God of Fishing - Chapter 429

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Chapter 429: 429

Chapter 429 The Poor Li Hanyi (2)

“I’m doomed, I’m doomed, I’m doomed…”

The distance was so close that Li Hanyi didn’t dare to run or move .

He was just an intermediate Dangling Fisher, a relatively ordinary fisher . Although he had a few tricks up his sleeve, he could only manage to beat average advanced Dangling Fishers .

However, the Black and White Ghosts were almost described as monsters on the dragon boats, who even ate people…

At this moment, these two people, one in black and one in white, wearing high hats, seem to be talking via voice transmission . Maybe he was going to be cooked…

With this in mind, Li Hanyi almost blacked out . In this case, he might as well be killed by the peak-level Dangling Fisher from before .

When Li Hanyi saw the fishing boat land on the sea and approach him, he thought he was going to die .

Suddenly, Li Hanyi suddenly took out his armor box and put it in front of him . “Don’t even think of cooking me! Even if I blow myself up, I won’t let you eat me . ”

Han Fei looked at Xia Xiaochan and clicked his tongue . “This guy doesn’t look tender enough . If I fry him, will his flesh become too tough?”

Xia Xiaochan stared at Li Hanyi and looked him up and down . “Yes! Shall we steam him?”

Han Fei shook his head disgustedly . “Forget it . It’ll be a waste of seasoning . I don’t want to eat him . ”

Li Hanyi was dripping with cold sweat and his face turned green .

Seeing the two of them seriously discussing whether to fry or steam him, he really wanted to blow himself up .

When he saw the disgusted look on Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan’s faces, he couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief . As long as they wouldn’t eat him, he could accept anything . Suddenly, he heard Han Fei say, “Xie Xiaoan, don’t you think this guy looks familiar?” .

Xia Xiaochan suddenly jumped into Li Hanyi ‘s fishing boat and looked straight at him for a long while . “Yes, kind of…”

Han Fei said grumpily, “All you know is how to eat . Don’t forget our purpose . We are going to the Steps into the Sea to hunt for treasure . Don’t think about eating people all day long . ”

Xia Xiaochan sighed . “Okay then! His flesh looks tough anyway… Hey, wait… Didn’t Han Fei use this face?”

Han Fei exclaimed in surprise, “Yes! Last time, the person we ate seemed to have painted a portrait of Han Fei, and it seemed to look like this . ”

Li Hanyi felt as if his brain exploded and there was nothing inside .

“F*ck… Han Fei, you son of a bitch! I’m gonna kill you!”

Han Fei also jumped on Li Hanyi ‘s boat and stood upright, staring straight at Li Hanyi . “But he cannot be Han Fei . He is too weak!”

Xia Xiaochan scoffed . “A fool can see it . ”

“Hey, what’s your name? My eyes can see into your heart . Once you tell a lie, I will throw you into a big pot, cook you for three days and three nights, and then eat you . ”

Li Hanyi ‘s face was green . “I… Am Li Hanyi . ”

Han Fei nodded . “OK! I can see that you don’t dare lie to me . Tell me, what kind of person Han Fei is . Along the way, everyone was talking about him . He stole our thunder! Next time I meet him, I’ll have a good fight with him . ”

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Xia Xiaochan bared her teeth . “Maybe he will be delicious . ”

Han Fei shook his head . “Stupid . I heard that Han Fei is a body refiner . His body is as tough as a stone . How long would it take to cook him?”

Li Hanyi’s ears were ringing . Who the hell are these people? Do they really eat people? There are so many fish and shrimp in the sea . Why don’t they eat them?

Li Hanyi was sweating profusely . “Han Fei… He, he is an asshole…”


As soon as Li Hanyi said so, he was slapped hard and half of his face swelled .

Han Fei said sullenly, “No matter what, he is not someone you can insult! Think well before you speak . Well… Talk about his good points . ”

Xia Xiaochan tilted her head and glanced at Han Fei, really wanting to kick this guy away . Talk about his good points? He was so shameless! Han Fei didn’t feel ashamed at all, narrowing his eyes with a look of enjoyment .

Li Hanyi was stunned . Would villains appreciate each other?

