God of Fishing - Chapter 414

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Chapter 414: Heavenly Desolate City: Big Fish Tide (1)

Chapter 414 Heavenly Desolate City: Big Fish Tide (1)

Outside the city, cries of war echoed high in the sky and all kinds of brilliant lights were shining in the sky, unusually conspicuous in the dark night .

When it was late at night, the noise outside abated a little bit . And the people at the front inside the city wall were already in an uproar .

Han Fei and the others saw two Hidden Fishers flying back . One of them was the beautiful woman in a red robe, who looked miserable at this moment . There seemed to be a big hole in her chest and she lost a wing . She could barely fly in the air, even with the help of another Hidden Fisher .

Ahead, the crowd was roaring, “Make way, make way, make a passage . ”

In the back, all the teenagers dodged to both sides of the road, all of them tense .

Because Han Fei was closest to the south gate of the inner city, after a while, he saw a lot of people sent to the inner city, being carried on stretchers, limping, or being carried on others’ backs .

Among the wounded, some lost their arms, some lost their legs, and some were covered with wounds cut by sharp blades, blood streaming down .

Anyway, among the people Han Fei saw, no one was intact, all drenched in blood .

The blood was quite strange in color, some green, some blue, some yellow, and some red…


Han Fei looked at the side tensely and suddenly saw a wounded man that was being carried back suddenly vomit a few mouthfuls of blood and there were worms in the blood he vomited .

He also noticed that someone had been deeply poisoned, his skin had completely turned blue, and the blood flowing from his mouth was no longer red but blue-black .

“Spirit gatherers, an urgent call for spirit gatherers to come to the inner city for help . ” Xia Xiaochan seemed to be shocked by this scene . Although she was very violent and able to fight, she had never seen such a scene! Every minute, dozens or even hundreds of people were sent into the inner city, looking miserable .

Almost immediately, many people responded, “I am a spirit gatherer . ”

“Me too . I can help . ”

“I’m both a spirit gatherer and a hunter . I can help too . ”


Xia Xiaochan looked at Han Fei . She knew what an excellent spirit gatherer Han Fei was . In the whole Blue Sea Town, Xia Xiaochan hadn’t seen a spirit gatherer who was more talented than Han Fei…

However, Han Fei looked at her with a pale look and shook his head slightly . He said to her via voice transmission, I can’t help them! If this war destroyed the city, I may be able to temporarily rescue ten or a hundred people, but that won’t change the result of the war at all .

Xia Xiaochan frowned . But are we just gonna watch them die?

Han Fei took a deep breath . I know this choice is cruel, but I must preserve my strength . This is their world and their city, but our world is not here .

Han Fei clenched his fist tightly . He wanted to rush up to save these people . However, his reason told him this simply wouldn’t work .

A spirit gatherer was too powerless for this level of war .

If the city wouldn’t be destroyed if Han Fei chose to save these people, he wouldn’t hesitate to come up to help . But he and Xia Xiaochan both knew that the Undersea City had been destroyed countless years ago and now there were only undead creatures and hero souls left there .

Han Fei frowned . “I’m afraid this battle will not be easy . We’ve gotta get out . Remember not to flash around after going out . ”

Xia Xiaochan nodded and her little face turned pale .

The rescue operation lasted for about half an hour and the trumpets blared again with a “toot” .

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Immediately, the voice of the person in front echoed in the sky again, “The first 50 teams go out of the city . All Hanging Fishers go out of the city . ”

Han Fei gasped . The first 50 teams? Hundreds of thousands go out of the city? What the hell is going on outside?

Han Fei looked at the four Hidden Fishers floating in the sky with an ominous premonition . Why did the person in front demand the Hanging Fishers to go out of the city? Does he want to conserve strength? He’s… Sending them to their deaths!

One night passed quietly .

Han Fei was already numb . About 60% of the teams had gone out of the city . The rescue operation like the one just now happened again at dawn .

