God of Fishing - Chapter 430

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Chapter 430

Chapter 430 The Black and White Ghosts Are Here

Li Hanyi wished the fishing boat not to stop . As long as the fishing boat was still moving, Fan Datong had no time to cook .

After asking him about Han Fei, the Black and White Ghosts didn’t ask him anything else but for information about the Steps into the Sea . He told them all he knew . After all, it was common sense . As long as you stayed on a dragon boat long enough, you would certainly know about these famous secret realms .

Han Fei had no intention to kill Li Hanyi . Instead, he actually saved Li Hanyi’s life . After all, if Li Hanyi went out with this face, he wouldn’t be able to make it to the Steps into the Sea at all .

The fishing boat traveled more than a thousand kilometers . At this place, there were more fishing boats, which literally came and went in an endless stream! As long as Han Fei raised his head, he would always see a fishing boat passing by .

However, wherever their black-and-white fishing boat went, no other ship dared to appear . Everyone avoided them as far as they could!

Different from the Sea Grasslands and the Undersea City, the Steps into the Sea didn’t have so many difficulties and sea creatures and almost everyone was welcome here .

From junior Dangling Fishers to peak-level ones, there were countless people there . Everyone acted casual like they were just traveling through .

“Come on, let’s go! The Black and White Ghosts are here!”

“What? Black and White Ghosts, how dare they appear on the Steps into the Sea so blatantly?”

“Huh? Why didn’t anyone stop them?”

“The two really have too much nerve! How dare they come here?”

Along the way, everyone who saw the black-and-white fishing boat couldn’t help but exclaim, including some peak-level Dangling Fishers, who thought that someone should stand up to kill the Black and White Ghosts .

At this time, Han Fei set up the big pot and held a big spoon, about to cook . Xia Xiaochan asked, “We will be there in a thousand kilometers . No one will stop us, right?”

Han Fei smiled faintly . “Probably not . Who will be the first to make a move? Does he want to


When the fishing boat drove further five hundred kilometers, there were fishing boats everywhere on the sea . These people were not afraid of them . Although this was not the safe area of the Steps into the Sea, it seemed to have been agreed that in this area, people would only exchange cultivation experiences and chat or trade . Killing was not allowed .

When the black-and-white fishing boat flew over, many people exclaimed, “It is the Black and White Ghosts! How dare they come here?!”

Someone said nonchalantly, “Don’t worry, in this area, let alone the Black and White Ghosts, even Mo Qianshang who ranks first on the Wanted List must behave himself . ”

Some people frowned . “These two people are infamous . Look, there are still two people hanging on their fishing boat . ”

Someone asked, “Aside from Lian Qi, who is the other person?”

Everyone was looking at Li Hanyi because they discovered that this guy was still alive, which was simply a miracle! Wasn’t it said that the Black and White Ghosts were totally inhuman? Why didn’t they kill this guy? Immediately, several fishing boats took off to block Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan .

Looking at the four or five fishing boats in front of him, Han Fei put down the big spoon in his hand . Next to the big pot, a Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumber had been cut into pieces and the water in the pot had boiled .

A peak-level Dangling Fisher scolded, “Fan Datong, don’t go too far . How long are you going to hang Lian Qi and this little brother on your bow?”

Han Fei held the whetstone in his left hand and the Blood Drinking Knife in his right hand, rubbing the Blood Drinking Knife against the whetstone .

He said with a smile, “I’m preparing the side dishes! Don’t you see that the water in my pot is already boiling?”


Many people immediately felt a chill down their spines . Although Han Fei was smiling, he looked so scary . And the Blood Drinking Knife kept making unpleasant grating sounds .

Soon, a few fishing boats took off and someone stared at Han Fei . “Fan Datong, what do you think this place is? This is the Steps into the Sea . You have to behave yourself here . How dare you cook people here!”

“Giggle… Giggle…”

Wearing a crooked hat, Xia Xiaochan chuckled . “This is not the Steps into the Sea yet! Don’t you dare meddle in our affairs!”

Han Fei echoed with a giggle, “Yes, will anyone in the level-three fishery have any pity for others? Just shut the f*ck up!”

Someone said coldly, “Although the level-three fishery is dangerous and full of vicious people, cannibalism is simply intolerable . Fan Datong, Xie Xiaoan, we know that you two have a very powerful secret method, but if you don’t put down the little brother and Lian Qi, we’ll rise up against you together!”

