God of Fishing - Chapter 425

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Chapter 425

Chapter 425 Void Breaking Technique

To be honest, Han Fei was a bit unaccustomed to not using the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers .

The whetstone in Han Fei’s hand was actually just refined . Due to recent events, Han Fei had obtained a lot of spoils . He found a mid-quality spiritual weapon from those Sea Swallowing Seashells and then re-refined it in Forge the Universe to make it a high-quality spiritual weapon .

The whetstone and kitchen knife were simply a perfect match for their new travels .

At this moment, Han Fei rushed into the group of people . There was no peak-level Dangling Fisher among them .

This was the first time Han Fei used the Majestic Mystic Spell, so he was not quite experienced with it yet . After being shot dozens of times and slashed dozens of times, he finally knocked over one of their fishing boats .

As the Blood Drinking Knife turned, the entire fishing boat was cut in half by Han Fei . Those people were shocked and they raised their weapons to block him . However, with a single slash, he shattered dozens of spiritual weapons and clattering sounds were heard one after another .

One of those people failed to respond quickly enough and was cut into two pieces along with his rod .

A dozen people were seriously injured in just one blow . Many people’s arms were chopped off by Han Fei and some were about to run away in horror .

“Run!” someone suddenly shouted . Now they were not in the mood for enforcing justice on behalf of the heavens! With such a simple blow, he seriously injured most of them! What if he attacked again?

Han Fei held the whetstone in one hand and the Blood Drinking Knife in the other, laughing out loud . “We, the Black and White Ghosts, will take your lives today! Now tremble under our feet…”

The young man picked up his sister and jumped into the sea . He felt like he had already peed .

“Crazy . The world is crazy . ”

Just as Han Fei opened his arms and posed to the sky, everyone escaped . These people just wished they could have eight legs so as to escape from the lunatic, Han Fei .

Xia Xiaochan was also dumbfounded . At this moment, she was still standing on Han Fei’s shoulder! As soon as she raised the stick in her hand, she saw the blade flash, and then the enemy was defeated?!

What the hell happened?!

She knew Han Fei was strong, but never expected him to be this strong! Even she might still be seriously injured by that slash just now .

And when Han Fei made the cut, she could feel that he didn’t use all his strength . Otherwise, the dozen or so people would have been all dead now .

Han Fei still kept that pose and glanced at Xia Xiaochan . “Are they all gone?” “Gulp!”

Xia Xiaochan lowered her head, looked at Han Fei, and suddenly screamed, “Gosh! How have you suddenly become so powerful?”

Han Fei signaled her to hush, before putting away the whetstone and Blood Drinking Knife, then he patted Xia Xiaochan’s little feet . “Come down first . ”

Xia Xiaochan flashed to the fishing boat and then looked at Han Fei with her large watery eyes as if looking at an alien .

Xia Xiaochan shivered . “You just used a secret method, didn’t you? It must be a secret method . What secret method can make you so strong suddenly? How much power did you use just now? 50%? You…” Listening to Xia Xiaochan blab, Han Fei was complacent .

Suddenly, Xia Xiaochan pulled his ears . “Come on, tell me… Where did you get such a powerful secret method? There isn’t such a powerful secret method in the school library! And is there any side effect with your secret method? Are the side effects severe?”

“Hey hey! Let go, let go of my ear first…”

The two horsed around for a while, and then Han Fei lied to her that he obtained the secret method by accident .

When Han Fei said that this secret method could be used after he accumulated enough food, Xia Xiaochan’s eyes widened . “Really? Are the side effects so small?” Han Fei rolled his eyes . “Can I lie to you? I accumulate energy by eating Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumbers, okay? Only high-energy foods can supplement energy faster… But, in the level-three fishery, there are too few marine creatures with extremely high energy such as Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumbers! If I eat ordinary foods, how much do I have to eat?”

Xia Xiaochan swallowed . “Then, if Kuangkuang uses this secret method…”

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If Le Renkuang got this secret method, he would probably spend 11 hours a day eating… And use the one hour left for fighting .

After a pause, Xia Xiaochan said with shining eyes, “I want to learn it too . ”

Han Fei knew that Xia Xiaochan couldn’t resist this temptation, so he said generously, “Girl, give me a smile, and I will teach you . ”

“Hee hee hee…”

Xia Xiaochan immediately gave him a fawning smile .

