God of Fishing - Chapter 408

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Chapter 408

Chapter 408 Drawing Circles

In fact, it was not the second treasure trove that Han Fei ran into in the Undersea City, but the ninth one . However, they had all been exploited by other people except for the prison, and Han Fei found nothing but collapsed walls in them .

Han Fei almost missed this one . Thankfully, he paid extra attention when he passed the area because the Hexagon Starfish said that there were arrays set up in this place .

Han Fei didn’t think too much . He simply jumped into the cave .

He did not have any special experience this time . His senses had hit the bottom of the cave before he reached it .

But when he perceived what was down there, he turned back and swam up as quickly as possible .

He saw dense layers of worms inside the cave . He didn’t know what the worms were, but their numbers were astonishing . He had sensed an infinite number of them .

Han Fei cursed, “Damn it . That’s a treasure to you? What kind of treasure trove is that?”

The Hexagon Starfish ran even faster than Han Fei did . Fleeing like a dart, it shouted, “It’s really scary!”

The Hexagon Starfish and Han Fei ran out of the cave crazily, one after the other .

There were enormous creatures in the sea, but they might ignore the petty-sized human beings . The worms were actually more threatening

For example, Han Fei was sure that he would’ve been drained if he wandered in a nest of the Dry Leaf Worms in the Seaborne Prairie even though he was as strong as a peak-level Dangling Fisher .

He didn’t see what the worms just now were exactly, but they were as numerous and repulsive as the Dry Leaf Worms . He certainly did not dare to trespass .

After they ran several thousand meters, the entrance of the cave was filled with worms . However, finding no creatures, the noodle-like worms entangled each other and returned to the cave .

Dozens of kilometers away, Han Fei was still frightened . It seemed that he should probe with his fishing pole before he jumped into the next cave .

Han Fei said, “Mr . Hexagon Starfish, you’re really ungrateful . Why didn’t you call when you escaped?”

The Hexagon Starfish, “Didn’t you notice the danger yourself?”

Han Fei said, “You were definitely malicious! I will squeeze your essence blood if you do that again!”

The Hexagon Starfish rolled its six big eyes and almost wanted to slap Han Fei for threatening it with its essence blood every time . It decided that it would do that the day it obtained its essence blood .

But the Hexagon Starfish immediately dropped the thought, as Han Fei was growing too fast and it probably wouldn’t be able to defeat him by then .

Han Fei summoned Little White and kept going . He met other people three times in the next six hours, but they all squeezed their Flash Stones and escaped the moment they saw Han Fei .


Han Fei was lost for words . He realized that he had to assume Li Hanyi’s look again, so that whoever came later wouldn’t recognize him .

Half an hour later, Han Fei ran into a peak-level Dangling Fisher .

The peak-level Dangling Fisher was surprised to see Han Fei . Wasn’t this the Li guy who was eager for battles outside?

Immediately, the peak-level Dangling Fisher roared, “Come here . ”

Seeing him, Han Fei put on a different expression and swam close . “Bro, what a coincidence!”

The man frowned . “How did you get here?”

Han Fei said in fright, “It’s all Han Fei and Yang Huan’s fault . Yang Huan, in particular, poisoned a large number of people . I would’ve been poisoned too, if I hadn’t been at the front of the crowd and ran into the inner city in time . ”

The man stared at Han Fei coldly . “I’m asking you how you could’ve made it here as an intermediate Dangling Fisher . ”

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Pondering a moment, Han Fei realized that he had swum almost three thousand kilometers though he hadn’t been fast . It was indeed suspicious .

Blinking his eyes, Han Fei said, “I have Flash Stones! I flash every time I meet a scary monster…”

“Huh? You have many Flash Stones?” .

Han Fei stepped back hurried, as if he was going to run .

The man sneered and said, “You’re not holding a stone, and you would be dead by the time you take it out . Now, give me your Sea Swallowing Seashell . ”

Han Fei hesitated and said, “Bro, let’s talk nicely, shall we?”

“Who’s your bro? Where’s your manners? You think you can be my bro when you’re merely an intermediate Dangling Fisher? Give it to me in three seconds, and I might set you free . ”

The man looked at Han Fei proudly, and Han Fei gloomily and reluctantly reached for his pocket .

The man scoffed, “You think you can explore the Undersea City because you’re talented? What an idiot . ”

But while he was scoffing, something glittered in Han Fei’s hand . The man immediately tried to flee, but he had already been hit with a knife .

The man hadn’t even activated his spiritual energy protective cover or turned around yet, when he felt that his vitality was fading .

Standing before him with a smile, Han Fei said, “Li Hanyi’s identity is really useful . ”

Then, Han Fei searched the man and found his Sea Swallowing Seashell .

The man was not dead yet and was still looking at him in fear, so he said, “You robbed me first, or I would’ve let you walk away!”

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Han Fei didn’t know if he meant that, but after another push, the man was dead .

The Hexagon Starfish’s big eyes rolled as it watched Han Fei examining the Sea Swallowing Seashell . It was truly horrified by the demon who had killed a peak-level Dangling Fisher in one go . It wondered if he would do the same to him someday .

Petting Little White, Han Fei said, “Daughter, let’s continue . ”

On the way, Han Fei killed another advanced Dangling Fisher and explored two treasure troves futilely, until Little White led him to a battlefield .

Yes, it was a battlefield .

The buildings here had all collapsed, with bricks and pebbles scattered everywhere . Some of the rotten spears and swords were lying on the ground, some buried in pits, and some stabbed into rocks .

Han Fei asked in confusion, “Mr . Hexagon Starfish, is there an array here?”

Rolling its eyes for a long time, the Hexagon Starfish said, “I don’t think so! But this place feels dangerous . ”

Han Fei swam forward, only to find that this place was even gorier than the battlefield at the outer city and many people must’ve died here . So, there should be hero souls here .

There were no lowly undead creatures in the inner city anymore . All of them were hero souls .

Han Fei did not touch the rotten weapons . Instead, he circled the place and touched Little White’s head . “Daughter, is she really here?”

Little White swam down and stopped before the rotten swords and sabers .

Han Fei grew solemn . There were many more rotten weapons here than there were in the outer city . Besides, it would be hero souls instead of the lowly undead creatures that would be woken up . If hundreds of them appeared, even a peak-level Dangling Fisher might not survive!

Considering for a moment, Han Fei simply attached Little Gold to himself and recalled Little White and Little Black .

In the meantime, he summoned the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Pole . If anything were to happen, he could run faster with Little Gold and the pole .

At Han Fei’s command, dozens of Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers were darted at the rotten weapons .


When the weapons were broken, pale hero souls emerged everywhere around Han Fei .

Han Fei’s eyes cramped, and he felt that something was wrong .

The Hexagon Starfish spoke telepathically, There’s an array here . Those hero souls are the array .


Han Fei felt that his blood was freezing . “Do you know where the entrance is?”

The Hexagon Starfish shook its head . “I can’t find it . Do we have to break the array first?”

Looking back at the hero souls who were raising their weapons, Han Fei couldn’t have looked more awful . Break the array? I’m going to be killed by them .

Though panicked, Han Fei drew out the Needle and pointed at the hero souls . “Clear the way, or I will beat the s*it out of you…” Han Fei thought that, since he had plenty of energy after having a pot of Yellow Blood Sea Cucumber, it was a good chance to test the Majestic Mystic Spell . He even looked forward to it .

But in the next moment, to Han Fei’s surprise, those hero souls did not attack him but made the same movement with their spears: they were drawing circles in the water .

Han Fei: “???”