God of Fishing - Chapter 427

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Chapter 427

Chapter 427 Show No Mercy

Above the sky, the fishing boat started . Han Fei waved his hand remotely and said, “Welcome to come again!” With that, Han Fei turned around and jumped into the sea .

In fact, Han Fei let off the armorist and spirit gatherer intentionally . After all, they wanted to make a name as the Black and White Ghost combination!

However, he would not let go of the manipulator hiding under the water and the hunter on his ship .

These people were peak-level Dangling Fishers, and unlike those advanced Dangling Fishers, their words counted . It was enough to have the two people go back to spread the news .

Han Fei did not worry that Xia Xiaochan would not be able to defeat the hunter . Now that the armorist and the spirit gatherer had both ran away, the remaining two people were bound to die . Xia Xiaochan no longer had to pretend to be a soul warrior… Underwater, the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers all came out, frantically cutting the big octopus . However, suddenly the big octopus disappeared . It must have been taken back by its owner .

At this time, he saw a young woman suddenly flash and then hit the six-gate formation with a bang .

Han Fei looked at her with a smile . “Yo! You can’t flash out? Wanna try again?” The woman was horrified and crushed another Flash Stone, only to flash to a place only 20 meters away from Han Fei . “What, what formation is this?”

Han Fei shrugged slightly and Nine Tails’ nine-star chain had already shot out, so did the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers .

If Han Fei was just an ordinary intermediate Dangling Fisher, his Million Knife Art would not be so terrifyingly powerful . However, Han Fei at this moment had five times the combat power of an ordinary intermediate Dangling Fisher . The Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers rotated like a tide, and when they rolled out, they were even more powerful than the torrent of swords and knives . Besides, because their speed was too fast, everyone could only see a stretch of light .

Although the manipulator was already a peak-level Dangling Fisher, she was no match for Han Fei no matter her reaction speed or strength .

In face of the Million Knife Art, in a fluster, this manipulator could only block it with her contractual spiritual beast or even spiritual beast .

“Are you Han Fei… Please spare my life…”

Han Fei gave her an apologetic smile and tilted his head slightly . “Sorry, I can’t let you tell others my real identity . It’s you who wanted to kill me first, right?”

As Han Fei snapped his fingers, driven by the Million Knife Art, the daggers rolled over at her frantically . Now all Han Fei could see was the glints of his daggers .

At this time, Han Fei fully understood how it felt to be a strong master!

Although Han Fei was not yet a peak-level Dangling Fisher, he felt what it was like to be strong . With a wave of his hand, a strong master who was once extremely powerful in his eyes turned into flying ash .

After killing the manipulator, Han Fei picked up a Sea Swallowing Seashell and prepared to board his fishing boat . If he let her go out alive, his identity would be exposed…

When Han Fei broke out of the water, two rays of light swished at him .

He instantly blocked them with the Blood Drinking Knife and discovered that it turned out to be two fine needles .

Holding her dagger, Xia Xiaochan was fighting fiercely against the hunter . The hunter’s body was like a funnel, squirting needles everywhere .

“Huh? Xia Xiaochan, why haven’t you won?”

Although the hunter had expected it, he still almost burst into tears when he heard Han Fei call her by her real name .

He had already paid attention to information about the Black and White Ghosts . At first, he didn’t take them seriously, as they were only intermediate Dangling Fishers .

He estimated that their strength at best equaled to that of a peak-level Dangling Fisher . If he tried his best, two peak-level Dangling Fishers wouldn’t be a problem for him . Besides, to be on the safe side, he also joined a team of all peak-level Dangling Fishers before coming .

But who would have expected that the soul warrior was killed in an instant and the armorist and the spirit gatherer also ran away? How the hell could he handle the two of them alone?

Xia Xiaochan said, “This hunter is very unusual! He is so powerful and has many tricks up his sleeve . I think I need to learn from him . ”


This hunter must be desperate now! An intermediate Dangling Fisher was teasing him, a peak-level Dangling Fisher . It was simply incredible!

At this time, the hunter said, “Han Fei, Xia Xiaochan, this is a misunderstanding . ”

Han Fei ignored him but stood on the edge of his fishing boat . “Oh! My pot is broken . Where is the snake meat?”

“I accidentally knocked it over just now . ”

Han Fei: “…” The hunter almost cried . I’m fucking fighting you! What are you doing? Chatting? Please show me some respect, okay?

V me some

“Han Fei, I’m Lian Qi . Let me go . I’m willing to tell you all the unexplored secret realms I know and give you all my wealth in exchange . ”

Han Fei paused . “Lian Qi? This name sounds familiar . ”

Then he took out the Wanted List, turned the pages on by one, and searched carefully .

