God of Fishing - Chapter 436

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Chapter 436: 436

Chapter 436 Enter

Having seen the bustling scene on a dragon boat and experiencing the high-level transactions on the ghost boat, Han Fei really wasn’t impressed with the products sold here .

But Xia Xiaochan had never boarded a dragon boat or the ghost boat . Therefore, she was very attracted to the lively scene here .

The three agreed to meet on the 148th floor half a month later .

Why the 148th floor? According to Cao Qiu, the 148th floor was relatively easy . Starting from the 149th floor, it would be very difficult…

Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan looked at each other . Difficult? It must be that the little fatty didn’t have the confidence to pass the 148th floor, so he asked Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan to wait for him on this floor .

But Cao Qiu would never admit that he wanted them to help him pass this level because he couldn’t make it through himself .

At this moment .

The three of them were standing on a cliff . At the very center of the surface of the Steps into the Sea, there was a huge cliff that went all the way to the seabed . This cliff was circular, with a radius of nearly a hundred kilometers!

From here, seawater was gushing down, making big splashes and causing layers of white mist . On the surface, no one could tell how deep it was below .

If this platform was just a bottomless pit in the sea, it was normal! But in the middle of this large circular pit, there was a water column rising straight from the bottom .

Han Fei saw two groups of people walking out of the water column in the middle respectively from the left and the right, controlling their fishing boats to fly to the outer platform .

At the mouth of the cliff, people jumped off in different postures . Some entered on their stomachs, some on their backs, some plunged in head first, and some jumped in a fancy diving style…

Xia Xiaochan looked at these people in astonishment . “How deep is this? Is it okay for them to jump in like this?”

Cao Qiu smiled and said, “It’s okay . It’s very exciting and comfortable to jump down… Many people, in order to enjoy this process repeatedly, run back up after they jump to the first floor, repeating this process… And they never got bored . ”

As soon as Cao Qiu said this, Xia Xiaochan jumped . However, before she flew out, she was dragged back by Han Fei . “Do you have money on you?” “Yes! I’ve just bought a lot of things . ”

Han Fei was helpless . “No . Those things are not enough . I guess you’ve spent all your mid-quality pearls, right…”

As he said this, he took out a bag of Sea Swallowing Shells and gave it to Xia Xiaochan . “I don’t have much, but this is a hundred or so Sea Swallowing Shells . It should be enough . ”


Cao Qiu was shocked . “So many Sea Swallowing Shell? How many people have you robbed?”

Han Fei said solemnly, “Am I that kind of person? I picked them all up . ”

Cao Qiu rolled his eyes . Really? Where did you pick them up? I can’t believe I gave each of you 5 million mid-quality pearls! It turns out that you guys are so rich on your own… However, Xia Xiaochan did not take it . She also took out a bag of Sea Swallowing Shells and then compared it with Han Fei’s . “Why is yours so much fuller than mine?”

“Huh? Where did you get so many Sea Swallowing Shells?”

Xia Xiaochan blinked . “I grabbed them . ”

Han Fei, Cao Qiu: “…”

Han Fei was helpless . For the first time, he gave away something to a little girl so solemnly, but she refused . This was f*cking embarrassing!

Han Fei put away the Sea Swallowing Shells and grunted . “Fine, let’s go down . See you in half a month . ”

As soon as Han Fei finished speaking, Xia Xiaochan flew into the air in a graceful posture .

Upon seeing this, Han Fei glanced at Cao Qiu and said, “See you then . ”

Then Han Fei also turned his back to the pit and jumped with a swoosh .

For some reason, Han Fei felt Cao Qiu was trustworthy . This was very strange . After all, what Cao Qiu said was a bit crazy and he didn’t look like a reliable person at all . However, Cao Qiu was very frank, which was the sheer opposite of Yang Ruoyun who was so cunning and sophisticated . Perhaps he had told many people that he wanted to kill his brother, which felt like something a childish kid would do…

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In midair, Han Fei smashed through the misty clouds . After about a hundred meters, Han Fei felt that he had smashed through a marshmallow-like layer of water . After another hundred meters, another marshmallow-like layer of water was smashed by him, which felt so soft and airy .

“Gee, no wonder some people like to jump down repeatedly…”

The Hexagon Starfish’s big eyes were wide open and rolling . “I feel there are treasures here, many treasures . ”

Han Fei was helpless . “Master Hexagon, are you stupid? Aren’t you talking nonsense? Everyone knows this place is full of treasures!”

