God of Fishing - Chapter 406

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Chapter 406

Chapter 406 Secret Battle Technique

The man was panicked . He had no doubt that Han Fei would kill this Man-Fish . Having met too many talented young men, he knew that he couldn’t fool them with a few words .

“I have a battle technique that’s of a high level . That’s the reason why I survived . ”

Han Fei smiled casually . “Oh? Can you still use it?”

“Yes . ”

Tilting his head, Han Fei stepped back and said, “Then show me . ”

“I can’t! My battle technique requires tremendous spiritual energy, which I’m running out of . Does this Man-Fish look energetic to you?” .

Han Fei raised his finger, and a pillar of spiritual energy was instilled into the man-fish . Then, he threw a random fish over and said, “Show me it now . ”

“You are a spirit gatherer?” The man was lost for words . Aren’t you supposed to be a soul warrior?

Han Fei said, “I’ll give you twenty seconds to finish the fish . If you can’t show it to me after that, I’ll kill you . ”

Han Fei gazed at the Man-Fish curiously .

He believed that, even if reincarnation techniques existed in this world, the man here couldn’t possibly have it, because the level-three fishery was too lowly compared to the infinite ocean . If such remarkable techniques were shown here, it would only mean that whoever possessed the Man-Fish used to be a great expert .

The Man-Fish gobbled up the food . A moment later, it suddenly opened its eyes, with a bright blue sheen emanating from its body .

In the next moment, the Man-Fish began to expand, and its muscles were rising, indicating its increasing power .

“Huh? Is this an explosive secret technique? What’s the side effect after you use it?”

Han Fei saw that the Man-Fish rose from level 40 to level 45, and that it was still climbing “Heh . You gave me spiritual energy? You’re asking to be killed . ”


A shadow burst out from the Man-Fish’s eyes . It seemed to be mental power, but it also seemed to be something a level higher than mental power .

Waving the Needle, Han Fei smashed the shadow . Immediately, he felt a blast on his mind, but it didn’t hurt him . He simply retreated his mental senses and defended his mind .


Blood oozed out of Han Fei’s nose and ears, and he had a strong headache .

He was quite surprised at the mental shock .

That was not right . He didn’t give much spiritual energy, and a fish did not contain much nutrition . How could this man have become so strong?

After three heavy smashes, Han Fei discovered, to his amazement, that he failed to break the thing .

“Huh? This is a high-level secret technique . ”

Han Fei had his own secret techniques, including Fury . But it was too deeply flawed . He tried deducing it but it wasn’t very helpful, so he gave it up .

Back in the Thug Academy, he came across similar techniques . However, those secret techniques all had strong side effects, and the more advanced they were, the greater the side effects would be . It was also why Han Fei never deduced the secret techniques like Fury .

Now, the only thing that Han Fei was curious about was the side effects of this technique after the man showed it to him .

Han Fei had been curious about it before . A level-40 Man-Fish could’ve been killed by any random peak-level Dangling Fisher, and it shouldn’t have survived so long .

Now, Han Fei finally realized that the man’s secret technique was rather powerful, and he might be defeated if the man was not shackled .

“Fish Sorrow Stab!”

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

Han Fei saw hundreds of stings being darted at him fast and ferociously .

Instantly, Han Fei pulled all the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers back and hid behind them .

After a while of clinking sounds, Han Fei looked at the dozens of fish stings that pierced half a inch into his body in surprise . “It’s quite good . I’m actually hurt . ”

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Han Fei was very surprised . Even a peak-level Dangling Fisher might not be able to hurt him with regular attacks, but this crippled Man-Fish had wounded him?

The Man-Fish was stunned, as if it had just swallowed a smelly crab . It looked at Han Fei in shock . “You… How is it possible? How could an intermediate Dangling Fisher have resisted the Fish Sorrow Stab?”


Han Fei unleashed his spiritual energy and knocked away all the stingers . Then he asked, “What else have you got?”

As he spoke, Han Fei stabbed the Needle, sticking it to a weapon that looked like a harpoon .


Han Fei was blown a dozen steps back, and the harpoon was broken due to its poor quality .

Han Fei waved his hand . “Very strong . It’s even more powerful than a fully-blown attack from a peak-level Dangling Fisher . Is this the effect of your secret technique?”

Han Fei glanced at the Man-Fish with great interest . “Anything else? Your body must be sturdier than before now that you’re both mentally and physically stronger, right?”


While the man-fish cried in fear, Han Fei drew out the Blood Drinking Knife and cut . The intense saber aura instantly passed the man-fish’s body .