During this period, Xia Xiaochan asked, “Hey, is he on the Wanted List?”

Lian Qi almost burst into tears . F*ck! There are only 100 people on the Wanted List . Do you really need to search my name like that?

After quite a while, Han Fei suddenly shouted, “Found it . ”

Xia Xiaochan shouted, “Read his information . ”

“No . 75 on the Wanted List” “ Lian Qi (nicknamed Shadow Hunter)”

“ Male”

“ Hunter”

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“ Dark Spearfish (Exotic)”

“ Ice Crystal Shell (Exotic), Mad Blood Worm (Exotic)” .

“ Has elusive body movements and is good at using hidden weapons . Combat Skills: Fury Blood Burst, Seventeen Shadow Attacks . ”

“ 50,000 mid-quality pearls . ”

“ 50 catties of spiritual spring, one demon-level low-quality combat technique, one mid-quality spiritual weapon, and 50 spiritual fruits . ”

“ Dangerous, hired for 32 times without a miss, killed 8 peak-level Dangling Fishers . ”

After reading it, Han Fei commented, “Your reward money is only 500,000 mid-quality pearls, which is far behind us . The spiritual spring is so little . A demon-level low-quality combat technique is nothing but trash! And a mid-quality spiritual weapon? Oh, you’re simply a disgrace to the Wanted List…” Xia Xiaochan asked, “What are the Fury Blood Burst and Seventeen Shadow Attacks? I haven’t seen him use them… Hey, use them . ”

Han Fei threw the book into Forge the Universe and nodded solemnly . “This brother is really ambitious . If he kills us, he will be ranked third on the Wanted List! Maybe, he can still compete with Mo Qianshang who ranks first . ”

Lian Qi begged, “Han Fei, since we are all on the Wanted List, I can make a vow to the God of Sea that I will never reveal your identities . ”


Han Fei laughed . “Is it such a f*cking prize to be listed on the Wanted List? We are all badasses… So badasses should be friendly to badasses? Do you mean that?” At this time, Xia Xiaochan suddenly turned into a shadow . In the mess of hidden weapons, her dagger suddenly appeared in the sky, flashing like a phantom .

Puff… Puff… Puff…

In the blink of an eye, Lian Qi was cut a dozen times by Xia Xiaochan .

Xia Xiaochan yelled, “Come on, use the Fury Blood Burst and Seventeen Shadow Attacks! Show me!”

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Lian Qi’s face was all dark and the two scars on his face twitched .

In fact, he had guessed this result early on . How could the people on the Wanted List have any compassion? Even if they did, they wouldn’t show it to him who was also on the Wanted List .

Lian Qi smiled wanly, and suddenly, a strange red light flashed on his body, his eyes turned bloodshot, and his momentum was soaring . “Huh?”

Han Fei was slightly surprised . Why was it a bit like Xia Xiaochan’s Frenzy?

Then Lian Qi, as fast as a phantom, suddenly turned into 8 bodies, which was like a clone technique . Immediately afterward, he launched a weird set of attacking and killing techniques, a bit similar to Xia Xiaochan’s Thousand Strike Technique, but much less powerful .

However, it was certain that it was also a secret method and didn’t seem to be weak . This secret method actually doubled his strength, whether it was speed or combat power .

After fighting for about half an hour, Lian Qi terminated his mad blood state . However, Xia Xiaochan was too excited and accidentally stabbed Lian Qi through again .

Xia Xiaochan: “…”

Han Fei muttered, “Not all secret methods can be compared with our secret method…”

Lian Qi’s body was stabbed by Xia Xiaochan with seven or eight big holes in an instant, all his internal organs were damaged, and there was a big hole in his neck . If Han Fei was willing to use the Divine Healing Technique on him now, he might have a chance to survive .

In despair, Lian Qi grinned suddenly . “Guo’… Er, I’m… sorry . I can’t… Go… Back… Cough Cough…”

Han Fei’s eyes were icy at this moment . He stepped forward and stabbed Lian Qi again . This man must die . Everyone has a story… No fisher who could come to the level-three fishery was mediocre .

However, they chose to come and stay and got accustomed to fighting here . Their past and the people they left behind were no longer important because they were ready to die at any moment . Xia Xiaochan was panicked . “He…”

Han Fei smiled lightly . “Can he be more miserable than the people in the Heavenly Desolate City?”

Xia Xiaochan’s body stiffened and she remembered the scene of millions of people graciously going to death outside the Heavenly Desolate City . Compared to people like Lian Qi, those people were more courageous and their fate was more tragic .

Han Fei used the Divine Healing Technique on Lian Qi’s body, letting his flesh heal . “I may be cruel but others won’t show mercy to us either!”