God of Fishing - Chapter 401

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Chapter 401: 401

Chapter 401 Indirect Killing

Greatly shocked, Han Fei asked, “Why are there so many monsters here . ”

The Hexagon Starfish said, “Human being, I find it a dreadful endeavor to go treasure hunting with you! I want to go back to the Seaborne Prairie!”

“Shut up! You would only end up as someone’s contractual spiritual beast if you go back, do you believe me?” After Han stayed for only a couple of seconds, a crab dozens of meters long waved its pincers and attacked him .

More importantly, different from the crabs outside, this crab was completely black, and its pincers were more like a pair of sharp, double-edged scissors .

Behind him, the hero soul was attacking too . Han Fei felt that he would’ve been killed if he were anyone else . None of the creatures he saw were weak, including this crab . Blade Edge Spiritual Crab This is a mutated crab that has absorbed the deathly vibe in the forsaken city . It’s very aggressive due to the influence of the hero souls . Its shell can be forged into armor .



3,421 Points


Blade Armor

Han Fei simply chose to go for the Blade Edge Spiritual Crab, and the Blood Drinking Knife glittered in his hand .

This was not the time for a prolonged battle . He needed to get away from the battlefield as soon as possible . The people behind him would catch up to him soon . He would be in a dilemma if he hadn’t escaped yet by then!


Using the Drawing Art, which was Han Fei’s best battle technique at this point, Han Fei cut through the crab shell . The saber aura did not stop until thirty meters later .

At this point, Han Fei had stepped on the Blade Edge Spiritual Crab and charged at the unknown darkness .

Three seconds after Han Fei ran into the darkness, a lot of peak-level Dangling Fishers had swarmed into the inner city .

The hero souls and sea creatures who intended to hunt Han Fei, distracted by the intruders, immediately attacked them .

“Damn it… I’m tricked! I’m going to cut my way through . ”

Han Fei cut a couple of sea creatures in a row, including a crab, an octopus, a sea snake, and, most surprisingly, a huge conch .

Having seen Xiao Zhan’s Eight-Armed Conch earlier, Han Fei knew that some conchs could be tough and tricky, but he had to cut that particularly conch three times to break it .

Han Fei’s face was dark, and his arm was shaking . It was really hard to deal with the creatures with hard shells! If he ever met an opponent who had a contractual spiritual beast similar to the Eight-Armed Conch one day, that opponent couldn’t be weak .

Passing those creatures, Han Fei simply covered himself in a Stealth Array, but it was practically useless . He was immediately spotted by a serpent . Thankfully, the Hexagon Starfish, as free labor, dropped another array on Han Fei and managed to hide him in time .

The Hexagon Starfish said, “You need to learn arrays more . You’re not good at them except the Spirit Gathering Array…”

Han Fei said gloomily, “Do you think I don’t know that? But do I look like someone who has the time to study arrays?” .

He was lost for words . I’m a Heavenly Talent, and I’m despised by a starfish! When I’m finished here, I have to spend some time on arrays after I leave the level-three fishery…

Since the Seaborne Prairie, Han Fei had realized the importance of arrays . He did not feel so back in the level-two fishery, but here, he felt that he could hardly resist the ferocious hunters of the level-three fishery without a few handy arrays .

The outer city had already turned into hell, and fierce battles were going on at the gate to the inner city .

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The hero souls were much stronger than regular undead creatures . Holding their spears, they drew such intense circles of light in the water that they almost wove into nets .

At the gate to the inner city, the contractual spiritual beasts were raging, and the human fishers were fighting crazily with glowing weapons .

The hero souls were shattered by the peak-level Dangling Fishers one after another . Since Han Fei could kill the sea creatures like Blade Edge Spiritual Crab, it was even easier for the hundreds of peak-level Dangling Fishers .

Gradually, the advanced Dangling Fishers broke in and joined the battlefield too .

Han Fei frowned, wondering how many people Yang Huan had intercepted in the outer city . At this moment, the gate of the inner city had almost been cleared, and only a handful of peak-level Dangling Fishers as well as a few dozen advanced Dangling Fishers were killed . The situation was being stabilized .

