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God of Fishing - Chapter 409

Published at 25th of October 2020 08:25:05 PM

Chapter 409: 409

Chapter 409 A War Is Coming

Han Fei did not know whether or not the hero souls counted as undead creatures, but each of them were as strong as an advanced Dangling Fisher, if not stronger . Now, there were hundreds of hero souls, and the number was climbing .

A peak-level Dangling Fisher, or even a group of them, wouldn’t have the courage to stay here instead of running away .

Han Fei was not an exception . He was holding a Flash Stone, ready to run the moment these hero souls showed any anomaly without caring about this treasure trove .

However, the seemingly dangerous hero souls did not attack, but rather drew a circle for Han Fei .

This circle was created from the void and gradually expanded into a gate .

After the gate took shape, the hero souls aimed their spears at Han Fei and pressed on, trying to force Han Fei to step into the circle .

Han Fei gritted his teeth . Had Xia Xiaochan really gone into that? What tricks did the girl have to surmount all the obstacles and find this place?

After a moment of hesitation, Han Fei stepped into the circle .

He didn’t know if it was the right choice, but he knew that this treasure would be among the most dangerous ones in the Undersea City . The regular treasure troves couldn’t compare to it now .

Looking around, he found that he was caught in a haze .

When Han Fei finally had a clear view of this place, he discovered, to his shock, that he was standing on a street, and all kinds of people were passing by .

He thought that he might have fallen into a dream . The prosperity of the Undersea City dated back to an infinite number of years ago . How could there still be a city here?

The Hexagon Starfish asked, “Where are we?” Han Fei’s eyes widened . “Don’t talk . ”

“Hey, kid . Don’t block the way . ”

A man, holding a saber that was as tall as an adult, nudged Han Fei to a side of the street when he passed by .

While Han Fei looked around in shock, a man and a woman were talking to each other when they walked past him .

The man said, “Xiao Yi, this grand fish tide is not a joke! You shouldn’t go . ”

The woman replied, “No, I’m very good too . I can fight . Hundreds of battles have happened since the crash of the main city . I’ve taken part in a dozen of them . ”

“Listen to me . It’s different this time . I’m told that the fish are particularly ferocious . ”

The woman shot back, “No, I want to go . I want to stay by your side . ”

Han Fei only caught a few simple words before the man and the woman walked away .

The crash of the main city? The grand fish tide? Hundreds of attacks?

Deeply confused, Han Fei was about to tail the couple and continue eavesdropping on them, when a team of soldiers yelled at him and asked him to get out of the way .

Those soldiers were fully armed and armored . The spears they were holding were as tall as themselves .

But what shocked Han Fei most was that the dozens of soldiers were exclusively peak-level Dangling Fishers .

When the team passed, a soldier stayed and climbed on a roof . He spoke loudly from the roof, “Attention, everyone! The 187th grand fish tide is coming . Everybody should be prepared for battle by tonight . Every Dangling Fisher will be gathered in the outer city . Whoever disobeys will be executed!” After the speech, the soldier jumped off from the roof and caught up to his team .

Everybody exclaimed to each other after hearing the soldier’s announcement .

Someone shouted, “Damn it . I’ve waited such a long time . I’m certainly going to earn some battle credit this time . ”

Someone squeezed through the crowd . “I’m going home . I have to make another baby with my wife . ”

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Someone complained, “Son of a bi*ch, the grand fish tide comes every year . Do we even have a life?”

Someone roared crazily, “Kill them all!”

Someone was scared . “So soon? Didn’t they say that it wouldn’t happen until a couple of days later?”

The once quiet street became noisy and obstreperous .

Han Fei gasped hard . This did not seem to be a dream or an illusion! Everybody was extremely real, so real that he could see the sun in the sky and feel its warmth .

Han Fei asked, “Mr . Hexagon Starfish, can an illusion be so lifelike?”

Hiding on Han Fei’s shoulder, the Hexagon Starfish barely had the courage to open its eyes . It subconsciously replied, “I don’t think it’s an illusion!”

Han Fei stepped away from the street . He happened to be approaching a booth that was selling shrimp dumplings . The owner of the booth was an old man and a great fishing master . He asked, “Young friend, would you like some shrimp dumplings? You have to be full in order to perform well in the battle . ”

Rolling his eyes, Han Fei asked with a smile, “How much does it cost?”

