God of Fishing - Chapter 442

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Chapter 442: 442

Chapter 442 The Ingenious Use of Soul Crystals

To be honest, although Cao Qiu said it would become very difficult after the 120th floor, Han Fei really didn’t feel it in the least bit .

He felt that he had already found out the basic rules of the Steps into the Sea . It seemed that the level of the summoned creatures would increase by one level every 50 floors .

He thought the biggest difference between the 101st and the 150th floor was that the probability of encountering creatures above level 35 was getting higher and higher . In terms of strength, most of the creatures were close to the Dragon Eel .

Considering that Xia Xiaochan was clearing up the floors one by one, Han Fei didn’t delay any time . Every time he entered a floor, he began to offer sacrifices right away .

On the 136th floor, he once again obtained a Soul Crystal .

On the 142nd floor, Han Fei unexpectedly sacrificed nothing and directly received the prize .

When Han Fei came to the 148th floor, he found that there was no one here .

Because they had agreed to meet here, Han Fei didn’t proceed to the next floor but chose to clear up this floor first .

When Han Fei was sauntering around on the 148th floor, he found that the area of this floor had indeed become smaller . If the 101st floor extended nearly a thousand kilometers, then the 148th floor was only half as large as the 101st floor .

But even so, the area was still very large .

Han Fei didn’t rush to find Xia Xiaochan or Cao Qiu, but sat in situ and checked his gains during this time .

He discovered that since he entered the 101st floor, because he hadn’t robbed anyone, he had sacrificed all the things he had snatched except the three Soul Crystals after nearly 50 times of sacrifices .

In addition, he had also emptied two Sea Swallowing Shells and used massive amounts of materials .

Suddenly, something occurred to Han Fei: where did the things he sacrificed go?

He boldly guessed that it could be that the things he sacrificed were given to others who sacrificed?

Han Fei thought this was very possible . For now, he had begun to consume his belongings without getting many really good things


However, there were still benefits to him .

Some better materials were kept by him . He used the garbage materials in the hundreds of Sea Swallowing Seashell as sacrifices and traded them for better returns from the Steps into the Sea .

Ever since, Han Fei began to sacrifice frantically .

Within a day .

Han Fei emptied 12 Sea Swallowing Shell and sacrificed 26 times .

This number startled Han Fei . He was shocked to find that on the 148th floor, the sacrifices consumed in a single sacrifice, converted into spiritual energy, amounted to 340,000 points .

“F*ck, not enough!”

Han Fei frowned . The returns he got from these 26 sacrifices were not bad . The worst piece was a spirit-level extra-quality combat skill, and the best one was a high-quality spiritual garment .

Unfortunately, the spiritual garment was not armor, so its defense was not as strong as armor . However, Han Fei didn’t care, because this was the first high-quality spiritual garment he had ever had . Although this spiritual garment looked far worse than his own designs, he got it almost without any effort, let alone that this piece of clothing was almost priceless . He didn’t make sacrifices in vain .

And the number of Soul Crystals Han Fei had also increased from three to four .

Under the intense request of the Hexagon Starfish, Han Fei decided to give it one .

At this moment, Han Fei was sitting on the ground and looking at the Hexagon Starfish .

“Master Hexagon, it has been half an hour, haven’t you digested the Soul Crystal yet?”

The Hexagon Starfish’s big eyes were motionless but he said to him via voice transmission, Still digesting . “So slow?”

Han Fei hurriedly asked, “Are you unable to digest it? Then quickly spit it out . I don’t mind your saliva . ”

“It needs to be digested slowly . It can’t be so fast!”

After a whole day, the eyes of the Hexagon Starfish rolled again . “OK, done! My perception scope seems to have expanded by 50 meters! And I feel my tentacles seem to be a little more flexible . ”

Han Fei’s face turned dark instantly . “With only one Soul Crystal, 50 meters? Come on, tell me how to absorb this thing!”

The Hexagon Starfish paused . “By cultivating! Us starfish also need to cultivate . ”

Han Fei was helpless . “Then tell me how to cultivate!”

“I inherited the cultivation method by blood! Don’t you have it?”


“Of course not!”

Han Fei slapped its tentacles with a fierce look and said, “Do you think I look like the kind of person who can get an ‘inheritance’ by blood?”

