God of Fishing - Chapter 417

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Chapter 417: 417

Chapter 417 City Fall

“Opportunity?” Xia Xiaochan was greatly confused . She really couldn’t see where the opportunity was… Han Fei explained, “We can travel back in time here! What great experts do you think are capable of that?” Xia Xiaochan shook her head . “I don’t know . ”

Han Fei put on a smile . “I don’t think any of the people we saw today are capable of doing that . The swordsman we saw just now was strong, wasn’t he? But I think that he is only as good as a Law Enforcer, or an Explorer at best . Anyway, he can’t be stronger than Old Bai… Do you think Old Bai can go back to the past?”

Xia Xiaochan shook her head again . “Of course not . If he could, he would’ve gone back a long time ago… And what happened to the Thug Academy thirty years ago wouldn’t have happened . ”

Han Fei nodded . “That’s right! Therefore, this power must be something that we can’t understand . So, whoever put us in this place definitely has a purpose…”

Xia Xiaochan glanced at Han Fei . “That doesn’t help at all . I too know that they have a purpose . But what is the purpose exactly? To save everybody in the city?”

Han Fei shrugged . “Why don’t we take a guess? Assuming that we’re not here to save anyone, we will not be fighting the grand fish tides… Then why are we back here?”

Xia Xiaochan thought a long time but eventually shook her head, indicating that she didn’t know the answer .

Squinting, Han Fei said, “Either they have something that they want to tell us, or they have a last wish that they want us to carry out for them . Obviously, when everybody in this city is dead, certain secrets would be buried, and whoever is behind this doesn’t want to see that…”

Xia Xiaochan’s eyes glittered . “Huh? I think I’ve got it!”

Han Fei was stunned . “Huh? What have you got?”

Xia Xiaochan said in delight, “It’s the royal fortress . There’s a royal fortress at the center of the inner city . If there are indeed secrets, they must be buried in the royal fortress . ”

Blinking his eyes, Han Fei said, “Then let’s go to the inner city already!”

Regretfully, by the time Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan came to the gate, many city guards had been gathered there . Most of them were drenched in blood and looked ferocious . It was impossible for Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan to sneak in .

A Hidden Fisher returned, with a missing arm . He shouted from a high place, “Everybody, march to the outer city and hold it…”

In the crowd, someone asked, “My lord, how long do we have to hold it? Can we win this war?”

The Hidden Fisher said coldly, “The inner city must not fall whether or not we win . Here, the lifelong efforts of our ancestors are kept . Your family and friends live here too . The inner city must not fall!”

After the Hidden Fisher’s roar, all the city guards bashed their spears on the ground, with intense brutality emanating from them… Xia Xiaochan asked, “What do we do now?”

Han Fei said, “We wait . ”

Han Fei didn’t have a choice . He couldn’t simply break into the inner city now that it had been locked down .

The people around him were upset and angry, but eventually, they all heaved a sigh and accepted their fate .

What could they do? They had to protect the inner city . Who would fight if they went away? If everybody backed off, it would only be a matter of time before the inner city fell…

In the distant sky, a battle was going on . A glittering sword cut through the clouds, and the shocking pincers seemed able to squeeze the earth apart!

A tide almost a thousand meters high was pushed close . Under everybody’s watch, it crashed into the array that protected the city like a mad bull .


Instantly, the earth was shaking, and buildings were collapsing

Han Fei saw that the green array suddenly dimmed and was almost broken by the terrifying power .

After the clash of tide, Han Fei knew that the places outside of the city must’ve been drowned .

Everybody raised their heads and looked at the aftermath of the tide . When the tide passed, seawater was flowing down from the top as if it were running on a glass cover .

Though not a drip of the seawater entered the city, it was definitely a magnificent, shocking and devastating scene .

