God of Fishing - Chapter 400

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Chapter 400

Chapter 400 Perils in the Inner City

Though Han Fei did not trust Yang Huan yet, he was not very suspicious of the man at this moment, after the man had revealed his identity and shown that he was just here to make a fortune .

Han Fei grabbed a bunch of Sea Swallowing Seashells and flapped his wings, marching forward .

The battlefield in the outer city was quite huge . Han Fei simply hauled the nine chains against the ground, collapsing the buildings that should’ve collapsed long ago .

He raised dirty sand and mud from the ground . In the middle of the sand and mud, human-shaped shadows were emerging .

At first, dozens of them were chasing Han Fei . A moment later, there were thousands of them . However, the undead creatures were too slow to catch up with Han Fei . As for those which took shape even more slowly, they simply lingered, not knowing what they should do…

In the meantime, Han Fei ran into a peak-level Dangling Fisher, who thought that Han Fei was coming at him . The man squeezed another flash stone and disappeared .

When Han Fei raged past the gate to the inner city, he was followed by more than ten thousand undead creatures that were mauling each other . Yang Huan was quite shocked .

Staring at Han Fei while Han Fei swooshed by, Yang Huan secretly cursed, “What a monster . ”

Actually, Yang Huan was much weaker than Han Fei in terms of combat ability . Faced with peak-level Dangling Fishers, Yang Huan could only deal with two, or maybe three with his dual professions .

Now, watching Han Fei who had been reckless since the beginning, Yang Huan was quite envious, wondering how amazing it would be if his body could be as sturdy as Han Fei’s while he kept his poisoning abilities .


In the sea outside of the Undersea City, the people were still waiting . Someone said impatiently, “Why don’t we form another hundred-person team? Only the inner part of the Undersea City is dangerous . But now that two hundred-person teams have entered it, the way is cleared for us . ”

Someone said carefully, “Forget it . Let’s just wait another day . Two hundred people are nothing in the Undersea City . Let’s see who comes out first . ”

This place was unusually peaceful and quiet, without any fighting or quarrel . Someone was even in the mood for fishing .


Suddenly, a person broke out of the water, raising a tide dozens of meters high . “Huh? Someone is out?” “A peak-level Dangling Fisher is out?”

Many people rose quickly . But the newcomer said in panic in the next second, “We need reinforcements! Han Fei and Yang Huan blended into the hundred-person team just now . They’re fighting in the outer part of the Undersea City . Come!” “What?”

Han Fei was still vandalizing the area . When people surged into the outer city, he was still waving the nine-star chain randomly .

Suddenly, he saw a dozen people at the gate . “Is it really Han Fei?” “Hurry up! It’s really Han Fei!” With a smile, Han Fei waved at the gate, before running to the gate to the inner city as quickly as possible while wagging his chain tails .

After no more than a second, the gate to the outer city was crowded . But they were all shocked to see the undead creatures all over the place .

Someone was lost for words . “What’s Han Fei’s problem?”

The peak-level Dangling Fishers did not care about the undead creatures and simply pressed on . “Kill anyone on your way . ”

They weren’t affected . They even found Han Fei naive . Did he really think that they would be stopped by the undead creatures?

When hundreds of people swarmed into the city, the undead creatures were really vulnerable . After only a moment, most of them were shattered, and few people died .

Amidst the freezing currents, Han Fei hopped and dodged .

Many spoke warily, “Be cautious of Yang Huan . Everybody, march in a line, and kill any hunter who intends to cut in the line . ”

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The freezing currents were rather powerful, but none of the newcomers were slow . Even though the number of the freezing currents had been increased due to the destruction to the battlefield, they only caused the deaths of no more than twenty people, which was insignificant compared to the whole army .

Han Fei secretly cursed, I’m in serious trouble! He wondered if Yang Huan’s poison would be effective . Things wouldn’t end well if it weren’t!

Those people were already aware of Yang Huan and Han Fei’s collaboration, so they had been taking precautions . They simply tailed Han Fei without trying to catch him .