This time, it was even worse than the last one . Some people had almost lost their human form when they were taken back . Had it not been for the fact that they still had the last breath due to their strong physique, they looked just like dead people…

The short R & R lasted until the sun rose above sea level and then until the sun half-set . Unconsciously, Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan seemed to have become the last batch of people who were about to go out of the city .

At this moment, they were only less than a kilometer away from the outer city wall . Han Fei counted it down, only to find that there were only 100 teams left .

Although each queue was very long horizontally, now they began to shrink from horizontal to vertical .

“All soldiers… Out!”

The strong master in the air stepped out . This was the first time he had left that place since last night .

This person didn’t say any useless words from beginning to end, nor did he say anything inspiring .

Now even the commander had gone out of the city, which showed how pitched the battle was!

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Han Fei found that every soldier looked determined including the little lovers around them . At this last moment, they were all pouring out their hearts to their lovers, encouraging each other and making promises that even they themselves didn’t believe in .

Han Fei grabbed Xia Xiaochan’s hand and said, “When we go out, you must not go crazy . If you have such feelings, tell me right away . ”

Xia Xiaochan suddenly said, “If we die here, can we go back?”

Han Fei shook his head . “No matter what, we can’t die . We can’t bet our lives! Now that we came here alive, we can leave here alive . So, no matter what happens, you must retain your strength . ”

Han Fei held Xia Xiaochan’s hand and started to rush out with others . The people around all shouted in unison, “Kill! Kill! Kill!”

No one knew if they were encouraging themselves or what .

Anyway, when Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan left the outer city with the crowd, almost instantly, a strong smell of blood and fish came upon them . That smell was simply disgusting!

And Han Fei finally saw what it was like outside the city .

Above the distant sky, Hidden Fishers were fighting . Because the battle of strong masters of this level would affect the people around extensively, they couldn’t fight too close to the city but could only stay in the distant sky, far away from the city!

Han Fei saw dozens of huge tentacles above the sky as if growing out of the clouds . The tentacles fought with humans, breaking out ripples of spiritual energy in the air and even the floating clouds were shaken away .

In front of his eyes, everyone was rushing forward . The battlefield was 3,000 meters away . It seemed that humans had kept the battlefield 3,000 meters away .

However, Han Fei could see that two-story-tall lobsters, giant crabs rampaging from side to side, and gigantic octopuses waving their huge tentacles from time to time, as well as mantis shrimp, red-haired big-mouthed crabs, Mess Swallowing Worms, spherical creatures, water-shaped creatures, and many nameless creatures, were crowded on the far frontline .

The glow from combat skills almost obscured the entire battlefield . The phantoms of various spiritual beasts and contractual spiritual beasts appeared and fought from time to time .

Someone shouted, “Block it . Dash forward! We must guard the outer city . ”

Someone roared, “Choose a target! If you can’t beat it, just change one, and hand it over to the strong . ”

As Han Fei approached the battlefield, he heard some crying and some howling .

Han Fei saw that a person lost his direction and ran to his side . He looked in pain as golden nematodes were drilling out of his body .

When Han Fei was about to help him out of his misery, a layer of flame suddenly burst out of his body and then a dagger flashed and killed him quickly .

Xia Xiaochan made a move, faster than Han Fei .

Han Fei turned to look at her . Xia Xiaochan looked serious . “No matter what, now that we’ve been here, we should fight this battle well . Let’s retreat when we can’t resist them…”

Han Fei glanced at her deeply and then nodded .

Suddenly, Han Fei felt something soft underfoot . He took a look and found that there was sand under his feet and seawater had spread here .

“Huh! Beach?”

Han Fei knew that the city had fallen from above . But was there a beach outside the city? Did it mean that this city would be submerged at any time?

As he was thinking, a hundred teams had already rushed into the battlefield .

It was like a meteorite collision .

Han Fei saw countless rocks rolling in the water, human-eating fish jumping out of the sand, countless moon-like blades cutting at the crowd, and huge crabs rampaging everywhere… This was not the point . The point was that… Han Fei saw an Inferior Man-Fish .