Someone sighed next to Han Fei . “There’s no need to run . A fight is inevitable no matter where we escape to! It’s better to fight and die here than to flee . ”

Someone grinned crazily . “I will sacrifice myself for the peace of this city . Even if I die and turn into a ghost, I will not yield to those goddamn creatures . ” A man even took out a dried fish and chewed it . “Fish are just food . No matter how strong they’ve become, someone stronger will put them in their mouth and eat them . ”

Many people were desperate at this moment, but desperation did not seem helpful at all… So, everybody abandoned their weakness and decided to have one last try .

Han Fei wouldn’t have been touched if only one or two of them did that, but when hundreds and thousands of people did the same, even Han Fei was touched by their emotion .

Xia Xiaochan, on the other hand, gritted her teeth, with tears shaking in her eyes .

Han Fei spoke telepathically, Don’t be reckless . Let’s keep waiting .

They waited about half an hour . Instead of a second tide, what came to them was a gigantic, sky-reaching pincer .

“Break . ”

At that moment, everybody in the city saw that someone turned into a streak of light and waved his sword mysteriously in front of the giant pincer .

After his slash, the clouds dispersed, and the aura of the sword swept across half of the sky . Even space was torn apart with black gaps .

Crack… Crack… Crack…

The crab’s charge remained inexorable, but it was already full of cracks . When it was about to crash into the array, its pincers were shattered to smithereens .

Every piece of its pincers were sparkling brilliantly in the air before they hit the green array in the next second .


For a moment, ripples were spreading out on the array that protected the city because of the overwhelming pieces .

After each crash, the city would shake .

The ground below Han Fei’s feet had always been trembling without a moment of tranquility .

Xia Xiaochan took a deep breath and asked, “Is that giant crab dead?”

Han Fei swallowed . “I don’t know! You saw the slash just now . I think it’s probably dead, isn’t it?”

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Han Fei wasn’t very sure . He was truly amazed by the sword attack just now . The aura of the sword pressed infinitely and cut the mountainous crab into pieces instantly! It was not hard to imagine how powerful the attack was .


When everybody saw that the array that protected the city blocked the crab’s attack, an enormous crack suddenly appeared on the green array .

Humming noises echoed along with an earthquake . The moment the green array was cracked, another overwhelming tide came close .

Many people forgot what they were doing and they looked up at the sky .

Crack… Crack…

The one crack on the circle suddenly led to thousands of cracks, sprawling over everybody’s head in the blink of an eye .

Right when everybody thought that the green circle would be broken, the tide ebbed, and the array survived it .


Everybody took a breath of relief subconsciously . Many had anxious sweat all over their head .

“Look . What’s that?”

Someone saw that a crab that was not large in size was hanging on the green array .



Instantly, as if a scorching sun was rising, the green array exploded, and the tide that hadn’t fully ebbed simply flooded into the city .

“Attack! Attack!”

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“Be prepared for battle!”

“Everybody, cheer up!”

“Son of bi*ch, it’s now or never, brothers!”

Many people lost their hope when the array was broken, although they knew that it would’ve been broken all the time when a few more tides came…

At this moment, the Hidden Fisher shouted from the city wall, “Sorry, everybody . I ask you to sacrifice yourselves!”

Someone said with a smile, “We’ve resisted for so many years . It’s enough . We aren’t scared of anything!”

Someone exclaimed, “Finally, we don’t have to hold it back anymore! Brothers, let’s hope that we can fight side by side again in our next life . ”

Everybody was excited . Han Fei could clearly sense that they were fearless of death . They had probably long been determined to be sacrifices .

Han Fei grabbed Xia Xiaochan’s hand, fearing that she would be reckless .

He could tell that the people around him were crazy! They had fused with their spiritual beasts and attached their contractual spiritual beasts before the tide came .

Some of them even ran forward, as if they were going to greet the next tide .

Undoubtedly, there would be tremendous sea treasures in the tide .

Han Fei spoke telepathically, Don’t charge! Let’s just stay here . We’ll enter the inner city after the city guards and the Hidden Fisher are out .

Han Fei was not planning to fight this battle . They weren’t here to fight a battle, and certainly not one that they obviously couldn’t win . As they spoke, the huge tide came close . The war had come to an end .