooks with his spiritual energy protective cover, and the other simply cut a piece of flesh off his arm when it was corrupted and quickly fled .

As a result, the man who resisted it with the spiritual energy protective cover was fully enveloped in the weird golden water . Then, to everyone’s shock, strange colors popped up on his body, and his flesh began to bulge .

“Disperse! To the inner city!” the peak-level Dangling Fishers exclaimed . Just because they were strongest didn’t mean they were invincible, particularly not for the experts on the wanted list .

Now that the peak-level Dangling Fishers were running, the advanced Dangling Fishers naturally followed .

On Han Fei’s side, Wu Liang and the rest had fled a hundred meters away . They were about to return .

Han Fei was hesitating, when someone suddenly said in his head, Hey, have you watched enough of the show? It’s time to take action .