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God of Fishing - Chapter 440

Published at 10th of November 2020 03:05:05 PM

Chapter 440: 440

Chapter 440 The Poor Dragon Eel

After about half a day, Han Fei robbed 43 people in total . He seemed to snatch a lot of Sea Swallowing Shells, but there were no useful things in them .

Han Fei suddenly felt that his strategy was wrong .

He shouldn’t rob people on the 100th floor . Most of those who stayed on this floor didn’t want to go down or were frightened by the huge consumption of the lower floors .

During the period, Han Fei encountered another robber . The man had 18 Sea Swallowing Shells and was a hunter who was good at sneak attacks .

On the 100th floor, the quality of this hunter’s treasure was the best . But even so, there were no Soul Crystals in his Sea Swallowing Shells, which made Han Fei a little disappointed .

Then what about the 101st floor?

According to Han Fei’s estimation, starting from the 101st floor, the number of people would decrease . And those who had the ability to reach that floor were at least advanced Dangling Fishers .

Good things, of course, would be found from the strongest people . Therefore, Han Fei chose to enter the 101st floor .

This time, Han Fei only met one person, who was not fighting but seemed to be passing by . He saw Han Fei . “An intermediate Dangling Fisher?” This person paused in the water for a moment, seeming to be thinking about whether to rob Han Fei or not .

However, when Han Fei turned to look at him, this person directly crushed a Flash Stone and fled quickly .

Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei was speechless . The man was an advanced Dangling Fisher! But why did he escape as soon as he took a look at him?

And the man swore in his head, Damn, the Black and White Ghosts! Have these two bastards also entered the Steps into the Sea?

Han Fei had just entered this floor and didn’t think it a pity that the man ran away .

He picked up a spiritual fruit containing 78,989 points of spiritual energy and directly sacrificed it .

However, to Han Fei’s surprise, the Steps into the Sea didn’t accept the nearly 80,000 points of spiritual energy .

“Huh… What’s wrong? Does the 101st floor demand such a high price?”

Han Fei remembered that when he was on the 100th floor, if he sacrificed spiritual energy, only 65,000 points would be enough .

With only a one-floor difference, the level of sacrifice had improved so much?

Han Fei immediately took out another low-quality spiritual stone, which contained 12,116 points of spiritual energy, so he sacrificed more than 90,000 points of spiritual energy in total .

However, it still didn’t work . “Does it require 100,000?”

Han Fei frowned and took out another low-quality spiritual stone .

This time, the spiritual fruit in his hand disappeared, one spiritual stone shattered, and another spiritual stone was full of cracks as if it was about to break at any time…


Han Fei was a little shocked . A sacrifice of 100,000 points of spiritual energy! In the level-three fishery, how many people could afford this price? Even if converted into mid-quality pearls, it would be nearly 1 . 5 million mid-quality pearls .

This price was not expensive in Han Fei’s view . However, on the 100th floor, those people even had to fight for 100,000 mid-quality pearls, and the sacrifice of 1 . 5 million mid-quality pearls seemed very expensive…

The water was rippling, and in Han Fei’s shocked stare, a creature he was very familiar with swam up from the water .

“A Dragon Eel?”

Han Fei’s face went dark . A Dragon Eel on the 101st floor?

Han Fei swallowed . Dragon Eels were not low-leveled creatures! Although he had killed a Dragon Eel when he was still a great fishing master, he was almost killed by the Dragon Eel that time . Besides, only by relying on the Demon Purification Pot to suck up the spiritual energy of that Dragon Eel did he manage to kill

The Dragon Eel in front of him was much stronger than that one, 5 levels higher .

Dragon Eel

A demonic fish of dragon heritage, living on dragon bones, is extremely cold-resistant, has a tough body, and powerful high-voltage electricity .


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2,484 points


In terms of strength, this Dragon Eel was equivalent to an advanced Dangling Fisher . However, Dragon Eels were capable of discharging electricity and were extremely powerful in the ocean no matter in strength or speed .

“Sure enough, this level and the upper level are completely two different worlds . ”

Han Fei grinned, looked at the Dragon Eel that was pouncing at him, slightly turned, and punched the Dragon Eel’s gills .


A strong electric power rushed directly into Han Fei’s body .