Li Hanyi stammered, “Han Fei, he is actually quite cunning…”


Li Hanyi was slapped again . He was stunned . Damn, can’t you beat me after I finish…

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Han Fei said, “What do you mean by ‘cunning’? That’s called smart, OK? Although Han Fei is no match for us, he is still a hero . How dare you insult him again?”

Li Hanyi felt as if there were 10,000 Iron-Headed Fish racing in his heart . Damn, if I can beat you, I must slap you to death!

Li Hanyi took a deep breath . “Although Han Fei is not talented…”


This time, Li Hanyi was slapped flying . Han Fei said with a straight face, “Above all else I hate liars like you! If he was not talented, could he kill thousands of people alone? Do you think I’m a fool?”

Xia Xiaochan couldn’t stand it anymore . Wasn’t what he said true? If you continued to slap him, he might really blow himself up!

Xia Xiaochan rolled her eyes at Han Fei . “That’s enough! Are you going to ask him about Han Fei or not? If you knock out his teeth, how can he tell you about Han Fei?”

Han Fei smiled awkwardly at Xia Xiaochan . “Ha! Haha… Yes yes… I shouldn’t be angry! But I really can’t stand these people… Slandering others out of jealousy . They should show respect to their opponents . ”

Han Fei said lazily, “Forget it . Let’s hang him up! Right next to Lian Qi . I think it looks more impressive to hang two people on the bow anyway . ”

Li Hanyi trembled hard and hurriedly shouted, “Wait a minute… Wait a minute… Let me finish, let me finish… Han Fei is quite handsome and strong . He can challenge opponents above his level . When he was a junior Fishing Master, he could fight an advanced Fishing Master and easily win . He is extremely strong physically and seems to have practiced some kind of powerful body-tempering method . Among the younger generation, no one can match him…”

After listening to Li Hanyi ‘s gushing words of praise, Han Fei nodded his head in satisfaction . “Well, not bad, this does sound like Han Fei . Continue…”


Xia Xiaochan slapped Han Fei’s arm and then pulled Han Fei’s ears . “You’re addicted to listening to the story, aren’t you? We have to hurry up to the Steps into the Sea! Give me a break!”

“Hey hey! Let go of my ear first… Let’s set off after I hang him up . ” Li Hanyi was immediately infuriated . “You… How can you be like this? Don’t come over . Although I can’t beat you, I would rather blow myself up…”

Han Fei gave Li Hanyi a sideways glance . “I’ll just hang you up and won’t kill you . Why are you nervous? I think you are a good storyteller . Tell me stories along the way…”

After a while, another cross was erected on Han Fei’s black and white fishing boat and Li Hanyi was hung on it, looking ashamed and angry . However, he glanced at Lian Qi, who had long been dead next to him, and swallowed . He told himself, It is better to bend than to break . Only when I endure what ordinary people can’t will I become successful! As long as I can survive, I don’t mind telling stories!

At this moment, Li Hanyi, who was always cold and arrogant, turned into a chatterbox .

Along the way, Li Hanyi talked about the Thug Academy, the Thug Legend, Han Fei, the Fiery Mountain, and so on . In his opinion, the Black and White Ghosts were so interested in Han Fei because they wanted to kill Han Fei and snatch his opportunities when they met him .

Therefore, the more details he told about Han Fei, the greater the chances of winning for the Black and White Ghosts . Even if it only added half a point of the possibility, it was worth it .

Now he just wanted to skin Han Fei alive and then severely abuse him . Using the ordinary fishing boat that Han Fei snatched from Jiang Tong, Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan were not slow . Only after half a day, they had traveled across the sea area of 20,000 kilometers .

During this period, Han Fei and the others encountered no less than hundreds of fishing boats . However, most of them fled from a long distance as soon as they saw them .

So soon, there were rumors that there was one more person hanging on the bow of the Black and White Ghost’s fishing boat .

Many people asked curiously who the guy was . However, no one could find him on the Wanted List .

The next morning .

The sun rose in the east and the sunshine reddened the sea . Suddenly, Xia Xiaochan said, “It seems that we’re about to reach the Steps into the Sea . ”