The spirit gatherers cleared the unusual waves of spirit energy at the edge, and the manipulators separated the battlefield with various kinds of vines like they were a real army .

Yang Huan was gone at the gate to the inner city . But Han Fei was not panicked at all . He didn’t see why Yang Huan would give up this opportunity .

When Han Fei landed at the gate to the inner city, the hundred peak-level Dangling Fishers all stopped . They were all armed and even fused with their spiritual beasts .

Someone spoke telepathically, Han Fei, you really think that you could’ve stopped us with your petty trick? Also, Yang Huan thinks that his poison is so awesome?

Dozens of people simply shot terrifying arrows of spiritual energy at Han Fei with their bows .

Silently, Han Fei raised his head and looked above .

Following Han Fei’s movement, the peak-level Dangling Fishers all raised their head too .

Then, they found that a purple mist, mixed with overwhelming undead creatures, were swooping at them .

Han Fei grinned . “Hehe! Come and get me!”

Right before the hundred arrows of spiritual energy hit Han Fei, he retreated gently and disappeared into the dark gate to the inner city .

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All the chasers were greatly shocked . Someone cried crazily, “Go into the inner city now!”

Han Fei actually admired Yang Huan for his poisoning methods . Nothing was more effective than poison in a large-scale battle .

In the outer city, while the peak-level Dangling Fishers in the front were running first, the advanced Dangling Fishers and the intermediate Dangling Fishers behind them all used their last resorts in fright!

For a moment, spiritual beasts, contractual spiritual beasts, and weapons were waving crazily, imploding tremendous numbers of undead creatures before they arrived! But there were too many undead creatures! Any of them who managed to draw close could kill a person .

Almost in the blink of an eye, the outer city was strewn with bodies .

Far away behind a wall, Yang Huan was watching the scene, sneering . He saw nothing but money . The Sea Swallowing Seashell of each person could bring him tremendous rewards . He had only thought to set up one hundred-person team, but he didn’t know that Han Fei was here too . He was excited that the game got so big . How many Sea Swallowing Seashells could he acquire from the thousand people?

On the other hand, hardly had Han Fei entered the inner city when he had an enormous sense of crisis .

What he saw first was the glittering, crimson, glamorous grass hundreds of meters away . It must be the Three Turn Dragon Drool Grass .

But Han Fei did not intend to collect it at all . That Three Turn Dragon Drool Grass had hundreds of weird colors . There was no telling how many poisons Yang Huan had added to it .

What was really dangerous was the monsters around the grass whose big eyes were wide open, as well as the hero souls that were much more vivid than those strewn in the outer city with their armor and their spears…

A string of data appeared in front of Han Fei’s eyes . Undead Hero Souls They’re the experts’ lingering beliefs of protection . They will fight for this city again when they meet intruders .

38 Undead

3,566 Points

Undead Vibe

Though they were all undead creatures, those here were essentially different .

The undead creatures in the outer city were just regular soldiers who were unconscious and only knew to attack, but Han Fei sensed that the hero souls here had their own minds .

There were a hundred such hero souls . They were all tall and magnificent, and they were aiming their long spears at Han Fei, with blue flames burning in their eyes . “Die!”



The mysterious roars that sounded from hell rumbled in Han Fei’s ears like thunder .

Holding the Water Dividing Seal, Han Fei evaded the hundreds of slashes, until he turned a sharp turn, leaving a gold and red trail of light, and jumped at the Three Turn Dragon Drool Grass .

When he approached it, he found that the grass was surrounded by bodies . There were enormous black worms dozens of meters long, crumbled crabs, squids that were being bitten, and hermit crabs that were feasting on those bodies .

None of the creatures seemed to have been poisoned . They seemed to have been killed by other creatures .

When Han Fei raised his head again, he found all kinds of eyes glittering from the dark corners in all directions . A myriad of creatures seemed to be hiding around him .

“Sweet mother of God…”