God of Fishing - Chapter 418

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Chapter 418

Chapter 418 Go Away, and Stay Alive!

This was different from a regular tsunami . Han Fei couldn’t possibly estimate how powerful a tsunami of such a level could be .

Many people underestimated the power of water . Under the scourge of the flood, no obstacles in its way could stand .

The tide rolled and fell .

After just one slap, the defensive positions in the front were instantly reduced to debris .

The people up ahead had been knocked away by the tide before they were ready . They floundered in the seawater, before they were killed by the sea creatures in their dizziness .

On the top of the tide, some man-fish were screeching while they rode on the tide . There was no telling what they were saying . Those man-fish had great control over water . They stood on the tide, entered the water, and came back to the surface . It seemed that the tide was a trench for them .

The Hidden Fisher on the city wall was the first to charge out . Though he only had one arm left, his sword was still too brutal to be resisted by regular creatures .

As for the Hanging Fishers, Han Fei didn’t see any of them . They seemed to have always been in the front line without coming to the rear .

At this point, only several city guards were left to defend the gate to the inner city, and the rest charged forward too .

“Gu… Gu…”

The tide came very fast . Probably because it was too huge and advanced, it took only an hour for the tide to drown the outer city . It was not hard to imagine how ferocious the tide was!

Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan were consumed by the tide almost in the blink of an eye .

But thankfully, by the time the tide reached this place, it had lost most of its momentum . Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan waved their weapons now and then in the water . Every time Xia Xiaochan’s Shadowless Blade appeared, a sea creature would die .

Han Fei was even more unstoppable . His Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers spun like a torpedo . The Million Knife Art couldn’t be more effective in a group fight .

No creatures could survive one second around Han Fei or Xia Xiaochan .

But there were too many creatures! After only a few minutes, Han Fei couldn’t stand it anymore . He couldn’t see anything now, and he could only perceive the sea creatures with his mind .

Under his mental senses, broken pieces were everywhere, including fish meat, crab shells, shrimp tails, and worm claws…

Earlier, Han Fei had doubted how the city could be enshrouded in blood, but he was now convinced . The blood flowing in the seawater was enough to pave a floor for this city!

When two man-fish got their eyes on Han Fei, Han Fei knew that he couldn’t stay in the outer city anymore, as the man-fish had surpassed the resistance and made their way to the rear . Han Fei said, “Xia Xiaochan . ” Xia Xiaochan replied, “We’ll each take one of them . ” Xia Xiaochan was as good as Han Fei in terms of individual combat . Han Fei had seen that when they hunted the man-fish in the outer city . So, Han Fei did not keep anything to himself . When a harpoon was stabbed to his chest, his Blood Drinking Knife glowed .


It was beyond the man-fish’s expectation that an intermediate Dangling Fisher could’ve performed such a skillful attack . Half of the man-fish was cut open . When its codependent creature showed up, Han Fei cut it again quickly . Crack!

The harpoon was broken . After drawing his blade three times, Han Fei finally executed the man-fish . When Han Fei swam at Xia Xiaochan, he found that the girl was threading a red lightning bolt through a man-fish, which was riddled with holes from head to webs .

Han Fei was rather surprised . “Xia Xiaochan, what’s that battle technique?” Xia Xiaochan landed on Han Fei’s side after a flash . “It’s the Thousand Strike Technique . I dug it out from the Cave of Death . ”

Both of them were nauseous when they jumped out of the water . The outer city had just completely turned to hell . The seawater here couldn’t be filthier . Exactly at this moment, a Hidden Fisher flew backwards at them .

Han Fei saw a harpoon in his chest, which seemed to be from a man-fish .

The Hidden Fisher was flying exactly towards Han Fei . As it happened, a red man-fish emerged from the tide a thousand meters away and glanced at them coldly .

The Hidden Fisher was rather grave . He was briefly stunned to see Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan . Suddenly, he clapped his hands and raised a tide that pushed Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan, while he said, “Go to the inner city . ”

The Hidden Fisher was too fast and strong for Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan to resist .

Hardly had Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan seen the tide when they found themselves in the inner city . The inner city wasn’t any better than the outer city . It was now half drowned, and people were fighting everywhere . The city guards, in particular, were fighting in the inner city . At first, the experts above the level of Dangling Fisher were fighting in the outer city, resulting in the weakness in the inner city area . Therefore, many city guards who retreated earlier did not go out again but stayed to defend the inner city . Han Fei’s and Xia Xiaochan’s sudden appearance stunned a city guard not far away, who did not see them coming at all . Those two were already here after a flash . The city guard immediately shouted at them, “To the center of the inner city! If you’re already here, don’t get yourselves killed . ”

This city guard’s spiritual beast was a big octopus, and only four of its nine tentacles were left . Han Fei did not see other contractual spiritual beasts . They might have been killed .