Suddenly, the Three Turn Dragon Drool Grass at the gate exploded .

Han Fei learned the dreadfulness of poison at this moment . The infinite poisons around the Three Turn Dragon Drool Grass burst out at the game like strange fireworks that were flashing in the night sky .

Han Fei was quite shocked that Yang Huan detonated such a precious spiritual grass without any hesitation . He quite admired Yang Huan for that .

Not everybody had such resolve . After all, the Three Turn Dragon Drool Grass could possibly increase the capabilities of the user and might be even more valuable than the Venomous Tulip . The moment the Three Turn Dragon Drool Grass exploded, Han Fei sensed an earthquake . He felt that something was pushing through the soil .

A moment later, he saw an infinite number of hermit crabs under his feet .

Reading the information of the hermit crabs, Han Fei was quite horrified .

Soul Eating Crab

This is a mutated hermit crab . Because of the nurturing of the hero souls, they can feed on soul power .


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111 points


Han Fei immediately jerked and swam up . Those creatures were now swarming out . Even though he considered his soul to be steady and powerful, he would rather not risk his life .

He heard Yang Huan’s telepathic voice . Han Fei, it’s time for you to show your sincerity in our cooperation! I’ve done enough! I’ve poisoned thirty percent of them as I promised, and I’ve detonated the Thousand Kilometer Redness, making all the creatures within a hundred kilometers delirious . There’s nothing more I can do now . It’s up to you .

Han Fei frowned . How did you find me?

Yang Huan said, Hey! You’re still carrying my poison . I can track you down as long as the poison remains .

Han Fei knew that Yang Huan was negotiating with him . So far, he had done nothing except for attracting the undead creatures as a bait . Obviously, Yang Huan was unsatisfied .

But Han Fei was not an idiot to join the battle immediately . Something would be wrong with his head if he did that .

Han Fei said, Let’s wait a moment while they fight .

Yang Huan said, Someone will escape after a few moments at most . I can’t lock the outer city down on my own . If they run into the inner city, neither of us can catch them . This is the only opportunity for us .

Han Fei was lost for words . You think I’m a god? Do you expect me to fight a thousand people while dealing with all those creatures?

Yang Huan asked, Aren’t you capable of the power of thunder?

Han Fei said gloomily, Why do you think that? You think I’m Thor?

Who’s Thor?

Han Fei said impatiently, Don’t bother who he is . Just keep picking your Sea Swallowing Seashells . I will take action when I think I should .

Then, Han Fei went to where the Soul Eating Crabs were coming .

He was not worried that Yang Huan might run . There were so many people and so many Sea Swallowing Seashells here at the gate to the inner city . Unless Yang Huan gave up all of them, he had to continue the cooperation with Han Fei .


“Soul Eating Crabs!”

The overwhelming Soul Eating Crabs marched forward . Though tens of thousands of them were crushed instantly, still, more Soul Eating Crabs swallowed soul power . Many advanced Dangling Fishers fell in the middle of the fight .

There was nothing they could do when their soul was eaten .

Someone exclaimed, “Abort the hunt! Abort the hunt! Run!”

Han Fei saw that many people squeezed their Flash Stones and disappeared . The number of the people here was shrinking .

After only a short while, a third of them had squeezed their Flash Stone and escaped .

Apart from those who fled, hundreds of people returned to the outer city . They were already horrified of what happened to them at the gate to the inner city . They didn’t know what lay ahead, and too many of them had been killed . After realizing that it was hopeless for them to hunt the demons, they believed that escaping was the most sensible choice .

While those advanced Dangling Fishers were trying to escape, Han Fei was exploring the depths . At this moment, he was standing outside of an underground cave .

Just now, he saw a swarm of Soul Eating Crabs coming out of the cave . Also, he perceived something even more dangerous down below .

Therefore, Han Fei “accidentally” dropped a spiritual fruit and broke it…