Han Fei said in an ostentatious manner, “Good, I like it! Now kiss me and I will teach you . ”


Han Fei grinned from ear to ear . When he got this Majestic Mystic Spell, he knew the other four would also want to learn it, especially Le Renkuang, he would never let go of this secret method .

And Zhang Xuanyu, he could even hug Han Fei’s legs and cry, begging him to teach him… As for Luo Xiaobai, well, she was like a fair lady and never ate too much, unlike Xia Xiaochan, who would eat like a horse when she got delicious food .

Han Fei narrowed his eyes, enjoying Xia Xiaochan’s ingratiation, grunting . “Ah, for some reason, I suddenly feel a little sore in my shoulders . ”

After waiting for a while, Han Fei got no response from Xia Xiaochan, so he opened his eyes and looked up .

Xia Xiaochan was looking at him from above, grinning grimly . Suddenly, a pair of slim legs locked his neck .

“Master Han Fei, does it feel good to boss me around? Your shoulders are sore? What about your head…” “Hawk… Hawk…”

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“Let go of my neck!”

Han Fei was lying on the deck, his neck was strangled by Xia Xiaochan, and his face flushed .

“I’ll teach you… I’ll teach you… Hawk, hawk…”

After a moment .

Han Fei complained helplessly, “Where are your manners? You’re a girl, OK?”

Xia Xiaochan was holding a jade slip right now and staring back at Han Fei . “Don’t bother me . Shut up . ”

“I… &%…”

Han Fei was very angry . What a wretched girl! Why the hell do I take Xia Xiaochan as a cute little girl? Am I only in it for the pain?

In addition to the Majestic Mystic Spell, Han Fei also gave a bunch of combat skills for soul warriors to Xia Xiaochan . After all, Xia Xiaochan could no longer act as a hunter for some time to come . Therefore, she must learn some combat skills to temporarily pretend to be a soul warrior .

Xia Xiaochan went to cultivate in the sea and their journey was temporarily suspended .

At this time, Han Fei took out his fishing rod .

Since he deduced the Void Fishing Technique to level four, he hadn’t had time to fish, let alone practice the Void Breaking Technique .

Now he hadn’t made a name for him and Xia Xiaochan as the Black and White Ghosts yet and was not in a hurry to rush to the Steps into the Sea . Since he had time, he should practice his fishing skills . He couldn’t just spend all his time playing lovey-dovey with Xia Xiaochan…

Han Fei shuddered as he thought about it .

Xia Xiaochan liked this feeling at first because the experience was fresh and new… Then, as they kissed a lot, she was no longer tense all over like the first time .

Once, when Han Fei tried to do something to her, she almost chopped his hand off, which almost scared him out of his pants .

Different from the first three levels of the Void Fishing Technique, which were only fishing skills and hook skills, the Void Breaking Technique was… “Fuck… Thousand-mile fishing technique?”


Han Fei blinked . Level-four of the Void Fishing Technique was actually a Thousand Mile Fishing Technique! With this magical hook technique, he would be able to fish thousands of miles away just like Wen Renyu and Xiao Zhan .

“Although there are limitations in time and space… The technique can break the void and help you fish tens of thousands of miles away in a flash…”

Han Fei recited the mantra, which suddenly popped up in his mind . Almost subconsciously, Han Fei cast the hook .

Han Fei saw the fishing hook flash in the air, and after it disappeared for about 0 . 01 seconds, it appeared deep underwater . This technique really worked!

In the next few days, Han Fei swung the hook frantically .

Just as they were traveling at tortoise speed, on a dragon boat near the Steps into the Sea, the news about the Black and White Ghosts had already spread .

If only one or two people were talking about the Black and White Ghosts, it didn’t matter… But there were dozens of people talking about them! This was worth paying attention to .

At this moment .

In the hiring hall of the dragon boat .

A young woman said softly, “Three players looking for one more player . We need a hunter who is also a peak-level Dangling Fisher, to team up to hunt the Black and White Ghosts . Does anyone want to join?” In the crowd, a young man with two scars running through his face came over . “Hey! I want in . ”