Silently, Han Fei dragged Xia Xiaochan to the center of the inner city .

However, two man-fish had jumped out before Han Fei ran ten kilometers .

This time, neither Han Fei nor Xia Xiaochan attacked, because they saw a scarlet man-fish dozens of kilometers away .

Though it was not near, they remembered that the Hidden Fisher in the outer city was defeated by a scarlet man-fish .


Attaching Little Gold to himself, Han Fei soared with Xia Xiaochan . Why would he fight when he might not even be able to escape? Far away, the scarlet man-fish seemed to be attracted when Han Fei soared in the air . But it seemed to be occupied in another fight, so it simply threw a harpoon at Han Fei . Han Fei’s face changed greatly . “Damn it! I’m so far away from you! Am I in your way?” The harpoon came so fast that Han Fei had no time to take any reaction .

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Han Fei sensed an enormous force, because Xia Xiaochan had thrown him out . When Han Fei looked back, he saw that the harpoon was only several dozen meters from Xia Xiaochan .

Han Fei immediately exclaimed anxiously, “Xia Xiaochan!”

But Xia Xiaochan arrived at him in the next second . She grabbed Han Fei’s arm and said palely, “Why are you yelling? Keep running!” Han Fei was greatly relieved . Immediately, he flew to the center of the city at full speed . In the meantime, he cast the Divine Healing Technique on Xia Xiaochan, because he felt blood on Xia Xiaochan’s back .

With an awful look on his face, Han Fei took out a couple of spiritual fruits and gave them to her . “Take them . They’re all healing spiritual fruits . ” Xia Xiaochan was dazed . “Where did you get so many spiritual fruits?” Han Fei accelerated again . “I bought them!”

Far away, after the man-fish’s failed attack, it was fighting three Hanging Fishers . It was rather shocked to see that Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan dodged its harpoon .

The three Hanging Fishers were shocked too . They were not as strong as the man-fish, but it was not a problem for them to see Han Fei clearly . “An intermediate Dangling Fisher?” Immediately, one of them quit the battle and chased Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan .

In the sky, Han Fei watched the city that had been half drowned, the man-fish that were leaping out of water now and then, and the unstoppable sea creatures . He was greatly shocked .

He simply used the Majestic Mystic Spell again and further increased his speed . Because of that, many man-fish tried to stop him .

However, Han Fei couldn’t be more brutal at this moment . He roared, “Whoever is in my way will die!”

A man-fish jumped horizontally to him, but its head was squeezed and blown up by Han Fei with one hand .

Han Fei was rather frightened on the way . What if the Heavenly Water Village or Blue Sea Town fell into the sea from the sky someday? It probably couldn’t survive half a day in the level-three fishery, could it?

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This city here, on the other hand, endured 187 attacks! Han Fei found it rather hard to believe . After flying about five hundred kilometers, Han Fei saw a few athletic creatures chasing him in the water .

Xia Xiaochan said, “They’re not the scarlet man-fish, but they seem stronger than the man-fish we met earlier . ”

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

Another few harpoons were thrown at them, and Han Fei tried to block them with the nine-star chains .

But after the first impact, Han Fei felt that the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp was injured . Even he rolled multiple times in the air . He had to fend off the last harpoon with the Water Dividing Seal . His face was rather pale, because he had consumed too much energy and the Majestic Mystic Spell couldn’t last much longer .

Xia Xiaochan asked, “How are you doing?” Han Fei said, “I’m fine . ”

Coldly, Han Fei was about to have another try, when he saw a man moving on a roof with a long bow .

The man shot arrows of spiritual energy, locking onto the man-fish that were hunting Han Fei .

Because of the unexpected attack, the man-fish were disrupted and had to jump out of the water . This time, Han Fei finally saw their look clearly . To Han Fei’s surprise, those man-fish were much more like human beings than the inferior man-fish he saw before .


The inferior man-fish Han Fei saw earlier were simply hideous, but the few man-fish here were more or less acceptable . They were like unevolved primates, closer to regular human beings . Furthermore, Han Fei could even tell their gender from their face, which was another shock for Han Fei! Xia Xiaochan asked, “Huh? Can they really turn into human beings?” Han Fei replied awfully, “I don’t know! But we may have an answer if we can look at the red man-fish more closely . ” Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan dare not stay any longer, because their helper down below was shouting at them, “Go away now! There’s only hope if you’re alive!”