God of Fishing - Chapter 399

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Chapter 399: 399

Chapter 399 Conspirators

The peak-level Dangling Fishers couldn’t have looked more awful .

It happened too fast . They had planned to send for aid . If more peak-level Dangling Fishers came, they could surround Han Fei and Yang Huan easily, who couldn’t possibly resist a hundred of them .

But after only a short while, the peak-level Dangling Fishers had all fled or been killed .

Some roared furiously, “Idiots! Idiots! Why did they run? The outsiders would not let go of anyone in here after they come in!”

Someone asked in fright, “Where is Yang Huan?”

Reminded by him, the twenty peak-level Dangling Fishers all dispersed .

They didn’t know each other in the first place, and this was just a temporary team . Now, Han Fei had revealed himself, but Yang Huan was nowhere to be seen . What did it mean?

Someone bellowed, “Keep a distance from each other! Yang Huan must be among us!”

Han Fei was quite curious about where Yang Huan was too . If he had really been among the peak-level Dangling Fishers, why didn’t he attack just now?

Yang Huan spoke telepathically, Keep chasing them . You’re covered in poison at this point . None of them will fight you . Chase them to the inner gate . I’ll wait for you there .

Han Fei was slightly intrigued . Okay!

Someone ahead looked back at Han Fei . “Han Fei, don’t push us, or we will attack you together . You think you can resist so many peak-level Dangling Fishers?”

Han Fei chuckled . “Feel free to come at me if you’re not afraid of the poison!”

Everybody was lost for words . If you weren’t protected by the poison, we would’ve already killed you!

While chasing them, Han Fei sensed the poisonous mist on his body, which was really horrible! He felt that his spiritual energy was vaporizing even though he had taken things like the Venomous Tulip . Could this poison swallow his spiritual energy?

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

Han Fei took out the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bow and shot out arrows . Each arrow contained almost a thousand points of spiritual energy . He didn’t care if the arrows hit them; he was merely scaring them off with the poison on the arrows .


“Damn it! Hold another hundred seconds! We’re almost at the inner gate!”

Han Fei shouted, “Yang Huan, it’s time to show yourself, you son of a bi*ch! If you don’t, they’ll really get away!”

Everybody was greatly alarmed . Someone spoke telepathically, Enter the inner city separately . Don’t gather . Han Fei roared, “Yang Huan, did you hear that? They’re entering separately . It’s a good time to kill them one by one!”

Everybody up ahead wanted to cut Han Fei into pieces now that Han Fei caught their communication . Now that they were too dispersed, they had to speak more loudly, and Han Fei could hear everything . A hundred seconds later, Han Fei finally saw the inner city, which was much bigger than the outer city . Some of them dashed in first .

The rest of them were greatly relieved . They could find out which of them Yang Huan was after they entered the inner city .

Therefore, they gathered again after they dispersed . Of course, they were all on full alert, ready to squeeze their flash stones if anyone behaved abnormally . It would be even better if they could fight back instantly .

Han Fei kept shouting, “Yang Huan, where the f*ck are you? They’ll all be inside if you don’t do anything…”

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Hardly had Han Fei finished when glamorous fireworks burst out at the gate, and a poisonous mist was spreading within hundreds of meters…

That was not all . He also saw a streak of golden light bouncing among the peak-level Dangling Fishers quickly .

Bam, Bam…

Only three of them made it to the inner gate . Of the rest, five abandoned the inner gate and escaped by squeezing flash stones, and others were instantly covered by the poisonous mist .

Then, their bodies started rotting, with dark holes appearing . Some people were withering, and some had turned green…

Eight people had fallen into the trap . Though two made it into the inner city, six didn’t .

After it was done, Han Fei saw a young man in his twenties walking out of a corner . The man said, “We did our best . It’s not easy to hunt peak-level Dangling Fishers . ”

Staring at the young man, Han Fei said, “Almost fifty escaped . ”

The young man was staring at him too . He shrugged and said, “Thirty-nine, to be more exact . But only those who made it to the inner city will really survive . ” Glancing at Yang Huan, Han Fei said, “Take your poison away right now . ” Yang Huan asked curiously, “What spiritual fruit did you take? My poison is useless on you?”

Han Fei said, “Haha . Take a guess . ”

Yang Huan was not bothered . He glanced at Han Fei and asked, “Now what?”