Han Fei laughed . “Well, what should I say? Actually, you just want Lian Qi’s body, right? Although he died, you can still receive a reward with his body . Tsk tsk… But what if I don’t give his body to you?” “Good point! I had thought that you were just fishing for fame, but now I discovered that you seem a bit interesting…”

A fishing boat landed from the sky and Han Fei’s eyes narrowed slightly . “A Ghost Speed Divine Boat?”

Han Fei recognized that it was a Ghost Speed Divine Boat at the first glance, which was a white fishing boat densely engraved with speed arrays . A little fatty who was only fourteen or fifteen years old was laughing at Han Fei and even gave him a thumbs up .

Han Fei grinned . “Oh, it’s rare to see a Ghost Speed Divine Boat!”

The little fatty laughed . “Why, do you want it?”

Han Fei chuckled . “If it’s outside of here, I certainly would want it . But not here . I think you despise the reward for Lian Qi, right?”

The little fatty was as casual as ever . “Of course, how much money is Lian Qi worth? I don’t want it . However, it is indeed a windfall for these people . I just wonder who can get Lian Qi’s body in the end? How about you throw Lian Qi out to see who will take it?”

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Han Fei laughed . “Interesting . It seems fun . OK then!”

With that said, Han Fei grabbed Lian Qi’s body and threw it out regardless of the direction .

Han Fei said cheerfully, “Hey! Lian Qi is yours now . Come on, take it . ”


The people who were standing in Han Fei’s way immediately dispersed, chasing Lian Qi’s body .

Someone shouted, “It’s mine! Who dares to touch it will be dead meat!”

Someone ridiculed, “Yours? Are you kidding me? Anyone can take it!”

Someone had caught Lian Qi’s body in one swoop, ready to run directly to the Steps into the Sea . Unfortunately, someone caught up to him even before he ran a kilometer away .

In the beginning, they were only quarreling but soon, some people started to fight .

Xia Xiaochan watched this scene with a frown . “Umm, everyone says we are evil . Look, this is the real evil!”

The little fatty on the Ghost Speed Divine Boat said with a smile . “Of course, this is how the level-three fishery is . Benefits are the most important . Fairness, justice, and righteousness are worthless here!”

With that, the little fatty glanced at Han Fei . “Aren’t you going to grab it back?” Han Fei cast a leisure glance at the little fatty . “For what? We won’t board any dragon boat, so we can’t get the reward . Just take it as a gift to the Steps into the Sea . ”

The little fatty grunted in disappointment . He had thought that Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan would rush out to kill these people . However, he immediately looked at Li Hanyi and then was surprised . “Isn’t this guy… Han Fei had pretended to be him, right?”

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Han Fei shrugged . “Yes, we are about to cook him . ”

Xia Xiaochan pretended to complain, “No, his flesh is too tough and won’t taste good . ”

With that said, Xia Xiaochan seemed to take out a head from a Sea Swallowing Seashell, which belonged to a pretty girl .

Xia Xiaochan said, “I want to eat someone like her . ”

The little fatty on the Ghost Speed Divine Boat was shocked and let out an exclamation . “F*ck, do you really eat humans?”

Xia Xiaochan stared at the little fatty . “I think you should taste good! White, tender, chubby and cute . ”

The little fatty shuddered slightly, not because he was frightened by Xia Xiaochan’s strength, but by her mentality . Damn, am I food in your eyes?

Han Fei pretended to blame Xia Xiaochan, “Hey, don’t say that! Although he looks a bit delicious, he has a Ghost Speed Divine Boat! I am afraid his background must not be simple . ”

The little fatty sneered . “Come on, I almost believed what you said . Black and White Ghosts, Black and White Ghosts… Hey! Are you going to eat this man or not?”

Han Fei looked at Xia Xiaochan, and she pouted . “No, no, his flesh is as tough as a turtle shell . Yuck!”

Li Hanyi almost cried . Don’t eat me, please! At this moment, he really liked Xie Xiaoan . Fan Datong had no lower limit . He always wanted to eat him…

Fortunately, Xie Xiaoan didn’t want to eat him . Otherwise, he wouldn’t know what to do! For the first time in his life, he felt that being disdained was a wonderful thing .

The little fatty chuckled . “If you don’t eat him, let him go . If you really eat him, you will be beaten to death! However, I really like the two of you . Shall we form an alliance?”