God of Fishing - Chapter 435

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Chapter 435

Chapter 435 Little Fatty Cao With A Backstory

Han Fei was playing with the Soul Crystal, and the Hexagon Starfish on his shoulder was gently scratching Han Fei with its tentacles as if begging him .

Han Fei asked, “Are many of these Soul Crystals produced on the Steps into the Sea?”

Cao Qiu shook his head slightly . “No, not many show up before the 148th floor . ”

Han Fei’s face was black . “Don’t keep reminding me that you have reached the 148th floor! And what about the lower floors?”

Cao Qiu tilted his head, making a look of contemplation before saying, “I heard that as long as you’re past the 150th floor, the output of Soul Crystals is good . Between the 100th and the 150th floor, a Soul Crystal will appear about every 100 times you make a sacrifice . And there may be two below the 150th floor . ”

“You call this good?” “Every one hundred times?”

Han Fei calculated in his head, In this case, Soul Crystals are actually not cheap at all . There is only one chance to obtain a Soul Crystal every hundred times you sacrifice something . This thing seems to be very rare!

Han Fei said to the Hexagon Starfish via voice transmission, Master Hexagon, do you hear that? If you want Soul Crystals, I can take you down . But you’ll have to offer sacrifices with your own treasures!

The Hexagon Starfish: “???”

The tentacles of the Hexagon Starfish were twitching . “Give me this one first . ”

Han Fei threw the Soul Crystal into Forge the Universe . “Don’t worry . I’ll keep this one for a test to see how effective this Soul Crystal is . ”

The Hexagon Starfish grew eager . “It can greatly increase soul strength . ”

Han Fei couldn’t help asking, “What’s the benefit of increasing soul strength?”

“It can strengthen one’s spiritual power . ”

Han Fei leaned closer . “And then?”

“There are many benefits! You can perceive farther away, set up formations faster, and have a stronger perception of danger…”

Han Fei sneered . “You mean you can escape faster then, don’t you? Don’t think about it . This Soul Crystal is mine . After we get down there, there will be tons of Soul Crystals… Or we can just rob others!” Cao Qiu took Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan to saunter around . At first, Cao Qiu led the way, and then Xia Xiaochan led the way .

Xia Xiaochan picked up something from time to time, sometimes it was a spiritual weapon, sometimes it was a crystal, and sometimes it was a combat skill . And Cao Qiu and Han Fei followed behind to pay… Mainly Cao Qiu paid, or to be exact, his men following him paid .

Cao Qiu looked at Xia Xiaochan who was on a shopping spree . “Do women like shopping?”

Han Fei smiled . “I think so . ”

“It must be . My sister also likes to go shopping and she buys a lot of junk every time . In the end, she throws everything to me and asks me to pick out useful things for her . But how can I find anything useful from a pile of junk?”

Han Fei smiled and said nothing . In fact, he told Xia Xiaochan to do this same thing . Anyway, the little Fatty Cao Qiu would pay for her .

But there was no free lunch in the world . No matter how rich the little fatty was, he didn’t have to splurge like this, right? He had already spent 10 million mid-quality pearls for him and Xia Xiaochan . Was there really such a good thing in the world? He could even buy The Fish Dragons with this money!


Cao Qiu didn’t care what Xia Xiaochan bought and approached Han Fei’s side, saying, “Hey! I heard that Sun Mu, Yang Deyu, and Mo Feiyan all suffered a great loss because of you when you were in the Sea Grasslands . Is it true? What losses did they suffer? Did you beat them? Or slap them? Did you slap them hard? You should have slapped them as hard as you could! If only you could beat them to death!”

Han Fei said solemnly, “My name is Fan Datong, not Han Fei . ”

The little fatty said indifferently, “OK, OK, so which of the three of them suffered most? I heard that dozens of peak-level Dangling Fishers in the Sun Family died . Did you kill them? But it doesn’t make sense! How could an intermediate Dangling Fisher manage to do that? Is it because of your secret method?” .

Han Fei did not answer .

The little fatty continued, “You know what, Sun Mu looks like a gentleman but is actually very sinister . Yang Deyu is a fool but he always thinks he is super smart, and he is very rude . As for Mo Feiyan, that woman is scary, as scary as my sister . ”

Han Fei wondered, “You mean your biological sister?”