As he expected, though the Man-Fish was fortified, it failed to block his Drawing Art . But to Han Fei’s surprise, the man-fish was not killed . Its chest had been cut open, but it was not chopped into halves .

“Huh? You’re sturdier than a peak-level Dangling Fisher too, but not by too much . Is it because this Man-Fish was too weak in the first place?”

Han Fei nodded . “It’s very possible . After all, this thing is neither a fish nor a man . But it’s already impressive that you can take one attack from me . ”

The man was almost crying . I used my secret technique! How could I have failed to defeat an intermediate Dangling Fisher? Even a peak-level Dangling Fisher would’ve been killed!

Han Fei asked, “How long will the secret technique last?”

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Seeing that the man was silent, Han Fei threatened him . “I’ll cut you again if you don’t talk . Let’s see if you can resist it again . ”

Heaving a sigh, the man said, “Twenty seconds . The energy that I just acquired can only support that long . ”

Han Fei’s eyes glittered . “That’s long enough . What’s the consequences? Are there any consequences?” Han Fei was more interested in this secret technique than the art of reincarnation . He would take it as long as it did not have great side effects .

The man seemed to have given up resistance . He said, “The side effect is that you have to eat food and replenish your energy . It’s very hard . ”

However, Han Fei was overjoyed when he heard that the side effect was that he must have food . “Wait, the side effect is the need for food? Not exhaustion, meltdown, etc . ?”

The Man-Fish lowered its head . “That’s the side effects of regular secret techniques . Actually, all secret techniques are supported by nutrition . But some people confuse nutrition with energy . The secret techniques they create are naturally flawed . ”

Han Fei was quite happy . There might be people he couldn’t defeat in a fight, but he could never fail an eating contest .

He immediately asked, “Give the art of reincarnation and the secret technique to me, and I will spare you . ”

“Why should I believe you?”

Han Fei said with a smile, “There’s nothing you can do anyone . I don’t have to kill you . Even if I set you free, do you dare to go out? Do you know how many peak-level Dangling Fishers are out there? I’ll wager that you will be caught before you reach the outer city with your current look . ”

A moment later, when the duration of the secret technique was over, the man controlled an Undead Merman to walk to him and he disgustingly swallowed the Undead Merman alive .


Han Fei cursed, “Can you be more disgusting?” The man said with a miserable smile, “You will not find this disgusting anymore when you’re starving . ”

Han Fei snorted and slashed his saber on the chains . However, while sparks splashed out, the chains remained intact .


The man sighed, “If the chains could be cut so easily, I wouldn’t have been trapped for such a long time . ”

Han Fei ran to the chains and examined them carefully, only to see nothing but a shallow mark on them . They were truly hard .

Han Fei said, “Give me the secret technique and the art of reincarnation first . Then I’ll save you . ”

The man was silent for a moment . “Do I look like an idiot? Why would you save me after I give them to you?”

Han Fei said solemnly, “You’re not an idiot . I’ll definitely save you, because those chains are more valuable than you . ”


The man would’ve fought Han Fei again if he weren’t chained . What are you talking about? I’m not as valuable as a few chains?

Han Fei took out a saw and unattached the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp . Then he said, “Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp, time to work . Let’s cut the chains off . They’re as good as ultra-quality spiritual weapons . ”

In the meantime, Han Fei looked at the Man-Fish . “Give the secret technique and the art of reincarnation to me first, or I can kill you and tear down this prison cell . That would be easier for me to get the chains . ”

The man considered for a moment and decided that he could give the techniques first . He had other things to tempt Han Fei after he was unchained, and he was sure that such a greedy man wouldn’t turn them down .

Eventually, Han Fei got what he wanted .

Han Fei chuckled for a moment . Then, his Blood Drinking Knife suddenly glittered . Dumbfounded, the Man-Fish roared, “Don’t! I still have…”

“I don’t care what else you have . ”

He slashed the knife, and the Man-Fish, without the enhancement of the secret technique, was cut into halves .

The man died a confusing death . Didn’t he agree to spare me? If I offered the art of reincarnation and such a technique, how can I not have better things? Are you an idiot?

Looking at the body of the Man-Fish, Han Fei slightly shook his head . “I wouldn’t have killed you if you were slightly better-looking and hadn’t eaten so many people . Look at all the bones here . You think I would really set you free? What’s wrong with you?”

The Hexagon Starfish remarked, “I feel that he has more treasures . ”

Han Fei grinned, “I know, but I don’t care . He must’ve been a sophisticated man who lived too many years . I may be killed because of his tricks later . So, it’s enough that I have the secret technique . ”