God of Fishing - Chapter 428

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Chapter 428

Chapter 428 The Poor Li Hanyi (1)

News of the Black and White Ghosts finally made waves on the dragon boats .

According to the armorist and the spirit gatherer who escaped, the Black and White Ghosts had a peerless secret method that could double their strength . Especially Fan Datong, who was able to hack to death the soul warrior who was a peak-level Dangling Fisher with two blows, he really shocked many people on the dragon boats . As for their weapons, as many people had said, the Black Ghost used a kitchen knife . And to everyone’s shock, they actually ate human flesh!

Immediately afterward, those who had been robbed by the Black and White Ghosts all came out and described how vicious they were .

Ever since, the names of Fan Datong and Xie Xiaoan became very famous on dragon boats . It was even said that some people were preparing to gather many peak-level Dangling Fishers to hunt them down .

Of course, the purpose of these people was very simple, which was nothing but to catch the Black and White Ghosts and snatch their secret method of multiplying their strength .

Now that the Black and White Ghosts suddenly popped up out of thin air, they must have had a big opportunity somewhere . Secret methods were common, but a secret method that enabled an intermediate Dangling Fisher to easily kill a peak-level Dangling Fisher was extremely rare, rare even in the Thousand Star City .

Others said that any secret method had a price to pay . Maybe the cannibalism of the Black and White Ghosts was the price they needed to pay .

In short, no matter what, the Black and White Ghosts became famous .

On dragon boats, everyone was indignant, believing that the Black and White Ghosts were a disgrace to cultivators . Because of their extremely cruel methods, they were no different from fish and crabs in the sea .

But before the hunting team was built, another bit of information spread . It was said that the 75th person on the Wanted List, Shadow Hunter, Lian Qi, was hung on the bow of the fishing boat by the Black and White Ghosts for those to see .

For a time, many people fell silent .

It was not easy to be on the Wanted List . There were tens of millions of people in the level-three fishery and a person who was listed on the Wanted List with only 100 spots available could not be weak! Because of this news, the Black and White Ghosts became even more famous and everyone knew that they would soon be on the Wanted List .

The news about the Black and White Ghosts spread everywhere on dragon boats, causing a lot of shock among the cultivators .

At this time, Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan had already accelerated . Han Fei hadn’t mastered the Void Breaking Technique and could only penetrate a hundred meters of space occasionally .

However, he did not continue to practice . The death of Lian Qi forced them to speed up .

Han Fei was lingering on the sea just to find someone or a team to overawe people .

Now, Lian Qi was tied up with a rope and hung on the bow . This would definitely make them a target of public criticism .

On this day .

Xia Xiaochan looked at the marine chart and said excitedly, “Han Fei, we are only 20,000 kilometers away from the Steps into the Sea . Shall we go full speed ahead?”

Han Fei carried a brush in his hand, which was covered with squid ink . Han Fei was brushing the hull diligently, painting half of the hull black . People usually brushed the hull white but Han Fei did exactly the opposite!

Han Fei looked up and smiled . “Just a moment . I’ll finish right away . ”

Xia Xiaochan looked back at the half-black and half-white hull and asked with a frown, “Do I have to do this?”

Han Fei grinned . “Of course! Now we are the Black and White Ghosts who have nothing to do with Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan . We gain power from the secret method and are famous for cannibalism . Now we’re going to the Steps into the Sea to seek opportunities . ”

Xia Xiaochan put her hands on her waist and tilted her head . “But we can’t use our spiritual beasts and contractual spiritual beasts, we only have a starfish…”

The Hexagon Starfish’s big eyes rolled . “The starfish doesn’t fight . ”

Xia Xiaochan stomped her feet . “Look, he said he won’t fight!”

Han Fei made the last stroke, dropped the brush in his hand, raised his head forty-five degrees and looked up at the sky, saying with reflection, “Yes, this is a problem . We need to make up a story…”


Li Han vomited a mouthful of blood and said to a peak-level Dangling Fisher behind him, “Of course I am not Han Fei . ”

Li Hanyi was going crazy . He didn’t know how to explain himself . This was his third time on a dragon boat .

A while ago, he explored a secret realm and got a big chance, so his strength went straight up and he became an intermediate Dangling Fisher in one fell swoop .

He thought that few people were faster than him in cultivation speed in the whole level-three fishery .

He also knew that Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan became famous . Not only did the two of them get on the Wanted List, but they also caused a mess .