The little fatty nodded naturally . “Yes, of course . My brother is my biological brother and my sister is my biological sister . However, my brother is stronger . My sister… Is very beautiful . ”

Han Fei rolled his eyes and said, “It’s none of my business whether your sister is beautiful or not . ”

The little fatty chuckled . “I think my sister also has a good personality! Although she is scary in other people’s eyes, she is nice to her family . Would you like to date her?” “Ouff…”

Fortunately, Xia Xiaochan didn’t hear these words . Otherwise, the little fatty would have been stabbed just now .

Han Fei asked, “Seriously, are Sun Mu and the others all below?”

Fatty Cao nodded angrily . “Yes, they are all below . These bastards are all below… They came a month ago, and it has been a month since! Not only them, but also other bastards, such as Zhang Wen from the Zhang Family; Li Heiye and Li Baizhou from the Li Family; Chen Aochen from the Chen Family; Wang Zitian from the Wang Family; Ye Baiyu from the Ye Family… They are all below . Yes, these damn people are all below…” Han Fei always felt that this little fatty was a bit strange! At this moment, he felt more so, so he asked, “Do you think that, except for your Cao Family, all the juniors of other families in the Thousand Star City should be killed?”

“Huh? How do you know what I’m thinking?”

Han Fei . “…”

Han Fei questioned, “Why?”

There was a trace of determination in Cao Qiu’s eyes . Han Fei even saw a trace of sadness, but Cao Qiu quickly put away this emotion and said ferociously, “No reason! They deserve to die! All of them! It’s best to kill them all!”

Han Fei was helpless . “As you’ve said, they all have something like an Amulet, Immortal Seal, Dying Strike or life monument to protect them… With so many life-saving methods, we can’t kill them!”

Cao Qiu clenched his fists . “Then let’s kill as many of them as we can . ”

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Han Fei smiled and said, “What if we can’t even kill one of them?”

Cao Qiu seemed to be frustrated . “Then… Then we still have to try . This is a great goal, and I will fight for it all my life . ” Han Fei laughed . “Then who do you want to kill the most?”

Cao Qiu’s face suddenly changed . After a long silence, he said, “Cao Tian . ”

Han Fei was stunned . “Cao? Is he from the Cao Family?”

“He is my brother!”

“Your biological brother?” “Yes”


Han Fei gaped in shock . Is this little fatty out of his f*cking mind! He once mentioned that when he wanted something, he would snatch it from his brother . It turns out that the one he wanted to kill most was his brother, the record holder for the Steps into the Sea… Is this guy crazy?

Han Fei was almost speechless . “If your brother knows this, will he kill you?”

Cao Qiu disdainfully said, “He already knows . It’s just that I can’t beat him now . If I could, I would have killed him long ago . ”

Han Fei . “…”

What kind of family is this? The younger brother wants to kill the elder brother, which the elder brother knows about… But he still lets his younger brother snatch his things?

However, there must be some unknown story behind the situation . It seemed that it was just an obsession of this little fatty to kill the juniors of the other big families .

Although he didn’t know how this obsession was formed, based on the little fatty’s current strength, he obviously had no ability to kill any of them .

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So, the little fatty wanted to cooperate with him and Xia Xiaochan .

Perhaps, in his eyes, anyone who could go against the juniors of the powerful families from the Thousand Star City were potential partners .

And the Sun Mu’s trio suffered a great loss because of him when they were in the Sea Grasslands . Therefore, this little fatty traveled hundreds of thousands of kilometers to search for him and Xia Xiaochan .

Because he was very concerned about him, this little fatty could distinguish Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan at a glance . After all, he really cared about this matter .


Thinking of this, Han Fei couldn’t help being shocked . Although this little fatty looked a bit stupid, he didn’t seem to be lying to him . If what he said was true, this little fatty was actually a man of great perseverance . This slightly moved Han Fei . Han Fei said to Xia Xiaochan via voice transmission, Xia Xiaochan, don’t buy anymore . It’s enough .

Xia Xiaochan asked, “Are we going down?”

“Yes . These deals here are meaningless . Let’s go down and have some fun . ”

With that, he looked at Cao Qiu . “Going down?”

Cao Qiu smiled cheerfully . “Wait a minute . We have to agree on something . Once we go down, the situation will be very complicated . We should make an agreement on the way of where to meet up again . ”

Han Fei frowned . “Are we not going to be together?”

Cao Qiu scoffed . “Of course not . Many secret realms only allow one person in each time . However, there is another special thing about the Steps into the Sea, that is, the further we go down, the more chances we will encounter…”

Xia Xiaochan had already walked over . “Why?” .

Cao Qiu smiled . “Because… The further you go down, the smaller the steps!”