The Hexagon Starfish quickly retracted its tentacles . “Actually, you don’t have to cultivate . As long as you wrap it with your spiritual power, it will slowly melt away . ”


Hearing this, Han Fei quickly took out a Soul Crystal and held it in his hand .

Spiritual control was not difficult for him . The Million Knife Art was a combat skill about spiritual power and mental control of combat . It turned out to be so simple . Han Fei wrapped the Soul Crystal in his hand with his spiritual power almost instantly .

One hour passed .

Han Fei suddenly opened his eyes and his face blackened . “Why is it absorbed so slowly?”

Han Fei felt that it took him an hour to absorb less than one-tenth of the Soul Crystal and the increase in his spiritual perception seemed to be less than 5 meters .

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The big eyes of the Hexagon Starfish kept rolling . “That’s because I have the method of cultivation!”


Han Fei slapped at him but the Hexagon Starfish suddenly retracted his tentacle, and Han Fei slapped on the ground .

“Huh? Master Hexagon, you’re reacting faster!”

The Hexagon Starfish hung on Han Fei’s back with a swish . “I told you that my tentacles seemed to have become more flexible . ”

Han Fei wondered, Could the Soul Crystal still have such effects?

Han Fei continued to absorb it . Two hours later, he felt that the Soul Crystal in his hand was a little smaller . However, it would still take him another day to completely absorb it .

Suddenly, something occurred to Han Fei . Is my God Scaring Painting considered a cultivation method?

The God Scaring Painting was just a painting and had been cut into thousands of pieces by Han Fei . However, it was too difficult to visualize the pieces in his mind and he was extremely short of time, so he had put the painting aside for a long time .

But, was visualization also a method of cultivation? He had watched the whole cultivation process of the Hexagon Starfish just now, during which there weren’t any energy fluctuations in his whole body and even his big eyes had stopped rolling .

In his mind, when a picture with complicated lines appeared, Han Fei felt his heart suddenly tremble and the Soul Crystal in his hand disappeared almost instantly . Immediately afterward, Han Fei seemed to feel a trace of satisfaction in his mind, just like having the first bite of food after starving and his whole body was filled with joy .

Han Fei felt that his memory seemed to have improved . And all this happened in less than three minutes . When he opened his eyes again, that small piece of the God Scaring Painting was completely engraved in his mind .

“Wow! Is it really a cultivation method?”

As soon as Han Fei turned his head, he saw the Hexagon Starfish lying on its shoulders, looking at Han Fei’s palm and then at Han Fei’s head .

The Hexagon Starfish was shocked . “Do you also have a soul cultivation method?”

Han Fei grinned . “Looks like it!”

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The Hexagon Starfish was discouraged . “Humans are all liars . You have an inheritance too . ”

Han Fei . “…”

Han Fei was not in the mood to quarrel with the Hexagon Starfish at this moment . He felt his spirit outward and found that the range of perception had suddenly increased by 50 meters .

Han Fei reached out and another Soul Crystal appeared in his hand . Three minutes later, another Soul Crystal appeared in his hand .

By the time the last Soul Crystal disappeared, Han Fei’s spiritual perception range had increased to 450 meters, which was equivalent to visualizing the God Scaring Painting for three months .

“It’s a good thing . ”

Han Fei stood up suddenly, his eyes shining with joy .

“No wonder Soul Crystals are so scarce! I didn’t expect them to be so magical . ”

But then his face became stiff . Even without the God Scaring Painting, it seemed that it would only take about a day to absorb a Soul Crystal .

No matter how rare the Soul Crystals were, it didn’t seem to be difficult for someone like Cao Qiu to get them . Also, it seemed that many people didn’t even know what a Soul Crystal was . This made it easy for a large number of Soul Crystals to fall into the hands of those who were rich and powerful .

In this case, didn’t it mean that people from powerful families could increase their soul and spiritual perception range without limitation?

Han Fei’s face changed slightly . “Master Hexagon, how many Soul Crystals do you think you can absorb?”

The Hexagon Starfish watched Han Fei absorb the three Soul Crystals, drooling with envy . Hearing Han Fei’s question, he thought that Han Fei felt guilty and was going to give him a few more in the future .

“A lot!”

Han Fei rolled his eyes . “What do you mean by ‘a lot’?”

“Definitely more than my tentacles . ”

“Get lost . ”

Han Fei was speechless . It was really hard to chat with a starfish that was not good at math! You have only six f*cking tentacles! Just tell me the exact number!