God of Fishing - Chapter 432

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Chapter 432: 432

Chapter 432 Spiritual Sea Cucumber with Soy Sauce

The distance of five hundred kilometers was a very short distance for a fishing boat .

When the fishing boat reached the Steps into the Sea, Han Fei saw a super huge platform on which people covered . Many people sat on the ground, with a layer of fish skin under them, and various things on it . It was like a flea market here and the atmosphere was very lively .

Of course, Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan, who had come here for the first time, were still wondering where this platform came from!

They couldn’t see any traces of land . There was only a huge above-water platform in this place . It seemed that the surface of the sea was frozen, forming a huge piece of transparent glass, and people were walking freely on it .

Unreasonable! Is the seawater frozen? It doesn’t seem to be cold! Han Fei was still thinking .

“Look, the Black and White Ghosts are here . ”

Someone yelled, “Black and White Ghosts, get out of the Steps into the Sea . You are not welcome here . ”

Most people disliked them very much . When they saw the black-and-white fishing boat, they were very disgusted .

More people gathered around . They all wanted to see what the two cannibals looked like…

At this time, the black-and-white fishing boat disappeared . Han Fei held a pot even bigger than him with one hand and he fell from the sky . And Xia Xiaochan stood on his shoulder .

Each of them was wearing a tall and long crooked hat, with “Kill” and “Die” respectively written on them .

Because their costumes were very weird, with one of them completely black and the other completely white, they didn’t look like good people at all .

Therefore, when Han Fei landed holding the pot, many people retreated to the sides . Coming down with Han Fei was Little Fatty Cao . As soon as he appeared, he was recognized .

“Oh! It’s Cao Qiu . ”

“Huh? Why is Cao Qiu with the Black and White Ghosts?”

“Damn, does Cao Qiu eat humans too?”

“Oh my God, Cao Qiu is really a person born with a silver spoon . Are the Black and White Ghosts also from a powerful family?”

There was constant discussion and everyone was speculating about Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan’s backgrounds .

Han Fei tilted his head and looked at Cao Qiu . “Are you famous?”

Cao Qiu proudly said, “Of course, I’m very famous . The first Ghost Speed Divine Boat was built by me here within a month . I still got a big chance here and many people were very envious of me . I am also///”

Cao Qiu began to brag about his past records, such as catching a big turtle from the Steps into the Sea, which broke some record, and refining a powerful weapon, blah, blah, blah… Han Fei’s face turned black . This little fatty is so shameless . I really wonder how he became an advanced Dangling Fisher?

Yes, Cao Qiu was only an advanced Dangling Fisher . But this kind of person couldn’t be treated as an ordinary advanced Dangling Fisher, just as Han Fei couldn’t be merely treated as an intermediate Dangling Fisher .

Xia Xiaochan asked, “Let’s eat first? Then we can go for a walk . ”

Cao Qiu rubbed his hands . “Yes, yes! We are now teammates . Apart from inventing, I also like cooking . ”

Han Fei rolled his eyes . “Fat people like to cook…”

“Who said that? This is a hobby . For example, you can’t boil sea cucumber this way . You should add some spiritual fruits and it’ll be better if you add different kinds of spiritual fruits . ”

Xia Xiaochan snorted . “Shut up . This hasn’t been done yet . ”

Cao Qiu scoffed . “Huh? Isn’t it already cooked?”

Han Fei smiled faintly . “Cooked? Yes, but it’s not done yet . You underestimate my unrivaled cooking skills . ”

Cao Qiu: “???”

Han Fei poured the broth out of the pot with a splash under the surprised gaze of everyone . Then, he poured a spoonful of oil into the pot .

Another pot appeared in Xia Xiaochan’s hands . She put the sea cucumber into the pot and drained it, while the Blood Drinking Knife was dancing in the sky . In the blink of an eye, more than a dozen spices fell into the pot . Sparks flew high and many people exclaimed .

Then, while Cao Qiu was dumbfounded, Xia Xiaochan poured the dried sea cucumber pieces from the pot into Han Fei’s pot . Then Han Fei began to toss the pot vigorously .

With another splash, a piece of sea cucumber was tossed into the air three meters high with sparks and seasoning .

And Han Fei took out a spiritual fruit containing nearly 70,000 points of spiritual energy from Forge the Universe . While the

as dancing with the sea cucumbers, the spiritual fruit was beaten to pieces by Han Fei and mixed in the pot .