Han Fei’s body stiffened . However, as he shuddered, the electric current dispersed into his limbs .

Following that, a giant tail swept across .

Han Fei grabbed the Dragon Eel’s tail . Its tremendous power made Han Fei take a step back . However, he turned over and rode on the eel .

“Come on! Keep going!”



Han Fei spat out a string of bubbles, but he was not panicked at all .

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Perhaps for some ordinary advanced Dangling Fishers, encountering creatures like Dragon Eels would be very troublesome and even a little scary . However, to Han Fei, the eel was simply harmless to him . Unless it was level 40 or above, it was just a mobile charger, pumping a lot of energy into his body from time to time…



The Dragon Eel was very angry, it kept rampaging and got extremely irritable .

After less than ten minutes, however, the Dragon Eel quieted down .

It was very upset . Is it because my electric power is not strong enough? Why doesn’t the guy on my back react at all?

And Han Fei was enjoying the huge energy . He had to admit that a Dragon Eel was not even inferior to the famous freak octopus in terms of comprehensive capabilities . He couldn’t imagine what would happen if an octopus bit a Dragon Eel? Based on the octopus’s properties, it was likely to run away…

However, while Han Fei was enjoying his time, the Hexagon Starfish was suffering . Several times, the Hexagon Starfish was electrocuted and fell from Han Fei’s calf . However, Han Fei grabbed him back and put him on his shoulder .

The Hexagon Starfish pleaded, “Human, can you kill this big fish? I feel that I am going to blow up from the power of the electric current . ”

Han Fei said to him via voice transmission, Master Hexagon, you are already a level-43 creature . Why are you afraid of this level-38 eel?

The Hexagon Starfish’s eyes turned glassy . “My body is not strong enough!”

Han Fei wondered . “Really? Oh, I’m sorry . However, the electric energy of this Dragon Eel can strengthen your body . Have you tried absorbing it?” “Give me my essence blood! I think I can go hunting for treasures alone . ” “Gee! How troublesome it will be! There is strength in numbers . Many hands make light work . ”

The Hexagon Starfish: “…”

The Dragon Eel had run out of electricity and was completely defeated by Han Fei . At this moment, it went limp and no longer moved, but with a “bang”, a brick hit its head .

“Swim! You haven’t even swum 10,000 meters . Are you a fish? You’re a disgrace to fish . ” Han Fei was very aware of the properties of Dragon Eels . Although it ran out of electricity, it still had a lot of strength . He certainly wouldn’t let it slack off! Being knocked hard, the Dragon Eel rampaged again .

Then a strange phenomenon appeared on the 101st floor: a boy with air bubbles all over, riding on a dragon-shaped eel that was more than ten meters long, swimming in the water .

Liu De had been on the 101st floor for seven full days . In the past few days, he had repeatedly offered sacrifices and had gained a lot in return .

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At this moment, he summoned a large Blue Ring Octopus, which was very rare! He felt that he might be going to make a fortune this time…


Liu De took out his glinting knife and a huge octopus tentacle was cut off by him . “Haha! I’m destined to get a great opportunity today . ”

Just as Liu De was about to strike hard again, he saw a Dragon Eel rushing over in the distance .

“Huh? Why is there a single summoned creature? Is the summoner killed?”

However, when the eel approached, Liu De suddenly widened his eyes . A figure was sitting on the back of the Dragon Eel!

“Oh! Is this someone’s contractual spiritual beast?”

Liu De glanced at the dying Blue Ring Octopus and suddenly gritted his teeth, and all nine swords shot out . As the nine swords danced, the Blue Ring Octopus was killed . Then Liu De quickly grabbed at the water ball .

At the same time, he cursed in his heart . Damn it, this is already the last step! How can I let someone else snatch my gains?

But before the water ball appeared completely, Liu De saw a spinning knife thrown over .

“Humph! How can a mere hidden weapon beat me?”

But the next second, when the six-gate formation rose, Liu De was stunned .

The Hexagon Starfish complained via voice transmission, Why did you throw me at him?

Han Fei said plainly, “If I hadn’t done so, he might have run away . Then we would have gotten nothing!”

Han Fei smiled . “Brother, now hand over your Sea Swallowing Shell!”