The boss replied, “It’s only one mid-quality pearl . My shrimp dumplings are made of level-25 Red Feather Shrimps . You will definitely be satisfied . ”

Han Fei paid a mid-quality pearl and had the shrimp dumplings in front of the booth while the boss stared at him with a smile .

After a bite, Han Fei ascertained that this couldn’t be an illusion! The flowing shrimp sauce on his tongue that he sensed couldn’t be more vivid .

He couldn’t help but ask, “Boss, do you think I can survive tonight?”

Stunned, the boss replied with a smile, “You certainly will! Nobody should die anymore! We’ve almost lost all our men after two hundred years of war!”

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Han Fei’s heart shivered . For some reason, he felt the deepest sorrow at the bottom of his heart after hearing what the boss said .

He chuckled and said, “Then I certainly won’t die! I don’t even have a girlfriend yet! Boss, why are there so few girls in our city?”

The boss said teasingly, “You want a girlfriend, don’t you? But it’s really difficult to find a girlfriend nowadays . The girls of your age are either dead or married . Since pro-natalist policies were adopted a hundred years ago, most girls are engaged by the time they were twelve . You should fight harder and try to be admitted by the City Guards . That way, you can definitely get yourself a wife . ”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei only asked the question because he didn’t see a lot of girls on the street . But the boss’s reply was quite surprising .

Hearing what the boss said, Han Fei almost felt that he was really a man doomed to singleness .


Han Fei suddenly slapped his thigh . He just realized something . The boss asked, “Young man, what’s wrong? Are my shrimp dumplings bad?” Han Fei said quickly, “No! The shrimp dumplings are great! I just realized that there’s something I have to do . ” The boss said with a smile, “Then off you go! With the grand fish tide coming, not everybody will see the sun in the morning . ”

Han Fei’s face changed quickly . According to this boss, the girls here could be married by twelve . Then, wouldn’t Xia Xiaochan be the only girl who was fifteen and unmarried?

Wait, Xia Xiaochan was too beautiful, and she definitely had a bunch of pursuers in this place . Han Fei, who just walked away, ran back and asked the boss of the booth, “Boss, is there any fifteen-year-old girl in our city that hasn’t been married yet?”

The old man said with a smile, “Of course there are! But they are extremely rare . ” Han Fei asked, “Have you seen any? Which of them is the most beautiful one?”

The boss shook his head . “Why would I know? Are you trying to get laid before you go to the battlefield? You might as well hold a sign and try to sell yourself out . Your odds of success will be higher that way . ”

Han Fei realized that it did make sense .

Since this place was so short of girls, and a grand fish tide was coming on, everybody must be madly preparing for the battle . So, anything they did was probably excusable .

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Saying goodbye to the boss, Han Fei left and summoned Little White .

“Little White, can you find Xia Xiaochan?”

However, Little White proved useless this time . It looked at the crowded street in a daze, as if it had lost its sense of direction .

Han Fei was lost for words . Did he really have to wander the city with a sign above his head? Then how long must he hold it in this vast city?

After much deliberation, Han Fei decided that holding a sign was a bad idea . This city was too big and crowded . It was impossible to find any person in such a way .

Han Fei asked, “Mr . Hexagon Starfish, do you think someone will shoot me down if I fly into the sky?”

The Hexagon Starfish scratched Han Fei and said, “Certainly!”

Squeezing in the crazy crowd for a long time, Han Fei finally came to a store that sold fish skins .

The female shopkeeper smiled at Han Fei . “Young brother, would you like some fish skins?”

Han Fei pointed at the street . “You’re still in the mood of selling fish skins with all the pandemonium outside?”

The female shopkeeper laughed hard . “I have to live my life, don’t I? War is war, and business is business . Young brother, I can see that you don’t even have a battle suit . Do you want me to make one for you? Since a battle is about to happen, I’ll only charge you two hundred mid-quality pearls . ”

Han Fei waved his hands quickly . “Forget it .


Suddenly, Han Fei was dazed . “Boss, I’d like all the fish skins in your place . ”