God of Fishing - Chapter 431

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Chapter 431

Chapter 431 Little Fatty Cao

Han Fei kept Lian Qi’s body just to overawe people and make a name . At this moment, they had reached the Steps into the Sea and his body was no longer of any use to him .

As for Li Hanyi, he actually intended to save him .

After all, Li Hanyi came from the Blue Sea Town . Although there were conflicts between them, it seemed insignificant compared to the fighting and killings in the level-three fishery .

Besides, Li Hanyi was actually not weak and had the mentality of becoming a strong man . Maybe, in the future, he could become one of the best talents in the Blue Sea Town . It would be a pity if he was to die like this!

Now, as suggested by this little fatty, Han Fei had a reason to let him go .

Han Fei reluctantly said, “I have been hanging him up for a day! I planned to eat him… Forget it! Since you have a Ghost Speed Divine Boat, you must be something . I’ll listen to you . ”

Li Hanyi’s tears almost fell . No one knew how he came over this day! He was so scared… Just now, when Han Fei was setting the pot, he almost blacked out .

Now, his luck had finally turned . He actually had the urge to weep with joy . Han Fei kicked him, sending him flying . “You’re lucky . But you have a very bad habit of talking behind people’s backs . This is very bad! Remember to tell people how good-hearted we are . At least, we’re honest . ”

Li Hanyi plunged into the sea in a free fall and he was completely speechless! F*ck! Good-hearted? Honest? Bastard, you have no lower limit!

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The little fatty didn’t care about Li Hanyi at all . After all, Li Hanyi was just an ordinary intermediate Dangling Fisher . In the level-three fishery, there were countless people like him .

The little fatty said cheerfully, “Hey! Fan Datong, is human flesh delicious?”

Han Fei answered with a smile, “The younger the person is, the better the flesh tastes . Besides, it depends on the body part . As for men…”

As he said, Han Fei looked at the little fatty up and down . “For example, the oil on your belly is good, and your fat little face must be very tender and smooth . And your palms would be very juicy . ”

The little fatty felt his hair stand on end under Han Fei’s gaze . Who the hell is this guy? He sounds quite experienced in eating humans…

Xia Xiaochan giggled and said, “Little Fatty, what’s your name?” The little fatty didn’t get angry but said with a smile, “My name is Cao Qiu . I’m from the Cao Family in the Thousand Star City… I was extraordinary from birth and have a wide range of interests . I am quite proficient in refining, alchemy, formation, and invention . Especially my invention, look at this Ghost Speed Divine Boat . It is my invention . ”


Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan were dumbfounded . This was the first time they saw such a shameless person .

The Ghost Speed Divine Boat was invented by this little fatty?!

Han Fei rubbed the whetstone with the Blood Drinking Knife and asked, “So, Ball, why do you want to be with us? Aren’t you afraid of me?”

Cao Qiu pouted . “My name is not Ball but Cao Qiu, two words . What’s wrong with being with you? Would you really eat me?”

Then the little fatty suddenly said via voice transmission, Han Fei, Xia Xiaochan, you two are really daredevils! How dare you to come to the Steps into the Sea alone… With this alone, you two are very special .

Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan’s faces both suddenly changed, the spiritual energy in their bodies surged, and they were ready to kill this little fatty at any time .

Han Fei was shocked . F*ck! Xia Xiaochan and I have been pretending for so long, but this guy saw through us at first glance?!

Cao Qiu lay on the ground . “Don’t get agitated . Don’t get agitated! I’m a genius, so I found out about you! Your disguise is really brilliant . If I hadn’t invented the Monster-Revealing Mirror, I wouldn’t have found out . ”

Han Fei smiled and touched his nose . “Little fatty, didn’t you see it wrong? Do you think we look like Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan?” The little fatty sat up a little bit, took out a bunch of dried fish, threw one in his mouth, and said, “It’s because of your faces . The spiritual energy over your faces is a bit more than those of ordinary people . Besides, the spiritual energy seems to be circulating in a certain rhythm, so I guess you must have used some kind of disguise . Besides, you happen to be a man and a woman and are both intermediate Dangling Fishers…”

Xia Xiaochan said softly, “Just because of that, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan!”