Han Fei’s original plan was simple: to cause as much mess as possible, so that no more hundred-person teams would march into the Undersea City .

The cooperation with Yang Huan was purely an accident . One of them wanted money, and the other intended to save someone . They had different purposes, but the result was the same .

Han Fei smiled . “Collect their Sea Swallowing Seashells now . Let’s split them . ”

Yang Huan laughed . “You’re demanding half? That’s not fair . I want seventy percent . ”

Han Fei sneered . “There are a thousand people outside . Do you not want theirs? Or do you think you can take them down on your own?”

Considering for a moment, Yang Huan said, “You’re here to save someone . It will be difficult for you if I don’t help . ”

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Pointing at the gate, Han Fei said, “There’s a hundred-person team inside, and four peak-level Dangling Fishers just got in . But the Undersea City is too huge . Xia Xiaochan can’t be hunted by them easily . She didn’t get on the wanted list for nothing . ”

Yang Huan pointed outside . “What about the thousands of people out there?”

Han Fei tilted his head . “Are you really so stubborn? We haven’t killed many people yet . Let’s try to make a fortune from the people outside…”


Yang Huan suddenly laughed . He stared at Han Fei and said, “I’m interested . As expected of the third place on the wanted list . Okay, let’s split them . I’ve got a plan…”

Han Fei said, “You’re more familiar with this place . Tell me about it . ”

Yang Huan’s eyes turned cold . “Those in the outer city of the Undersea City are just regular undead creatures . You’re too sturdy to be hurt by them . However, not everybody is like you… You will have to attract a tremendous amount of undead creatures…”

Looking at the ruined outer city, Han Fei nodded . “Not a problem, but what next?”

Yang Huan suddenly laughed . “It’s even harder to cultivate poison than to cultivate body hardness . Do you really think I’ve shown my best?”

Han Fei looked outside and asked, “How many people can be stopped in the outer city?”

Yang Huan squinted and said, “Thirty percent, tops . ”

Han Fei was secretly shocked . Thirty percent was a lot! There were hundreds of boats outside . None of them would’ve believed that thirty percent of them could be killed by undead creatures and poison…

Han Fei asked, “What about the inner city?”

Yang Huan’s lips curled . “The hero souls in the inner city are significantly stronger than the undead creatures in the outer city . ”

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Watching Yang Huan collect the Sea Swallowing Seashells with the golden threads, Han Fei frowned and asked, “How much stronger? As strong as a thousand undead creatures?”

Yang Huan shook his head . “Of course not . I have a grass that I wonder if you have ever heard about . ”

Han Fei stared at Yang Huan in silence .

Yang Huan said, “The Three Turn Dragon Drool Grass . It’s unique in the level-three fishery . It can…”

Han Fei asked in surprise, ‘Thousand Kilometer Redness?”

Yang Huan was stunned . “You know that?”

Of course Han Fei knew it . However, the plant was not recorded in regular books but only described in A Complete Collection of Spiritual Plants in the Infinite Ocean .

The Three Turn Dragon Drool Grass, also known as Thousand Kilometer Redness, was developed in places with dragon blood . It was said that it was surrounded by fiery poison . It was a remarkable grass in the level-three fishery .

It contained a tremendous amount of spiritual energy and could help someone reach a higher level, like turning from a Dangling Fisher to a Hanging Fisher . The Three Turn Dragon Drool Grass was quite powerful . To take it, one had to be strongly resistant to poison, which was the most important requirement . Secondly, they must be very sturdy .

As far as Hanging Fishers knew, it was inedible for ordinary people and could be lethal even for peak-level Dangling Fishers . Probably only the Hanging Fishers could use them . Because the plant grew in environments of pure redness, it was hard to discover them . Han Fei didn’t know where Yang Huan found it…

Han Fei asked in confusion, “Is there such a thing in the level-three fishery?”

Yang Huan looked at Han Fei weirdly . “I obtained it by accident, but I won’t give it away . Well…” Yang Huan thought a moment and said, “I can give you the Three Turn Dragon Drool Grass if you let me keep all the Sea Swallowing Seashells . ”

Han Fei snorted . “Not interested . I don’t need it to help with my breakthrough, and I don’t need the little spiritual energy it contains . Let’s just split the Sea Swallowing Seashells . ”

Yang Huan said, “Okay, let’s do it before it’s too late!”