At that moment, a mystic light burst forth and the fire burst out ten feet high .

When the sea cucumber and juice all fell into the big pot, Han Fei threw the pot to the ground and the aroma suddenly rose to the sky .

Han Fei raised his head high and shouted, “Come taste my Spiritual Sea Cucumber with Soy Sauce . How does it taste?”

A string of data appeared in his eyes .

Spiritual Sea Cucumber with Soy Sauce

A dish cooked with Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumbers and the essence of various ingredients, supplemented with spiritual fruits, has an endless fragrance . Tastes smooth and delicious, full of energy . It is a very rare dish .

Level 29


86,688 points

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Provides a huge amount of energy and strengthens your physique by up to 40% in a short time (three hours) .

“Gulp…” Cao Qiu sat on the ground, his mouth watering . He stared at the Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumber in the pot dumbfounded and licked his lips from time to time .

Cao Qiu’s mouth trembled . “Oh… My god! It’s the first time I’ve ever seen someone cook like this!”

Not only Cao Qiu, but many onlookers were also dumbfounded . He cooked more fancily than fighting… This Fan Datong is such a freak!

The Hexagon Starfish hung on Han Fei’s lap, saying to him via voice transmission, Can I eat it now?

Han Fei snorted . You are a stupid contractual spiritual beast in their eyes . You can’t eat it until there is no one else left . Cao Qiu rubbed his mouth casually with his sleeve, picked up a large piece of sea cucumber and took a big bite . “Gulp…”

After a bite, the rich broth rolled over Cao Qiu’s taste buds . The billowing fragrance rushed into his nostrils and dipped into his mind .

He shuddered all over and then said in a trembling voice, “Impossible, impossible… How can there be such a delicious thing in the world? Ahhh… Somebody, come!”

Immediately after the little fatty yelled, two peak-level Dangling Fishers from the crowd rushed over . “Master, what’s your order?”

Cao Qiu shouted, “Go buy me a thousand Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumbers . From now on, I will eat this every day . Also, buy a large pot and a large spoon and make a kitchen knife and a whetstone… Nothing less . Do you hear me?”

“Yes, Boss . ”

Cao Qiu gobbled up with no regard for his table manners .

Xia Xiaochan also grabbed a piece of Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumber, chewing and mocking, “Hey, Genius, do you still think you’re good at cooking? Can you cook this dish?”

Cao Qiu’s mouth was full of sea cucumber and he looked at Han Fei with shining eyes . “I’ll learn it . I will definitely be able to learn well . There is nothing in this world that I cannot learn . ”

Han Fei ate a large piece of sea cucumber and mumbled, “Did I say I would teach you?”

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“I’ve watched you cooking, so I’ll learn it . Alas! But what kind of spiritual fruit did you use? I don’t seem to have seen it before! Also, what’s that black, sour water you used? Where did you get it?”

A smile appeared at the corner of Han Fei’s mouth . “That’s a secret recipe handed down from my ancestors . ”

Cao Qiu waved his hand . “I’ll buy it from you!”

Han Fei shrugged indifferently . “But I don’t lack anything! This is very precious and not for sale . I think it’s worth a divine weapon at least . ”


The onlookers whose mouths were watering were all shocked by Han Fei’s words . A recipe is worth a magic weapon? Is this guy out of his mind?

Cao Qiu’s eyes widened . “Forget it . I can’t afford it… But I will research it! I have already got the taste for it . ”

Han Fei smacked his lips and said, “But, for the sake of our friendship, I can give you a little… But, you’ve got to get the sea cucumber yourself! I only have one Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumber . ”

Cao Qiu was overjoyed to hear that Han Fei would give him some seasonings . “No problem! I can give you some of the sea cucumbers I’ll buy . I will only keep a few of them for trying it out…”

In the crowd, Li Hanyi, who swam here from underwater, finally breathed a sigh of relief .

However, when he saw the scene of Fan Datong cooking, he frowned suspiciously . Han Fei seems to be good at cooking too!

After the meal, the three of them were full of vigor and spiritual energy .

They didn’t intend to cultivate, but instead wandered around on the Steps into the Sea .

Xia Xiaochan said to Han Fei via voice transmission, When shall we go down the Steps into the Sea?