The little fatty said confidently, “Yes, there are various kinds of people at the Steps into the Sea, but you have done too much! Especially Fan Datong, you even killed peak-level Dangling Fishers . Besides, the time when you appeared… Was about the same time as Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan left the Undersea City . On the surface, you deliberately showed people that they were going to Ten Thousand Smoke Valley, but the Black and White Ghosts suddenly popped up out of thin air on their way to the Steps into the Sea…”

Han Fei smiled . “Just so? The level-three fisheries have tons of talents . Can’t there be others as talented as Han Fei?”

The little fatty squinted his eyes and smiled . “Yes! But you have too many similarities . Most suspiciously, every time you purposely let people go and spread your name . Why is this? The only thing I can’t figure out is whether you’re really cannibals or not…” Han Fei said to Xia Xiaochan via voice transmission, This little fatty seems to be quite smart?

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Xia Xiaochan responded, Yes… Although he can’t be sure of our identity, he speaks with certainty . Noticing the two of them talking in private, the little fatty waved his hands . “Hey, don’t kill me . We can cooperate! I have always wanted to kill Yang Deyu and Mo Feiyan, especially Mo Feiyan… Humph, each is more annoying than the other . Let’s kill them together? And then I will help you solve their life monuments and escape the level-three fishery, OK?” Han Fei continued to sharpen the whetstone . “Alas! Fatty, you are wrong . We really are not Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan . As for Yang Deyu and Mo Feiyan… Who are they?”

The little fatty immediately said angrily, “Don’t pretend . In my eyes, your disguise is full of flaws . Do you think I want to snatch the Sea Token? No, I don’t care about that stuff at all! Only those who are not capable want to seize it . For a genius like me, exploring the secrets behind the Sea Quelling Painting is far more meaningful than that . ”

Suddenly, Han Fei’s eyes turned cold and he was shocked in the heart . Was the Sea Token related to the Sea Quelling Painting? Now he just wanted to tie this little fatty up and ask him . Many people had mentioned the Sea Token, but it was the second time he heard someone mention the Sea Quelling Painting .

For the first time, it was Jiang Qin, who ran away with Old Jiang because of the Sea Quelling Painting . The two seemed to have gone to the Unknown Place .

The little fatty seemed to find that he was talking too much, so he hurriedly covered his mouth . “Oh! I didn’t say anything… Well, anyway! The Sea Token is actually not as useful as you think . When I was eight years old, I just used it as a toy . It’s not interesting…” Han Fei: “…”

Xia Xiaochan turned her eyes to Han Fei . “This little fatty seems to be from a very powerful family?”

Han Fei looked at the little fatty and said, “May I visit your fishing boat?”

Han Fei chuckled . “What are you eating? Here I am…”

The next second, the Ghost Speed Divine Boat disappeared and the little fatty sat on Han Fei’s boat right beside the big pot . As he smelt the pot, his mouth watered .

Han Fei: “???!”

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Xia Xiaochan: “???”

Han Fei asked, “Little Ball, aren’t you afraid that I will kill you?”

The little fatty made a face at Han Fei . “You dare not! Even if you can kill me, you can’t run away . ”

Xia Xiaochan looked puzzled . “Why? Because you also have a ‘life monument’?”

The little fatty rubbed his hands, looking eagerly at the Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumber in the pot and his mouth was watering . “It looks so tasty…”

When he saw the doubt on Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan’s faces, he casually explained, “On the one hand, it is the life monument . On the other hand, all children from powerful families in the Thousand Star City who come to the level-three fishery will be shielded with life-saving treasures such as an Amulet and Dying Strike . Those truly talented will even be given an Immortal Seal… Anyway, you won’t be able to kill me . ”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei was speechless and cursing Old Bai in his heart! Look at them and look at what you have done to protect me!

I was only given a spiritual weapon and a Sea Swallowing Seashell… Which are everywhere in the level-three fishery . What the f*ck is the use of these two things?

Xia Xiaochan wondered, “What is a life monument? And what are the Amulet, Dying Strike and the other life-saving treasures?”

The little fatty murmured, “Life monument is something to inform your family the moment you’re killed . An amulet is something protecting you, which can block many attacks . A Dying Strike is a blow from the strongest one of your family that is sealed in the body . When you’re dying, it will shoot out of your body and attack your enemy . It is set based on your strength and is usually a whole realm above yours… As for the Immortal Seal, with it, you can come back to life even if you’re killed . ”

Han Fei couldn’t help but gasp . Fortunately, he didn’t try to kill the Sun Mu trio when he was in the Sea Grassland . Otherwise, he might have been killed…