Master Hexagon shouted, “No! I have a strange feeling . ”

Han Fei rolled his eyes . “What do you feel? Do you feel there is a very precious treasure? Like a divine weapon?”

Master Hexagon was puzzled for a while . “I can’t describe it . Anyway, it feels very special here . ”

Han Fei kept this in mind . The Hexagon Starfish was very good at treasure hunting! Maybe this was his talent . But Han Fei believed even if there were precious treasures, they were on the lower floors .

Han Fei passed through the layers of water mist, enjoying the soft and comfortable feeling of plunging into cotton . Suddenly, he felt a tingling pain in his wrist .


Han Fei was shocked . Was the Demon Purification Pot reacting?

This was rare! Every time the Demon Purification Pot reacted, it represented an opportunity . Besides, this time it even stung him . Its intense reaction was unprecedented, indicating there was a great opportunity!

At this moment, Han Fei completely believed the words of the Hexagon Starfish . He glanced at the Hexagon Starfish avidly, thinking, The Hexagon Starfish is a treasure hunter indeed! Its perception of treasure is so keen! How can I keep him one year more…

The Hexagon Starfish had a chill down his spine under Han Fei’s stare and immediately closed his eyes . Then he climbed from Han Fei’s shoulders to his legs and hid somewhere Han Fei couldn’t see, which made him feel much safer .


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Han Fei smashed through many layers of water mist along the way and finally, he sank into a large piece of “cotton” .

When he woke up, he found he was less than 100 meters above the ground . Looking around, he found that there was a huge space covered by mist below .

In his field of vision, there were nearly a hundred people scattered everywhere .

Among them, some people were fighting with some marine creatures, such as White Bone Fish, Black-Moon Fish, Black-Moon Sickle Fish, Red-Hair Big-Mouthed Crabs, Red-Browed Prawns and other creatures .

Han Fei’s appearance should not have attracted much attention . After all, many people jumped off the Steps into the Sea! Almost every moment, someone was jumping down .

However, Han Fei’s costume was too conspicuous . He was like a dazzling star among the plainly dressed crowd .

He was wearing a black trench coat and a tall hat on his head, with the word “Die” written on it .

Immediately, someone exclaimed, “No, it’s Fan Datong . Run!”

Some people who had never heard of the Black and White Ghosts asked in surprise, “Who is Fan Datong? What are you running for?”

The running man answered in a panic via voice transmission, He is the Black Ghost of the Black and White Ghosts . He is very powerful and has killed many peak-level Dangling Fishers . As a cannibal, he kills without blinking . He is really scary…


Hearing it, someone let out a cry and immediately ran wildly, wishing that he had four legs .

When Han Fei landed, he found that there was not even one person around .

And those marine creatures, after their enemies ran away, all looked at Han Fei and then charged at Han Fei like crazy .

Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei chopped an Anti-Heaven Blade in half .

However, this Anti-Heaven Blade did not bleed, but turned into a cloud of water mist and disappeared . Then in the seawater, there was a piece of transparent gypsum in a gleaming mass of water mist . “Huh?”

Han Fei was surprised . Are these ocean creatures not real? But why did it feel like a living creature when he chopped at the Anti-Heaven Blade just now?

Then he turned his eyes to a Mess Swallowing Worm and a string of data appeared in his eyes .

Mess Swallowing Worm

This is an omnivorous worm that will feed on its own kind when it is lacking food . It usually hides in the sand and can be thirty meters long when it matures . There are sharp hooks and circles of blades in its body . It also has Swallowed Pearls that can increase your speed when eaten .


Rare 1316 points Unable to be Eaten



Han Fei frowned . He remembered that Mess Swallowing Worm’s body contained something called Swallowed Pearls, which didn’t exist now . Besides, it had become non-absorbable . This meant that he couldn’t get any spiritual energy from these ocean creatures .

Besides, marine creatures usually either had some edible effects or they were inedible, but this was specified as “Unable to be Eaten” .

“Inedible” and “Unable to be Eaten” seemed to be close in meaning, but actually had different meanings here .

Han Fei swung the Blood Drinking Knife and shattered more than a dozen marine creatures in the blink of an eye . At this time, in the water, more than a dozen kinds of things emerged .

There were ordinary black crystals, spiritual plants, spiritual wood, black irons, and crystal stones, and there was even a Treasure Hunting Fish in a mass of water .

“Oh! Will there be a treasure in the fish?”