It was said that the Sea Grassland had undergone tremendous changes . In the center of the Sea Grassland, the most important tree was gone, which seemed to be related to Han Fei .

A few days ago, there was news that the Undersea City collapsed! This seemed to be related to Han Fei too .

Li Hanyi certainly didn’t want to admit defeat . When they were in Blue Sea Town, they had fought . He admitted that Han Fei was not weak, but when they just came to the level-three fishery, Han Fei’s realm was not higher than his own, but how could Han Fei do so many extravagant things?

So, he was determined to make a foray into the Steps into the Sea .

As far as he knew, it was not that there were no intermediate Dangling Fishers to enter the Steps into the Sea . On the contrary, a large number of junior, intermediate, and advanced Dangling Fishers gathered on the Steps into the Sea .

Anyone, regardless of their strength, could get a chance on the Steps into the Sea and everyone could try their luck .

He, Li Hanyi, was confident that few people in Blue Sea Town were better than him . How could he miss the chance?

But unexpectedly, as soon as he was 5000 kilometers away from the dragon boat, he was spotted . The first words of the other party turned out to be, “You are not Han Fei?” Li Han was almost speechless . “Of course I am not Han Fei! How could I be Han Fei?”

The peak-level Dangling Fisher snorted . “Of course I know that you are not Han Fei . Otherwise, I would not dare to come over . But although you are not Han Fei, you must know him, right?”

Li Han was surprised . “Why do you say that?”

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The peak-level Dangling Fisher said hatefully, “In the Undersea City, he pretended to be you and crept into a hundred fisher team and I was the leader of the f*cking team . Because of him, only three people survived in the end… Tell me, what is the relationship between you and Han Fei?”

“???י :Li Han

Li Hanyi cursed Han Fei hard in his heart . How dare this bastard pretend to be him?!

Li Han was furious . Han Fei, aren’t I your fellow-townsman! Why did you do this to me?! You son of a b*tch!

Li Han responded immediately, “I… Han Fei and I are actually rivals . ”

However, the peak-level Dangling Fisher looked disgusted . “What? Are you f*cking bragging! Who do you think you are? Do you deserve to be Han Fei’s opponent?”

Li Han: “???”

The peak-level Dangling Fisher snorted coldly . “Tell me the truth, or I will kill you now . ”

Li Han almost cried, “But I am telling you the f*cking truth!”

“I’m really his enemy . When we were in Blue Sea Town, we had confronted each other while exploring a secret realm, and even had a fight . Brother, I don’t have to lie to you… If I were on good terms with Han Fei, he wouldn’t have pretended to be me!”

The peak-level Dangling Fisher looked at Li Han for a few seconds and finally said slowly, “This seems to make sense . But I have to say, I admire you! He has already used your face, and you still dare to show up on a dragon boat… Tsk… Tell me, does Han Fei have any weaknesses? What kind of person is he? He…”


While this peak-level Dangling Fisher was asking him, he suddenly frowned and then he saw a black-and-white fishing boat flying in his direction at full speed, and there seemed to be a person hanging on the bow . “F*ck…”

The peak-level Dangling Fisher immediately cursed and dove into the water .

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Gosh, why was he so unlucky?! When he went to the Undersea City, he met Han Fei, and when he came to the Steps into the Sea, he came across the Black and White Ghosts .

Compared to the Black and White Ghosts, Han Fei was like an angel . At least, Han Fei would not kill for no reason .

However, the Black and White Ghosts were completely another story! They ate human beings… They were simply psychotic! If he didn’t run, he might be eaten by them!

Li Hanyi’s face had turned green . When he realized what happened, the black and white fishing boat was dozens of meters away and was suspended in the air . The two ghosts were looking at him .


Li Hanyi’s heart skipped a beat . “I’m doomed!”

Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan looked at each other in surprise . They just passed by and saw a peak-level Dangling Fisher hijacking a fishing boat, so they came over to check it out . But when they approached, they were surprised to see an old acquaintance .

Han Fei said to Xia Xiaochan via voice transmission, In the Undersea City, I pretended to be him . What do you think we should do with him? Let him go? Xia Xiaochan thought about it . No, we can’t . What if he tells others that the Black and White Ghosts are actually not that evil?

Han Fei nodded slightly . You’ve got a point there . Then kill him?

Xia Xiaochan was speechless . Why are you so cruel? Anyway, we’re from the same town . How can we kill him?

Han Fei rolled his eyes . I can’t let him go or kill him? Then what should I do? Keep him as our henchman?

Xia Xiaochan suggested, Or hang him up too?